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Why Are Jews Liberals?

In the presidential election, Barack Obama won 78% of the Jewish vote

Interesting article… I’ve often wondered about this myself.
From the Wall Street Journal

It will be dangerous to the Jewish future, Mr. Podhoretz says, for Jews to continue down the path of reflexively supporting not just Democrats but also the party’s liberal wing. Unlike every other ethnic or religious group, he notes, Jews do not become more conservative as their income and wealth rise. The reason for such steady liberalism, it is often claimed, is that Jews care about those who are marginalized in America, as Jews themselves were once marginalized both here and in other countries.

But Mr. Podhoretz maintains that Jews are voting against their own interests. Jews advanced in America in the mid-20th century when the meritocracy took hold, individual effort and achievement were rewarded, and group quotas, which limited Jewish educational opportunity and economic advancement, were eliminated. How odd, then, to see Jews aligned with the party that embraces identity politics, affirmative action and quota-driven policies. Democrats also favor higher taxes and more government regulation, neither of which tends to produce the sort of economic expansion that benefits everyone, including the marginalized.

Another danger to the Jewish future, Mr. Podhoretz says, is the commitment of Jews to secularism and social liberalism. Jews are the least religious group in America—just 16% of Jews attend services at least monthly, and 42% of Jews attend not at all. Even those Jews who do go to synagogue often find a way to remain comfortable in their political beliefs: Mr. Podhoretz describes how liberal Jews—rabbis and worshipers alike—routinely cherry-pick passages from the Torah to buttress favored social policies. The Hebrew word for charity, tzedakah, he says, has been seized on by liberal Jews over the years to promote FDR’s New Deal, Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and “social justice.” Mr. Podhoretz quotes a professor of modern Jewish history who said the Torah’s instruction made voting for John McCain last year impossible because he had opposed raising the minimum wage.

As Jews have traded Judaism for secularism, their birth rate has fallen well below the replacement level. As Mr. Podhoretz observes, this is only part of the new demographic reality. Fully half of Jews who marry these days choose a non-Jewish spouse, and a majority of the children in these marriages are not reared as Jewish. Not surprisingly, the Jewish population in America has begun to decline. Over the past 60 years, while the U.S. population doubled, the number of Jews has at best remained steady at about six million. Orthodox Jews, whose politics tend toward the conservative, have accepted the biblical directive to be fruitful and multiply. Their share of the American Jewish population is rising, and now stands at about 10%. But the demographic time bomb among non-Orthodox Jews, Mr. Podhoretz says, may be unstoppable.

Yet another Obama indoctrination video of kids from Sand Hill Elementary School in Asheville, NC

Fox News Hires Apologist for Cop-killer

The "conservative" Fox News Channel (FNC) has hired Marc Lamont Hill, a public supporter of convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur, as a paid "analyst" and "contributor." He has appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor," hosted by Bill O'Reilly, more often than other FNC programs.

A member of the Black Liberation Army (BLA), a group that worked with the communist terrorist Weather Underground, Assata Shakur, also known as Joanne Chesimard, killed New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster "execution style" by shooting him in the head as he lay wounded by gunfire, according to the State Troopers Association of New Jersey. She was convicted of murder and went to prison but escaped to Cuba.

The Officer Down Memorial Page features a page in honor of Foerster. He was only 34 years old when he was killed. The killer is still "at large," being protected by Communist Cuba.

The decision to feature Hill as a paid FNC commentator has infuriated supporters of the police and law enforcement.

Hill, a fast-talking commentator, is described on his own website as someone who specializes in hip-hop culture and "started a literacy project that uses hip-hop culture to increase school engagement and reading skills among high school students." It also says that he works with the ACLU Drug Reform Project, "focusing on drug informant policy." The ACLU favors legalization of all drugs.

James Pera, a retired San Francisco Police Sergeant who saw first-hand the violence of the BLA and the Weather Underground, asked, "Why does O'Reilly pander to this tool of the left? I don't know. What I do know is that I am tired of hearing this bombastic blowhard continually calling people such as Hill 'a standup guy, for coming on the program.' Hill is not a standup guy. In my opinion, he is a left-wing radical, race-bating, white-hating propagandist."

READ THE REST ON AIM - Accuracy in Media

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This is the final scene from the HBO show Six Feet Under.
My Daughter in Law lost her dad yesterday. 2009 just seems like one of those years where the thoughts of our mortality is seems to be at the forefront.
This clip just seems appropriate right now.

Obama Hates America Watch... Liberalism is a Mental Disease Watch

Stuff From Nealz Nuze

You still don't believe that Obama would send you to jail if you don't go along with his plans? Well ... maybe this will convince you. Don't you just love what our government has become? Now you can go to jail for not paying something that Obama swears isn't a tax.

A woman in Indiana may be in violation of drug laws because she purchased too much cold medicine. Our government and its war on drugs is a complete waste of taxpayer money.

Phillip Howard wrote a wonderful book several years ago: "The Death of Common Sense." Now he explains why medical malpractice reform just isn't on the table. It's the trial lawyers, stupid!

And one more nanny state story to get things started ... a woman is charged with operating an illegal daycare after agreeing to watch a friend's child.

The House is likely to push forward with its own healthcare bill that will include a government option, even though the Senate doesn't have the votes to pass it.

The full employment rate in the United States could be as high as 7%, up from 5% where it was before the recent financial collapse.

Barack Obama was recently reminded about the definition of a "tax" and claimed that his healthcare plans were not considered taxes. The Republicans aren't going to let him get away with that.

The New York City terrorist plot continues to grow.

The upcoming census is going to be distributed in two languages. See if you can guess the second language. Yeah, this one's a real toughie.

You are going to love this one ... why wealthy people should pay for poorer people to have healthcare. And how the government will force them.

Here's a great article from National Review fact-checking Barack Obama and many of his false claims about health insurance reform.

Bush officials may be held personally liable for alleged violations of individuals' rights for actions following 9/11.

Barack Obama has shelved the current request for more troops in Afghanistan. Then we learn that the commander in Afghanistan has only spoken to the president once since taking over.
Wall Street has spent millions of dollars buttering up members of Congress. Any guesses as to who is receiving the most money from the financial services industry?

Why is Hillary Clinton giving millions to Libya's Muammar Gaddafi?

Speaking of Gaddafi, looks like him and his buddy Hugo Chavez want to "challenge the 'imperialism' of wealthy nations."

The US ambassador to the OAS accused Honduran President Zelaya of "acting as though he were starring in an old movie," by trying to return to his country.

So you know how the government set up a website where you can supposedly track how stimulus money is being spent? Yeah, that's not working out too well. If you're surprised you just haven't been paying attention.

When the government coffers start to run low, taxing alcohol seems to be a popular way of taking taxpayer money.

Government workers in the UK are going through people's trash to see what they are throwing away ... as you can imagine, some people have a problem with this.

Check out this crazy shit!

Creepy O-cult video of the day: “Deliver us, Obama!” - Michelle Malkin

I didn’t think you could top those schoolchildren substituting Obama for Jesus in their public school praise hymn.

Now, thanks to Naked Emperor News and Breitbart TV, we have video of community organizers led by the “Gamaliel Foundation” praying to The One as they lobby for “social justice” and health care for all.

