Monday, November 30, 2009

Fighting the anger stage.... Nekromantix - Rot in Hell

hate  /heɪt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [heyt] hat⋅ed, hat⋅ing, noun

to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest.

Hate hurts everybody. To hate someone is to diminish yourself as well as the person you hate. Since every human is created in the image of God, to hate someone is to diminish God and to distort the reality of the universe. Hate is powerful. Hate is destructive. You will always gain by getting rid of hate.

Robert Browning wrote a poem called "Soliloquy of a Spanish Cloister" in which one of the monks looks out of his window and sees a brother monk whom he hates. The poem is awesome as it begins:

Gr-r-r--there go, my heart's abhorrence!
Water your damned flower-pots, do!
If hate killed men, Brother Lawrence,
God's blood, would not mine kill you!
What? your myrtle-bush wants trimming?
Oh, that rose has prior claims--
Needs its leaden vase filled brimming?
Hell dry you up with its flames!

No amount of protection from the outside world and confined controlled religious environment can protect anyone from the destructive power of hate within!

What do you hate? Yourself, someone who has hurt you, your parents, your partner, your boss, your special personal vision of God? Hate is just as inclusive as love. Hate can break out in any human situation that has lost control. Hate consumes a lot of energy.

Can you spare that much energy?


Folks I have been blogging about this president and I have said that “I hate this president.”

Until recently I have yet to feel pure hatred and such intense anger and personal betrayal.
Oh dear ones I have sinned…. your dear brother Gaius has done some regretful things but slowly I am revealing some of the most blatant disregard of my personal feelings and privacy that I could imagine all to destroy and discredit yours truly.

We all tend to “judge” and usually we make our assessment based on filtered information. How we assess that information is key. Do we absorb only parts of the information we receive or will you allow yourself to expand the mind to intellectually process the fact that there is more… much more than meets the eye.

Most of you won’t understand this or you won’t care but there will be those that will read this and hopefully will take pause and contemplate. This message is for them.
These people will never hear from nor ever speak to me. Most did not give a fuck about me in the first place and that is ok. However as you assess what has gone on recently any reasonable individual must ask themselves “was it all just him?”

“the nigger was never welcomed, we only tolerated him”

Another side of the situation that pissed me the fuck off... just so you know.

Folks one last piece of advice and if you never pay attention to anything else on this blog do know that this is as serious as anything I have ever posted here.

Now if you choose to ignore my advice because you have become accustomed to the site and find the features useful in keeping in contact with folks all I ask is that you do one thing.

Whoever you have as friends, ask yourself if the chips are down and you are as hopeless and helpless as you can get would these people have your best interest at heart do they really give a fuck about YOU?

Do you trust them 100%?

Don’t post your personal business; avoid talking about personal matters to folks who are nothing more than acquaintances.

Keep in mind I followed my own advice… but the person I thought I trusted the most did not.

No doubt I’ll survive… I was informed that a friend of mine, his father passed away on Thanksgiving. I had a cousin who was shot and killed on Thanksgiving Day so the holiday has no significant meaning to me.

While I brooded over temporary setbacks I do know that there are individuals who are going through real, significant personal trials.

The hatred will fade… hopefully soon for my own sake.

I needed to vent particularly to those who at least once in awhile give a shit about what I say and think.

Peace, Gaius

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Global Warming a Hoax… Well Duh!

Climategate: 'Greatest scandal in modern science'...

Call for Congressional investigation...

Paper: Junk science exposed among climate-change believers...

I said on my old blog that on day Global Warming is going to be exposed as the greatest scam in history. I’ve told leftist students and other retarded liberals that all of this was an elaborate fraud for universities to scam money from the government sell consumer items like light bulbs and overpriced shitty vehicles we don’t need and guilt people into socialistic compliance. Being intellectually lazy has it price.

I posted the following on January 29, 2009

By Dana Milbank - Washington Post

The lawmakers gazed in awe at the figure before them. The Goracle had seen the future, and he had come to tell them about it.

What the Goracle saw in the future was not good: temperature changes that "would bring a screeching halt to human civilization and threaten the fabric of life everywhere on the Earth -- and this is within this century, if we don't change.
"The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry (D-Mass.), appealed to hear more of the Goracle's premonitions. "Share with us, if you would, sort of the immediate vision that you see in this transformative process as we move to this new economy," he beseeched."Geothermal energy," the Goracle prophesied. "This has great potential; it is not very far off."Another lawmaker asked about the future of nuclear power. "I have grown skeptical about the degree to which it will expand," the Goracle spoke.

A third asked the legislative future -- and here the Goracle spoke in riddle. "The road to Copenhagen has three steps to it," he said.
Sen. James Risch (R-Idaho) begged the Goracle to look further into the future. "What does your modeling tell you about how long we're going to be around as a species?" he inquired.

The Goracle chuckled. "I don't claim the expertise to answer a question like that, Senator."It was a jarring reminder that the Goracle is, indeed, mortal. Once Al Gore was a mere vice president, but now he is a Nobel laureate and climate-change prophet.

He repeats phrases such as "unified national smart grid" the way he once did "no controlling legal authority" -- and the ridicule has been replaced by worship, even by his political foes.


Go ahead and read the rest. All this piece did was irritate me, I should have had my cup of coffee with hot coco mix and Irish Crème BEFORE reading. I’m in a cranky mood and thinking about this global warming retard so early in the morning is enough to fuck up my entire day.

I should not be shocked, because people today are such mentally lazy fucks that they continue to see Al Gore as “an expert,” when dude is nothing more than a buffoon, a clown, a court jester.

With temperatures plummeting in some regions, record snow and ice I’m still hearing about global warming bullshit, what the fuck.

