Thursday, February 11, 2010

"booty lipped" baby "dat baby look just like yo ugly ass...

By special request... besides I always like a good laugh!



Anonymous said...

Magic-y, Magic-y, Magic-y,

by posting this nonsense you only feed fuel to the fire for the racists. I thought you were smarter.


Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Left dude but I’m black I’m allowed to post this stuff… LOL!

But seriously… I’m curious… how does posting this fuel the fire for racists?

So when black people engage in ignorant ass behavior we should just ignore it and hide it? Now Maury have been showing this stuff for years now and black people particularly black women freely go on this show, proclaim that they know 100% that they know who da babies daddy is. White rednecks routinely go on Jerry Springer and act like a bunch of buffoons. The biggest show on cable is a bunch of kids “pretending” to act like a bunch of stupid Guido’s and silly ass kids are soaking it up. One of the biggest shows that black folks watch is Real Housewives of Atlanta a bunch of ignorant ass ghettoized women pretending to “refined and civilize” as I remember that old ghetto saying “you can’t turn a ho into a housewife” It is somehow entertaining to watch clueless uneducated, spoiled fake ass women.

Why is this relevant? Well when you are distracted by a bunch of bullshit you ignore important relevant shit like paying attention to what Democrats and Democrat politicians do and allowing an ignorant ass Negro to fuck up the country while still celebrating his “blackness” plez.

C’mon lefty a tiny army of folks read this blog, I have little if any impact on society at large. But I do believe in letting folks know that I’m not like the rest of the Negro sheep out there and when black folks act like a bunch of asses oh I’ll post shit about it.

But make no mistake while most people may call me an uncle tom or claim that I am aiding and abetting whitey I do care about the plight of black folks and hope and pray one day many will wake the fuck up and obtain some common sense, focus on relevant shit and educate themselves and stop acting like second class citizens and stop playing the victim role and stop being slaves to the Democrat party.