And no, this is not an Onion parody:

Call your reps: No on Obamacare funds for abortion

President Obama says it’s a “fabrication” and “distraction” to assert that the Democrats’ health care takeover bills subsidize abortion.

Well, not to distract you, but the NYT reports yofsy:

Representative Bart Stupak, a Democratic opponent of abortion, is pressing for a ban on health care subsidies for abortions.

Abortion opponents in both the House and the Senate are seeking to block the millions of middle- and lower-income people who might receive federal insurance subsidies to help them buy health coverage from using the money on plans that cover abortion. And the abortion opponents are getting enough support from moderate Democrats that both sides say the outcome is too close to call. Opponents of abortion cite as precedent a 30-year-old ban on the use of taxpayer money to pay for elective abortions.

Video: Whoopi says Polanski didn’t commit “rape-rape” - Hot Air

I started to post the video but I just can’t take anything she says seriously and looking at Whoopi makes me itch. She is an ignorant retarded jackass but she is paid well because other ignorant ass white women like listening to what she has to say.

Holier Than Obama - American Spectator

Potential nukes for an apocalyptic-minded and rabidly anti-American (not mention anti-Semitic) Iranian president do not much interest the National Council of Churches (NCC). So the NCC, whose board met in late September, is insisting that the U.S. unilaterally disarm, as an example to others.

According to the NCC, American nukes have "siphoned off untold billions" away from "more just" causes, "poisoned our air, our water, and our children," "produced toxic waste" and engendered "inordinate pride, much resented by other nations," serving to "degrade the status and esteem accorded to the U.S." by other nations.

Others might argue that the U.S. nuclear umbrella preserved Western Civilization, deterred world war, facilitated a growing global economy generating unprecedented wealth for countless millions across 6 decades, and deterred countless other less responsible regimes from contriving their own nukes. But since the NCC sees the world through a utopian and chronically anti-American lens, it cannot imagine the likely sinister consequences if U.S. predominance were replaced by likely alternatives.

You'll Have to Pry My Icy Coca-Cola From My Cold Dead Hand

The ever-brilliant Katherine Mangu-Ward fires a return volley in the War Against Soda.

Like bears to honey or zombies to brains, politicians find something irresistible about soda taxes. President Obama recently told Men's Health magazine that he thinks a "sin tax" on soda is "an idea that we should be exploring." San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom moved to impose a fee on stores for selling sugary drinks, only to admit that his plan was probably illegal. In December, New York Gov. David Paterson proposed a 18 percent tax on full-sugar soda to help cover a budget shortfall. After a public outcry, he claimed he was just raising awareness about childhood obesity.

But he was also rehashing the same old myths about how taxing soda will save us all:

1. Sin taxes are for our own good.

The basic idea sounds reasonable enough. Why not have the government nudge citizens along the path to righteousness by making bad choices more expensive? But even the most avid proponents of sin taxes concede that none of the nickel-and-dime proposals on the table is large enough to discourage soda drinking. And they're not really intended to. Soda taxes, like most sin taxes, aren't primarily designed to reduce consumption -- they're designed to raise revenue. Tap water is already virtually free. Adding a few cents in tax to a $1.29 soda bottle isn't going to send cost-conscious Coke-guzzlers swarming to the nearest water fountain. Forty states currently take a bite out of sales of soda or junk food -- if anyone's addicted to soda, it's state legislatures. In the Men's Health interview, Obama focused on childhood obesity. But the Senate Finance Committee's interest in soda taxes at a hearing this spring wasn't about keeping American spawn slim; health-care reformers were salivating over the projected $24 billion in revenue that a 3-cent tax would generate over the next four years.

2. Soda is causing the obesity epidemic.

It's true that, on the whole, fat people drink more soda than skinny people. They also consume more calories overall and exercise less. So soda does help people pack on the pounds. But so does absolutely everything everyone eats. No news story about soda is complete without the scolding phrase "empty calories," yet soda consumption per capita has remained steady over the past two decades as obesity numbers have continued to rise. Weight gain is a function of calories in minus calories out. A food calorie is 4.2 kilojoules of energy, whether it comes from a bottle of orange juice, a latte or an ice-cold Coke. Cola calories are not uniquely "empty." They are not bleak, hollow shells of calories, staging tiny productions of "Waiting for Godot" in your love handles. A calorie is a calorie.


ACORN and Criminal Niggas: “evil right wing whitey is just tryin to bring a brotha down”

Great Video Of Hardcore Left Trying To Present The ACORN Scandal To Their Base

Found this while on Founding Bloggers

Folks if you want a good laugh watch this video. The video speaks for itself but this is one of a million reasons why liberals are the biggest liar fucks on the planet. You have this retarded ghetto thug Bertha Lewis, instead of taking responsibility for the criminal activities her peeps engaged in she immediately spins it into just another vast right wing conspiracy against poor unassuming Negros.

Naw niggas don’t engage in criminal activities on their own, at the heart of all transgressions is some evil cracka trying to bring a brotha or sista down.

So what else is new in niggadom!

Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now” is the grass-roots news service of choice for the hardcore progressive left.

Watch as they try to explain the ACORN scandal to their base. They blame evil Fox and conservatives for conspiring to target poor ACORN, even as they lay out the facts of ACORN’s exposed corruption.

The clip also features an interview with Bertha Lewis, National Director of ACORN, whining about the evil and vast right wing conspiracy that captured their systemic corruption.
The best part of the clip (20:05) is when Bertha unwittingly admits the fraud was systemic and documented over a long period of time.

BERTHA LEWIS: Well, first of all, Juan, that’s a very—you know, that’s a very good observation, because these visits were spread out throughout the summer, and they were random all over. And so, we probably could have done a better job saying, “Did you see these crazy-dressed people in your office?”

Can’t you just picture Big Government’s attorneys playing this quote in court? Bertha basically admits that the fraud was not isolated in either time or space.

Here are more white liberal leftists trying to defend criminal darkies.

Maddow on ACORN Again: Details Actual Fraud, Child Prostitution, Murder by Federally-Funded Organizations NOT Defunded by Congress - Brad Blog


The distracting benefits of ACORN hysteria - Salon

Apparently, the problem for middle-class and lower-middle-class Americans is not that their taxpayer dollars are going to prop up billionaires, oligarchs and their corrupt industries. It's that America's impoverished -- a group that is growing rapidly -- is getting too much, has too much power and too little accountability. Anonymous Liberal has a superb post on the manipulative inanity of the Fox-generated ACORN "scandal" (h/t D-day):
Let's take a step back and consider just what ACORN is. It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and improve the lives of poor people. As with many other organizations, ACORN has a number of legally distinct parts, each of which has different sources of funding and engages in different kinds of activities (ACORN's conservative enemies routinely conflate these various parts to imply that ACORN is using federal money for improper political purposes). Since its founding the 70s, ACORN and its employees and volunteers have fought successfully to, among other things, increase minimum wages across the country, increase the quality of public education in poor areas, and protect people from predatory lending practices. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, ACORN helped rebuild thousands of homes and assisted victims in relocating and finding housing outside of New Orleans. The ACORN activity that has drawn the most conservative ire is its voter registration efforts which, consistent with ACORN's mission, are primarily aimed at low-income voters (who tend to vote Democratic). . . .