What makes it worse when you read this article is not one single solitary politician has the balls to look this bastard in the eye and say “shut up, just shut the fuck up, you don’t know what you are talking about, why are we wasting valuable political time listening to you when this global warming bullshit is nothing but pure unadulterated crap.

Go away just go the fuck away.”Even the most hardened moronic liberals are now finally starting to see that this global warming crap is nothing but a fucken hoax.

Not even the magic Negro is talking about it.

Dude just take your fat ass and your tainted Oscar and your millions that you have made off of promoting this hoax taking advantage of mentally challenged liberals who lacked the common sense to reasonable question your assertions. Go find an island, sip on some fruity adult beverage and just go the fuck away. PLEASE!

Now off to grab that cup of coffee before I read or write anything else.

Oh snap I found one crazy ass chick who loves this blithering idiot!

Have I Mentioned Lately That I Love Al Gore?

Because his lovely wit was always buried by a media who were intractably determined to cast George fucking Bush as the charming bloke in the election Gore ultimately "lost," even that little self-deprecating quip, hiding the genesis (and the catastrophic result) of those low expectations, makes me blub.

I will never recover from his not being my president.

No I'm sorry its not!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Can type and blog anymore... Until I can get my my anger and rage I need to concentrate on things besides how Obama is fucking up the country.

More when my head clears.

I'll be back...

Peace Gaius

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kevin Jackson tour...

I received a call from Kevin last night. He took time out to give me a shout before he was to appear at an event in Arizona. He says that he has traveled more than 5700 miles speaking out on conservative issues.
I’m really proud of the headway he is making I think that he will become a more prominent voice for the conservative movement down the road.
He is what I could have been if I were not lazy, had people skills, focused and truly passionate about what is happening to this country.

Here is a video from one of his appearances.

If you have not already check out his website.

Kevin Jackson Speaks At St Charles MO Tea Party from Doug Edelman on Vimeo.

Tea Party power struggles

Vogel dives deep:

The grass-roots activists powering the movement have become increasingly divided on core questions such as whether to focus their efforts on shaping policy debates or elections, work on a local, regional, state or national level or closely align itself with the Republican Party, POLITICO found in interviews with tea party organizers in Washington and across the country.Disagreements over those issues have spawned personal and institutional rivalries, at least one highly contentious lawsuit and — perhaps most significantly — resulted in the splintering of local, regional and national groups into a patchwork of hundreds of smaller groups that occasionally seem to be working at cross-purposes.“These groups don’t play as well together as they should,” said Kevin Jackson, a St. Louis-based conservative author and activist who has spoken at dozens of tea party-type rallies and is traveling across the South with a convoy sponsored by the national Tea Party Patriots group.“They’re fractured at the organization level, I think mainly because there are a lot of people who have not had managerial experience who all of a sudden are thrust into the limelight and become intoxicated with it. And when a potential rift comes up, instead of handling it and maybe agreeing to disagree, they splinter and go off on their own.”

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Thoughts... Sports Team Loyalty... Human Cancers at the Workplace... Apparently I’m still regarded as “colored” and the Morning Reads

This past Saturday as I watched Nebraska’s halfback dash for a first down on third and long with the game on the line versus our Kansas Jayhawks I immediately began to wonder why I bother continuing watching team sports because more times than not I continue to be amazed at the level of complete incompetence of today’s coaches particularly the Kansas University football coaching staff.

Now if these individuals were paid like me a typical middle income salary in line with this part of the country I could tolerate mediocre performance and the occasional ineptitude.
Kansas football seemed to be gaining momentum and this season was billed as potentially the biggest year in Kansas football history.
So the Mrs and I purchased season tickets at the time a worthy investment to finally see winning football and as the media guides, T-shirts and pundits said “witness history.”
Well 5 consecutive losses later I muttered what all of us Kansas football fair weather fans (ah hell I’ll admit it) are saying today, “AT LEAST WE HAVE KU BASKETBALL.” Yes tried and true consistent winners some years not completely living up to expectations but consistence excellence is the hallmark of the program.
If I have not said it yet take this to the bank, KU will win the national championship.
This will no doubt remove the sting of the monumental football collapse. It is always good to have a backup plan.
The bright spot was the tailgating who knew that the pre game fun would be the most fun we would witness on game day.

My beef this morning is not even about KU football or its losing streak but the fans who have taken it upon themselves to chastise those of us who don’t tolerate mediocrity.
I’ll admit it I’m a sports prima donna. As a kid I got to experience one of the greatest stretches of sports excellence ever. 3 consecutive world series victories for the Oakland A’s, a Super Bowl win for the Oakland Raiders vs Minnesota, (when I was a Raider fan) and an NBA championship for the Golden State Warriors. Then in the 80’s 4 Super Bowl victories for my beloved 49ers, another World Series title for the A’s. What can I say I was fortunate to witness greatness.

After KU loss I posted a comment harshly critical of the coaching and that we need to consider looking another direction coaching wise. So people got pissed but what I marveled at was those who seemed witnessed a different team than I.
This university has raised millions of dollars and just constructed a new $35 million dollar football complex. Now there is a capital campaign to construct luxury boxes that will generate revenue for the university and educational programs.

I’m like this… if you want me to shell out hundreds of dollars for season tickets and keep my undivided attention during football season then don’t expect me to settle for mediocrity and tolerate the ineptitude of coaches who make hundreds of thousands of dollars more than I. Shit I would coach these kids for a fraction of what these idiot fucks are paid and I know I would do a better job. We all know that coaches are not hired because of their skill set; they are usually hired because they are friends with someone in the program.

Loyalty has its price, put a better product on the field. I feel I paid for the right to question the coaching, players performance or whatever the fuck else I want to bitch about. The athletic department bleeds money out of us for overpriced snacks including $5 lemonade and $3 for small bottles of water. Because of the resurgence of the program even the cheep family ticketing has been eliminated. Suck the money out of the fans when the team performs or has high expectations then want us to stay silent when they suck! Fuck that!


