Thursday, February 4, 2010

Morning Reads… Soros and other silly liberals… Abortion Rant

Watkins: Republicans' fear of a Black president reaches new heights.

OPINION: Sarah Palin Cries Crocodile Tears Over The N-Word - News For Black America
Soros Turns To China - Forbes
The billionaire believes China will emerge from the global recession largely unscathed.

HONG KONG -- George Soros is pouring money into Chinese stocks.
That's because the billionaire believes China will emerge as the big winner after the global financial crisis passes, while the United States will lose the most in the long run from the recent turmoil.

In his latest investment, George Soros reportedly spent a combined $126 million on subscriptions for new shares of China Minsheng Bank and Longfor Properties in their initial public offerings in Hong Kong.
During the four-day international road show that kicked off this Monday, China Minsheng Bank has attracted $14.1 billion worth of orders from international investors, about three times oversubscription for the institutional tranche. Among the big orders, Soros Fund Management has spent about $100 million on subscriptions for the new Hong Kong-listed H-shares. Hopu Investment, a private fund run by well-known Chinese investment banker Fang Fenglei, also placed a huge order of up to $1 billion, according to information leaked from merchant banks.
Obama Administration Rethinking Long-Delayed Border Fence - CNS News

Phoenix (AP) - An ambitious, $6.7 billion government project to secure nearly the entire Mexican border with a "virtual fence" of cameras, ground sensors and radar is in jeopardy after a string of technical glitches and delays. Having spent $672 million so far with little to show for it, Washington has ordered a reassessment of the whole idea. The outlook became gloomier this week when President Barack Obama proposed cutting $189 million from the venture.
I Can See You're a Democrat - Mother Jones

Republicans look powerful. Democrats looks warm.
At least that's the conclusion of a new study in PloS ONE that reveals we can accurately identify if someone is a Republican or a Democrat from their headshot alone.

The Tufts University authors explain their three-tiered research:

In Study 1, perceivers were able to accurately distinguish whether US Senate candidates were either Democrats or Republicans based on photos of their faces.
Study 2 showed these effects extended to Democrat and Republican college students, based on their senior yearbook photos.

Study 3 showed these judgments were related to differences in perceived traits among the Democrat and Republican faces. Republicans were perceived as more powerful (translation: with faces showing more dominance and maturity) than Democrats. Democrats were perceived as more warm (translation: with faces showing more trustworthiness and likeability) than Republicans.

Prior research (and good old common sense) reveals that we all draw conclusions about others based on their appearance and behaviors. The face is the number one conduit of nonverbal communication about human behavioral traits, dispositions, and identities—including age, gender, race, and sexual orientation.

Most interesting, we in Western cultures judge competence and power from the faces of political candidates—and our judgments are fairly accurate predictors of a candidates' margin of victory. We may be born with this ability, since even children can judge politicians' faces and predict their electoral success.

But do crows do even better? According to a recent study in Animal Behaviour, crows recognize and remember—even years later—the faces of humans who've mistreated them.
If crows could vote, would we have suffered a second George Bush II term?
The article Democrats and Republicans Can Be Differentiated from Their Faces is open access online. Read for yourself

This via The Situationist

I Almost Feel Sorry for Dem Senators - Legal Insurrection
Barack Obama held a question-and-answer meeting with Democratic Senators yesterday to field questions about where the administration is heading on various initiatives. I posted yesterday about Obama's clueless answer to Blanche Lincoln's comment that her constituents feel like no one in the administration understands what it means to have to meet a payroll.In keeping with Obama's renewed commitment to transparency, the event was televised, much as the Q and A with Republicans was televised a few days ago.Now this.The entire event was scripted, with the Senators keeping away from the health care bill during the televised session. Instead, Senators held back on questions about that most pressing issue until the cameras were turned off, Obama had departed, and the doors were closed:
Senate Democrats held back from asking President Barack Obama about healthcare reform during a carefully scripted question-and-answer session in front of television cameras.
With the cameras rolling, a group of senators selected in advance by the Democratic leadership asked questions about such topics as partisan gridlock and GOP obstruction.
But once the president left and reporters were escorted out of the room, senators pressed White House officials about healthcare reform, according to those at the meeting.
Democrats expressed their frustration with the lack of a clear plan for passing healthcare reform, according to one person in the room.
One Democratic Senator even grew heated in his remarks, according to the source.
The administration used Democratic Senators as props for a phony Q and A session. That would have been bad enough. Then Obama didn't even stay around to deal with what really was on the Senators' minds, the health care bill.
Christmas Day Bombing Attempt Should Have Been Wake-Up Call for Obama Administration, But It Wasn’t, McConnell Says

