Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bloggers now these Faux Celebrities: Who pays these ridiculous honorariums to hear folks voice a fucken opinion?

Let me first just say I don’t begrudge anyone who wants to make money. This is still a capitalist country until the Magic Negro chokes capitalism to death.

But let me peep you folks to something, here we are in a time where getting the word out about this administration and calling attention to issues that are important to all Americans and here you have these folks (particularly right wing types) who are asking for outrageous honorariums just to come and speak.

I have been for quite some time trying to bring in some prominent conservative folks to come to a venue to speak on today’s political hot button issues. Many of these people who may have asked lets say 3-$5000 to come and speak before the Magic Negros ascension to the presidency now all of a sudden want to ask $15 plus thousand dollars to come to speak, are these people fucken crazy!?

My issue is this, do these people asking to be paid shit loads of money really give a shit about reaching out to people and informing a wide array of audiences on important political issues or are they just out to make a fucken dollar?

This afternoon I spoke with the “agent” of one prominent right wing blogger, will not mention the name because I don’t want to direct this attack to this individual because I’ll admit I’m a fan, but the venue I am associated with has had some of the biggest political names come and speak and the vast majority do it for FREE, because they want to connect with people who may not have an opportunity to meet them or hear them speak.

I’m getting the impression that more and more of these right wing pundits see an opportunity to use their 15 minutes and the rising displeasure of the Magic Negro and the rising backlash at what they see happening to the country to squeeze every fucken dollar they can out of entities that have more fucken money than sense.

Oh now I’m just ranting and I don’t want to sound like a playa hater and if I were asked to come to a venue to speak my mind on what is going on today yes I would want a few dead presidents for my time but some of these mutherfuckers are just getting ridiculous and frankly anyone or any entity who would pay a blogger 5 figures to hear them speak are just stupid.

My question to these now high price pundits what is important, the message you want to convey regarding how this administration is screwing the country or how much money you can make before your relevance runs out?

Hell I guess I’m the asshole for allowing you minions to come and browse my precious thoughts for free, shit I don’t even make any dollars posting a bunch of fucken advertisements on my site.
So I guess I'm boo boo the fool.

Tell you what… if I happen to be discovered and some entity wants to pay me a shit load of money to rant in person you can remind me of this post.
Maybe it’s just me but the ONLY individual I would even consider paying money to hear is Rush but I seriously doubt that I would do that considering he is on the air for free all week.

Remember how much the Magic Negro was attack via the McCain ad “Celebrity” well it seems now that the right wing bloggers who admonished the Magic Negro and his celebrity status are caught up in this celebrity money grab themselves.
I had some of these pricks act as if they are doing me a fucken favor by “considering” to come and speak.
This agent even got to the point where they were suggesting to me to “scrape up” some money so this individual can be paid “what they are worth.”
Nothing will turn me off quicker and piss me off quicker than folks who all of a sudden get this fucken elitist attitude and I don’t care what political persuasion they happen to be.

It really gives me a different perspective when I read these bloggers now and in some ways makes me question whether or not they really give a shit about the content they post or are they simply taking advantage of all our interest in this administrations political implosion.

Again not dissing anyone who wants to make a living but the bottom line is anyone who would take a step back and ask themselves honestly are these people really worth the money just to hear them rant?

I would not charge nearly as much money and I damn sure would gives folks more bang for their “entertainment” dollar. Because lets get real this is not really about getting any message out it is more about “entertaining” the masses because if it were about “the message” folks would not be asking for these ridiculous sums of money.

But I get it… something is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

But then again there is this thing… there is a sucker born every minute.

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Just Sayin' said...

Tips from art school:

It's always easy to give it away.

You are good business for somebody.


An alternative view, Snoop is high enough on the pecking order to see the first or second pass at public venues. Somehow, I don't think he'll see the third or fourth pass where those nose bleed prices come down to the 'pick me, please, please' levels.