Cancer in the workplace…

I work with an individual who is an utter and complete asshole. This individual is able to turn on the charm when fawning white folks want to praise the ground she walks on because she has positioned herself as the Negro queen bee oblivious to the fact that she is disrespectful, intolerable and egotistical as hell.
This individual loves to hear herself talk when nobody gives a fuck what comes out of her mouth.
Our boss has been approached by several co-workers complaining about her boorish behavior but we all know that he will do nothing, and frankly can’t do anything because of her “status” on campus because you can’t mess with the popular so-called prominent black lady or else you are a racist!

There is nothing I can do and this is simply me exercising my frustration and anguish over dealing with the bitch.

Let’s all give a middle finger salute to those who seek to make our work lives more difficult. May they all one day rot in hell along with the rest of the work place assholes.

Colored…. really!?

The other day this old dude likely in his late 80’s asked me a question about my building as I walked by on my way to get a cup of coffee. I give his a quick answer and then he proceeded to chat with me further. Later in the conversation he mentions how impressed he is with me (code words for damn this nigger is not like those other darkies) trust me folks I hear this all the fucken time. Then he told me that he once served with a very intelligent “colored” gentleman like me and I’m thinking… gee thanks you old racist prick.

I know what y’all are thinking, he was trying to be nice and his reference was due to his generation … ok whatever.

Frankly I’m sick of being the impressive “colored” person. I don’t do or say anything special or inspiring I just conduct myself the way I was raised with respect and dignity.
Far too many white people are still oblivious to the fact that saying shit like “he is so well spoken” is not a complement, quite the opposite. You do that shit to a two year old that may be able to pronounce a seemingly difficult word.
I remember every fucken white person saying stupid shit praising Colin Powell, “wow he is so well spoken and articulate.”
Yes this is just me possible bitching about nothing, lets just say as I get older I growing less and less tolerant of stupid shit. Back handed complements are not something I take kindly to.

Yes I’m in a bitchy mood… sue me. Just saying what others are thinking.

Some reads...

Bad news for the Democrats. According to the latest Gallup polls, more Americans now say that it is not the federal government's responsibility to make sure that all
Americans have healthcare coverage.

The Democrats, throughout this entire healthcare debate, have told you that they want to pass healthcare reform in order to reduce skyrocketing healthcare costs. Too bad that their healthcare bills won't actually accomplish that goal. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the House healthcare bill would RAISE healthcare costs by $289 billion over the next 10 years. The report says, "With the exception of the proposed reduction in Medicare... the provisions of H.R. 3962 would not have a significant impact on future healthcare cost growth rates."

Did Obama really have to bow to the emperor of Japan? Other world leaders haven't felt the need.

Flashback: Obama Says KSM Will Get “Full Military Trial” (Video) - Gateway Pundit


St. Louis Democrat Pays Taxes So That She Can Replace Corrupt Dem in Missouri House

In the Age of Obama we’re getting used to this. A St. Louis democrat finally paid her taxes so that she could fill an open slot in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Hope Whitehead will replace democrat Talibdin El-Amin who pleaded guilty to bribery charges in September. (StL PD)The Post-Dispatch reported:

A day before she clinched the nomination to fill a vacancy in the Missouri House of Representatives on Saturday, St. Louis Democrat Hope Whitehead paid a visit to City Hall.
Not to mobilize supporters, but to pay hundreds of dollars in outstanding taxes.
Her trip downtown was more than just civic duty. Under state law, candidates with overdue tax bills are ineligible for the ballot.
When her obligations were met, a panel of city Democratic leaders gathered Saturday to nominate Whitehead, 50, to fill the vacancy created by former state Rep. Talibdin El-Amin, who submitted his resignation in September after pleading guilty to federal bribery charges.

El-Amin is the third local Democratic lawmaker to leave office this year after getting caught in an FBI crackdown on corruption.


GM ‘Making Progress’ With $1.2B Loss - Sweetness & Light

Does Obama Think the World Began Anew on his Inauguration Day? - Gay Patriot

Why is that President Obama must make it appear that the world began anew with his inauguration not quite ten months ago? In his videotaped speech to the audience assembled to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of fall of the Berlin Wall, he mentioned his own accomplishments more than those of his predecessor most responsible for the collapse of that barrier — and of the Communist system it protected.
In his speech to the United Nations, he didn’t reference the accomplishments of any of his predecessors, even his partisan predecessors, quoting Franklin Delano Roosevelt only to note that Democrat’s vision for such an organization. Indeed, he used that speech to highlight his own record: ”For those who question the character and cause of my nation, I ask you to look at the concrete actions we have taken in just nine months.
His inauguration redeemed America and, in his view at least, helped him make it “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal“. At his speech yesterday in Tokyo, he sounded a familiar note (for him) about his own greatness, “Already, the United States has taken more steps to combat climate change in 10 months than we have in our recent history . . . .
Why can’t this guy just point out the specifics of what he has done without putting his record into a world-historical context?

Let others be the judge of how much more (or less) he has done than his predecessors.
And let us wonder why he is so reluctant to honor their accomplishments.

few more..

Report: CNN gave Lou Dobbs $8 million to go away

Japan expert to ABC: Yes, Obama’s bow made him look like an idiot

Speaking of dumb.... or maybe arrogant coaching

Video: Maybe the dumbest football decision ever

Folks I had not heard about this, was watching at work and turned the game off I thought it was over...

