Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Obama Had A Jumpoff... evening reads... Obama Doesn't Like White People, You folks scare him...Malcolm X

Slightly feeling like crap folks, I continue to lose weight (poor eating habits) at an alarming rate and going to get it checked out. Been more of an exercise nut recently but exercise does not explain the dramatic weight loss now down 33 pounds. I wish I was on the biggest loser show so I can win a few bucks because it seems like I can lose weight just by breathing.
Kinda hard concentrating reading a lot gives me some serious headaches now but overall I’m cool, battling some personal shit but I’m working my way around it. I’m maintaining a positive attitude and I remain hopeful and optimistic. Truth be told I should have lost this weight years ago, I’ll be honest I have never had so many people compliment me on how I look flattering to some extent but damn I must have been a real fatass… LOL!

If you have not told someone you love… “I love you” today… then what the fuck are you waiting for? But NEVER say it if you don’t mean it.


Here is something funny, I found on the black gossip website Media Take Out, these folks crack me up.

In case you white folks were not aware of the term "jumpoff"
jumpoff - 19 definitions - 1. a girl used strictly for sex, nothing else. 2. a hassle-free fuck!

We here at are 100% supporters of President Obama. At first we thought about SUPPRESSING this new report . . . but we figure that it would be better to know about what Republicans are trying to do to the prez.

According to a new report, Republican operatives are looking to pay as much as $1 million to anyone willing to discuss the president's relationship with a 35 year old woman named Vera Baker.

And according to one weekly tabloid, Vera's limo driver is SNITCHING!!! Here's what Vera's limo driver is saying:

"I took [President Obama] to various locations while he was looking for campaign funds. Vera accompanied him to each meeting.

"About 10:30 pm, I drove them to the hotel and they went in together. She didn't ask me to wait or to be taken back to her friend's home - or to her home"
Well .. . . we ain't gonna believe NOTHING about the prez unless we have more solid evidence.


San Francisco bans travel to Arizona by city employees to protest immigration law - Hot Air

Do you really give a shit!? I know I don't!

Obama: We Need a Fiscal Commission Because You Can’t Trust Slippery Politicians Like Me to Tell You the Truth.

OBAMA & BIG SIS Call In Riot Police on Quincy Tea Party Patriots (Video)- First Things
Obama Tax Pledge Officially Expired 4/27/10 - Right Wing News

Remember this?

"I can make a firm pledge," he said in Dover, N.H., on Sept. 12. "Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes."
He repeatedly vowed "you will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime."



Obama to White Voters: You’re Not Welcome! - Flopping Aces

Dems continue to use race to divide the country!

First it was the racebaiting in the wake of health care vote where Democrats falsely accused Tea Partiers of shouting racial slurs. Next, it was the clear disinformation over the Arizona law meant to restore law and order by enforcing immigration law.

Where’s all this racebaiting coming from? The White House.

Now, Obama makes it clear. In a video released by… Obama made a direct appeal to “young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 [to] stand together once again.”

Whites not welcome!

Can you imagine the furor if George Bush had made a statement appealing to white males to get out and vote excluding all others?

But like the boy who cried wolf once too often, the attempts to divide on race may be starting to backfire.

It’s no wonder that poll show the Obama Administration as one of the most partisan and polarizing in history and that voters do not trust government more now than ever before.


Obama’s Poll Problem: White Backers in ’08 Are Deserting Him

As the folks in the White House begin looking toward President Barack Obama’s presumed re-election campaign in 2012, there is one statistic that might worry them more than any other: Little more than a third of white voters currently think the president is doing a good job.

That data point is hidden in the crosstabs of the myriad polls that show a very polarized nation that gives the president a middling job approval rating overall.

Mr. Obama’s job approval rating remains in the mid-to-high-40s overall only because he gets a thumbs up from more than 90% of blacks and gets majority support from Hispanics.

A mid-40s job approval isn’t a terrible place for a politician to be. President George W. Bush won re-election in 2004 with those kinds of numbers.

And, of course, asking voters if they approve of Mr. Obama’s job performance is different than asking if they would vote for him. Any polls that test Mr. Obama against specific Republicans are too early to be meaningful.

However, a president’s job approval is a good reading on the public’s attitude.

A Potentially Big Problem

Mr. Obama’s weakness among whites, who comprise almost three quarters of the electorate even as the nation’s population becomes more racially diverse, is a potentially sizable political problem for the nation’s first African-American president.


How Mexico Treats Illegal Aliens - Michelle Malkin

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has accused Arizona of opening the door "to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement." But Arizona has nothing on Mexico when it comes to cracking down on illegal aliens. While open-borders activists decry new enforcement measures signed into law in "Nazi-zona" last week, they remain deaf, dumb or willfully blind to the unapologetically restrictionist policies of our neighbors to the south.

The Arizona law bans sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce immigration laws, stiffens penalties against illegal alien day laborers and their employers, makes it a misdemeanor for immigrants to fail to complete and carry an alien registration document, and allows the police to arrest immigrants unable to show documents proving they are in the U.S. legally.

If those rules constitute the racist, fascist, xenophobic, inhumane regime that the National Council of La Raza, Al Sharpton, Catholic bishops and their grievance-mongering followers claim, then what about these regulations and restrictions imposed on foreigners?

-- The Mexican government will bar foreigners if they upset "the equilibrium of the national demographics." How's that for racial and ethnic profiling?

-- If outsiders do not enhance the country's "economic or national interests" or are "not found to be physically or mentally healthy," they are not welcome. Neither are those who show "contempt against national sovereignty or security." They must not be economic burdens on society and must have clean criminal histories. Those seeking to obtain Mexican citizenship must show a birth certificate, provide a bank statement proving economic independence, pass an exam and prove they can provide their own health care.

Well ain’t that a kick in the ass!!

MALCOLM X:"Who Taught You To Hate Yourself?"


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