But even if you take these film-makers at face value and assume the worst, the reality is that ACORN has thousands of employees and the vast majority of them spend their days trying to help poor people through perfectly legal means (and receive very little compensation for doing so). Even before yesterday's Senate vote, the amount of federal money that went to ACORN was very small. This is a relatively insignificant organization in the grand scheme of things, but it's an organization that has unquestionably fought over the years to improve the lives of the less fortunate in this country.

That the GOP and its conservative supporters would single out this particular organization for such intense demonization is telling. In September of last year, the entire world came perilously close to complete financial catastrophe. We're still not out of the woods and we're deep within one of the worst recessions in U.S. history. This situation was brought about by the recklessness and greed of our banks and financial institutions, most of which had to be bailed out at enormous cost to the American taxpayer (exponentially more than all of the tax dollars given to ACORN over the years). The people who brought about this near catastrophe, for the most, profited immensely from it. These very same institutions, propped up by the American taxpayer, are once again raking in large profits.

But rather than focus their anger on these folks, conservatives choose to go after an organization composed almost entirely of low-paid community organizers, an organization that could never hope to have even a small fraction of the clout or the ability to affect the overall direction of the country that Wall Street bankers have. ACORN's relative lack of political influence was on full display yesterday, when the U.S. Senate (in which Democrats have a supermajority) not only entertained a vote to defund ACORN, but approved it by a huge margin (with only seven Democrats opposing).
Crap I missed this....

Figures. ACORN Was Behind Franken's Stolen Senate Seat - Gateway Pundit

Here's a shocker.ACORN may have helped Al Franken steal the US senate seat from Minnesota.The Minnesot Star-Tribune reported:

But ACORN does have a special place in its heart for at least one prominent Minnesota politician. Last year, it showered praise on Al Franken, endorsing his run for the U.S. Senate. Franken returned the esteem: "I'm thrilled and honored to receive this endorsement," he gushed in a press release. He added that he was "more motivated than ever to work with ACORN."...

ACORN's registration drives "routinely produce fraudulent registrations," according to a staff report released in July 2009 by the ranking Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. The report describes ACORN as "a criminal conspiracy" and details violations ranging from unpaid taxes to a million-dollar embezzlement and cover-up. "To date," the report says, "nearly 70 ACORN employees have been convicted in 12 states for voter-registration fraud."

The latest such scandal broke a few weeks ago, when authorities in Florida accused 11ACORN workers of falsifying information on 888 voter-registration forms.

In May 2009, Nevada's attorney general charged ACORN and two employees with 39 felonies. Authorities raided ACORN offices after complaints about numerous forms with false addresses and names -- including the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys. Forty-eight percent of forms turned in were "clearly fraudulent," according to a Las Vegas election official.

ACORN recruited felons living in transitional housing in Las Vegas to act as canvassers and promised illegal bonuses if they signed up more than 20 new voters a day.

ACORN's practices can make fraud difficult to detect. For example, "at election offices around the country, ACORN workers are famous for waiting until registration deadline to dump thousands of new documents on overworked clerks -- making it harder for them to fully vet the registration forms," according to the New York Post.As a result, fraud often only comes to light by chance. Fraud "has been discovered by cursory checks or by accident," John Samples, an election expert at the Cato Institute, told the Post. "There's a lot more out there to be discovered."

Here in Minnesota, ACORN has boasted of playing a major role in the 2008 elections. It claims to have registered 43,000 new voters, which it describes as 75 percent of the state's new registrations. Franken's margin of victory in the Senate race was razor-thin: 312 votes out of about 3 million cast. And Minnesota's laws on proof of voter eligibility are notoriously loose. Did ACORN folks pull some fast ones to help get their favorite son Franken elected -- a win that handed Democrats the 60-vote, veto-proof majority that they needed to enact their liberal agenda?

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie assures us that Minnesota's system of voter verification protects electoral integrity.

But here's an uncomfortable fact: Ritchie himself was endorsed by the now-notorious ACORN and elected with its help.

Related... 2,812 Dead Voters may have given senate seat to Franken.

Did The Dead Put Al Franken Over the Top? - Gay Patriot - June 2009

Niggas Behaving Badly...AGAIN!

Video: Teen Attacked, Beaten to Death in Melee


This is the hard lesson some students at Fenger High School have to deal with after a day of learning. For them it's a hard lesson of reality on the streets.

Thursday after school, two rival gangs got into a fight three blocks from the high school.

In all four students were beaten in that melee -- one was released from the hospital Friday morning.

While police continue their investigation, some students say they don't want to go back to Fenger next week.

Rival gang members have been fighting for a month -- and each time one of their fellow classmates is injured.

No knives and no guns were used in Thursday's fight. Just fists, feet and boards.

Derrion Albert, 16, was struck in the head by one of those boards.

Seconds later the honor student hit the pavement. That’s when witnesses, who are other high school students, say gangbangers began stomping on and punching Albert.

Derrion Albert's mom said witnesses told her he was "trying to help another student and kind of got mixed in with the crowd of the fight and he was hit.”

A senior who witnessed the whole thing says the melee lasted less than five minutes.

The video shows students and workers from a nearby community center rescue the boy -- but many out there knew it was too late.

Surveillance videos are mounted on businesses in the Roseland area, but Chicago Police say those don't show faces.

Police have a copy of this footage and it may help identify Albert's killers.

But while that investigation goes on, students say they will remember Derrion Albert as a good kid. A quiet, smart kid with no gang affiliation. But just a kid who may not have had enough street smarts to go another way.

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More Of Those “Middle Eastern” People Acting Suspicious AGAIN!

Two men removed from plane at LAX. CAIR lawsuit in 3, 2, 1… - Michelle Malkin

This latest Los Angeles Times report serves as an official CAIR dog whistle:

A plane was stopped from taking off from Los Angeles International Airport, and two men on board were taken into custody, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.
LAPD Lt. John Romero said the men, who appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent, were acting suspiciously.

A law enforcement source said at least one of the men ran into a restroom on the plane and appeared to hide while the New York-bound jet was taxiing on the runway, according to the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the case was ongoing.
The flight crew confronted the two men and made the decision to stop the plane before it took off, the source said. The men were taken into custody by heavily armed law enforcement officials.
The plane has been taken to a remote area of the airport to be searched by a bomb squad, sources said.
I know I'm being a bit prejudice here... (and y'all know I don't give a shit...LOL!) but these “Middle Eastern” folks love yanking the chains of you infidel Americans. When they can successfully fuck with our world it’s like a badge of honor to them.
Then after everything goes down then they bring in the attorneys to file a lawsuit because we have a legitimate reason to be suspicious of these crazy bastards.

Guido Humor - Berlusconi Jokes About 'Tanned' Obamas

(Sept. 28) -- Silvio Berlusconi this week further consolidated his already
strong reputation for political tastelessness. At the gala dinner for the G-20
summit in Pittsburgh on Thursday, the Italian prime minister visibly irked
President Barack Obama with his unabashed ‘va-va-va-voom’ hand gestures when he was introduced to Michelle Obama. Instead of directing a respectful glance into
the first lady’s eyes, he first gave her gown a Via Veneto-style leer—and reaped
an arms-length handshake from Mrs. Obama instead of the warm embrace she gave
other leaders. Yesterday Berlusconi, addressing a rally of supporters in Milan, was at it again. He said he was bringing greetings from "What's his name?

