Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Democrats, Liberals, Silly president, Silly Negros… Why do I keep reading this crap… it only pissed me off

Proof that kids today are a bunch of fucking morons…

Daughter blames mother for global warming

Dear Dr. Donohue — My daughter complains that I flatulate more often than most individuals. Furthermore, she claims that the gas an individual passes contributes to global warming. I don't know if I am physically able to keep my gas to myself to go green. Is my daughter really right?

Is your daughter for real? No human can stop the production of intestinal gas. Every human passes gas, including your daughter. People do so from 10 to 20 times a day.

Colon bacteria are responsible for gas production.

The major gases in colon-produced gas are nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen. Traces of sulfur-containing gases are responsible for its unpleasant odor.
Greenhouse gases — the gases that blanket the earth and warm it— include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen and fluorocarbons. Most of the carbon dioxide that contributes to greenhouse effect comes from the use of fossil fuels — gas, oil, gasoline and coal. The majority of methane gas that adds to the greenhouse effect is derived from livestock, coal mining, drilling for oil and from garbage landfills.

Carbon dioxide is the byproduct of many industrial processes. If your daughter is truly worried over your contribution to the greenhouse effect, she should realize that her breathing contributes a significant amount of carbon dioxide to it. She blows out carbon dioxide with each exhalation. Humans contribute more than 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the yearly production of this greenhouse gas. No one suggests we stop breathing.
Rahm Apologizes for Privately Calling Liberal Activists "Retarded" - ABC News

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel apologized to the head of the Special Olympics today after the Wall Street Journal reported the fiery Chicagoan privately called a group of liberal activists "fucking retarded."

Last August, Emanuel "showed up at a weekly strategy session featuring liberal groups and White House aides," the Journal's Peter Wallsten reported lastTuesday."Some attendees said they were planning to air ads attacking conservative Democrats who were balking at Mr. Obama's health-care overhaul. 'Fucking retarded,' Mr. Emanuel scolded the group, according to several participants. He warned them not to alienate lawmakers whose votes would be needed on health care and other top legislative items."
A White House official confirms that Emanuel made the remark and reports that Emanuel called Tim Shriver last week when the Journal story first appeared to apologize to the disabled community and the apology was accepted.
Well after all most liberal activists are a bunch of fucking retards!!

Am I right or am I wrong?

Is this man serious?

Reid's Black History Month Column Raises Questions

LAS VEGAS (Feb. 2) -- Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, who last month apologized for privately praising President Barack Obama's lack of a "Negro dialect," posted a Black History Month essay on his Web site Monday in which he takes credit for racial integration in Las Vegas.One problem: Some local black leaders and historians don't remember him having had a significant role in that effort and the senator himself made no reference to it in his 2008 memoir.

In the essay, which was also published as an opinion piece for the black-issues Web site The Grio under Harry Reid's byline, the Senate majority leader wrote: "I worked hard during my time in local politics in Nevada to integrate the Las Vegas strip [sic] and the gaming industry."Yet Joe Neal, a former Democratic state senator who was a key figure in the civil rights movement in Nevada, was baffled by the claim. For one thing, Reid was only 20 when a famous 1960 meeting between casino owners, progressive government officials and NAACP leaders resulted in an accord to integrate Las Vegas casinos for customers.The Nevada Legislature passed a civil rights act in 1965, but Reid did not become a member of that body until his 1966 election as an assemblyman. And a federal court decree in 1971 that set quotas for the hiring of minority casino workers was negotiated by the U.S. Department of Justice and handed down just months after he was sworn in as lieutenant governor.

Silly Negros who voted for Obama disillusioned, Boo Fucken Hoo!

Why didn’t Obama mention our issues? - The Philadelphia Tribune

For a while, I was just disappointed with Barack Obama’s glaring disinterest in addressing the longstanding social and economic disparities between Blacks and whites in this country.

But since his first State of the Union address on Wednesday, I’ve moved beyond disappointment and I'm now verging on total despair.

Maybe I expected too much from him. Maybe he really is the “president of all the people” and perhaps he doesn’t really have time in his busy schedule to be bothered with Black issues. I’m sure he's got a very important job.
After all, how would it look?

So what if African Americans gave him, without much direct outreach at all from his campaign, 96 percent of our vote? The fact is that neither Barack Obama, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel or, even the ever-loyal and obedient Donna Brazile ever made a direct commitment that there would be a significant improvement for Black people if Barack Obama were to be elected. We just sort of, somehow, came to that conclusion on our own — and we voted accordingly.

The truth is that the "first Black president" never really, directly, specifically promised to do anything at all for Black voters — and so far, he’s kept his word.

If you were confused about the president’s "post-Scott Brown" shift to a more conservative political agenda and his move further away apparently, from African-American issues, you really should have listened carefully to his rather-longish State of the Union address.

First of all, in what turned out to be the longest of the 412 speeches the president has given this year, he failed somehow to mention the words, “Black,” “African American” or even “Negro,” which his Census Bureau says is an appropriate description of us again — whether we like it or not.

I couldn’t help thinking that you wouldn’t even have to be the "first Black president” to recognize that African-American communities are still a part of the nation as a whole, and they still deserve, no matter what conservative pundits say, full and equal access to the country's economic opportunities.

In that regard, there are quite a few other initiatives that the "first Black president" should have announced that evening, if he was concerned at all about “doing the right thing.”

Folks if you missed this check it out... Classic example of silly ass Negros who thought Obama was gonna take their black asses to the promise land…

Poll: Many Republicans Think Obama Is A Racist, Socialist Non-Citizen

Another Negro website all upset that folks don’t like the Magic Negro, well I’m black and I don’t like the mutherfucker!
I don’t care about any of that Muslim, non-citizen shit. What I care about is the fact that he is a bumbling ignorant bastard and he is fucking the country up!!!
I wish Negros would catch a fucken clue!

This link is one I posted before but folks still are not paying attention...
Another issue black folks should be paying attention too...

Obama adviser: Amnesty to ensure 'progressive' rule
'Imagine 8 million new voters who care about our issues?'

"We reform the immigration laws, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters," stated Eliseo Medina, international executive vice-president of Service Employees International Union, or SEIU.