Monday, January 11, 2010

No, Harry Reid’s Comment Was Not Racist… But…

George Will Says Reid's Obama Remark Wasn't Racist, Liz Cheney Says 'Give Me A Break'

A somewhat surprising debate occurred Sunday when conservatives George Will and Liz Cheney took different sides of the Harry Reid racist remark issue.

Appearing on the Roundtable segment of ABC's "This Week," the former Vice President's daughter said, "[O]ne of the things that makes the American people frustrated is when they see time and time again liberals excusing racism from other liberals."
Will, after shaking his head, replied, "I don't think there's a scintilla of racism in what Harry Reid said. At long last, Harry Reid has said something that no one can disagree with, and he gets in trouble for it."

Likely to the surprise of many viewers, Cheney responded, "George, give me a break"
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Is Harry Reid a racist, or just a bigot? - HillBuzz

Things are getting more and more interesting in the drama to replace Obama in the Senate.

Apparently, Harry Reid’s on tape in conversations with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich shortly before his arrest insisting no black replace Obama in the Senate. Reid wanted either Tammy Duckworth or Lisa Madigan, since Reid believed (correctly) that Jesse Jackson Jr., Emil Jones, Danny Davis, or other black politicians won’t be able to win election in their own right in 2010.

The other day when Congressman Bobby Rush whipped out the race card to pressure acceptance of Roland Burris as Obama’s Senate replacement, it seemed like Rush was just reading from the successful Obama playbook, and race-baiting without cause for political gain.

Now, it looks like Rush was really onto something, and Reid is doing everything he can to keep a black Senator off the table…because Reid wants to hold that seat in 2010 and does not believe a black Senator will hold it. Based purely on the color of that Senator’s skin.

Which makes Reid, in a sense, racist…and the parallel between him and George Wallace, as used by Rush, just got more credible. Threatening to bar Burris from the Senate with armed guards is indeed very similar to Wallace’s use of armed guards to bar black students from schools. Just because Burris is black, and does not fit into Reid’s 2010 plans.


This piece is by Cynthia Tucker Editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Harry Reid: racism or stupidity? It’s stupidity

Having grown up in Alabama under Jim Crow, I’ve got some experience distinguishing among genuine racism, racial insensitivity and comments/behavior that are merely stupid. There’s not always a fine line separating the categories, but my ability to navigate my world has long depended on distinguishing a malevolent racist from an insensitive boob.

I’ve never believed that a white person’s use of the “n” word is de facto proof of his racism. (It is, rather, de facto proof of boorishness.) And I’ve met my share of white good ‘ol boys who drove pickup trucks with rebel flag decals but who were, nevertheless, unfailingly polite and helpful to me. They are not racists. I’ve also met well-educated Northern whites who were quite polite to me but whose behavior betrayed their belief that blacks were somewhat inferior. They are racists.

Harry Reid,
with his truly stupid comments about the president, falls into the insensitive boob category. Trent Lott may as well. But the remarks that Lott made were much more damaging — as anyone willing to be sincere about race relations would admit.

(Blogs, admittedly, are not the best format for discussing race relations. The ability of commenters to post anonymously tends to bring out the most sophomoric and moronic behavior. Nevertheless, I sally forth, hoping that a few of my readers, white, black and brown, want to think about race deeply.)

Reid, as you no doubt know, said Obama would probably be elected because he’s “light-skinned” and has no “Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” Reid’s first observation is one that he shouldn’t have uttered out loud but is nonetheless inarguable. But his second about the “Negro dialect” is infuriating. What the heck is that? Was Obama the first black person Reid has ever been around who is middle-class, well-educated and speaks standard English well?


Harry Reid: racist or political realist? - Christian Science Monitor

Critics are calling Senate majority leader Harry Reid racist for suggesting in 2008 that Obama was electable because he was 'light-skinned' and had 'no Negro dialect.' Republican National Chairman Michael Steele says he should resign.

Critics of President Obama – Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele foremost among them – see no small amount of hypocrisy in Mr. Obama’s forgiveness of Senate majority leader Harry Reid.

Senator Reid is quoted in a new book by two journalists about the 2008 campaign, “Game Change,” as saying privately that the US would be “ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama – a 'light-skinned' African American 'with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.’ ”

When the quotes came to light Saturday, Reid apologized to Obama, and Obama accepted. Mr. Steele and other say that is political relativism, with Democrats evading punishment for comments that would have sunk Republicans.