How dumb was the decision by New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to go for a fourth down on his own 28 … while leading by six points and with just two minutes on the clock? His defense had kept the Indianapolis Colts bottled up for most of the game, although they had tired a bit in the fourth quarter. A punt would have forced Peyton Manning to drive 70 yards in two minutes with one timeout, and Manning had thrown two interceptions and probably should have had another two passes picked in the game. Instead, Belichick — normally one of the brightest men in the sport — decided to roll the dice, and even Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth couldn’t believe he was serious until they saw the ball snapped:

The Boston Globe raises the specter of another BB — Bill Buckner (via Tom Maguire):
This was as bad as anything the Red Sox ever did. Had it been a playoff game, it would be right up there with Bucky Dent, Bill Buckner, Aaron Boone, and History Derailed in Glendale, Ariz.
And Bill Belichick played the part of Grady Little.

The Patriots lost to the undefeated Colts in unbelievable fashion last night. Leading, 31-14 in the fourth quarter, and 34-21 with 2:30 remaining, the Patriots took the choke and lost to their hated rivals, 35-34.

So the conference is gone, the playoff bye is probably bye-bye, and the (6-3) Patriots are saddled with a loss that will haunt them for the rest of the season.
And Belichick gets the blame. Too smart for his own good this time. The sin of hubris.

Strong Sign that America Needs A True Leader...

A picture is work a thousand words…

Frankly I’m ashamed and embarrassed that he is our president.
No President Has Ever Bowed to a Foreign Leader — Until Now President Barack Obama’s bow to the Japanese emperor Saturday — following his bow to the Saudi Arabian monarch in April — is creating a humiliating new precedent. Until Obama, no president of the United States in the more than 230 years since the country was founded in 1776 had ever bowed to a member of royalty. Read the Full Story — Go Here Now

SHIT! I was sent this picture, I had not seen until this morning are you fucking kidding me!

The people who voted for this retarded bastard need to have their voter registration suspended… This is what passes for a leader in the mind of liberals.

AIM - ABC, CBS, NBC: Obama’s Lapdogs

Ever since Candidate Obama set foot on the national scene, the "mainstream" media have been eating out of his hand. And regrettably, today those same news stations still are. This has been made abundantly clear through their coverage of the recent terror attack on Fort Hood.
Nidal Malik Hasan was an open Islamist. He went to mosque daily and interacted with other Islamist radicals regularly. In 2007, he gave a PowerPoint presentation on Islam that described how infidels should be force-fed boiling oil, and suggested, "if Muslim groups can convince Muslims that they are fighting for God against injustices of the "infidels"; ie: enemies of Islam [sic], then Muslims can become a potent adversary ie: suicide bombing, etc." Charmingly, he also added, "We love death more then [sic] you love life!" And this was all before he screamed "Allahu akbar!" as he shot to death honorable soldiers at Fort Hood.

In fact, you could actually say that Hasan is a card-carrying terrorist-and you would be correct, because his business card actually has the acronym "SoA(SWT)" under his name. The "SoA" stands for "Soldier of Allah," and the "(SWT)" stands for the Arabic "Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala," or "Glory to Him, the Exalted," a phrase used after references to Allah.

However, as I noted earlier, most network reporting has been ignoring this part of the story. The Culture and Media Institute reported that when it came to ABC, CBS, and NBC, "85 percent of the broadcast stories didn't mention the word 'terror.'" Indeed, the report notes, "ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news referenced terrorism connections to the Fort Hood attack just seven times in 48 reports." Only 29 percent of evening news reports from those networks acknowledged Hasan's Muslim religion, and of those, half the reports "defended the religion [of Islam] or included experts to do so."

But there was more to the story: as it turns out, the news networks most reluctant to accuse Hasan of terrorism suddenly became emboldened in light of President Obama's speech at Fort Hood in memory of those Hasan murdered. During the speech President Obama remarked, "This much we do know-no faith justifies these murderous and craven acts; no just and loving God looks upon them with favor. And for what he has done, we know that the killer will be met with justice-in this world, and the next."

Mainstream reporting changed after this statement, which an ABC blog claimed acknowledged the role of Hasan's religion in the attack.

According to Carolyn Plocher and Dan Gainor of the Culture and Media Institute, 93 percent of the stories on the Fort Hood massacre prior to President Obama's speech on November 10 completely ignored Hasan's extreme Islamist views and connections with terror. However, Plocher and Gainor write, "after Obama hinted at what ABC called 'Islamic extremist views,' all three networks [CBS, ABC, and NBC] mentioned terrorism."

This ought to be discomfiting, to say the least. There are only a few explanations as to why this would happen-why the media would ignore Hasan's terror connections 93 percent of the time, and then suddenly hop on the story once President Obama referenced Hasan's beliefs. The first option is that CBS, ABC, and NBC legitimately had no idea that Hasan was an extremely radical Muslim with hopes to personally enforce the punishments alluded to in the Koran. The second option is that CBS, ABC, and NBC are all three so focused on supporting President Obama, they wouldn't even consider mentioning Hasan's terror connections, because discussing all those facts on the air would eventually lead to what President Obama called "jumping to conclusions."
Obviously, the first option cannot be true. CBS, ABC, and NBC may have ignored the terrorist aspects of Hasan 93 percent of the time, but that still leaves a cozy 7 percent of broadcast stories that prove the networks' awareness of the situation.

This leaves the second option: that the news networks were just waiting for clearance from Dear Leader to acknowledge the truth about Hasan's underlying motives. It is hard to deny the connection between President Obama's views of Hasan, and the views of the "mainstream" news networks.

There is a website out there called The People's Cube, which has often published cartoons mocking the lapdog status of President Obama's pet news networks. Regrettably, the cartoons from November of 2008 are still holding true in November of 2009.

One can only hope that someday soon NBC, CBS, and ABC will snap out of it, and make the Cube's cartoons obsolete.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Palin: "I Didn't Know Bristol Was Having Sex"

(Link) Sarah Palin says she didn't know her daughter Bristol was sexually active before she learned the teenager was pregnant.
The former vice presidential candidate told ABC's Barbara Walters: "Truthfully, we were devastated."

