Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Open Thread... I guess

I just had to put this comment front and center.

shwn said...
"I don't like Obama.."

I don't understand some of you cats..

An all out race war has been a foreseen thing for those who really control the United States. It's an absolute necessity.

The election of Obama really shouldnt have been welcomed with cheers, it shouldve signaled the final countdown to a breakup of the Union and the coming slaughter of African Americans. You see the tea parties weren't really about taxation..it was about hatred for a black man having ultimate authority in a country where racism will never die.

Who are Obama's hardcore supporters? Blacks. Yeah, yeah there are some whites but they can jump ship quickly in the event of a massive blacklash by other whites (final establishment of racial borders) that go against Obama. You see, it will come down to race, it's inevitable..This equality nonsense can never hold up here as white men are angry at their centuries old privledges have been gradually taken away over the past 60 years. Trust me, they are ANGRY. That anger can easily be translated upon us in the event Obama does fail to live up to the hype and some uppity white folks can't afford to fill up their S-class benz.

With Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Soros, who are illuminists, backing and controlling Obama..I fear the absolute worse for this country. You already had Soros talking about riots in the U.S. possibly by this summer. If unemployment keeps ramping up like it is right now..that's almost a guarantee and the blame will be put on Obama because the motherfucker is handing out billions to banks like its nothing while average fucks can't get a job at McDonalds. And you know white folks will be talking about "the founding fathers" and "fighting for the People's rights". Them motherfuckers are going to try to reenact the American Revolution as there "forefathers" did..which will deteriorate into another Civil War..BLACK FOLKS, TIME TO GET DEFENSIVE.

oh and this one too!!

Anonymous said...

You are a sad little man. I hope you don't breed. but just wondering, where was your blog about bush and all the us citizens he has murdered??
You bash obama.


Constructive Feedback said...

Magic Negro Watch:

The Polish are giving guidance to Obama, warning him to watch out for the bear:


Anonymous said...

Why is there such a rush for ammo and a subsequent shortage.The American Revolution II is coming,make no mistake.This is a battle for freedom,which is never free.

baldilocks said...

The Left has done its work--started in the sixties--on black Americans well. Obama is merely the fruit of their labor.

PeggyU said...

The fruit's rotten.

PeggyU said...

The fruit's rotten.

Anonymous said...

Obama isnt half black half white.He is half white half ARAB!!

Thats one reason he is the the "magic negroe" because he isnt one but says he is.

PeggyU said...

Did not mean to double post.