Friday, July 3, 2009

The Sinking Ship: America Losing Hope in Obama’s Change

The latest Rassmussen poll was taken before we hit the new 9.5 unemployment numbers! Basically, the trust in Obama on the economy is dropping like a rock.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 33% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-five percent (35%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -2. This is the third straight day the Approval Index has been below zero (see trends).A Rasmussen video report notes that 42% now give the President good or excellent marks for handling the economy . That’s his lowest rating to date …Overall, 53% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance so far. Forty-six percent (46%) disapprove.

Let us hope America is waking up to the realities of socialism before it is too late.

Ed Morrissey:

Obama isn’t just coming back to Earth in the polling. He’s losing independents and demonstrating his radical bent on policy, and more and more Americans have begun to see it.

Hopefully this blog entry will be seen by folks long after I am gone, so I want to go on the record here. I'm speaking to you, the white independent voters who voted for the Magic Negro. You alone have the power to save America.

Think of America as the Titanic. Imagine what folks were told and imagine how excited they were as they boarded that magnificent vessel, unsinkable, indestructible. Remember the Magic Negro during the campaign, how he talked about hope and change. He spoke of good times ahead, he said that he would help deliver a renewed spirit to all Americans.

Remember how folks reacted to the Magic Negro during his campaign rallies. People enamored by his oratory skills and charmed as he promised to deliver "hope" and "change" to the nation.

Then the Titanic hit an iceberg (election day), the passengers felt a little bump but because of the enormity of that colossal ship folks just ignored that initial little bump and enjoyed the cruise and basked in the opulence of their surroundings (inauguration day).

Here we are just a few months later and we can already clearly see the signs of an economic collapse. The peoples' Titanic is already showing signs of impending danger.
Remember on the Titanic, even as the danger of the situation increased, the band continued to play on, to soothe the anxiety of the passengers (the liberal media).

To you white independent voters, I say; you should be keenly aware right now that because of the Magic Negro's gross negligence America is slowly sinking. We are going under slowly but surely. The debt alone is swamping us. The policies he's persuing and the type of government he is creating will turn America into a leftist nation. And while it may not be crystal clear yet, we are going to sink if someone doesn't do something soon. You were made aware of the iceberg strike early on. What do you do?

Ignore it, pretend that it is not a big deal? Pretend that things will turn around? How long will you ignore his broken promises?

Remember his promise early on to bring a new tone to Washington (corrupt lobbyist, Washington insiders). Ignore the growing deficit, ignore the job losses, ignore the fact that he promised government transparency (he promised to allow public comment before signing bills), also promised to put every pork barrel project online, ignore his promise not to raise any middle class taxes and the list goes on and on. He promised to bring the troops home by June 30. Instead, he merely moved them out into the country side. They'll still be fighting and dying for the cause, but now they will be staying in tents instead of strutures.

To you white independent voters, I say: How fast this ship (America) sinks depends upon you.
I don't expect black folks to "get it." The vast majority of black folks frankly are a lost cause. Most will choose to let racial identity politics guide their thinking. No matter what the Magic Negro says or does they will forgive because he supposedly is "one of us" (as the black folks will say) and they would have elected OJ Simpson if he'd had a shot at winning. To this segment of America, having a black man win the Presidential race was far more important then character or societal goals.

Hispanics or Asians aren't going to stop the boat from sinking either. A great number of them are entrepreneurial inspired folks and are not typically the type of people holding their hands out to others. They'll get on the life boat, save themselves, and float away. Mexicans who risked their lives to cross our boarders because they sought a better life will soon find that the grass is not greener on this side. When businesses collapse and job losses are rampant American soil will not look quite as enticing as a destination or a home.

Young white people who thought that the idea of a charasmatic mixed race black dude was a cool premise can't be expected to understand nor comprehend how silly a notion it was to vote for someone simply based on "coolness." Ignoring the fact that voting for a man that is resolute on bankrupting the country and running up enormous debt jepordizes their future and their kid's future. No, these voters can't save the ship. They are too immature and inexperienced.

However, you folks who make up middle class white America, especially those of you who voted for the Magic Negro despite the warning signs of his socialist views and hollow rherotic, now have an opportunity to maybe not compleley stop the ship from sinking, but slow the desent into the ocean of despair, hopelessness and complete economic failure, long enough that we can get life boats out to everyone who wants and deserves to be saved.

You people need to speak out, you need to say to this presidential administration "Enough is enough." Do not continue to ignore the iceburg debt and corruption we have hit, and let the ship of America go down while you dance.

Yes, the Democratic Party is in complete control of the country, but that does not give them the right to destroy the future of our nation. You must convey to your representitives with a (D) after their name that if you continue to engage in policies that further exerbate this nation's economic decline they will simply be voted out. As soon as possible. They must be made aware that there will be consequences for their actions.

Unlike the Titanic, this hull breach of economic decline can be eradicated to some degree.
But you folks must speak out, you can't be silent.

As part of the 53 million white folks who gambled on this man, YOU the white independent voter hold the fate of this nation in your hands.

Will you remain silent and continue to dance to the music of the band as the sip sinks or will you take action to save this great Nation?


The Six said...

I wish I had written this Gaius. Since I didn't, I'll just have to link to it and hope some of the awesomeness rubs off on me. Seriously, we need every American to read this.

Anonymous said...

And now RINO Colin Powell expressing surprise that Obama has thrown so wide a socialist net.

Well, Gen. Dumbass... YOU spoke for Obama's election, so YOU are to blame for the runaway gummint. Colin Powell voted for his own race instead of the best man (lesser of two evils).

JeremyR said...

Too many people are still stuck in their affirmative action mentality and afraid to be critical of him. Those who are, are attacked as racists.
There is also the factor of his VP choice. That alone keeps a lot of people from wanting him removed from office.
Let us Hope that 2010 Brings enough Change in Congress that we can get him ousted before he destroys the fabric of American Society.

Anonymous said...

Write your congressfolks and the Obama Mansion every chance you can to bitch and moan. While it appears they don't pay attention, they do. That's why they are trying to run with their agenda before the end of the year. They're running scared and know the public is catching up.