This is a perfect example of why she can’t be the GOP nominee.

She is either delusional, a liar or stupid.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some random thoughts… and some morning reads…

Over the last week I was able to attend a couple of Kansas University basketball games, and for those of you who care about college basketball I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that KU will win the national championship. No need for me to elaborate or give any insightful analysis, just take my word for it.
Anywho at these two games for some reason I noticed people as the national anthem played. Maybe it’s just me but it is getting more apparent that our national anthem means less and less to folks these days.
I learned when I was in kindergarten that you should stand silently, with your hand over your heart. You can either sing along or just shut the fuck up but more and more people are oblivious of this.
To those of you who like to text, chat with neighbors, pick your fucken nose and scratch yourself down there let me just say you people make me sick.
Here I am in a Midwest arena full of old white folks, albeit in the liberal capital of the Midwest and people are showing less and less respect for the anthem and what it means.
In addition more and more idiot fucks like to shout out random retarded shit at the end of the song where it says “and the home… of the brave…” brave being replaced with some ignorant shit like “Chiefs” which is shouted during Kansas City Chiefs football home games.
Not sure why it bothers me now, I have been to more sporting events in person due to Mrs. Gaius’s and me purchasing KU football tickets and witnessing the dreadful collapse of a promising football team. (Thank goodness for KU basketball).
Folks this is just an observation and a rant. Moodiness has its price.

This moodiness has also led to me not blogging near as much as I have in the past. I have just made a conscious decision not to pay as much attention to the days news and I use to. I’ll be honest with you; I just don’t give a shit as much anymore… or at least right now.
I’m sure the time of year has a lot to do with it. It has been a busy time here it work after next week we will have nothing major until February so I will have a lot of down time.
The weather has been great in this part of the country and I have taken advantage by riding my motorcycle and frankly this takes precedence over anything out idiot fuck president does.
I don’t want pay too much attention to Obama fucking things up. I will be so happy when he ceases to be president any longer. Maybe then folks can find work, recapture the “American Dream” and life can go back to some semblance of normal.
I have taken some advice from Newt during his presentation last week (if you have not watched I highly recommend). Yes Obama has fucked up things but this is America… we can and will recover and if this nation can overcome a fucken moron like Jimmy Carter we can overcome a disaster like Obama.

So FYI you won’t see nearly as much posting here. I tried to offer folks an opportunity to help post material here so the site would not turn to dust while I go through my “don’t give a shit stage” but we all have our priorities and Obama or liberals in general should NOT be at the top of anybody’s give a shit list.
I may start posting more funny and entertaining stuff to break the cycle of despair and hopelessness many face because of this Socialist thug president.

So to wrap up today’s chapters of “As Gaius’s Head Turns and Churns” here are some things I did read this morning.


Grieving mom demands Obama make decision on Afghanistan troop levels...


Like Obama gives a shit... we all know he does not.


I really hate folks in elected positions who blurt out shit because them want to grab some headlines… dude must be eyeing a possible presidential run…

In One Town, Nearly Half Of Residents Out Of Work...

Thank You Obama, job well done.

Lou Dobbs Quits CNN...


Do you really care?

VIDEO: Beaver urinates on CBSNEWS correspondent...

THAT I care about... makes me smile!

Radical Imam Who Defended WTC Bombers Attended Summit This Week on Ft. Hood Massacre - Gateway Pundit/First Things

Radical Imam Siraj Wahhaj said the FBI and CIA were the “real terrorists.”

A radical New York Imam who defended the World Trade Center bombers attended a summit yesterday in New York City on the Fort Hood shootings.The New York Post reported, via Ace of Spades:

A controversial imam who was an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was among a group of Muslim leaders invited yesterday to a meeting with Mayor Bloomberg at City Hall.
Siraj Wahhaj has defended the convicted WTC bomb plotters, called the FBI and CIA the “real terrorists,” and said he hopes all Americans eventually become Muslim.
He was among religious and civic leaders who met with Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to discuss the deadly Fort Hood shooting spree.
Wahhaj was one of 170 people identified in 1995 as unindicted co-conspirators in the attack two years earlier. He has denied any involvement.
Wahhaj said Bloomberg invited him to the roundtable and shook his hand when he entered the meeting room, which was closed to reporters.
“I think that if the mayor had any discomfort he would not have invited me,” said Wahhaj, an imam at Masjid Al-Taqwa in Brooklyn.
Bloomberg, however, initially claimed not to know Wahhaj was there.
As he was leaving, a Channel 2 reporter asked the mayor if he was uncomfortable about Wahhaj’s presence.
“I don’t know. He’s not here,” the mayor responded. When told that Wahhaj was in fact in the meeting, Bloomberg reversed course.
“That one. Yes. We have to talk to everybody,” he said. “That’s what dialogue is all about. That’s how you prevent tragedies.”
Happy Holidays...

Happy Holidays!… Pelosi Promises to Give America Nationalized Health Care For Christmas (Video)

Unfortunately I can’t say what I really want to say here…

Via HotAir

Remember: This is not about health care policy… its about ideology.

Rep. Paul Ryan explained:

Will this bill raise the debt and budget deficit? YesWill this bill take coverage away from seniors?


Will this bill raise premiums for families?


Will this bill decrease health care innovation?


Will it raise taxes on small businesses?

YesWill it raise taxes on workers?


Will it cost us nearly 5.5 million jobs when our unemployment rate (under Obama) is 10.2%?


Does this bill mean our government will take over running our health care system?


Coming up: 12% unemployment - Fausta's Blog

James Pethokoukis explains 12 reasons unemployment is going to (at least) 12 percent.

