Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MSNBC White Liberal Racist Network gets called out by Dallas Tea Party... my daily rant

Keith Olbermann Defends MSNBC Against Charges Of Lack Of Diversity

Let me say a few things about idiot jackasses like Keith Olbermann and other white liberals…

Feel free to check out this story, but this entire verbal diarrhea Olbermann blurts out on the video is the same seemingly innocuous nonsense most white liberals blurt out when they had been called on their own racial insecurities.

Olbermann I bet lost a lot of sleep when that first video came out highlighting the obvious lack of racial diversity at liberal MSNBC.
But folks let me be clear, that type of non-diversity is prevalent at all the networks. Hell even Oprah the richest (black) woman on the planet is surrounded by white folks so don’t get it twisted. This is not an MSNBC issue this is an issue across the board. Now Olbermann started this crap by bashing the Tea Parties and their whiteness, but in case some of you don’t know black folks are not about to join a bunch of white folks to protest anything.
Now if you can con a bunch of black folks to come out and protest some seemingly racist issue they will indeed do that. But let me be clear if black folks cared about things like taxes, national security, unemployment, government waste they would not vote Democrat.
Any black person who votes Democrat only does so out of habit and almost NEVER out of insight, intelligence or the fact that they have been or are informed.
I’ve said a million times black folks are only concerned with superficiality. The picture below with the idiot rapper with those creepy teeth his way of flashing his bling will always draw more interest than the fact that the president of the United States is bankrupting the country.
So the lack of tea party diversity is simply the result of simple human dynamics and behavior characteristic.

After watching Olbermann’s reply it simply made me sick because it was so phony.
On the mind of just about any typical white liberal is always…
“we could not possibly be racist because… oh let’s see we donated to the United Negro College Fund, or we adopted a Negro child, or we once had a black person come to our house, or we support welfare, or we voted for Obama.

In this day we have former white hippie types (remember Meathead – All in the Family) who are on the airwaves and are in control of government, colleges and public schools, still selling the Utopian message of peace and love. But thanks to liberals we have eradicated black dads from the home via your welfare programs.

Today in modern America two plus two no longer equal four anymore because Negro children are not able to grasp the concept of logic so we need to move the bar to accommodate these poor souls.
White liberals think it is acceptable for black kids to speak Ebonics rather than English.
It would be racist to expect us simple minded colored folks to learn to speak English correctly. And heaven help those black kids who sound too white.

A liberal white… progressive folks who run television networks and promote the advertising we see each day have insisted that authentic blacks must sound like the hood, love rap and only eats fried chicken.
Negros would never be caught dead eating Italian food or indulging in a helping of sushi.
White liberals in the never ending quest to be “down” always feel the need to defend Negros idiots like Janeane Garofalo for some inexplicable reason feels that she has been give the “Negro Seal of Approval” by the NAACP because she can spot a Nigga suffering from Stockholm syndrome from a mile away.
Any Nigga who refuses to declare himself a victim of a white racist America can’t truly be Nigga enough for public consumption.

White liberals like Olbermann is so devoid of depth it is amazing, because they are caught up in the never ending illogical illusion that anyone who votes for Democrats and doesn't have a pointy hood in the closet is a good guy.

Let me let you folks in on a secret many white liberal are clueless about…

When your typical Negros talks amongst themselves about racism white liberals often receive a far harsher skewering than white conservatives or overt racists.
Personally I don’t have an issue with skinheads, Neo-Nazis, Aryan brotherhood types because you know what they are 100 percent honest. I know where I stand with them; I don’t have to wonder what their objectives are or their feelings towards me.
I am never bothered when they stage protests because as long as they are able to and have the freedom to protest I know I’m free.

I’ve said to many people many times I would actually prefer to hang out with an Archie Bunker type who spits flagrantly offensive opinions, rather than a so-called colorblind liberal whose insidious paternalism, dehumanizing tokenism, and cognitive indoctrination ooze out between superficially progressive words. At least your Archie Bunker type gives you something to work with, something to engage and argue against; the latter tacitly insists on imposing and maintaining an illusion of non-racist moral purity which provides little to no room for genuine self-examination or racial dialogue.

I love how in the Olbermann video he now acts like the victim, Just as Chris Matthews did when he utter that nonsense about forgetting that Obama was black.
As with all white liberals they start acting victimized and angry if anyone attempts to burst their racism-free bubble, and as I said earlier will always… ALWAYS inexplicably bringing up non-white friends, lovers, adopted children, relatives, ancestors; and like Olbermann romances and reminisces about the times of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier, or watching a speech by Martin Luther King or attending a black church service singing a chorus of “We Shall Overcome” or Lift Every Voice and Sing.

I will never be able to totally grasp just how clueless and mentally vacant white liberals are, but I shall always be entertained by them.

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PeggyU said...

Yeah, it's because he's black, you know, not because he's a flaming socialist creep.

RodneyRHenry said...

I think you are wrong about the reason blacks vote democrat. I voted democrat because even though I agree with you about the welfare programs that there is strength in numbers and we definitely are not going to put some Jim Crow laws back on the books at anytime. Unity is our salvation.