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Obama FAIL… Global Warming Scam Fails, Democrats Fail, Liberals Fail….

Another day when blogging becomes important, it is a good way to divert your mind from certain things.
Tried meditating but my brain processes so much crap simultaneously it makes it difficult to focus.
Can’t play my football game because my piece of shit Xbox does not work anymore, I will never buy another fucken Xbox.
My poor motorcycle has been stuck in the cold because of this crappy weather. Not nearly enough sun extended cloudy days really screws up the mood I was told by a co-worker that taking a bunch of vitamin D or C one of them helps.

Anywho let me dive into this cesspool that is politics and hopefully I can find something amusing.
FAIL… Just 6% of Americans Believe Obama’s $787 Billion Stimulus Created Jobs

In December the Obama Administration announced they had “saved or created” 1.1 million jobs.In January the Obama Administration announced they had “saved or created” 2 million jobs.Too bad for Obama that Americans aren’t buying his “saved or created” nonsense.
Just 6% of Americans believe the $787 “stimulus” boondoggle created any jobs according to a recent New York Times/CBS poll.

It must be Bush’s fault.

Jason Mattera points out that more Americans who believe that Bush blew up the World Trade Center that that Porkulus created jobs. Sad.
PRUDEN: The red-hot scam (Global Warming) unravels

You can fool some of the people some of the time, as Abraham Lincoln observed, and you even can fool all the people some of the time. But you can't fool all the people all the time. Al Gore and his friends got so excited about points one and especially point two that they forgot point three.

Not everybody is on to the global-warming scam, not yet, but all the people — or enough of them — are getting there. "Global warming," or even "climate change" as Al's marketing men now insist that it be called, is becoming the stuff of jests and jokes. Sen. James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma, a Republican, built an igloo of that hot stuff that buried Washington last week on the Capitol lawn and dubbed it "Al Gore's new home."

Across the Potomac, the Republicans in Virginia filmed a television commercial called "12 inches of global warming" and invited two Virginia congressmen, both Democrats who voted for the infamous cap-and-trade legislation, to help with the shovel that will become the official state tool before the streets thaw.

One day this week, there was measurable snow on the ground in 50 states. (No report yet from the other seven of the "57 states" President Obama once said he was campaigning to be the president of.) Even Hawaii reported snow on some of its mountain peaks, and several towns in northwestern Florida were lightly dusted, like the powdered sugar on a cop's doughnut.

A few snowflakes, or even a lot of snowflakes, is hardly proof that the great global-warming scare is a fraud and a swindle, but the collapse of the "science" of global warming is transforming even the sheep into skeptics. Jeff Masters of the Weather Underground — an Internet blog and not to be confused with the violent underground Weathermen of the sordid '60s — observes that characteristics of climate must be measured carefully over the decades and even centuries, not by occasional blizzards and storms.


Just like this chick says...

Top Obama Junk Scientist on DC Snow: Weather Is Not Climate - First Things

Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration under Barack Obama, won’t let go of the junk science.

A top Obama junk scientist defended the global warming fraud today on NPR. The “warmer” told the radio audience that “weather is not climate.”The Hill reported:

A top Obama administration scientist on Monday struck back at climate skeptics who claim that record snowstorms this winter have undercut evidence of global warming.
“It is important that people recognize that weather is not climate,” said Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Lubchenco, speaking on NPR’s “Diane Rehm Show,” said the planet is warming but that weather is variable. The snowy weather, Lubchenco said, “is not a contradiction and it is not really unexpected.”

The Continuing Climate Meltdown - WSJ Online

It has been a bad—make that dreadful—few weeks for what used to be called the "settled science" of global warming, and especially for the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that is supposed to be its gold standard.

First it turns out that the Himalayan glaciers are not going to melt anytime soon, notwithstanding dire U.N. predictions. Next came news that an IPCC claim that global warming could destroy 40% of the Amazon was based on a report by an environmental pressure group. Other IPCC sources of scholarly note have included a mountaineering magazine and a student paper.

Since the climategate email story broke in November, the standard defense is that while the scandal may have revealed some all-too-human behavior by a handful of leading climatologists, it made no difference to the underlying science. We think the science is still disputable. But there's no doubt that climategate has spurred at least some reporters to scrutinize the IPCC's headline-grabbing claims in a way they had rarely done previously.

and this...

UN global warming data skewed by heat from planes and buildings - Telegraph UK

The findings are set to cast further doubt on evidence put forward by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which claims the science supporting rising temperatures is unequivocal.

The report co-written by Anthony Watts, an American meteorologist and climate sceptic, shows photographs of weather stations near heat-generating equipment which could be distorting their readings.
Weather stations which produced data pointing towards man-made global warming may have been compromised by local conditions, a new report suggests.

Some are next to air-conditioning units or on waste-treatment plants, while one sits alongside a waste incinerator. A weather station at Rome airport was found to catch the hot exhaust fumes emitted by taxiing jets.
Rising temperatures around the stations, which have been in use for 150 years, could also have been caused by urbanisation, the study claimed. One weather station at Manchester airport, which was built when the surrounding land was mainly fields, is now surrounded by heated buildings.
Another reason to hate Democrats

Industry Study: Dems Cost US $2.36 Trillion in Oil Money - First Things
In 2009 Democrats scrapped oil and gas leases in Utah, permanently banned drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), and nixed offshore drilling.

