Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cambridge cop says she won’t vote for Obama again after Gatesgate

Found on Hot Air

An amazing clip via Verum Serum. God only knows how much heat she and Sgt. Lashley will take from the “authenticity” police for this; Crowley’s a spectacularly lucky guy to have friends like them. In fact, I’m thinking that beer date at the White House to discuss “tolerance” might not be such a bad idea if Crowley gets to bring Kelly King along. Skip Gates and The One might just learn something.

If you’re looking for postracial America, you’ve found it.


PeggyU said...

I do not think that Obama wants a post-racial America. Even though that is a fine goal to shoot for, it doesn't serve him politically. It sounds good, coming out of his mouth, but then so do a lot of other things.

Anonymous said...

Is there hope??

The Six said...

Hell yes there's hope. We just saw that hope demonstrated in those 2 officers speaking out. Hell, Gaius gives me hope (true hope not hopey changey hope) every damn day. I cried when I watched this. I've been a cop 24 years and that level of devotion and support moved me to tears. That was love and it had nothing to do with race and everything to do with courage and honor and fidelity.(Dammit, crying again!)
I wouldn't go to the WH without Kelly King. Would. Not. Go. Seriously. No better backup exists and he's going to need that.

An America that can still produce such people is an America that is not yet dead. And that is the very definition of hope in these times.

Anonymous said...

In todays fucked up police world I thought Sgt. Crowley was going to get thrown under a bus.

This tremendous support for him by so many,including black officers has me in awe.

Kudos to the men and women of the Cambridge police department for standing up to PC bullshit.