Some tanned guy. Ah, Barack Obama!" He then mentioned Michelle and told the receptive crowd, "You won't believe it, but the two of them went to the beach because the wife is also tanned."

MORE HERE if you care...fucken racist!!

Obama ‘Safe Schools’ Czar Kevin Jennings Enabled Sexual Predator of Teen Boy

Crap…. this is what happens when I get busy and can’t blog. This is an old story, but like everything else not being reported. I heard about this on Rush today while at lunch.

This from Gateway Pundit:

Since when is this safe?
Barack Obama's "safe school's czar" Kevin Jennings hid pedophilia from authorities.

Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings was a huge Obama supporter.

FOX News reported:

President Obama's "safe schools czar" is a former schoolteacher who has advocated promoting homosexuality in schools, written about his past drug abuse, expressed his contempt for religion and detailed an incident in which he did not report an underage student who told him he was having sex with older men.Conservatives are up in arms about the appointment of Kevin Jennings, Obama's director of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, saying he is too radical for the job.Jennings was appointed to the position largely because of his longtime record of working to end bullying and discrimination in schools. In 1990, as a teacher in Massachusetts, he founded the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which now has over 40 chapters at schools nationwide. He has also published six books on gay rights and education, including one that describes his own experiences as a closeted gay student.The OSDFS was created by the Bush administration in 2002. According to its Web site, one of its primary functions is to "provide financial assistance for drug and violence prevention activities and activities that promote the health and well being of students in elementary and secondary schools, and institutions of higher education."Jennings' critics say he fits only half the bill, if that."Jennings was obviously chosen for this job because of the safe schools aspect... defining 'safe schools' narrowly in terms of 'safe for homosexuality'," Peter Sprigg, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, told"But at least half of the job involves creating drug-free schools, and we've not been offered any evidence about what qualifications Jennings has for promoting drug-free schools."
Washington Times Story:

EDITORIAL: At the president's pleasure

A teacher was told by a 15-year-old high school sophomore that he was having
homosexual sex with an "older man." At the very least, statutory rape occurred.
Fox News reported that the teacher violated a state law requiring that he report
the abuse. That former teacher, Kevin Jennings, is President Obama's "safe
school czar." It's getting hard to keep track of all of this president's
problematic appointments. Clearly, the process for vetting White House employees
has broken down.

In this one case in which Mr. Jennings had a real chance to protect a young boy from a sexual predator, he not only failed to do what the law required but actually encouraged the relationship.

But of course liberals don’t give a shit about protecting kids. Here is a response from a left wing site.

Washington Times Slimes Kevin Jennings

In May, Kevin Jennings was appointed Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Department of Education’s Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools. Since then, every fundamentalist nut job has taken a whack at Jennings. The reason that they are attacking Jennings is simple; He is gay.

Ultimately, there is nothing "Problematic" about Mr. Jennings. Nor does this depict any flaws in the vetting process. Mr. Jennings graduated magna cum laude from Harvard. He became a high school history teacher after graduation. He became the faculty advisor to the nation’s first gay-Straight Alliance. He was a Joseph Kingenstein Fellow at Columbia University, where he received his M.A. Kevin earned an M.B.A. from NYU’s Stern School of Business. He has authored six books and helped write and produce the documentary Out of the Past, which won the 1998 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for Best Documentary. In his "spare time," Kevin founded GLSEN.

He is a highly accomplished individual who is entirely qulaified for the position he holds.

(above not my typo folks) Typical lib reaction. Dude has multiple college degrees, is a “respected” member of the community, done wonderful stuff, who cares that he condoned some kid getting anally raped by some old bastard, keeping the parents in the dark.

This is not a gay issue you idiot fucks this is a child protective issue.

Obama's Homosexual "Safe School Czar" Tells God "Screw You, Buddy" in Memoir

Federal Reserve Scandal Bigger than ACORN... Also... Catholic Church Funding of ACORN

(Article Link)

On "The O'Reilly Factor" on Wednesday night, Democratic Rep. Barney Frank dropped a bombshell about the ACORN scandal that has not been disputed by Congressional Republicans-the group received $14.2 million in funding from the Bush administration.
But the question of what the Federal Reserve is doing with trillions of taxpayer dollars makes the ACORN scandal look like peanuts.
For the first time, a hearing is being held on Rep. Ron Paul's Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 (H.R. 1207) by the House Committee on Financial Services. Grass-roots pressure has been credited with forcing the hearing into what has happened to trillions of dollars supposedly spent by the Federal Reserve on the stabilization of the financial system.
In prepared testimony, Thomas E. Woods, Jr. of the Ludwig von Mises Institute offers his strong support for the bill and declares, "...if our monetary system were really as strong, robust, and beyond criticism as its cheerleaders claim, why does it need to rely so heavily on public ignorance? How can it be a sound banking system that depends on keeping the public in the dark about the condition of its financial institutions?"
As the unprecedented hearing was taking shape, however, Rep. Frank put a statement on the website of the House Committee on Financial Services, which he chairs, going into detail about Republican funding of ACORN.
He declared, "ACORN was the recipient of funding throughout the Bush administration, with $14.2 million going from the Bush administration to ACORN through HUD. And I can attest that this was an entirely Executive Branch decision: No congressional action in any way, shape or form required that any of these funds go to ACORN as opposed to other organization [sic]. And I do not remember, during the period from 2001 to 2006 when the Republicans controlled the White House, HUD, the House and the Senate, and ACORN was receiving millions of dollars, any Republican objection to this."

The ACORN scandal was exposed by the website, which is now urging donations to a legal defense fund for the filmmakers, who are being sued by ACORN.
Meanwhile, some conservative Catholic groups have been putting pressure on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), which gave ACORN $7.3 million over the last ten years, to de-fund other groups that engage in activities inconsistent with Catholic teaching.
Rob Gasper, the founder of Bellarmine Veritas Ministry, launched an investigation which found that the CCHD had funded groups advocating abortion or prostitution, or both.

As a result, on the website, prominent Catholic writer and thinker Deal W. Hudson has called for the elimination of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, saying, "No amount of house-cleaning is going to make this arm of the USCCB [United States Conference of Catholic Bishops] worthy of our donations."

While the ACORN scandal involves tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and became a national scandal because of the videos, some other videos that examine what has happened to trillions of dollars involving the Federal Reserve have become increasingly popular. These videos, however, don't involve undercover footage. Rather, they show Rep. Alan Grayson trying to pin down government officials at congressional hearings on what has happened to the missing money.
In an exchange captured in a YouTube video, Grayson questioned Fed Vice Chair Donald Kohn about Federal Reserve officials distributing $1.2 trillion dollars since September 2008, without reporting where they lent the money. In another video, Grayson questioned Inspector General of the Federal Reserve Elizabeth Coleman about where the money has gone and whether anyone is overseeing the activities of the Federal Reserve.
While Grayson is a liberal Democrat, he decided to co-sponsor the bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Ron Paul, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009, which requires an audit of the Federal Reserve System, including its Board of Governors, and the Federal Reserve banks.
Paul had announced on July 15 that all 178 Republican members of the House had signed on as co-sponsors of his Federal Reserve Transparency Act.

