Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Morning Peeps: The Sick, the Depraved, Liars, Ouch, Silly Negros

Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz, Religious Nuts, Beat Daughter, 7, to Death for Mispronouncing Word - True Crime Report
Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz adopted three kids from an orphanage in Liberia to live with their other six kids in a remote area outside Sacramento. As it turns out, the children might have been better off remaining in that lawless African shithole...
The Schatz's homeschooled their nine children and grew their own food. Which would all be well and good if they weren't also followers of nutbag Tennessee evangelist Michael Pearl. His schtick is to teach parents to beat their children so they become more obedient to God and family.
Apparently their 7-year-old daughter Lydia was struggling with one of her homeschool lessons and she mispronounced a word. That might be expected since the girl's formative years were spent in Liberia. But the Schatz's decided that God wanted her beaten. So they did.
Police say Elizabeth held the girl down while Kevin beat her on the back with a plastic tube for hours. The torture caused massive tissue damage.
When Lydia stopped breathing, Elizabeth called 911. Medical workers resuscitated her at a nearby hospital. But Lydia died later Saturday morning.
Police also found that another 11-year-old adopted girl had been beaten for lying and supposedly being a bad influence on Lydia. She is now in critical condition at a Sacramento hospital suffering from kidney failure due to her injuries.
Detectives found a 15-inch piece of tubing believed to have been used in the beatings. Both parents have been charged with murder.

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This Weeks Sign of the Apocalypse: Jersey Shore Cast Not Actually Italian

Damn!! Ouch!!

Jessica Gil Ortiz Epic Gymnastics Fail - Watch more Funny Videos

Silly ass Negro Pic of the Day...

Silly ass Negro Story of the day...

First from ESPN...
Pitt dismisses Fields from team
Pittsburgh has dismissed senior safety/linebacker Elijah Fields for undisclosed disciplinary reasons, coach Dave Wannstedt announced Wednesday.

Fields was among the most physically gifted players on the Panthers. But he spent much of his career in Wannstedt's doghouse, including a suspension for the entire 2007 season. He was not allowed to speak to the media for most of the 2009 season.

No specific reasons for his dismissal were given.

Fields, listed at 6-foot-2 and 225 pounds, had 33 tackles and three interceptions this season and played at linebacker in nickel packages.

Wannstedt had talked about using Fields more at linebacker this coming season, and he was expected to play a key role on the defense.

Fields remains enrolled at the university.

Now the real story...


College Football player. University Of Pittsburgh starting safety was KICKED OFF the team over the weekend.

What happened??? Well Elijah, posted the below images on his Twitter page, including the below commentary. When his coach, Pittsburgh coach Dave Wannstedt, found out - he cut dude.


I'll get to some politics later...

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