Monday, March 8, 2010

Obama: America’s worst president ever? Well Duh!

Blacks, White Liberals, Muslims. All turning on Obama.

I think it is amazing that it seems as if nobody likes Obama or trusts him. Black folks, liberals, moderates everybody now jumping ship.
I find it kind of amusing because all of us who had the common sense to know this dude was fucked up from day one now gleefully look at the folks who supported him are now left looking like a bunch of idiots for buying into all of his ridiculous hope and change rhetoric.
What is going on with this administration is the political equivalent of hurricane Katrina.

Liberals Grill Obama on Health Care Reform.

Rahm Emanuel. Obama’s Chief of Sabotage.

Obama’s stimulus fails African Americans.

Obama is the left’s worst enemy.

Are blacks abandoning Obama.
Time: You know, Obama acts a lot like … Bush
Chicago Sun-Times: Tavis Smiley, who after 10 years had scrapped his annual nationally televised State of the Black Union, is bringing a revamped version to Chicago to discuss whether President Obama should be doing more for African Americans.
The end of the road for Barack Obama?
Barack Obama seems unable to face up to America's problems, writes Simon Heffer in New York.

The Limits of Rahmism - NY Times

The stupid season has arrived for Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel, the unlikely tandem of inspirational leader and legislative mechanic that was supposed to enact the most expansive domestic program since the Great Society. After the debacle in Massachusetts that cost Democrats their supermajority in the Senate, Washington has engaged in a favorite exercise, conducting the autopsy before the body is actually dead. How had it come to this? How did the president’s legislative drive drag on for so long that the surprise loss of a Senate seat could unravel it?

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Just Sayin' said...

The most interesting take on the Rahm squabble is that Obama is using it to walk back his extreme liberal campaign promises -- like Gitmo and KSM being tried in NYC.

Be damned if I can find today, even if I read just yesterday.

but google comes to the rescue

it's over at the gulagblog

I recommend it, if only as nice bit of blogging.

I'll be damned if I can figure out how I ever got over there to read it. It'd be funny if its one of Snoop's links.