The House Committee on Financial Services' hearing on the bill on September 25 also features testimony from Scott Alvarez, General Counsel, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and comes seven months after the bill was introduced and referred to the committee.
The bill currently has 295 co-sponsors, meaning that 117 Democrats have also endorsed the measure.

On the Senate side, a similar bill, S. 604, sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sanders, has 28 co-sponsors. It was referred to the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on March 16 but no hearings have been held on the Senate side.
Though introduced by a self-declared socialist, most of the Senate co-sponsors are Republicans, demonstrating that concern about the activities of the Federal Reserve crosses ideological lines.
If you are a right winger ignore this next piece. We're not suppose to point out when Republicans/right wing types do stupid shit!

The Bigger Scandal: Catholic Church Funding of ACORN

Federal funding of ACORN is not just a Democratic Party or Obama Administration problem. As a chart (PDF) produced by House Republican Leader John Boehner shows, most of the federal money going to the organization was provided under President George W. Bush. This is not something that most Republicans want to talk about, especially now that they can use ACORN funding as a weapon against Obama and the Democrats. To Boehner's credit, however, he had sent a letter to Bush asking him to block all federal funding of ACORN. The Bush Administration did not comply.

While Obama has strong ties to ACORN, they were originally established through the U.S. Catholic Church, which has also funded ACORN and similar organizations to the tune of millions of dollars. This is another taboo topic for most of the media. Even conservative news organizations are afraid of raising the issue, apparently fearing being tagged with the "anti-Catholic" label.

But the truth has been seeping out in mysterious ways. In a story about Barack Obama's friendly meeting with the Pope, reporter Josh Gerstein featured information that made it clear that the President's Catholic connection goes back to his days as a community organizer and that Obama's associates understand and appreciate this fact.


Olympic Hustle, Jew Haters, Idiot Democrats, Pending Violence… Life in America under Obama

What’s up folks. Sorry but I’ve been on a self imposed news blackout since my last post on Thursday.
When I feel myself getting a wee bit worked up over this idiot ass president I say to myself “take a break” no sense working myself into a tizzy over Obama’s idiot ass.
Plus still lots going on at work, busy month.

So I may have to back track on some of my reading this morning. At first glance does not look like I missed too much. But here is a juicy story to start off with from Drudge.


A local TV station that reported on Chicagoans NOT wanting the Olympics has been told NOT to run the report again, insiders tell the DRUDGE REPORT!

The Chicago Olympic Committee told FOX Chicago that its broadcast "would harm Chicago's chances" to be awarded the games. The station's news director ordered staff to hold fire after the report aired once last Thursday morning, claims a source. Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo and Rio are mounting strong bids for the honor to host in 2016. The International Olympic Committee makes its decision on Friday. President Obama will lead the in-person push.

Developing... FOX VIDEO: 'Chicagoans for Rio': Not Everyone in Illinois Wants the 2016 Olympics

Olympics Crony Watch: You can’t say that! - Michelle Malkin

In our latest edition of Olympics Crony Watch…the silencing of dissent. Hey, it’s the Chicago way.

Drudge reports that WFLD-TV has been ordered not to broadcast an anti-Olympics
segment again.

Meanwhile, as I noted last week, the president himself will now join cronies Valerie
Jarrett and Michelle Obama
to personally lobby in Copenhagen for Chicago’s

On Tuesday, there will be a No Chicago Games protest reflecting the 84 percent opposition to the Olympics boondoggle.

Will they be accused of being an “angry mob,” too?



Social Security In Deficit, Obama Applauded Reform's Demise in 2006

UPDATE AT END OF POST: 2006 video of Sen. Barack Obama applauding the death of Social Security reform.

Contrary to what the Left and their media minions told Americans in 2005 when President George W. Bush wanted to reform Social Security, the nation's largest entitlement program is now projected to run deficits for at least the next two years.
In an article on the subject published Sunday, the Associated Press mysteriously hid the seriousness of this revelation while never once mentioning the Republican push to solve this problem four years ago, or that Democrats in January 2006 -- including Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) -- actually applauded the death of the previous year's reform efforts.

SHOCKING: House Dems push for illegal alien health care coverage

ACORN Corruption at the Local Level – Is Your Newspaper Covering It?

We've all been witness to the deft handling of the MSM by Andrew Breitbart and the investigative reporters James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles. Their work has uncovered a level of corruption being perpetrated by members of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), heretofore unknown; at least by those who derive their information solely from the likes of Big Media.

However, as diligent members of the conservative community, it is crucial that one keeps an eye out for lower levels of corruption stained by the fingerprints of ACORN. Will your local newspapers be able and willing to connect the dots?

One such scenario involves a massive voter fraud case in upstate New York. The allegations, which were brought to light by the Albany Times Union, involve absentee ballots forged by people associated with the city's Democratic Party for those registered to vote on the Working Families Party (WFP) line in Troy, NY. The ballots not only involve clearly forged signatures, but also, falsifying excuses for not being present on Election Day, and registering individuals who no longer live in the area.
Some interesting items not being covered in the investigative report are the links between the WFP and ACORN, and even certain names mentioned in the article which clearly show ties with the organization.

NBC Producer Accused of E-mailing Anti-ACORN Group 'Bite Me Jew Boy'

Going After ACORN Is Like Rounding Up The Jews Or Something - Ace

This next story is being circulated on almost every major black website and blog...

Former Secret Service, FBI Officers: Political Violence May Be Imminent - Black Planet

From Politico:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently invoked the grim specter of political violence, arguing that today’s angry political climate could cause people to cross the line from heated talk to dangerous actions.
Republicans sharply rejected her claim, with House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) saying Pelosi is “living in another world.” Others charged that the California Democrat herself stoked emotions by labeling some health reform protesters “un-American.”

RELATED: Census Worker Hanged In Apparent Anti-Government Violence

But it’s not just Pelosi who is worried. In interviews with POLITICO, five former Secret Service, FBI and CIA officers say that they, too, are concerned that today’s climate of supercharged political vitriol could lead to violence.
And this week, the FBI said that it is investigating whether anti-government sentiment played a role in the death of a U.S. Census worker who was found hanged from a tree in rural Kentucky, because the body had the word “fed” scrawled on the chest — though authorities say there are too many unanswered questions at this point to rule the case a homicide or a hate crime. Beyond any specific case, some of the experts see the political moment as a part of a larger trend that’s been developing since the mid-’90s — dating back to GOP attacks on President Bill Clinton and continuing through the left’s sharp criticism of President George W. Bush, who was called a “liar” and “loser” by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

RELATED: Obama Has More Threats Than Any Other President-Elect

This summer’s protests against health care included an episode where freshman Rep. Frank Kratovil Jr. (D-Md.) was hanged in effigy. Anti-energy bill protesters tarred and feathered an effigy of Rep. Allen Boyd (D-Fla.). Last Halloween, a homeowner in liberal West Hollywood hanged in effigy Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin at his home. There’s a big difference, of course, between a person who shouts at a congressman at a town hall and a person who would do something much more violent. But security experts say that the shouting incidents and other angry moments in recent weeks serve as indicators of an increase in political rage in the culture. That rage comes against a backdrop of enormous changes in American life. The United States suffered a humiliating economic collapse that threatens its long-term position as the world’s most important economy, with a staggering 9.7 percent unemployment rate. President Barack Obama made several controversial federal interventions into the private sector. At the same time, the country has elected its first African-American president at a moment when dramatic demographic changes mean that the groups now considered racial minorities will account for the majority of the U.S. population by the year 2042.

