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Obama “Insufficiently American”, Joe Sestak Bribe Offer, Today’s Comedians are Pussies, Third World Democracy thanks to Obama, Obama’s Columbia Cover-up, WTF! ABC Blames Palin for Oil Spill, Oh so now Democrats don’t like spending! Obama's Rat Problem

Good first post from ACE. For you Obama fans put aside your personal hard on for the man and just think. Now I know if you are liberals or a lifelong Negro Democrat you may not be able to process this in a common sense manner but if you are capable of rational thought this is easy to digest.

A Perspective On Why Some of Us Consider Obama Insufficiently "American" - ACE

And it has nothing to do with the damned birth certificate.

It has everything to do with how he perceives America and the world. And I'll grant you, it's old, but hell, it's Sunday night.

Consider if you will, these two photographs:
and this one, a little more recent:

On the one hand, you have an American Army General, receiving the Emperor of Japan under his terms, having for four years spent precious American blood and treasure to bring a vicious aggressor under control...

On the other hand, you have the leader of the greatest nation in the free world, meeting the leader of our partner nation, an ally, one bound to us by our conscious and active efforts after their destructive perfidy, to make them one of us on the globe, leaning down to kiss his ass as if we owed him an apology for having spent our treasure and blood to bring them into the fold.

I'm sure you see the problem.



Joe Sestak admits bribe offer - Red State

If you define ‘moral heroism’ as ‘reluctantly and inarticulately admitting that one was offered a bribe by the White House, while neglecting to alert the relevant federal authorities of the alleged crime in question,’ of course. Which apparently Joe Sestak does. Watch that video (at site) to the end to see DNC chair Tim Kaine disassociate himself from this mess - and it is a mess.


The White House and pay-for-play - Michelle Malkin

A bombshell has just exploded in the 2010 elections.

For the second time in five months, the Obama White House is being accused — by Democrats — of offering high ranking government jobs in return for political favors. What no one is reporting is that this is a violation of federal law that can lead to prison time, a fine or both, according to Title 18, Chapter 11, Section 211 of the United States Code.

The jobs in question? Secretary of the Navy and a position within the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The favor requested in return? Withdrawal from Senate challenges to two sitting United States Senators, both Democrats supported by President Obama. The Senators are Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and Michael Bennet in Colorado.

On Friday, Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak, the Democrat challenging Specter for re-nomination, launched the controversy by accusing the Obama White House of offering him a federal job in exchange for his agreeing to abandon his race against Specter.

In August of 2009, the Denver Post reported last September, Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina “offered specific suggestions” for a job in the Obama Administration to Colorado Democrat Andrew Romanoff, a former state House Speaker, if Romanoff would agree to abandon a nomination challenge to U.S. Senator Michael Bennet. Bennet was appointed to the seat upon the resignation of then-Senator Ken Salazar after Salazar was appointed by Obama to serve as Secretary of the Interior. According to the Post, the specific job mentioned was in the U.S. Agency for International Development. The Post cited “several sources who described the communication to The Denver Post.”

The paper also describes Messina as “President Barack Obama’s deputy chief of staff and a storied fixer in the White House political shop.” Messina’s immediate boss is White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

Sestak is standing by his story. Romanoff refused to discuss it with the Denver paper. In both instances the White House has denied the offers took place.
White House Mum on Whether Sestak Offered a Job - CNS News


This Stuff Is Not Supposed to Happen in America - Red State

"When it becomes fair game to attack and intimidate private citizens and their families to advance a public policy, we cross over from an orderly civil democracy to something decidedly third world.”

Charles Djou is the newest congressman from Hawaii. This won’t get a lot of play probably, but it should. Djou won Barack Obama’s home district in Hawaii. The district is heavily Democrat. The Democrats could not agree on a candidate and Djou, therefore, won.

I would like to be gloating, but there is a far more disturbing story out there we need to pay attention to. Barack Obama’s union friends are dragging us into the third world — and not just with their economic policies.

In Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe or Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela or in Thailand or in former Eastern Bloc countries it would not be unheard of for union goons to show up on a man’s doorstep to intimidate the man into submitting to the thugocracy’s will. It is not supposed to happen here.

A couple of weeks ago, Barack Obama told Wall Street that he, personally *he*, was all that stood between them and pitchforks. Well, Obama’s SEIU buddies decided to break out the pitchforks.


Jesus this president is a fucking idiot!

Obama Will Unilaterally Announce US Defense Secrets… Hopes World Will Like Us Then - First Things

The dismantling of America continues…
This is far left insanity.
The Obama Administration will unilaterally announce US secret missile tests and satellite launches in the hope that other regimes will do the same.

President Obama has decided to pre-announce to the world once-secret American ballistic missile tests and satellite launches.

The Democratic administration’s goal is to show a friendlier face to other countries and to coax Russia to do the same.

You know folks over the weekend I was watching a bunch of Comedy Central stand-ups and many of them were several years old when the rage was comedians bashing Bush for being stupid, incompetent or evil. It was like if you wanted to get a cheep laugh or applause just say something derogatory about Bush.

