Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scanning the Globe...well blogs... Democrats are so damn silly....

Want proof Democrats are silly asses? Example one:

MSNBC's Deutsch: Mass. Voters Opted for 'Visceral Comfort' of a White Guy - Newsbusters

There are times when speaking in a stream of consciousness is a good and wholesome thing. None occur in front of a camera, as evidenced by the public escapades of MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch.

The former ad-man took to today’s “Morning Joe” set yesterday morning to offer the following wisdom in reference to the impending Massachusetts electorate:

He is a traditional-looking middle-aged white male. We’re going back to basics, we’ve obviously had our first African American president we’ve had the female candidates and what-not – you look at him, he looks like the candidate, the traditional view of the candidate, and is there a visceral comfort in that for people? I’m just curious from real kind of sociological point of view.
Obvious questions abound, of course.

First of all, this view of the Massachusetts electorate stipulates that a woman would have a harder time winning the Massachusetts Senate election than a man. This is absurd, because Vicki Kennedy would most likely have blown out Scott Brown (or really, any other candidate), simply by reason of her family affiliation. Her femininity would not have been the slightest hindrance.

This also assumes that Coakley would not have won, had she actually campaigned – which is even more absurd, because she had a thirty point lead over Brown shortly after the primary.

Secondly, this was said in the context of voter anger over myriad issues – mostly local issues, interestingly enough. Deutsch’s view discounts all of these issues out of hand, and focuses on whether a woman or a black man can win in Massachusetts. Deval Patrick would be somewhat surprised.

Third, and most importantly, is the Massachusetts vote for President Obama in 2008. He was the candidate of Hope, the Son of Camelot (whatever that is), the incarnation of visceral comfort. And he won Massachusetts by a gigantic margin. And let us not forget, this is after losing the Massachusetts primary to a woman – Hillary Clinton, by a 16-percentage point margin (despite Ted Kennedy’s endorsement).

Donny Deutsch may be an advertising guru, but he’s greatly overselling the effect of visuals – and insulting the intellect of the Massachusetts electorate.

Example number 2

Factcheck: Olbermann Repeats Incorrect Anti-Scott Brown Claims of Racism & Vulgarity, Insists He's Correct

On Wednesday’s Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann defended his recent attacks on Massachusetts Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown by insisting that some of the incorrect claims he made are true when, in fact, two are factually without merit while the third represents one of Olbermann’s typical episodes of distorting the words of a target. Among other complaints, Olbermann on Wednesday claimed that Scott "swore at" high school students at an assembly in 2007, that he has refused to renounce a vulgar threat made against Attorney General Martha Coakley by an audience member at a Sunday rally, and that he demonstrated racism in once suggesting that he wasn’t sure if Barack Obama’s parents were married at the time of his birth.

The Countdown host repeated a myth promoted by the liberal blog that, in February 2007, then-State Senator Scott "swore at a hall full of high school students" as he appeared before a group at King Philip Regional High School in Wrentham, Massachusetts. In reality, Scott was not alleged to have "sworn at" the students, but rather, he angrily responded to and complained about vulgar comments that some students had written about him and one of his daughters – comments which had been posted on the Facebook page of a pro-gay rights teacher at the school – as Scott read the uncensored comments from the site, naming some of the students, in front of the assembly. His actions sparked criticism because he read aloud the profane words as they appeared on the Facebook page, but he was not alleged to have "sworn at" the students.
Folks let me be very clear here… I’m serious… If you watch Keith Olbermann on a regular basis you are fucken mentally ill. No sane logical thinking individual could possible listen to this man without your fucken head exploding. Now if you have the political intelligence level of a third grader then ole Keith just may be your speed.

Oh and this on Hot Air - Olby: Massachusetts suddenly turned racist!

Example 3

Malloy: Rush, Sean, Glenn, and Bill 'Bombed' America on 9/11

Radical-left talk show host Mike Malloy went on a tear again on Tuesday night as election returns poured in from Massachusetts. Malloy was blunt about the voters. To him, they said: "We want a theocratic madman as our senator."

But Malloy really started swinging as he noted the headline that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia was having talks with Rupert Murdoch about News Corp investing in his Rotana Media company. That story led to this rant about conservative talkers being the real terrorists on 9/11 (Listen for yourself here):

You crazy sons-of-bitches, you right-wingers. Do you not understand that the people you hold up as heroes bombed your goddamn country? Do you not understand that Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly are as complicit of the September 11, 2001 terror attack as any one of those dumb-ass fifteen who came from Saudi Arabia? Don’t you get that?
I wonder if Rachel Maddow was still loving Malloy for his "dark thoughts." Malloy was furious at the election results, but he insisted the political elite was completely, hopelessly "corporatist." He insisted there was little to no difference between Scott Brown, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Bonus liberal stupidity...

Bitter David Shuster Rants About Hitler Posters of Tea Partiers, ‘Far Right Elements’

Carol Costello: Republicans Fomented 'Fear and Confusion Among Voters'

Check this out from a liberal hero...

Weasel Zippers - Evil clown: U.S. weapon caused Haiti’s earthquake

Now for those of you who STILL don’t believe that Obama is a fucking idiot moron check this out:

Obama: Scott Brown and I kinda sorta got elected for the same reason - Hot Air

Why, one might even call Scotty B a candidate of hope and change, no? Here’s The One’s surreal attempt to coopt Brown’s victory as being not a repudiation of his agenda but as some sort of oblique affirmation of it. Ed says he’s gotten the message now about ObamaCare after spending six months trying to beg, bribe, and bully the bill through Congress, but has he? If he’s telling himself that this election was about nothing more than free-floating “anger” at D.C. business as usual?

Let’s see if the new senator from Massachusetts can help us zero in on the causes of the “anger.”

To think that a majority party would use the ability to have the super-majority to kind of push things through is leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths, especially as you noted the fact that President Obama made [changing the way business gets done in Washington] one of his campaign themes. You know he was going to be transparent, he would post all these bills on the Internet, and you’d have three days to comment on them. None of that’s happened. So people are disappointed in that regard…

[Question:] But ultimately you say that the primary objection people have here is not so much the substance of the bill; it’s the process as much as anything else.

No. The primary [concern] for the average voter — and I’ve met hundreds of thousands of people since I’ve been running — the biggest problem that I have heard is that, number one, we can’t afford it, and, number two, they don’t like how its been done behind closed doors. They don’t like the political maneuvering now.

It’s not even a conference committee. They are bouncing it back and forth pursuant to a special maneuver. That just says to people, it’s automatically “ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.” It’s raising red flags and people don’t trust it. We can bring it back to the drawing board and do it again.

Figures. Obama Blames George W. Bush for Coakley Loss (Video) - Gateway Pundit

Folks I said from the first time I heard this man and learned all about him that he was a fucking idiot. You see I never believed that he would be elected because I figured that people would figure out that he was nothing more than a sock puppet for George Soros and other rich white left wing socialist hacks.

Now I knew black people would support him because the only thing that matters to black folks is skin color. Far too many black folks vote on superficial shit rather than substance but when it comes to supposedly logical thinking white people I can’t help but laughing because you people have to be having a mild nervous breakdown today.
This man is destroying the economy and the country like all of us on the right KNEW he would do. Talk about a mental bitch slap to liberals.

Just this clip alone… this dude actually thinks that the people of Massachusetts were actually thinking about George Bush as they went to the polls.
Folks I’m not smart enough to understand this level of mental illness.

Lord help this delusional bastard...

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