Friday, August 28, 2009

Idiot Negro Democrat Communist: "Opponents Want to Destroy President Who Looks Like Me... Fidel Castro Was One of Brightest Leaders I Have Ever Met"

Folks if you have not seen the first two video/audio clips of this disgraceful jackass Negro congresswoman take a moment to absorb just how silly and retarded these Negro politicians have become.
I feel like shit today and I had to post these clips to illustrate once again the absurdity of Negro politicians and why black folks around the country are so fucked up and will continue to be fucked up because idiot Negro voters are too stupid to comprehend why old liberal Negro tards like Watson should never EVER be given any political clout or a public stage to babble such absolute ignorance because it is a reflection on them as well.
Fidel Castro, really? Seriously?
Maybe because the school dropout rate amongst Negros are so high in LA she is able to get away with saying such retarded shit without any consequences because lets get real how many of her constituents can even find Cuba on a map?

This is just outrageous and another reason why I seek every day to distance myself further and further from the stupidity of liberal Negros.

Crap now I need some aspirin.

Diane Watson - Race Baiting Political Whore


Anonymous said...

If this bitch likes Castro so much, she should pack her bags and move down there.

maggi from sweden said...

How could this extremely stupid women end up in the congress. In a country full of smart and clever peoples, its incredible. Time for a cleaning up and put republican in every seat in congress. And never let the democrats come back until they got rid of all their communists. I beg all good Americans and that's plenty of you, TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY!!!! USA is worth fighting for, because it is the best country in the world and we(the rest of the world) are depending on you to keep us free from evil. Kick the communist out NOW!!!!! Do you need help, we are millions in Europe dreaming of helping you to kick Obama out for good.

Anonymous said...

I guess that if Obama let his hair grow some, put on some lipstick and got some glasses, some people might say that he looks like her, but I really don't think so. Is she saying that he is a transvestite? A cross-dresser? Unsure of his sexual identity?

Constructive Feedback said...

"Dear Rep Watson - It is YOUR view that the people of Cuba are FREE to your satisfaction?"

You have to understand something folks - Never ask a "Serf Producer" what she feels about FREEDOM. This is not a goal of theirs.

They ONLY want the masses to "Be In Receipt Of" certain entitlements. Thus once they are fed they will yield their votes and their freedoms for anyone who provides for them.

phthaloblu said...

Anyone who knows their fucking history knows that Guevara was a nasty sonofabtich who kicked out the wealthy so he could steal their land, houses and money. And just so we have it straight, he also stole from the very people he said he was fighting for; the poor and downtrodden. Looks like the prols will be the ones kicking Diane and her ilk out the door. Then she can go to Cuba and be with her bright leader. Fucking cunt!