Reid’s importance to healthcare reform speaks to the political expediency of forgiveness – Obama has had few more earnest or effective allies on Capitol Hill. Yet some black commentators have a different take: For them, what Reid said is not all that shocking.

What Harry Reid said was not racist, but typical of how Democrats think. As one story above pointed out Reid was commenting on perceived political realities. Hell I said the same thing because I thought Obama’s color despite his light skin shade and lack of Negro verbal mannerisms he would not get enough support from white folk’s especially old white like Harry Reid.
As far as Harry Reid’s generation we (I) are still “Negroes” there are still white rednecks in the south calling black folks “boy” today.

As far as the comparison to Trent Lott, that is frankly silly as far as I’m concerned the comments are not even comparable so this is one of the few times I would agree with a liberal Negro like Cynthia Tucker and other leftist commentators.

Now I will say this I watched Harold Ford and Gwenn Ifill on the Today Show this morning and they were trying to protect Harry Reid as they were instructed to do because they know if Harry Reid were to get the boot the Democrat agenda would be toast.
However I continue to marvel as how liberal Negros is so quick to protect who I believe to be a closet racist all for political expediency.

Democrats are typically the most racist prick fucks on the planet… why you ask because I again heard a comment about why Reid was not a racist… because of his voting record.
“Reid has voted for legislation that promoted job creation, expanded welfare and unemployment benefits…” How many times have you heard from a Democrat that supporting this type of legislation was somehow showing support for black folks.

Earlier this year Media Matters has a hissy fit because Republicans were referring to Obama’s stimulus debacle as “welfare” and expanded government. Story: Media wield GOP's "welfare" attack on economic recovery plan. This of course was a RACIST tactic by the GOP.
Being against health care reform, or expanded government, against expanded welfare is of course racist because all of us know “those poor helpless ignorant black folks can’t do shit without our (Democratic Party’s) help because we all know that Democrats believe it is the responsibility of government to care for all individuals, even if it means giving up some individual rights and or subordinating enterprise and initiative.

An example: (link)

"the political impulse behind welfare reform, apart from being mean-spirited and socially regressive, is racist and xenophobic. Welfare reform is being implemented in ways that follow well-worn patterns of racial and anti-immigrant discrimination. And, the negative impacts of welfare reform are unequally shared. Left unchallenged, we cannot but expect that this policy will bolster white privilege and more deeply inscribe racial subordination."

It is this logic that pushes the Democratic Party to centralization power in Washington with little care for the rights of individuals and communities.

This is why Democrats favor federal level interventions for community based solutions to community problems, especially when these problems are in the hood.

This is why Democrats believe that government knows what is best for individuals and believe that federal bureaucrats better understand the needs of a community and by expanding that federal umbrella means that bureaucrats define the tax burden necessary to meet its "obligations" because this is too complicated for us idiots to understand.

The Robin Hood mentality, take from those rich greedy fucks and pay off poor people to keep (us) Democrats in power. This is the party of Harry Reid and outside of being caught on camera calling some black person Nigger he will be forgiven and liberal Negros will continue to support him.

"As long as he along with Obama promise to deliver the goods we don’t give a damn what Reid says."


Inspector Clouseau said...

The reason that society is incapable of addressing the racial issue is because we view it from the wrong perspective. We talk all around the fundamental, underlying reasons for racism, and make it an emotional issue. How does one expect to cure the cancer without focusing on the cancerous cells? Focusing on the symptoms is an ineffective mechanism to employ. Racism serves a far more complex pragmatic function than we are generally willing to acknowledge.

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

For the Republicans to now claim a newly-found racial sensitivity is quite amusing to say the least. If that is the case, why the hell did they choose the dumbest black guy they could possibly find to chair the RNC? Racial sensitivity? Please.

Harry Reid will survive this little snafu he's gotten into - but just barely. As the numbers stand, he is not likely to be reelected this November. He should step aside with dignity and allow his party to nominate someone with a better chance of winning on Election Day. Maybe he will do the right thing - who knows?. In spite of everything he strikes me as essentially a decent guy. He should just go back to Nevada to a dignified retirement and bask in the glow of his career as a public servant - or go to work as a lobbyist for the gambling industry - anything. He just needs to realize that his number is up.

Reid's comments, while inarticulate, hardly constitute the fuss that is currently being made. All it really amounts to is the GOP's Kvetch Du Jour. They have so little credibility left that it really is quite touching watching them stoop to these non-issues. It is total desperation on their part. Today it is Harry Reid's harmless gaffe; tomorrow it will be something equally stupid and irrelevant. Just you wait and see.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY