Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Marc Lamont Hill - Intellectually Disingenuous Liberal Negro Owned by Democrats!

When this dude Marc Lamont Hill first started appearing on O’Reilly I thought dude was pretty decent and I liked how he was able to effectively battle O’Reilly because he could always make his point succinctly even if I disagreed with his point of view.
Now I don’t watch O’Reilly anymore because he more often than not placates to the left and bags on fellow talk show hosts (on the right) for ratings to make himself “seem” fair and balance to the moderates who view his show.
My other problem with O’Reilly is he does not get all of his facts straight on his show. He conveniently leaves out facts on stories so he can come back and revisit the same material over and over.
The black lady (in the video) has been exposed as a fraud and if O’Reilly did his research as well as he says he does he would have known that.
ALSO READ THIS if you missed it.
Back to Mr. Hill… he has obviously been brought and paid for by Obama. In this interview dude is exceedingly intellectually disingenuous.
He has turned into just another idiot Negro liberal mouthpiece of the Democrat Party and this interview makes that painfully obvious.


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Constructive Feedback said...

Magic Negro Watch:

Full disclosure - there is now a video of the Black woman doing an interview on CNN.

Of course - she is saying that she was "racially attacked" and, like Dr Hill - she believes that a picture of "Rosa Parks" is sacrosanct. Regardless of if she was in violation of the rules against posters - NO ONE should crumble up a picture of Rosa Parks.

The ironic thing was that when the great Ms Parks was alive and she got mugged in her own house by a Thug - less national coordination by the racism chasing left was done in that instance as compared to what we are seeing around this issue.

For the record - the guy was wrong to snatch the woman's poster. He should have gone to the authorities and told them that she had opened up the poster when she had been asked to keep it rolled up.

Tim Wise is a lying creep. He, like Ruth Bader Ginsberg can articulate "Black Inferiority" better than most Black Racism Chasers.