For decades Democrats have blocked efforts to responsibly develop this nation’s energy resources, transforming vast areas of opportunity into “The No Zone.”

A new study was released recently that examined the cost of these democratic policies of not drilling and developing domestic oil reserves. The SAIC Corporation discovered that democrats will cost the US $2.36 Trillion through 2029.Bloomberg reported, via HotAir:

Restrictions on oil and gas drilling will cost the U.S. economy $2.36 trillion through 2029, according to a study requested by state utility regulators and paid for in part by industry-sponsored groups.

A Disgrace to Science - American Spectator

By from the February 2010 issue

I planned to write something about nuclear power—about how the U.S., after a 30-year delay, had better hurry up and restart nuclear power. Then came Climategate. It involved the release—it has been called a theft but more likely it was a deliberate leak—of e-mails from a “university” in Britain that has been promoting climate change fears in the guise of collecting climate data.

With that, a new public understanding of the realities of science today may begin to dawn. The new reality is this. For about a generation, the Western world has been coping with a politicized attack on science by the very people who should have been guarding its integrity.

The obstruction of further developments in nuclear power was only the beginning. In 1979, an accident at Three Mile Island, in which no one was hurt, brought the nuclear power enterprise in the U.S. to a halt. Fears were deliberately inflated. China was not intimidated, however, and today it is adding nuclear power on a large scale; 25 new reactors are under construction. Plainly, if this continues much longer, China will develop an unstoppable economic lead over the U.S. And it will be our fault.
Backlash against Democrats continues....

Rasmussen: Barbara Boxer Can't Break 50% Against Any of Her Opponents - Ace

She's still ahead of each -- but she's the incumbent, and an incumbent who can't break 50% is in trouble.

Oh -- and she's only barely ahead of her opponents:

Rasmussen found Boxer barely leading Republican challenger Carly Fiorina, 46-42, the same margin as January but down from a 10-point lead in September. Boxer beats former congressman Tom Campbell by the same four-point margin, 45-41, the same as in January when he jumped into the race, and is ahead of state Assemblyman Chuck Devore by only five points, 47-42, down from her November lead of 10 points and January's 46-40 spread.
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Indiana Republicans: Go Sign This Woman's Petitions to Get Her on the Ballot (and Guarantee a Republican Pickup)Printable Form Added

Scam Democrat Negros...

N.Y. Times Exposes Liberal 'Fund-raising Powerhouse': The Congressional Black Caucus - Newsbusters
Four years ago, the media were intrigued by the possibilities that the Jack Abramoff scandal could bring the Democrats to the House. On Sunday, the New York Times offered a picture of liberal Democrats piling up campaign cash from corporate contributors.
The surprise? Their target was the Congressional Black Caucus. Reporters Eric Lipton and Eric Lichtblau announced:

From 2004 to 2008, the Congressional Black Caucus’s political and charitable wings took in at least $55 million in corporate and union contributions, according to an analysis by The New York Times, an impressive amount even by the standards of a Washington awash in cash. Only $1 million of that went to the caucus’s political action committee; the rest poured into the largely unregulated nonprofit network.

Olbermann Appeals to Tea Partiers to Admit Racism, Real Socialists Would Support ‘Stupid Tax Cuts’


From Instapundit

CHANGE: Unionized Rhode Island Teachers Refuse To Work 25 Minutes More Per Day, So Town Fires All Of Them.

“The teachers at the high school make $70,000-$78,000, as compared to a median income in the town of $22,000. This exemplifies a nationwide trend in which public sector workers make far more than their private-sector counterparts (with better benefits).”

Being a Democrat is a mental illness… proof below.

Biden Bashing the Obamination Administration's "Great Achievement" - Moonbattery

When Joke Biden recently crowed that the success of the surge in Iraq "could be one of the great achievements of this administration," he must have forgotten that the cameras were rolling while he and Comrade Obama did everything they could from the Senate to prevent it from happening:

After 1 year, this is what Hopey Change is reduced to: falsely claiming credit for George Bush's policies.

Via Breitbart.tv, on a tip from Milton.

Obama's Anti-Business Prejudice - American Spectator

Whatever happened to the Constitutional concept of equal protection under the law?

Whatever happened to the recognition that it's overwhelmingly the nation's private sector that delivers the jobs, goods and services, and our overall well-being? Or as Calvin Coolidge succinctly put it, "After all, the chief business of the American people is business."

With his proposed change in forgiveness rules on student loans, President Obama, revealing his pro-statist biases and anti-business prejudices, is calling for the establishment of clearly unequal treatment.

"Let's tell another 1 million students that when they graduate," said Obama in his recent State of the Union address, "they will be required to pay only 10 percent of their income on student loans, and all of their debt will be forgiven after 20 years, and forgiven after 10 years if they choose a career in public service."

Why the bias against business majors, against entrepreneurial students who choose to go into the private sector and create jobs?

"Jobs must be our No. 1 focus in 2010," said Obama in the same speech, and "the true engine of job creation in this country will always be America's businesses."

So why is he calling for students who go into the job-creating private sector to pay back their loans for 20 years while students who end up on government payrolls get to shift the cost of their unpaid college loans onto the backs of the nation's taxpayers after 10 years?

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