Read the whole list, but pay particular attention to items 6-9:

6. The number of permanent job losses this cycle (unemployed but not for temporary purposes) increased by a record 6.2 million. In fact, well over half of the total unemployment pool of 15.7 million was generated just in this past recession alone. A record 5.6 million people have been unemployed for at least six months (this number rarely gets above two million in a normal downturn) which is nearly a 36% share of the jobless ranks (again, this rarely gets above 20%). Both the median (18.7 weeks) and average (26.9 weeks) duration of unemployment have risen to all-time highs.

7. The longer it takes for these folks to find employment (and now they can go on the government benefit list for up to two years) the more difficult it is going to be to retrain them in the future when labour demand does begin to pick up.

8. Not only that, but we have a youth unemployment rate now approaching a record 20%. Again, this is going to prove to be very problematic for employers in the future who are going to be looking for skills and experience when the boomers finally do begin to retire.

9. The gap between the U6 and the official U3 rate is at a record 7.3 percentage points. Normally this spread is between 3-4 percentage points and ultimately we will see a reversion to the mean, to some unhappy middle where the U6 may be closer to 15.0-16.0% and the posted jobless rate closer to 12%. This will undoubtedly be a major political issue, especially in the context of a mid-term elections and the GOP starting to gain some electoral ground.

Happy days are….whoops… sorry, Thank You Barack Hussein Obama!

I bet the people who voted for this idiot fuck are feeling like real jackasses now.

That old dude does not seem so bad now huh?

New York Times: The President Whose Words Once Soared - Peter Baker

American Thinker: When Our Military is Attacked, Obama is a Nowhere Man

UK Telegraph: Bloodless President Barack Obama MakesAmericans Wistful for George W Bush - Toby Harnden

More “Religion of Peace” “Peacefulness” on US Soil: Can’t Wear a Cross @ the Mall?! - Debbie Schlussel
So when do the excuses about post-traumatic stress disorder and claims he was called a “camel jockey” and was under stress start for this guy? There are already excuses coming out of a police detective, absurdly comparing him to Christians. Yes, now Christians must live in fear wearing a cross at a mall in America. This is how far we’ve fallen.

Police arrested 22-year-old Abdul Walid Hamid of Hayward on the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 4, after he reportedly tore a crucifix from a person’s neck and scared others at Stoneridge Shopping Center.
Hamid, an employee at a mall kiosk near Starbucks, has been charged with battery, terrorist threats and grand theft.
According to reports, Hamid was yelling “Allah is power” and “Islam is great” while holding a pen in a fist over his head.

Witnesses said he shouted anti-Christian comments, said police.
Read the rest of this entry »

NewsBusters: CNN Misquotes Ft. Hood Private to Cast Doubt on Cries of 'Allahu Akbar'

Despite what the lamestream media tells you, not only are crimes against Muslims down, significantly, since 2001 but there have been about the same number of crimes against Christians and far more crimes against Jews.


Montel Williams Suggests Ft. Hood Shooting Could Cause Massive Internment, Like Japanese Under FDR - Newsbusters

Republicans in South Carolina are censuring their own Lindsey Graham for being a RINO.

The latest Gallup polls show that Republicans have now surpassed Democrats as the public's choice in the 2010 congressional elections.

Does Obama Think Tea Party Activists Are On The Same Level As Islamic Radicals?


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lots of Stuff to catch up on...

Folks I have a lot to catch up on…

I will admit I have been avoiding news for the last several days. In one of my moods… kinda burned out on politics for the moment, but I shall press on.

If I’ve missed something important please leave me some links.

Peace, Gaius

Olbermann: Obama 'Target of Racism from Right,' 'Hated' for Being 'Black Dem'

On Monday's Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann took issue with Republican Governor Haley Barbour's contention that President Obama has personal popularity -- based partially on being the first black President -- that is separate from the unpopularity of Obama's policies, as the MSNBC host referred to President Obama as a "target of racism from the right." As he discussed the topic with MSNBC political analyst Richard Wolffe, Olbermann also suggested that "Barbour knows that members of his party hate the President for being a black Democrat," as a posed a question about Republicans being in denial or reality. Olbermann:

...we can pretend that Mr. Barbour knows that members of his party hate the President for being a black Democrat, no matter what outsider status they try to use as a euphemism. What is the point, then, of again creating their own reality about 2010? Is this the individual Republican politicians trying to preserve their jobs in the face of this enthusiasm as you described it coming only from this one ultra-right wing of their party?

Olbermann and Wolffe also showed their usual disrepect for tea party protesters by referring to "tea bags," and, at one point, Wolffe even referred to the tea party activists as "this unruly tea bagging group."

In Boston Globe, Harvard Prof. Equates Conservative Christians and Murderous Muslims

In a bleary-eyed opinion article in the Sunday Boston Globe (11/8/09), Harvard divinity professor Harvey Cox denounces religious "fundamentalism." In doing so, he places mass-murdering Muslims from the Middle East on the same playing field as conservative Christians from the United States. From Cox's article:

As the 20th century ended and a new one began, fundamentalism has taken on more formidable shapes, both politically and religiously. Though most of its adherents work through spiritual and educational channels, the small minority that turn to violence have caught the media’s attention. If some seem ready to die for faith, others are ready to kill for it, gunning down abortion doctors in church, hijacking planes, and exploding bombs at weddings. For plenty of thoughtful people, fundamentalism has come to represent the most dangerous threat to open societies since the fall of communism.
FBI: Hassan's Al Qaeda Emails Were Probably Just Some Research and Social Chatter and Stuff - ACE

Ed makes the point I did yesterday: Hassan's propensity for violence was immaterial. (The FBI botched that evaluation rather badly, as it turns out.)
But people with security clearances are not, get this, allowed to make undisclosed contact with the enemy.

Robert Hansen and Aldrich Aames weren't "violent." On the other hand... we don't just blow off their communications with the enemy (the Soviet Union, in those cases, which was merely a cold enemy, rather than a hot one, as Al Qaeda is.)

