Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Note to Angry Black Chick... and some other stuff

I received an e-mail from an individual who found my blog by accident self described black woman in her 30’s.
I received the e-mail last night and I woke up early this morning and stewed on the e-mail for a bit and wrote two response drafts.
Some of you may wonder why dedicate so much time, effort and emotional energy to someone writing an angry e-mail.
Let me just say to those of you who specifically choose to come to my blog daily you are giving me a tiny bit of your precious time and even while I don’t get paid nor receive any income other than an occasional donation every now and then I do believe I owe you something. Some of you have been enduring my rants for several years now and I feel like I have an obligation to you in some way, we do have a kind of relationship.
So what I write here I write from the heart I’m giving you exactly who and what I am the good the bad and the ugly. Even when I was posting all of that personal shit about my divorce and the drama that followed you were getting 100% of me.

Well I decided upon getting to work before my morning blog reads that I was not going to use either draft because I’m like what the fuck, what is the point.
Basically she chastised me for my seeming hatred of my own race; in fact she said that she does not believe that I am black. Folks those of you who know me and who have been reading my rants going back to the “Snoop Zone” days when my rants were laced with far more obscenities along with numerous typos. I’ve explained myself over and fucken over again. I’ve posted basically what is my life story in The Snoop Chronicles, I have gone over and over my position on idiot ass Negros and the stupid shit they do.
I don’t have Stockholm syndrome, I don’t have any self repressed self hatred, and I know the history of black folks better than most. There are Negros proclaiming their blackness every fucken day and don’t know shit about their heritage, don’t know shit about the struggles of Negros back in the days of slavery. The only black history they know is what they saw on Spike Lee’s Malcolm X or a You Tube clip of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech on the Washington Mall and yet this woman has the audacity to come to my blog and write some idiot diatribe because she is offended that I am willing to air the dirty laundry of Negros for white folks to “mock”, Really!? Seriously!?

Bottom line ABC I don’t own niggas shit, I explained it this way a long time ago, I’m not on some nigga “team.” Every time a nigga screws shit up, every instance of nigga on nigga crime, every instance of baby daddy drama, every instance of another young negro individual dropping out of school and becoming another dependent of the government that is a reflection on me like it or not. I can’t change my skin color, and I don’t want to! Even if given the chance I would not change my skin color despite the huge advantages your average white person enjoys. (see video below)

Long after I’m dead and gone someone will read this blog and frankly I want the folks who examine history to know that not all of us dark skinned folks condoned idiot ass niggas filling their mouths with gold teeth when they don’t have a pot to piss in. Not all of us condoned idiot ass niggas walking around looking like jackasses with saggy pants, ball caps worn sideway, shiny spinner rims on rusted ass cars, kids named after kitchen appliances. We all did not sit around blaming whitey for our failures holding our fucken hands out begging for government assistance.

If niggas want me to stop posting derogatory shit about other niggas then speak out against black on black crime, speak out against the self destructive behavior currently being demonstrated by today’s Negro youth. Call out black folks for embracing ghetto thug culture and ignorant ass behavior, call out parents who won’t hold their kids accountable for their behaviors, call out idiot ass Negros who continue to vote for corrupt ass Negro politicians who continue to oversee the deterioration of communities throughout this nation. Call out Negros who spend precious hours worried about criminal felons having the right to vote while we continue to piss away tax dollars on an educational system that fail to educate our children. Enabling useless nigga behavior only contributes to the problem Negros across America face.

ABC I’m not the problem, I’m only one tiny mirror reflecting and chronicling the problem. Your anger is misdirected and before you come to my blog and bitch at me at least take the fucken time to read, absorb and understand why I have the point of view I have. I don’t have a problem with anyone expressing an opinion or point of view and I will never have my feelings hurt if you disagree with me. Your biggest mistake is you reacted to what you initially saw and you forgot to do one simple thing THINK!

Whether you agree with me or not, whether you think I’m an asshole or not at least take the time to think and understand why I have the point of view I have and direct your anger to the appropriate source… and it sure as hell is not some obscure black dude with a little known blog.


Ok I know you need a laugh because I was such a cranky ass....

Other reads...via Betsy's Page

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Steven Brill had an amazing story in the New York Times Magazine within a longer story about how we might actually be approaching a tipping point on school reform. Brill is optimistic that somehow Race to the Top plus the pioneering work of pioneering school reformers aided by the contributions of philanthropists is starting to win ground in the states as support for true reform. But there are still those politicians who are so indebted to the teachers unions that they will still oppose the sorts of reforms that Race to the Top is supposed to support: using data to evaluate how successful teachers are instead of seniority and then rewarding teachers based on those efforts. The unions are still fighting such reforms in every jurisdiction they can. New York is a prime example where the unions forced legislators to block any lifting of the cap on charter schools. Brill tells of a charter school that exists in the exact same building as a regular public school. The contrast is telling.


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Anonymous said...

Best way to deal with those derogatory e-mails is to read them, then immediately delete it permanently. The more you read over it, the worse it gets to you. Once deleted, you will wish you hadn't...for about a minute. Then the "Fuckit" kicks in and your good.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

I know what you mean and I understand. What will almost always set me off is when some idiot nigga questions my blackness. Because I’m not some what they use to say back in the day “jive talkin’ illiterate, liberal Democrat nigga flunky.
I must be some oreo white person wannabee because my parents taught me one important thing… be an independent thinker and don’t get bullied into conformity.

It’s not like I’m in a bad mood… although I’m a moody bastard, I hate stupid and I get irritated by people who simply refuse to think. Someone sent me the quote recently:

"Wealth is the result of man's ability to think." -- Ayn Rand

Far too many people refuse to this one simple thing… and maybe it is not so simple.

I read the following, found this article after I was sent the quote:

Society has long cherished the ability to think beyond the ordinary. In a world where knowledge is revered and innovation equals progress, those able to bring forth greater
insight and understanding are destined to make their mark and blaze a trail to greater enlightenment.
"Critical thinking as an attitude is embedded in Western culture. There is a belief that argument is the way to finding truth," observes Adrian West, research director at the Edward de Bono Foundation U.K., and a former computer science lecturer at the University of Manchester. "Developing our abilities to think more clearly, richly, fully—individually and collectively—is absolutely crucial [to solving world problems]."
To be sure, history is filled with tales of remarkable thinkers who have defined and redefined our world views: Sir Isaac Newton discovering gravity; Voltaire altering perceptions about society and religious dogma; and Albert Einstein redefining the view of the universe. But in an age of computers, video games, and the Internet, there's a growing question about how technology is changing critical thinking and whether society benefits from it.
Although there's little debate that computer technology complements—and often enhances—the human mind in the quest to store information and process an ever-growing tangle of bits and bytes, there's increasing concern that the same technology is changing the way we approach complex problems and conundrums, and making it more difficult to really think.

People will go through life banging their head against the wall making the same fucken mistakes over and fucken over mired in a perpetual state helplessness and hopelessness.
We each hold the ability pull ourselves out of the black hole of ignorance and despair and yet some choose walk in the muck rather than using their brain to process logic and common fucken sense so they can walk on solid ground. The older I get the more perplexed I am by the deterioration of the human species and yes in particular black folks.

But NO! I’m the problem because I have the audacity to address the problem and buck the trend of not following silly Negro or left wing logic.
I’m sorry folks… something about this e-mail today touched a nerve

Mack said...

Great post!