Thursday, January 21, 2010

Liberals/Democrats Hitting the Panic Button...I could not be happier

Here is something funny for you folks. I am on a lot of liberal/left wing e-mail lists, mostly for fun because I like reading their rhetoric and in times like these when their whole world seems to be crashing in around them and they don’t hesitate to hit the panic button and attempt to rally the troops.

Here is a letter from a group Progressive Majority. I met a number of key members including the president when I attended the Kos Convention years ago.

I will admit one of the things this group does is teach up and coming candidates how to run for office, how to campaign.
This group goes out and recruits candidates all over the country from local city council races to major political office campaign.
Frankly it is too bad that the right does not have such an organization.
One thing I will say even after the excitement of the win yesterday is that Republicans still have few really good up and coming candidates in many of the states where Democrats are vulnerable.
here in my state you have this: Dennis Moore Retirement Gives GOP A Shot At Kansas House Seat.
I watched one of the early candidate forums and the person who should win easily is
Patricia Lightner. The quality of Republicans trying to snatch this seat is just outrageous; some of these dudes are either completely devoid of personality or are mildly retarded.

I swear every fucken time I check out a Republican gathering, or some candidate forum or even peeping some young Republican event it is no wonder that young kids are scared off by the party. The Republican Party is the party of geeks and misfits and even the young kids are stereotypical suit wearing drones.
The party has a huge image problem and I don’t know how the part can fix that.
If I were not such a lazy fuck and not going through some personal issues I would run.
But hey I doubt these starchy GOP types would vote for a ranting irritable black dude.

Last night's result in the special election for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts is a
wake up call.

Our opponents are energized like never before.

From the moment the historic 2008 elections ended they have employed one attack after another, tapping into the fear and anger of suffering citizens. They have done everything in their power to turn back the tide against progressive change. And, they are beginning to succeed.

That's why we need your help more than ever. While the press focuses on Congress, we need you to focus on the big picture.

We need to keep fighting the good fight. That means taking state legislatures, one after the other - teaching progressive candidates the best way to campaign - and giving candidates the tools they need to win in this difficult environment.

It means protecting the majorities we have already won in Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin - fighting to take control of the Arizona Legislature - and going into Michigan, where terms limits have left 80% of the state Senate seats and nearly half of the state House seats open and vulnerable to conservative takeover.

We need you to fight this fight with us. Please support progressive candidates by making a contribution of $35, $50, $100 or more to Progressive Majority today by clicking here.

I know this year is going to be tough. But please don't give up. We're not.

Gloria A. Totten
Progressive Majority

Help Us Build a Progressive Majority: We're building a progressive network of candidates, activists and friends. Tell five friends about Progressive Majority's work and email list and help us build the movement across the country!

Support Progressive Majority: Progressive Majority is on the ground, working with progressive candidates and campaigns to make sure they have the skills and knowledge to win! Your support of Progressive Majority can make all the difference in ensuring we have qualified candidates running for office.


Anonymous said...

My new friend,

Please do not confuse these wealthy so-called progressive Democrats with those of us on left who care truly of the poor.

Politicans (of either party) care only for those policies which will hold down the working man. Please remember you are a member of the working class, I think, unless you are wealthy.

Obama has been a traitor to the far left despite what you conservaties like to think.


Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

My dear friend the point is while he was running for office you believed he was one of you. You folks were the ones promoting all of the hope and change nonsense, all of the “I’m going to bring about a “new Washington” you thought Obama was something special you thought he was the messiah, you thought he was a savior, you thought he was going to bring about hope, you believed that he cared about the poor (hell he does not even give a shit about his own brother).

You see I NEVER EVER BELIEVED THAT…. NOTHING he has done while in office shocks me, I knew he was a jackass as soon as he became a legitimate candidate.
I remember when he won Iowa, I remember thinking “are you fucking kidding me” I became worried because I remember saying, if dude could bamboozle those folks he could be a real threat.
Now all of you leftists are running from him and dissing him. I just think it is hilarious. Even the young kids I’m around many who spent countless hours campaigning for him are just shocked and stunned.
This is what happens when folks begin to lack common fucken sense.

But my friend Obama is a typical Democrat, corruption, manipulation and deception is in the Democrat DNA.

Anonymous said...

I know you will not believe this, but I did not support him in the election instead supporting Ralph Nader. The party for Socialism and Liberation was not on the Illinois ballot.

The only other progressive I knew that also called out Obama during the election was at:

You see I too find it funny the so-called progressives who are trying to making excuses for this administration. I shall tell ColdType to visit here as he will find it most insteresting. I am glad that I learned of your site from the site of, where he has you posted in the right margin.

be safe,