Las Vegas mayor: Obama is “a real slow learner”; Reid questioning Obama’s patriotism? - Hot Air

Media Blog: Planned Parenthood responds to Tim Tebow pro-life ad

First you must ask yourself how the fuck can you respond to an ad when you have not even seen it. And from everything I have heard about the ad all Tebow is doing is celebrating the CHOICE his mom made not to about him. Choosing life is somehow jacked up but choosing death is somehow laudable.

What also irritates the shit out of me about this response is Planned Parenthood’s decision to throw a couple of darkies in their damn ad.

Old readers feel free to ignore, because I’ve posted this rant before.

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. 78% of their clinics are in minority communities. Blacks make up 12% of the population, but 35% of the abortions in America. Are Negros being targeted? Isn't that genocide? Negros are the only minority in America that is on the decline in population. If the current trend continues, by 2038 the black vote will be insignificant. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a devout racist who created the Negro Project designed to sterilize unknowing black women and others she deemed as undesirables of society. The founder of Planned Parenthood said, "Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated." Planned Parenthood is working hard to ensure her vision being fulfilled even today.

Lets be clear, abortion is legal, and will remain legal and I have always said that although I personally find the basic act of abortion abhorrent I can’t tell a woman jack about what she should do in difficult circumstances. But frankly abortion is so far down my list of priorities because things like our economy, terrorism, education particularly as it applies to Negros, crime particularly as it applies to Negros is far more important.
I don’t give a shit what a woman does as long as I don’t have to pay for it. As long as the federal government is not spending my money to execute or promote baby killing and if women want to continue to use abortion as a means of birth control I’m like whatever.
Abortion will always be legal but what irritates the crap out of me is that liberals seem to celebrate each abortion, every time a Negro woman goes under the shop vac leftists are like yippee one less nigga mouth to feed.
Now here you have these two Niggas appearing in this ad and I doubt seriously they even know the history of this organization. This is one of the reasons ignorance is liberalisms greatest weapon IT IS IGNORANCE THAT ALLOWS DEMOCRATS TO BE ELECTED AND LIBERALISM TO PROSPER.

For the clueless here are some links…

Planned Parenthood Exposed

Planned Parenthood Accepts Racist Donors Wanting Black Babies Killed

Margaret Sanger Interview On The Topic Of Infidelity / Video

Why We Oppose Planned Parenthood

The Truth About Margaret Sanger - Planned Parenthood's Racist Founder

The Negro Project - Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Plan for Black America

Margaret Sanger Interview with Mike Wallace


Anonymous said...

Are you trying to make the point that liberal women are bad looking? LOL.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Yes... Yes I am!! LOL! :-)

Anonymous said...

One more link needed up there is the film about the eugenic/abortion Black Genocide connections called Maafa21 -

Infuriating Liberal said...

Wow this blog is fantastic. Not since the Amos and Andy show have I seen such a perfect farce. I almost believed you were black. Which of course you aren't, but for a nanosecond I was fooled. Brilliant. Not brilliant enough to fool me, but brilliant. Of course when anyone uses the word "negro", and can find vintage KKK pics, ya really already know.
But I do admire your tenacity. You can string sentences together, and do a few things other than rant. But of course who you are does leak into every word you write. I was wondering why the huge minstrel show now going on on all of the blogs, and the you tube videos, and the Amos and Andy type of presentations? I mean why can't you just be white guys, and say how you feel? Do you feel that the best way to undermine the president of the United States as a black man, is to make sure black people despise him, get misinformation about him, and see him beaten down by all of your black face farces? I really want to know, because I find it fascinating. I have tried to find pictures of bloggers and you tube video posters claiming to be black, and hating on Obama, and sounding like racist KKK Rednecks. I have yet to find one that has posted their picture, even you. SO until I see some photographic proof my friend, we liberals tend to look for statistics, and evidence, in a rather scholarly way. So, produce some evidence that you are actually a person of African American heritage, or lets see, ANY African heritage, and I will take you a lot more seriously. Until then I find this a fascinating expirament in raising the Minstrel Show to the next level. Entertaining, and lots of raw meat to gnaw on, and then spit the bones back out atcha. *G*