That kind of sweeping social change can be deeply unsettling.

“Times of threat bring increased aggression,” said Jerrold Post, a CIA veteran who founded the agency’s Center for the Analysis of Personality and Political Behavior during his 21-year career at headquarters in Langley, Va.
“And the whole country’s under threat now, with the economic difficulties and political polarization,” said Post, now a professor of psychiatry at The George Washington University. “The need to have someone to blame is really strong in human psychology. And once you have someone to blame, especially when there’s a call to action, some see it as a time for heroic action.”


You white folks will be intersted in this next opinion piece... LOL!

OPINION: Do Black People Idolize Black Criminals?

It can and should be argued that when laws are unjust, the morally righteous man is an outlaw. Therefore, it would be downright loony to consider Harriet Tubman a criminal because she stole people’s property and set it free, or to call Rosa Parks a criminal because equal fare paid should always mean equal privileges, or to call Muhammad Ali a criminal because he refused induction into the US Army to fight in a war that he religiously opposed.

It would be loony, but it’s also true. All three were criminals. All three broke the law.
But let’s say that the moral terrain isn’t so rocky and we’re dealing with more conventional criminals. And not the Oskar Shindler types that might have occasionally stretched a truth here or there to help people, but, you know, hustlers and the like. Are they heroes too?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Criminal Organization ACORN sues Breitbart, loses IRS gig

(Story Link) ACORN on Wednesday sued the duo who shot hidden-camera videos that are damaging the organization's reputation and the Web site that aired them, as the Internal Revenue Service broke off its partnership with the liberal community activist group.

The lawsuit accuses James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles of violating Maryland law that requires two-party consent for electronic surveillance. It also names as a defendant the news Web site that first posted the video. The pair posing as a pimp and underage prostitute videotaped ACORN workers in Baltimore advising them how to cheat on taxes and loan applications.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is seeking a court order to prohibit further distribution of the videos and payment for compensatory and punitive damages.

"Although we do not condone what our former employees did, no matter how entrapped they were, we are also committed to our 500,000 members that we will hold the defendants civilly and criminally responsible for their violations of Maryland laws and for the damages inflicted upon ACORN's reputation," ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis said.

Andrew Breitbart, who runs the "news portal" that aired the videos and is a columnist for The Washington Times, declined to comment. Mr. O'Keefe and Miss Giles could not be reached for comment. Mrs. Lewis had threatened to sue Fox News Channel, which first broadcast the sting videos, but the network is not named in the lawsuit.

The legal action puts ACORN back on an offensive footing after waging a largely unsuccessful public relations campaign to repair its image by firing employees caught in the sting, temporarily closing offices to retrain staff and enlisting independent investigators to review its operations. The moves did little to preserve support in Washington.

The group announced Tuesday that former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger would lead an independent inquiry into its social services programs to address problems revealed by the sting video.

The IRS was the latest agency to distance itself from ACORN. The IRS said it would eject ACORN from the agency's volunteer tax assistance program, which provides tax-preparation help to about 3 million low-income workers. The Obama administration also canceled plans for the group to help with the 2010 census two weeks ago when the videos surfaced.

ACORN has scrambled to regain Democratic support after the Senate and House last week voted overwhelmingly to block federal funding of the organization. In the past, Democrats steadfastly defended the group against conservative charges it skirts tax laws, violates election rules and commits other crimes while heavily supporting Democratic candidates and liberal causes.

The Justice Department's independent inspector general plans to review ACORN's grant funding from the department, and Republicans are pressing for similar probes in at least six other agencies and an investigation by the Government Accountability Office.

Found this too...I missed this one:

TARPalicious! Bailed-Out Banks Funding ACORN - Jammie Wearing Fool

The more layers you peel back from the ACORN scandal the more incestuous the relationship between Democrats and ACORN becomes obvious. Now that the antique media has actually discovered the story due to ACORN's insane decision to sue Andrew Brietbart, James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles they'll have no choice but to actually cover the story. Who knows, even Charlie Gibson might give it 10 seconds on ABC News.Now we discover that some banks that received TARP money have been funneling major dollars to this criminal empire.

Jamie Dimon has been described as “Obama’s favorite banker” by the New York Times. He’s ACORN’s favorite banker, too, and with good reason. Mr. Dimon is the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, which operates a charitable foundation that gave ACORN $1 million in 2007, along with a smaller grant to the ACORN Institute. Beyond the charitable grants, ACORN and its affiliates have long profited from their “partnerships” with the big banks, taking a cut of subprime loans marketed to low-income borrowers in poor neighborhoods. However, JPMorgan Chase isn’t the only big offender here. According to Peter Flaherty — president of the National Legal and Policy Center, which is tracking corporate America’s underwriting of the Left — other big ACORN benefactors include such TARPalicious names as Bank of America and Citigroup. Taxpayers bail out the banks, the banks fund ACORN, and ACORN dispenses advice on human trafficking and tax evasion to aspiring pimps and hookers. Not America’s proudest moment.

School kids taught to praise Obama

Many conservative blogs including yours truly posted this clip a few weeks ago. Now it has made its way to Drudge.

I'm posting again because everybody in America should see this clip. Pass it around to your friends because when a president and his idiot liberal homies start targeting our children that is a game changer.

oh check this out too... via Moonbattery too

Also, Smart Girl Nation has an example of a classroom quiz given after the Health Care speech, where high school seniors had to reiterate the president's talking points in order to get a passing grade.

Obama: Worst President in the Modern Era Watch

"Mr. Obama made a classic mistake of politicians on a downward-bending arc. He jumps out in front of the cameras without having something fresh to offer." - Hugh Hewitt

Karl Rove deconstructs the plummeting appeal of President Obama, and the inability of face time on TV to turn it around.


Mr. Obama doesn't need more TV time. He needs a new health-care plan that comes from actual bipartisan negotiation and compromise—one that most Americans see as something that will actually improve their health care. He needs his facts to align with reality.
Which again helps explain this:

Independents Increasingly Disapprove of Obama

In a poll (latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll) which vastly oversamples Democrats (41% of respondents are Democrats, 29% Republican whereas Gallup shows a much narrower split), a considerable plurality of Americans, 45% think the “stimulus” was a bad idea compared to 34% who think it was a good idea. If you adjusted those numbers to reflect the real party break-down in the United States, it could be as many as half of all Americans doubt the effectiveness of the “stimulus.”

But, the real striking number is the poll was not the oversampling of Democrats, but that of the number of independents disapproving of the President’s performance:

For the first time, independent voters — who delivered Mr. Obama the White House and Democrats control of Congress — disapprove of the job he is doing, by 46% compared with the 41% who approve. In July, 49% of independents approved of the president, against 38% who disapproved.

NBC (& even the Wall Street Journal!) tries to spin this as showing the President making gains on health care and the economy, but as Allahpundit points out:

the gains are so slight as to be within the margin of error. A plurality still opposes the public option (46/48, up slightly from 43/47 in August but still down from 46/44 in July) and 59 percent say they’d either prefer or demand that a mandate to buy insurance not be included in the final bill.

