Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Healthcare become a racial issue: "we are talking about taking from hard-working white people and giving to lazy black folks."

Hilarious race baiting liberal appearance on CNN, I watched and laughed. You know I can’t explain the insanity. Liberals are just losing their fucking minds, these people are just fucking crazy.
I swear if I owned a network news operation I would fire anyone who would put on such a mentally deranged guest to spew such ignorant shit.
The only thing that can explain this is the Obama administration must be in serious panic mode about now.

This reminds me of my first hours in basic training. The T.I’s (Training instructors) would run up to the freshly disembarked scared shitless recruits and start yelling and screaming and spitting every expletive in the book.
Now I’m a slightly crazy bastard, the more the T.I’s yelled at me and tried to scare me the more amused I became. Some were simply trying too hard to scare the recruits and it got comical.

I’m reading all of these liberal blogs and I’m seeing in written form what this video points out.
They are working so hard to sell the race baiting card that they are failing to realize that even people sympathetic to Obama are starting to say “stop the insanity.”

I believe that liberals/Democrats are beginning to see that Obama is a fucking disaster. When they had Bill Clinton at least they had a great charismatic bullshitter who could string together coherent thoughts to get his point across.
Obama is just a dumbass and an arrogant one at that and people like this dude are trying their best to cover for his stupidity.

This interview appeared on CNN sometime yesterday. The person being interviewed was a guy by the name of Tim Wise ... whoever in the wide wide world of sports THAT is. So let me just get right to it. He says that the reason Americans don't want healthcare reform is because a large percentage of white America associate social spending race. He says, "There is a perception that when we talk about government spending for the 'have-nots,' we are talking about taking from hard-working white people and giving to lazy black folks." Meanwhile, CNN has this interview labeled as a "Developing Story: Healthcare Showdown."
This guy also says, "When the country the founders envisioned was a formal system of white supremacy, excuse me if I find it a little hard to think that race is not perhaps playing a pretty big role."

Race pimps .. they will always be with us. Just laugh at them and maybe they'll go away.


Anonymous said...

These media outlets are a joke!
Now here is a question for you-- If someone were to start a conservative mutual fund, and they invested in communication companies, in todays economy the media could be bought out for a relatively small amount. Sort of playing dirty pool, but since the liberals already control the MSM, why not fight back.

Anonymous said...

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