Monday, January 11, 2010

The Race Card and the Democratic Party

What the hell... here is another video. Remember this from Howard Stern?

The point of all of this is… Democrats… the Democrat Party… liberals… are all a bunch of racists… race conscious… race obsessed people.
The Democrat Party is the party of handouts and Negros has no shame in holding out their hand and accepting the table scraps.
Unfortunately this will never change because the basis of conservatism or if you are so inclined “Republican” is not designed to reach out to a group on the basis of identity, but on the basis of a given group’s ideas and values. The very definition of being conservative… its basic principles… precludes reaching out to groups which have race, ethnicity, and or gender as their sole criterion for coalescing as a political entity.
So during each election cycle Negros will always ask what the Republican Party is going to “do for” the “black community,” and the answer should always and forever be, “not a goddamn thing!”
The sad reality is Negros cannot shake the notion that a political party is supposed to provide quid pro quo. That the Republican Party won’t do anything for them besides get off their backs, get other citizens off their backs, and get out of their way so they can pursue happiness just isn’t good enough.
This is why race, racial obsession, the race card, racial politics will always be part of the Democratic Parties DNA and the color of that Democrat is irrelevant.
From old white racists like Harry Reid to racist Negros that populate the Democrat party in statehouses, city and county council chambers throughout this nation even disgraced Democrats like… well Blagojevich: 'I'm blacker than Barack Obama'...
Until my dying days I will always be amazed by people who refer to themselves as Democrats even knowing of their racist idiot tendencies.
How you can look in the mirror and still vote for these reprehensible people is beyond my scope of understanding.

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