Today’s comedians are a bunch of fucking idiot cowards. Here you have one of the most inexplicable retarded damn presidents in history and comedians are such pussies that they won’t joke about a truly worthless president.
Exposing secrets to foreign nations, bankrupting the country, engaging in criminal activities, bowing to foreign leaders like a little bitch, even bowling like a little sissy or throwing a baseball like Betty White should be comedy fodder to these people but comedians are so scared of being called racist they are passing on classic comedy gold. Pathetic!


Same old liberal ideas behind Obama’s new kind of mask - Gay Patriot

It Is Official: You Have No Natural Right To Food - Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler


Dem Freshmen Run Away...

The House Democratic freshmen who rose to power riding candidate Barack Obama ’s coattails in 2008 are now eager to strut their independence heading into the midterms.

Some rookies opposed Obama’s cap-and-trade climate change bill; others rejected his health care plan. But even those members who backed all of the president’s signature initiatives are ready to show that they can win their first re-election bids without leaning on Obama’s star power.

63% Now Favor Repeal of HealthCare Law...


NewsBusters Analysis: One in Four Guests on Ed Schultz Radio Show Are Advertisers

I don’t give a shit about Schultz because he is a very disturbed man… well most liberals are…. but this dude is exceedingly retarded. Anybody who would listen to his show is equally as disturbed. I just thought this was funny.


ABC News Absolves Obama of Oil Spill Blame by Bashing Sarah Palin - Newsbusters

ABC News on Sunday marvelously absolved President Obama of any blame concerning the Gulf oil spill by bashing former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

After "World News Sunday's" opening segment about the crisis and how local citizens are being impacted, anchor Dan Harris said, "As we reported, the President is turning up the heat on BP, but the President is also feeling some heat himself with many critics questioning the way the White House is handling this crisis."

He then asked senior Washington editor Rick Klein, "Is there any evidence to substantiate the claim that the White House has been somehow abdicating responsibility and allowing BP to pick up too much of the heavy-lifting in this crisis?"

Strangely, Klein's response involved Palin...

Video at link.


“Public Trial” of Obama uncovers legacy of secrecy -

These questions are as follows:

Why didn’t Barack Obama have a Social Security Number issued in his name when he was first employed as a 14-year-old in Hawaii? Why was there such a long delay after his first job before an application was made for a Social Security Number? And why was he given a Connecticut Social Security Number previously used by a man born in the late 1800s, given that Obama never lived in Connecticut to begin with?

The first instance of Obama’s use of the Connecticut number was when he started to work as a Community Organizer in Chicago–a very long way from Connecticut.

Further, why was Obama given a degree from Columbia University when no one in Harlem ever remembers him being there, and although witnesses have testified that he was never a student on campus? And the address given by Obama as the one that he used while a student in Harlem does not exist.

But perhaps the most telling question of all is, why did Obama use a Kenyan passport to travel to Pakistan in 1981? Wouldn’t a U.S. citizen normally be given an American passport? It seems to be standard procedure–and the law–that passports are given only to citizens of the country in which they reside.

And what has the CIA got to do with all of this mess?

The fact is we may never know for sure unless somebody in authority in the government decides to investigate and discover the answers.

But one thing is for sure–Obama is an enigma, a shadow, a persona created out of the murky circumstances of his past, which is being carefully hidden. Why would it even need to be hidden?

Also check out...

CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up



Suddenly, Democrats get queasy at new spending - Hot Air

With almost $200 billion in new spending coming up for votes in Congress this week — most of it violating the Pay-Go rule Democrats passed in an orgy of self-congratulation earlier this year — some members have suddenly wondered whether profligate spending is really such a good idea. Given the mood of the electorate at the moment, it’s not surprising that the skeptics include the very same Democrats that considered Pay-Go the height of fiscal responsibility, just before they began exempting themselves from it repeatedly. Like any addict, as the Washington Post notes a few paragraphs into the story, the Democrats just can’t see how to quit now — and for good reason


Via Bortz:

America's new culture war: Free enterprise vs. government control - Washington Post

Here you will learn what is really driving the tea party patriots round this country. It's not racism nor the desire to respond violently to the outrages of the ObamaNation. We may not be able to put together a few thousands words as adroitly as Arthur C. Brooks does, but we understand that something terrible is happening in Washington DC. Though 70% of Americans think they would be better off living in a free enterprise system, the 30% that wants a government-controlled economy has found itself in charge. If they stay in charge the America you knew as a child will in no way resemble the America your child will know.


Senate Democrats Pass Bill Allowing Govt to Collect Addresses, ATM Records of Bank Customers - CNS News

Senate Democrats united to pass a financial regulatory bill that allows the government to collect data on any person operating in financial markets at any level, including the collection of personal transaction records from local banks that list customers’ addresses and ATM receipts.

The Senate voted 59-39 on Thursday to pass the bill, the chief aim of which is to more-heavily regulate the financial industry. The bill now goes to a conference committee in the House of Representatives, where differences between the House and Senate versions will be ironed out.

The bill, if it becomes law, would create the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection and empower it to “gather information and activities of persons operating in consumer financial markets,” including the names and addresses of account holders, ATM and other transaction records, and the amount of money kept in each customer’s account.


Why is Oklahoma's economy more than OK these days? I'll give you a hint: they have tough illegal immigration laws- Newsbusters

I missed this:

Rodent Almost Upstages Obama during Speech about Wall Street Vote


Ok this was funny...

Ariz. governor uses puppet video to sell immigration law


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