Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reading Overload...

Folks there is just so much stuff out there to read…

Stuff from Bortz…

I hope you got the chance to read more of the things that Jamie Dupree is uncovering in this healthcare bill. For example, sections that are spending money but then claiming that that money shouldn't be counted in the overall cost of the bill.

There are basically two things wrong with the Democrat's health care bill: Everything, and everything else. Better read some of this stuff my friends. It's your health care that is going to end up being rationed.

Here are 10 Questions for supporters of Obamacare

John Hawkins: Seven things that would have been different if McCain had beaten Obama last November. Read this ... it's not all good.

What do you think .. is Barack Obama suffering from the "Rahm Emanuel factor"?

How about this one for government waste: $8.7 million for a "cultural exchange program" to connect whalers in Massachusetts with their whaling ancestors in Alaska and Hawaii.

But wait! There's more! How about millions of dollars in stimulus money for toilets and crapper repairs!

Barney Frank wants foreign banks to be certified by the Treasury Department to ensure that foreign governments are cooperating with the stiffer U.S. regulations, otherwise they will be denied access to the US system.

Democrat Congressman John Conyers says that there is no point in trying to read the 1,000 page healthcare bill without lawyers to help you decipher it.

Did you know that the Republicans still haven't revealed the details of their own healthcare proposal? C'mon boys .. it took me 90 seconds to come up with a viable healthcare plan.
Mona Charen calls President Obama "Mr. Oblivious to Evidence."

Stimulus money is going toward repairing toilets. Oh yeah, that one is going to turn the tide.
Obama's promises on healthcare "reform" are nothing but self-serving exaggerations and political fantasies that aren't even "reforms" at all.

Bad news for Barack Obama: healthcare is bad for the ratings.

.... Because when I think of good healthcare, I think of Rwanda.

Senate Democrats are considering "pulling the plug" on bipartisan healthcare negotiations.
21 Things you can't say to President Obama after a press conference.

Not really fond of this: There's a new law in Texas that allows the use of force to make people evacuate for hurricanes.

GM and Chrysler's directors, presiding over companies propped up with federal aid, will operate without government restrictions.

You want some more "birther" news? What's the matter with you? Well, always willing to please. Hell, I'll do anything for a vote for the National Radio Hall of Fame. So .. here you go.

A Republican representative is upset that the UAW refused to testify at a recent hearing about the auto bailout.

Joe Biden's comments about Russia really seem to have stirred things up.

Taxes make places less desirable for businesses, so they up and leave. Take a look at what is currently happening in London.

Nebraska is one of many states that is seeking to reassert its sovereignty under the 10th Amendment.

In order to comply with federal law, Iowa is forcing cities to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars to determine whether sewers should be considered historic and indefinitely preserved.

If you have a firearms permit, should you be allowed to carry anywhere? No really, anywhere?

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