Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Retarded Democrat Sighting ...Martha Coakley Declares Afghanistan "Terrorist Free"

Folks is there something in the water, is it me or are Democrats everywhere getting dumber by the fucken day…hour…

I saw this on Riehl World View. I swear Democrats need to start a comedy channel...

Coakley: Oh Where, Oh Where, Have The Terrorists Gone?
Oh where, oh where can they be? Is her name Coakley, or Coked up? I mean, really:
COAKLEY: “I am not sure there is a way to succeed. If the goal was and the vision in Afghanistan was to go in because we believe the Taliban was giving harbor to terrorists, we supported that, I supported that goal. They are gone, they are not there anymore, they are in apparently Yemen and Pakistan.Let’s focus our efforts on where Al Qaeda is.”
Or, you know. They might be hiding under the couch, or flying into Detroit, or LAX. Come on. It's bad enough that we have to find out how stupid these people are after they're elected. With Coakley, we already know.

And, yes, she is more than dumb. She's dangerous given her lack of appreciation of that, you know, whole terror thingee. Good Lord. What an embarrassment.

The Weekly Standard also captured Coakley’s horrible gaffe.
Oh saw this too...
Well, well, well. The Big Pharma lobbyists and health care special interests are digging deep into their pockets to help out flailing Mass. Democrat Senate candidate Martha Coakley.
The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney, author of the investigative tour de force Obamanomics, has the scoop on the corporate socialist soiree in D.C.:

With Democrat Martha Coakley in trouble in the Massachusetts special
election to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat, Democrats could lose vote No. 60 for
President Obama’s health-care bill. In response, an army of lobbyists for drug
companies, health insurance companies, and hospitals has teamed up to throw a
high-dollar Capitol Hill fundraiser for Coakley next Tuesday night. The
invitation is at right .

Of the 22 names on the host committee–meaning they raised $10,000 or
more for Coakley–17 are federally registered lobbyists, 15 of whom have
health-care clients. Of the other five hosts, one is married to a lobbyist, one
was a lobbyist in Pennsylvania, another is a lawyer at a lobbying firm, and
another is a corporate CEO. Oh, and of course, there’s also the political action
commitee for Boston Scientific Corporation.

All the leading drug companies have lobbyists on Coakley’s host
committee: Pfizer, Merck, Amgen, Sanofi-Aventis, Eli Lilly, Novartis,
Astra-Zeneca, and more. On the insurance side of things, Blue Cross/Blue Shield,
Cigna, Humana, HealthSouth, and United Health all are represented on the host

and - Ms. Coakley Goes To Washington (To Get Money From Lobbyists)

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