Is President Obama Leading Congressional Democrats Over A Political Cliff

Yesterday's U.N. speech was an appalling exercise in appeasement and the most
critical speech of Israel ever delivered by a sitting United States president to
an international body. Rich Lowry noted correctly that "President Obama yesterday did his best impression of a high-school soph omore participating in his first Model UN meeting, retailing pious clich?s he learned from his pony-tailed social studies

It will long be remembered as perhaps the worst display of American
weakness on the U.N. stage.

As that fiasco unfolded, Senate Democrats were struggling to disguise the all-out assault on seniors and the middle class that Obamacare has become. The president's popularity has been falling again, and Democrats in Congress got stunning news on the generic ballot question.

Which all adds up to the conclusion in Michael Barone's Washington Examiner column this morning --the Democrats are asking America to kick them back into the minority.

Michael doesn't call that result "likely" at this point, just a growing
possibility. As the hard left character of the president's foreign and domestic
policy initiatives unfolds and as the scandals continue to pile up --NEA and
ACORN are just the early entries on that ledger-- the Obama Administration is
looking more and more like a weaker, farther left version of the Carter


Coborn’s In the Crosshairs? - Let Freedom Ring

On Sept. 9, Coborn’s Inc. issued a memo that talked about two pieces of federal legislation that they think might hurt their profitability, which would necessarily affect the job security of their employees. Here’s the most alarming section of the memo:

Health Care Bill (HR 3200)
We need to control costs without destroying access to high quality health care. The current federal health care legislation promotes a huge shift from private sector coverage to government-run health care coverage…We estimate that it would erase more than a third of our profits! As an employee-based company, this would hit all of us hard. It would curtail our growth and result in layoffs.
MPR got its hands on the memo and wrote about it in this article. Here’s what MPR had to say about the memo:

The president of Coborn’s, a St. Cloud-based grocery chain, is urging his employees to oppose health care reform legislation.
In an internal memo (pdf), Coborn’s president and CEO Chris Coborn asks employees to e-mail or write letters to legislators opposing two pieces of legislation. He said the proposed health care reform bill and a union organizing measure are serious threats to the future of the company.
Coborn’s spokesman Steve Gottwalt said the company frequently shares information with its employees about factors affecting its business.
“In this case, we wanted to share some basic information about what legislation is coming forward in Washington, and how employees and others might be able to impact that legislation by letting their concerns and thoughts be heard. That’s pretty much it,” said Gottwalt, who is also a Republican state representative.
Coborn has given money to candidates from both parties, but he leans Republican by a ratio of more than 5-to-1 in his contributions.
Editor’s note: This story was updated to clarify that Steve Gottwalt was speaking on behalf of the company, and not in his capacity as a state legislator.
First off, I find it alarming that MPR would include Chris Coborn’s campaign contribution history in the story. The article’s focus should’ve been on the merits of the pending legislation, not Chris Coborn’s campaign contributions.

VIDEO: Democrat Senator admits WH quid pro quo with Big PHarma - Sister Toldjah


CBO contradicts Obama on healthcare – again

ObamaCare Plan in Four Seconds

Via Moonbattery

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama Destroys America Watch - Early Edition

Ok I have to admit I’m in a really jacked up mood today. Mostly because I got some bad news that a good friend of mine, old high school classmate died recently. This makes 5 or my former Alabama classmates that have died all from poor health, heart and liver disease issues.
Not feeling morbid or anything just reflective.

Also conversations I have had with some of my liberal friends just make me want to throw up my hands and say “why bother!”

I was mentioning some of the stories I have been posting about and liberals have now started to use the “all politicians and crooked” card as I list many of the things Obama has been doing in his short time in office.
I bring up the ACORN mess… “had not heard about it, not a big deal.” The recent White House NEA mess, “Republicans are lying about it, I don’t believe it.” Obama’s lies on health care, “Republicans are scaring Americans,” I’m like what the fuck, why do we bother following this shit if people are either 1) going to burry their heads in the sand, or 2) go to the old trusty “Republicans are evil and are trying to destroy Obama’s agenda” card.

Well according to this first link some people are paying attention to how this president is fucking up the country. Some Americans are finally waking up. I know we just need to ignore the ignorant and press on. As always click title links for full reads.

It Has Begun... Radical President Loses Independent Voters - Gateway Pundit

Americans are beginning to wake up from their stupor.For the first time, independent voters are rejecting the radical agenda of President Obama.This comes from NBC- so add another 5-10 points.The Wall Street Journal reported:

For the first time, independent voters—who delivered Mr. Obama the White House and Democrats control of the Congress—disapprove of the job he is doing, 46% to the 41% who approve. In July, 49% of independents approved of the president, against 38% who disapproved.

New doubts about the president have coincided with new hopes for Republicans, who appeared flattened by the election nearly a year ago.As the 2010 election cycle heats up, independent voters now favor Republican control of Congress by four percentage points.“For a party walloped two cycles in a row with independents, I think those are very important stories,” said Bill McInturff, a partner at the Republican polling firm Public Opinion Strategies, who conducts the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll with Democratic pollster Peter Hart.

Oh if you missed this gotta check it out...

Arguing With Dictionaries Won't Win Over Obamacare Critics - Gateway Pundit

Barack Obama decided to argue with Merriam Webster this past weekend while pushing his health care overhaul. It was a lousy decision.

Here is my latest column at American Issues Project:

On Sunday President Obama set a record by visiting five talk shows to push his proposed health care overhaul. After an initial bump in support for his plan following his address to Congress in early September 56 percent of voters nationwide now oppose the rationed health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. An NBC poll shows that 54 percent of Americans are more worried about government control of health care than they are worried about reform not going far enough. And 66 percent of doctors reject the democratic bill to overhaul the health care system. These troubling numbers prompted the president to take his message of universal health care to the top Sunday morning talk shows with the exception of FOX News Sunday which he decided to boycott. He followed this with an appearance on Letterman on Monday night. The president is throwing his full political weight behind an unpopular plan that will radically change the American health care system. Barack Obama decided this past week that it's not the plan that he's been pushing for months that's at fault. It's the American public who are at fault for not understanding the plan.

And so Barack Obama made the circuit on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, the president brought nothing new to the table and his appearances only brought more attention to his unrealistic interpretation of the proposal. On "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos Obama insisted that his plan requiring people to get health insurance and fining them if they don't would not amount to a backhanded tax increase. When Stephanopoulos argued that this was a tax increase and used Merriam Webster's Dictionary to back up his point the president actually challenged the definition of "tax."
You can read the rest on Obama's misrepresentations here. There is also a list of my recent columns on this page.
Is the AARP getting “kickbacks” from Obamacare? - Michelle Malkin

AARP members who are still wondering why their leaders in Washington want to sell them out on Obamacare, pay attention.

The GOP has uncovered one very lucrative possibility: Kickbacks.
Here’s the deal:

This week the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced it was investigating Humana for providing “misleading” information regarding the Administration’s proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage policies-and prohibited other Medicare Advantage plans from providing similar information on how Democrat health “reform” could take away their current coverage.