This bastard Hassan was going to deploy to Iraq (at least before he personally decided his actual deployment would be to the Central Texas Theater). Troop deployment information -- timing, number, composition -- is sensitive. And this guy is chatting up Al Qaeda in what the FBI sagely deemed to be " consistent with the topic of his academic research and involved some social chatter and religious discourse"?

Ah. No big deal then. He was merely seeking religious guidance from the psychopathic murder cult Al Qaeda.

CNN Distorts Soldier’s Words to Defend Radical Islamic Killer - First Things

Hero JR Salzman Slams State-Run Media On Bogus PTSD Claims

Barney Frank: Let’s worry about common criminals, not Al Qaeda - Newsbusters

Liberals Finally Got the Military Murders They've Been Asking For - Confederate Yankee

Poll: Obama’s sinking numbers starting to drag down Michelle Obama

Trial Begins For Corrupt Baltimore Mayor & Obama Supporter - First Things

Video: If ObamaCare is so good - Hot Air

Greg Hengler picks his favorite moment from the House debate on Saturday as the
moment that Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) asked the question that could easily have
been asked twenty years ago today at the Berlin Wall. If the ObamaCare proposal
is so good, why do you have to imprison people who don’t want to participate?

Why today's Republicans are so screwed up...

Michael Steele: Some white Republicans are scared of me

I swear this man is a fucking dumbass!

Huckabee: Palin’s getting more media buzz than me because she’s attractive

More later....

Video: Newt Gingrich

When you get a chance check out this Video: Newt Gingrich

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rush's Recent Fox News Interview

I missed this, so for those of you who care.

American Thinker: The Vilification of Rush

Liberals would prefer no opposition. Behind the force field of political correctness, there should never be any disagreement once the liberal mind has decided that something is good for society. There can be no opposition to the "correct" way of thinking, and if you don't think "correctly," you are attacked.

Those who dare to disagree with liberal orthodoxy are punished sooner or later. Not even someone as powerful as Rush Limbaugh, whose dream of part ownership of the St. Louis Rams was shattered by a particularly insidious species of liberal intolerance, is immune.

This is personal to me -- very, very personal. I have watched the news, I have seen television, and I have heard different commentators talk about my friend, all the while knowing the things they say are lies. I am proud to be an American and proud of the United States of America, and again this makes it personal to me. I not only see Rush Limbaugh and the conservative movement in this action being attacked, but the entire foundation of what made America great.

Freedom is under attack, and we as Americans need to wake up and stop this madness in the greatest nation ever formed.

Let's talk about what seems to have happened to Rush Limbaugh. Here is a man who loves professional football almost as much as he loves America's traditions, values, and heritage of liberty. Rush has dedicated his life to the study of both football and America. He understands America and superbly communicates his understanding with millions every weekday. He understands the game of football, and has influenced it positively by being its biggest fan. Yet Rush has suffered attempts to destroy him with lies, misunderstandings and a direct effort to eliminate his influence in America...over the pretext of what? A game?

I truly believe that this is brought on by what I call the Minority Thought Pattern. Let's not mince words: the Minority Thought Pattern is the total disdain and hatred of what God has accomplished through the white male throughout history. Coming from an African-American, I know this will shock you.

I am not minimizing the accomplishments of women, African-Americans, immigrants, the religious, or anyone else who is part of America. But the white male was here on Plymouth Rock for God to use, and the Pilgrims had a great belief in that God. The nation built out of their efforts, reflecting their values (most especially their religious values), has become the light of liberty for the world and an obstacle to those power-hungry individuals who hate it.

It is critical to understand that not only minorities, but also many whites of both sexes have embraced the Minority Thought Pattern. You see, the minorities in this world do not have the power or the financial backing to accomplish the destruction of the great Judeo-Christian values that are the foundation of America's greatness.

Spike Lee attempts to change history by criticizing Clint Eastwood for not using black people in his movie about the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima, when in fact there were no black people at Iwo Jima.

The Minority Thought Pattern is the fuel for minorities, and especially African-Americans, to attack the very fabric that has given them the greatest opportunity to accomplish anything they so desire, including the opportunity for a people of slavery to rise and put a slave's descendant into the White House. (I am still trying to figure out what faction of his ancestry descended from slaves.)

The Minority Thought Pattern is aimed at destroying America, at rending the very fabric that makes America great. The Minority Thought Pattern denies the greatness, honor, bravery, courage, humility, and sacrifice that has brought us the power to be the greatest nation that has ever existed. The Minority Thought Pattern has a mission to undermine and redefine every characteristic of America, maintaining that it is a nation based on greed, cowardice, selfishness, and a lack of genuine humility. The Minority Thought Pattern is the reason for all the apologies to the rest of the world for how bad American is, coming even from our top leader.

The problem that America has always had is the lack of understanding of what a conquering nation does. When a nation conquers another it always forces the conquered to assimilate into the conqueror's culture and ways. We as Americans have always been the great melting pot of society and the world. We want everyone to become just like us.

The Minority Thought Pattern now wants a nineteen-burner stove with every pot separate and different, and that has given us multiculturalism today. Multiculturalism in its present form has already proven unworkable. Remember in the South the fight between blacks and whites with the concept of "separate but equal." Blacks realized that being "separate but equal" is not equality at all. Those separate pots are no different.

Who in this modern America decide what is right and wrong, what is politically correct or not? Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros,, the NFL, the Players Association, and the liberal thinkers and media? I ask, who are the bigots here? The Minority Thought Pattern is the great supporter of ignorant intellectualism. It is the foundation that destroys common sense.

Over the weekend, Rush spoke to Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: So what do you think that was about? What do you think happened?

RUSH: Well, I think it's actually about the fact that the NFL is about to lose its current collective bargaining agreement with the players.

