Monday, March 1, 2010

Video: One Term President, Racist White Right, Obama is no longer “cool” Soros, Idiot Al Gore and no more Negrohead Mountain

That's a rap! Obama a 'One Term President'
America's angst against White House becomes sensational YouTube video


'White Right' Wants Obama to Be One-Term President, Farrakhan Says - Fox News

CHICAGO -- Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, boasting his divine stature, on Sunday predicted trouble ahead for President Barack Obama and urged him to do more to improve the lives of blacks and the downtrodden.

The 76-year-old leader said the "white right" was conspiring to make Obama a one-term president, and pointed to his stalled efforts to introduce health care legislation as proof. He said those opponents and lobbyists were trapping him into a future war with Iran that could lead to mass destruction.

"The word 'prophet' is too cheap a word. I am a light in the midst of darkness," Farrakhan said at the annual convention of the movement that embraces black nationalism. "It ain't ego, it's my love for you."

An estimated 20,000 people attended the heavily guarded Saviours' Day event at the United Center in Chicago. Followers -- men dressed in navy uniforms and women in white skirt suits with matching hijabs -- cheered on Farrakhan with shouts of "Allahu Akbar," Arabic for "God is great."

Farrakhan spent most of the fiery nearly four-hour speech recounting a 1985 vision he had in Mexico. Farrakhan has often described how he believes he was invited aboard an unidentified flying object he calls "the wheel" where he said he heard the late Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad speak to him.

He said that experience led him to inklings about future events, including the United States' 1986 bombing of Libya.

Farrakhan recounted how his divine knowledge has allowed him to recognize countless warning signs over the decades -- such as natural disasters such as the earthquake in Chile -- and said they indicate impending trouble, including for Obama.

Dressed in ornate creme robes, he addressed the president directly:

"Your people are suffering. You can't ease their plight, but you can use your bully pulpit. Speak for the poor. Speak for the weak."

He said helping the Nation of Islam, which has worked to reform black inmates for decades, would also be an answer.

"Put some money on back of us," he said. "We can reform our people."

Farrakhan has vigorously supported Obama for years and used his presidency as a call to action for blacks. That was even as Obama distanced himself from the group for Farrakhan's past comments that many considered anti-Semitic.

Supporters say Farrakhan's words are often taken out of context.

Farrakhan continued his praise of Obama Sunday, and said the nation's first black president was manipulated into disavowing Farrakhan.

He would not say if he and Obama had ever met on the issue.

"They all want to know did I ever meet with him and what did I say or what he say," Farrakhan said in the speech. "I ain't going there."
Monday Morning Water Cooler - Where's "Joe Cool" Obama?

Surprise: Nevada voters now less likely to vote for Reid after Obama’s visit

Either this man is a delusional retard and mentally ill, or he thinks most Americans are.

We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change - By AL GORE

I, for one, genuinely wish that the climate crisis were an illusion. But unfortunately, the reality of the danger we are courting has not been changed by the discovery of at least two mistakes in the thousands of pages of careful scientific work over the last 22 years by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In fact, the crisis is still growing because we are continuing to dump 90 million tons of global-warming pollution every 24 hours into the atmosphere — as if it were an open sewer.

Sorry, Al Gore, but those climate science errors weren’t trivial


Soros: BHO Should’ve Taken Over Banks - Sweetness & Light

WASHINGTON—Billionaire investor George Soros, who helped U.S. President Barack Obama raise money for his presidential campaign in 2008, said Sunday he wasn’t happy with Mr. Obama’s handling of the financial crisis.

Mr. Soros said the government should have taken over U.S. banks instead of bailing them out, a move he suggested would have been more popular with Americans.

Team Obama Cuts Funding For Successful School Programs; Increases Funding For Radical Safe Schools Czar’s Programs - First Things
Recently the Obama Administration cut funding to Upward Bound, a successful educational program with a proven track record. Upward Bound provides support to participating students in their preparation for college entrance. Upward Bound serves high school students from low-income families and high school students from families in which neither parent holds a bachelor’s degree. 95% of Upward Bound graduates have entered post-secondary education and are four times more likely to earn a college degree than students from similar back-grounds who do not participate in the program. The Obama Administration will cut funding for this successful educational program.

Barack Obama is including $410 million in the 2011 budget for his “safe schools” czar Kevin Jennings

Kevin Jennings, the founder of the GLSEN organization, has a long history of promoting sexual material in classrooms including books that describe sex between first graders and books that promote S&M. The GLSEN group also pushes books that romanticize child rape and books that show men having sex with boy scouts in the background. Jennings’ GLSEN group also organized student-teacher seminars where instructors held fisting lectures.

Nancy Pelosi "Shares Some Views" With Functional Retards: "A Bill Can Be Bipartisan Without Bipartisan Votes" — Ace of Spades
Polls say the public wants a truly bipartisan compromise -- and, if that's not in the offing, 75% or thereabouts say the bill should not be passed. But the Democrats refuse to start the process over, therefore insuring there will not be any "bipartisan" compromise on the bill they're preparing to ram through on a party-line vote.

Americans Redraw The Map To Erase 'Offensive' Names - Booker Rising

For more than a century, Negrohead Mountain (pictured left) has towered over the countryside north of Malibu, Calif. offering unrivalled views of the Pacific Ocean to generations of hikers. But this week, at the stroke of a bureaucrat's pen, the striking landmark's time-honored name disappeared from local maps (hat tip: Black & Right). The 2,031ft summit will henceforth be known as Ballard Mountain. The new title honors a blacksmith and former slave called John Ballard, who was among the first men to settle in its foothills in 1880, after fleeing Los Angeles to escape persecution by segregationist police officers.

Liberals and Atheists Smarter? Intelligent People Have Values Novel in Human Evolutionary History, Study Finds

More intelligent people are statistically significantly more likely to exhibit social values and religious and political preferences that are novel to the human species in evolutionary history. Specifically, liberalism and atheism, and for men (but not women), preference for sexual exclusivity correlate with higher intelligence, a new study finds.

Not sure why but I found this article interesting...

Why Obama should reconcile with Rev. Jesse Jackson

Say what you want about Rev. Jesse Jackson, but the value of his legacy cannot be denied. Few have made the sacrifices Jackson has made, and few can match his historical significance when it comes to America's quest for equality and civil rights. Every politician or American citizen who wishes to question the methods by which Jackson achieves his objectives need only compare his record to their own. Most politicians can't say that they nearly died in order to serve their constituencies, but Jesse Jackson can certainly make such a statement.

What is important to understand about the legacy of Rev. Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and others is that most of what we know about these men has been presented through the lens of an American media construct that is conditioned to project negative imagery of black men. Therefore, when Bill Clinton has an affair, he's just another philandering politician. When Jesse Jackson has an affair, he is considered unfit to lead. When Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Harry Reid say racially insensitive things about Obama, it becomes water under the bridge. When Rev. Jackson slips and makes a televised error, some have the audacity to argue that he is no longer relevant. The decision by some to toss out black leadership in exchange for a black president becomes mind boggling in light of the fact that our black president has made it abundantly clear that he has almost no interest in pursuing targeted advocacy for the African-American community.

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