Monday, February 1, 2010

A woman's choice to not have an abortion is, somehow, anti-choice... And other Morning Reads

Pro-Choice Anti-Choicers

By David N. Bass - The American Spectator

It's a case study in the conundrum of liberal ideology: radical feminist groups declaring that a woman's choice to not have an abortion is, somehow, anti-choice.

The far left Women's Media Center put out a press release last week doing just that. The group ripped CBS for accepting a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl featuring college football star Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam.

The ad, sponsored by the Christian group Focus on the Family, draws attention to Pam's decision to bring her pregnancy to term despite health complications that threatened her life.
Millions of viewers will find that pro-family message a welcome relief from the typical raunchy fare aired during the nation's top sporting event. But feminists, apparently, don't appreciate the break from racy beer commercials. In fact, they're enraged by it.


Liberal silliness still pimping the global warming hoax…
Green Math Is Bad Math

On the front page of the New York Times' online edition Sunday was an artist's rendering of the pride and joy of the federal General Services Administration: a renovated federal building in Portland, Ore., that features plants growing up all 18 stories of one side.

"They will bloom in the spring and summer when you want the shade, and then they will go away in the winter when you want to let the light in," Bob Peck, commissioner of public buildings for the G.S.A., told the Times, adding, "Don't ask me how you get them irrigated."
Don't ask how much they cost, either.

I told you not to ask.

OK, I'll tell you: The entire renovation costs $133 million. The plants are only one component, but the G.S.A. admits that the renovation is being undertaken for the purpose of making the building "green." Done as a project of the Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings, the renovation is Oregon's largest federal stimulus project.

The Obama administration proudly boasts that the effort will dramatically reduce the building's energy use, thereby saving federal taxpayers $280,000 a year in energy costs.
Now here comes the fun part.

Nowhere in the article did The New York Times bother to do the math. So I did. (It wasn't hard, I did it on my Blackberry while setting out for a winter hike.) To recoup its investment in this renovation, the government will have to keep the building running for the next 475 years.


SEC Ruling Requires Companies to Tell Shareholders if Climate Laws Are Bad for Business - CNS News

( – A new ruling by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) would require corporations to inform their shareholders of the business risks and potential impacts of climate change legislation, environmental regulation, and international climate treaties.

The ruling marks the first time the SEC has required companies to make such information available to shareholders. The ruling – known formally as an interpretive guidance – was handed down Wednesday by Chairwoman Mary Schapiro and is intended to inform companies what information they must include on their annual report to the SEC.

That report, known as a 10-K filing, provides the public with, among other things, information on the company’s business model, executive compensation, market outlook, and the potential risk factors facing the company.

Tom Borelli, Ph.D., director of the Free Enterprise Project at the National Center for Public Policy Research – a conservative think tank – told that the SEC ruling, long sought by liberal environmentalists, contained a silver lining because companies must now make public how climate legislation might hurt their business.

Dead Liberal Issues - By Alan Caruba - Conservative Truth
There’s nothing like losing your job and/or your home to focus a voter’s attention on what is important and what is just irrational, liberal ideology.

There’s nothing like the “redistribution of wealth” to make people wonder why it’s always their wealth being given to others.

There’s nothing like a failed attempt to blow up an airliner over Detroit with nearly three hundred people to remind voters that al Qaeda still wants to kill all of us infidels.

There’s nothing like taking three days to respond to the attempted jihadist bombing to make people wonder if you’re paying attention and then calling it an “isolated incident” to make them wonder if you’ve been paying attention since 9/11?

There’s nothing like granting an enemy combatant and confessed planner of 9/11 the rights of the U.S. Constitution in a criminal trial in New York to make people question your intelligence or true intentions.

There’s nothing like naked bribery and backroom deals concerning a healthcare “reform” bill whose contents have been deliberately hidden from public view or debate to arouse deep suspicion and significant anger.

There’s nothing like a UN Climate Conference debacle in Copenhagen, plus revelations that the “global warming” data was falsified to nullify a “Cap-and-Trade” bill designed to penalize the generation of carbon dioxide, a gas vital to all life on Earth.

There’s nothing like the threat to national security and the general economy posed by thousands of illegal aliens crossing the border to create resistance to yet another effort to pass an amnesty bill.

There’s nothing like a prolonged “war” on access to the vast American reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas to awaken Americans to the realization they are being denied their own energy resources.

There’s nothing like a year spent traveling to far-off places, apologizing for the most exceptional nation on Earth to make Americans ashamed of their elected leader and embarrassed for having voted for him.

There’s nothing like receiving a Nobel Peace Prize for having done absolutely nothing to deserve or earn it.

There’s nothing like appointing a carload of “czars,” advisors to the President, who mostly hold deeply Marxist attitudes or questionable opinions about energy, education, the environment, and other critical issues.

When a liberal State like Massachusetts rejects liberal proposals like Obamacare and comparable issues, you have to think that the grip of liberalism, the New Deal thinking that has dominated U.S. politics since the 1930s, is beginning at long last to lose its appeal.

America has seesawed back and forth between liberalism and conservatism for decades, trying out Presidents like Nixon and Reagan, but then ricocheting back to the likes of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

The readjustment in 1994 that gave congressional power to the Republican Party, the weariness with wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the spending by the GOP when in power came together in “a perfect storm” to elevate an unknown named Barack Hussein Obama to the Oval Office.

There has been a lot of flailing around by Americans since the end of World War II, seeking a better world through a United Nations that, instead, became a cesspool of corruption, struggling with the unattended issue of civil rights for black Americans, holding off the Soviet Union until it collapsed, dealing with an emerging China and India, and coming to grips with the greatest threat to Western civilization, the rise of Islamism.

The nation has been sharply divided politically, particularly since the 1990s following the Reagan era. What has emerged has been an increasing middle ground of “independents” that hold the key to all elections. However, Massachusetts demonstrated that even the voters in a strongly liberal State can look at the facts and change their minds.

This occurred in the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and in New Jersey. I suspect we shall see the same occur in California, a State where its Governor, legislature, and courts have scorned the will of the people.

The Obama administration has recklessly spent or given away billions of taxpayer dollars, leaving all Americans with a level of debt unknown in the entire history of the nation. If that is not a wake-up call to Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike, nothing is. And it is a call to which they are responding.

Half of the annual budget of the United States is now allocated to “entitlement” programs that are the product of liberal ideologies, along with the cost of defense. This ticking time bomb of redistribution of wealth has to be defused, along with largely irrelevant federal agencies for education, energy, and the environment.

Liberalism is not dead in America, but liberal politics and policies may well be for the foreseeable future.

Why The Hell Would Obama Bow To Tampa Mayor?

Hey, what's that on the ground? Oh, it's just my dignity

Pic from Weasel Zippers

To my dear buddy Lefty… still doubt that Obama is a idiot!? LOL!

Obama’s religious supporters jumping ship? - Hot Air

Atheists outraged over a stamp honoring Mother Teresa - Hot Air

Walesa, Socialism And The Challenges Ahead - Riehl World View

Lech Walesa states, "The world has no leadership," in this taped interview up at Big Government.

Items that stand out: 1) Lech Walesa tells his American Audience that the United States no longer leads the world politically or morally

2) At least one of your Founding Bloggers asks President Walesa if he thinks America is slipping toward Socialism. His Answer? Yes!

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