Yet the Administration’s edict prohibiting plans from communicating with their beneficiaries failed to include AARP, which sponsors a Medicare Advantage plan but has been a prime advocate of Democrats’ government takeover of health care-quite possibly because AARP has been supporting a health care overhaul from which it stands to gain overall handsomely. Even as AARP advocates for cutting Medicare Advantage plans by more than $150 billion, an analysis of the organization’s operations reveals that it stands to receive tens of millions of dollars at the expense of seniors’ medical care-with Democrats’ full approval...

Also on Malkin...

Hollywood &’s insurance industry-bashing video

Video: The White House opposes health insurance competition across state lines

Germans will walk out if Ahmadinejad speech involves Holocaust denial. Huzzah. - Red State

(Via Hot Air Headlines) I have a problem with this.

Germany will walk out of the U.N. General Assembly if Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust in a speech he will give Wednesday, and it wants other European Union countries to do the same, the foreign ministry said.
My problem with this is that intolerance to Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism should be so instinctive and reflexive that nobody would have let Ahmadinejad talk at the UN in the first place.

The Canadians aren’t bothering to wait for the inevitable vileness; they’re just going to walk out (via Instapundit). So on that curve the German response gets down graded from its original A to a B-.
In case you did not know....

Obama's Ties to the Far Left - The Anti-Liberal Zone

Ever hear of the Chicago New Party? Few have although with a tiny bit of digging, the Lapdog Media could have found out about it but they were too busy getting tingly feelings in their groinular areas for Obama.

Did you know that Obama was and still is affiliated with a socialist party?
Did you know that Obama was an active participant in the 1990s with this party?
Did you know that Obama was a direct political beneficiary Chicago New Party?
Did you know that Obama was and is involved in the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America?

From the DSA Archives (typos are their own):

"The Chicago New Party is increasely becoming a viable political organization that can make a different in Chicago politics. It is crucial for a political organization to have a solid infrastructure and visible results in its political program. The New Party has continued to solidify this base. First, in relation to its infrastructure, the NP's membership has increased since January '95 from 225 to 440. National membership has increased from 5700 in December '95 to 7000. Currently the NP's fiscal balance is $7,000 and receives an average of $450/month is sustainer donations. Secondly, the NP's '96 Political Program has been enormously successful with 3 of 4 endorsed candidates winning electoral primaries. All four candidates attended the NP membership meeting on April 11th to express their gratitude. Danny Davis, winner in the 7th Congressional District, invited NPers to join his Campaign Steering Committee. Patricia Martin, who won the race for Judge in 7th Subcircuit Court, explained that due to the NP she was able to network and get experienced advice from progressives like Davis. Barack Obama, victor in the 13th State Senate District, encouraged NPers to join in his task forces on Voter Education and Voter Registration."


Politico: Cap-and-trade Will Depress Home Prices. via Instapundit

Are The House Democrats Going Under The Bus? - Wizbang

The Tea Parties and Town hall meetings have made it clear that the President's real political adversaries are not Republicans but his own Democratic Party. And he can't run against them. In fact, as the Washington Post noted yesterday, the president desperately needs a political foil:

Obama's decision is complicated by a deepening domestic political divide and no guarantee of success whichever option he chooses. One observer, characterizing the president's dilemma at its most extreme, said: "He can send more troops and it will be a disaster and he will destroy the Democratic Party. Or he can send no more troops and it will be a disaster and the Republicans will say he lost the war."

Obama's 'Diversity Czar' Has an Odd Notion of Diversity - Found via ACE

FCC's Diversity Czar: 'White People' Need to be Forced to 'Step Down' 'So Someone Else Can Have Power' - Newsbusters

The conversation about how we communicate with each other despite being aware of the clear impressions that I know that I make in rooms that I walk into, when people hear my voice, is a challenge. How much do I express the... I think really pretty obvious complaints of black Americans in rooms full of whites.

This... there's nothing more difficult than this. Because we have really, truly good white people in important positions. And the fact of the matter is that there are a limited number of those positions. And unless we are conscious of the need to have more people of color, gays, other people in those positions we will not change the problem. We're in a position where you have to say who is going to step down so someone else can have power.

This is Obama in a nutshell, and you crazy ass liberal white people thought you were voting for a harmless kind "safe" Negro... LOL!

More Newsbusters...

Conservative Blogosphere Wins Again, White House Issues New NEA Guidelines

As the Obama-loving media continue to abdicate their journalistic responsibilities in order to blindly support the President's agenda, the conservative blogosphere has for the third time in as many weeks uncovered dirty little secrets that have precipitated immediate action from the White House or entities close to it.

In response to revelations published Monday by Big Hollywood, the Obama administration on Tuesday issued new guidelines for conference calls held by the National Endowment for the Arts.
This comes in the same month that investigative efforts by the rightosphere led to the resignation of Obama green jobs czar Van Jones as well as the federal defunding of the controversial organization ACORN.

According to ABC's Jake Tapper, just hours after the release of Patrick Courrielche's stunning exposé about the Administration using the NEA to help drive the President's agenda via the art community, new guidelines have been mandated by the White House to prevent it from happening again.

Holdren says Constitution backs compulsory abortion - World Net Daily

Argued in writings:'Quality of life demands fewer people'

Obama science czar John Holdren stated in a college textbook he co-authored that in conditions of emergency, compulsory abortion would be sustainable under the U.S. Constitution, even with Supreme Court review.

WND has obtained a copy of "Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment," published in 1977 and co-authored by Holdren with Malthusian population alarmist Paul R. Ehrlich and Ehrlich's wife, Ann. As WND reported, the authors argued involuntary birth-control measures, including forced sterilization, may be necessary and morally acceptable under extreme conditions, such as widespread famine brought about by "climate change."

To prevent ecological disasters, including "global warming," Holdren argued the U.S. Constitution would permit involuntary abortions, government-imposed sterilizations and laws limiting the number of children as steps justified under the banner of "sustainable well-being."

Why the Left Hates Glenn Beck - Human Events

The left says Glenn Beck must be stopped.

Beck, a media giant who commanders not just the radio but television, books and even comedy halls nationwide, is starting to collect liberal scalps. And the left, along with their chums in the mainstream media, won’t stand for it.

Witness Time magazine’s latest cover story -- “Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad for America” -- merely the most visible attempt to destroy/silence/marginalize the populist talker.

For the last few years the left and the press would take shots at Beck, but never in a concerted fashion. He simply could be ignored, and they had bigger fish to fry, like the long-reigning king of conservative talk radio, Rush Limbaugh.

Things changed when Beck shifted from CNN to Fox News, just in time to comment on the policies of a new Democratic administration.

Beck caught fire, both with his commentaries and with his growing fan base. He even took to the road for another comedy tour, blending mainstream humor with his political jabs.

A few Beck bestsellers later, and he officially became a media empire.

But the talker’s ability to take down his targets changed the dynamics -- and the ferocity of the attacks against him. Beck led the charge against Van Jones, the so-called green czar appointed by the White House to help the economy transition toward a more environmentally friendly economy. Jones’ old group, Color of Change, had started a boycott against Beck’s Fox News show after Beck said Obama hates white people.


Video: Scarborough goes after Glenn Beck

Matthews Warns Talk Radio 'Gonna Pay' If Any Anti-Obama Violence