And guess who happens to be the new executive director of the players association? A guy named DeMaurice Smith, who is Obama. He's part of his transition team. He has -- he has suggested that the Congress, the White House, might get involved in stop a player-owner lockout.

So I -- I think -- and he got involved in this, too, you know. He was out participating in the spreading of quotes I didn't say, warning Goodell and the owners what might -- I think this was a warning shot across the bow, saying to the NFL, "Look, we're going to be close to running this league, not you. We don't want this guy here."

And I think -- I don't -- I don't really take this personally, but I do think it was a bunch of cowardice all the way around.

This is a classic example of the Minority Thought Pattern at work, commingling guilty and fearful whites with a sense of rage and grievance from minorities. As result, the game that both Rush and I love has suffered. An American institution, founded by whites but open to and heavily populated by blacks today, is harmed.

This is extremely personal to me. It's about a friend. When I look at Rush, I don't see a white man; I see a friend. I don't see a talk show host (a very famous talk show host); I see a friend, and friendship overrides color and political stances. I don't see a controversial figure, but a man whose heart and thoughts I know, and a man who is not a racist.

I believe with all my heart that minorities, especially African-Americans, will never be free until they stop allowing people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to insist they adopt the mentality of victims. Likewise, they will not be free until they take the next bold step: start thanking God for America, and stop condemning the white male.

It is time for America to reject the Minority Thought Pattern and the hateful campaign against Rush Limbaugh.

Dr. Kenneth L. Hutcherson, a former NFL linebacker, is senior pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, Washington.

Obama WTF - Obama is the Sheriff of New Gaffe City, (population 55)

While browsing through some of my bookmarks I came across this page I forgot about. Obama WTF Nice collection of Obama links. Here is a nice listing of gaffes from the past you may have forgotten about. Pass on to your friends.

55 Biden has 3 words for what the nation needs... J - O- B- S...and other gaffes the MSM chooses to ignore while piling on Palin
54 Biden thinks Americans watched President Rooselvelt on TV in 1929 (double gaffe)
53 Biden tells State Senator in wheelchair to Stand up; video of gaffe52 Obama admits that he's the champion of the irrelevant personal attack ad; watch video
51 Blabbering Joe Biden says Vote Obama and win a free toaster!
50 Nice own goal: Obama reminds audience that people have doubts if he's less interested in protecting us from terrorists than he is in reading them their rights
49 Shoot me now: only three words on note sent by a bored Obama during Senate meeting
48 It started with a kiss; Obama and Jill Biden at the DNC in Denver; five seconds of passion?
47 Biden gets it! Admits Hillary would been a better Veep pick for Obama; video
46 Obama: "If you put lipstick on a pig its still a pig": who was he referring to?
45 Talking about his religion, Obama refers to his Muslim faith until Stephanopolis corrects him; Obama is a Christian
44 Watch video of Obama refering to himself as "President": .. BHO continues to impress as Sheriff of New Gaffe City (population 44)
43 Making a speech in New Philadelphia, Obama renames the Ohio town, New Pennsylvania
42 The difference between Obama and Osama is BS; Joe Biden is full of it and makes Obama/Osama gaffe
41 Obama announces he's in St Louis when he was actually in Kansas City
40 Obama just welcomed Joe Biden as the next President...before correcting himself: say hi to Sigmund Freud
39 Tickets for Invesco field feature Obama and an upside down US flag: campaign in distress?
38 Obama COERCES supporters to work for Denver tickets; Michelle had warned he'd FORCE us to work
37 Obama's midnight deign to Georgia; takes 3 attempts to get response right
36 Elitist Obama asked Iowans" Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?"
35 BLUNDER! Obama makes great speech about helping Bangladeshi kids; McCain quietly did
34 "It’s always a bad practice to say 'always' or 'never'"
33 Reassures Israel that Israel is Israel's best friend
32 Talk about being President for 8 to 10 years
31 talks about the Great Lakes of Oregon...which dont exist
30 Had never heard of Hanford Nuclear Waste clean-up project...despite voting to fund it.
29 Thinks Arkansas is closer to Kentucky than Illinois
28 Claims his epiphany about race occured after reading a Life Mag article; it does not exist
27 Plagiarizes from John Edwards line from his 2003 campaign about being a Washington outsider.
26 Claims his campaign doesn't have the technology to edit video like Team Clinton's 1984 ad
25 Obama thinks the Canadians have a President
24 Name one Obama accomplishment (video)
23 Confirms he's an empty blue suit on healthcare (video)
22 "Get me more white people"
21 Blows off female reporter with not now Sweetie (video)
20 Concedes he's not ready to be President (video)
19 The Shakespeare flip-flop
18 Claims 10000 people died in Kansas tornado
17 Forgets to ask Clinton's donors to help her repay debt (video)
16 Iran is no threat to America (video)
15 Saddam posed no threat to Israel
14 Not the Tony Rezko I thought I knew
13 Obama the talking parrot plagiarizes Governor Patrick
12 The Portagate Affair...places portable toilets on Memorial
11 Incapable of giving a yes or no to a simple question (video)
10 No plan for fighting Al Qaeda if they attack two cities (video)
9 Claims his uncle liberated Auschwitz--he did not
8 No mention of military service in Memorial Day grad speech (video)
7 Sees ghosts of vets on Memorial Day
6 "Aint no black people in Iowa"
5 Tells rally in Sunrise he's delighted to be in Sunshine...on three separate occasions
4 Says he's delighted to be back in Iowa...he's not (video)
3 Hit wrong voting button six times
2 As we begin our fourth century as a Nation
1 Fifty-seven states (video)

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I’m gonna ask again, I’ve been asking for some time but no takers. If anyone is willing or able to help me maintain this blog please let me know. Because of work and my concern for complete burnout I would love to have several people help post materials or offer opinions.
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