Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Niggas Behaving Badly...AGAIN!

Video: Teen Attacked, Beaten to Death in Melee


This is the hard lesson some students at Fenger High School have to deal with after a day of learning. For them it's a hard lesson of reality on the streets.

Thursday after school, two rival gangs got into a fight three blocks from the high school.

In all four students were beaten in that melee -- one was released from the hospital Friday morning.

While police continue their investigation, some students say they don't want to go back to Fenger next week.

Rival gang members have been fighting for a month -- and each time one of their fellow classmates is injured.

No knives and no guns were used in Thursday's fight. Just fists, feet and boards.

Derrion Albert, 16, was struck in the head by one of those boards.

Seconds later the honor student hit the pavement. That’s when witnesses, who are other high school students, say gangbangers began stomping on and punching Albert.

Derrion Albert's mom said witnesses told her he was "trying to help another student and kind of got mixed in with the crowd of the fight and he was hit.”

A senior who witnessed the whole thing says the melee lasted less than five minutes.

The video shows students and workers from a nearby community center rescue the boy -- but many out there knew it was too late.

Surveillance videos are mounted on businesses in the Roseland area, but Chicago Police say those don't show faces.

Police have a copy of this footage and it may help identify Albert's killers.

But while that investigation goes on, students say they will remember Derrion Albert as a good kid. A quiet, smart kid with no gang affiliation. But just a kid who may not have had enough street smarts to go another way.


PeggyU said...

This is really upsetting. It reminds me of the Kristopher Kime murder in Seattle in 2001. Did Derrion Albert not have enough "street smarts", or was he trying to help someone in spite of the risk? I have a feeling it was the latter, and he paid for it with his life.

I don't think anyone could grow up in that area without knowing what the gang problems are, and if Mr. Albert was an honor student surely he was bright enough to generally avoid them. I think what happened is that he went to someone else's assistance. If he did, he should be recognized for that and held up as an example of courage and integrity, rather than as a clueless victim.

Ostrich Chaperon said...

Wait a minute, I'm confused. According to Rev. Jackson, Mayor Daley, and company, GUNS are the reason that so many of Chicago's youth die.