Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Take a Deep Breath… Pray… Release…

First the National Anthem…

Lord, the world wants to pound us down. We are controlled by clocks,
traffic lights, endless lines, and requested participation in civic events.
Our energies are drained and our nerves become frayed. The trials and demands continue without end, and they often seem urgent, even chaotic.

Will any of it add one single minute more to my life Lord? Help me to separate trial from opportunity, replace demand with sacrifice. Help me to replace urgency with submission to Your will, understanding instead of antagonism. Jesus, slow down my life. Give me the gift of patience.
Help me to understand rather than demand.Relaxation rather than frustration.

Our world is often based on greed and ego,and it results in pain. Can it all be that important? That rush for success can result in physical, emotional and spiritual illness. Help all of us to see what is missing in our lives, Lord.
Your gift of patience is so important. We need to realize that You are the way.That peace we seek can only come from You. You can calm the waters, and tell the wind o be still. You can restore peace and love.

11 Reasons to Vote for Democrats This November

Lie... Lie... Lie...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey Obama Voter… Gee Thanks, It’s Worst Than We All Thought! Why Presidential Elections Matter... Kagen, American Healthcare Good/Bad, Welfare That Works, Another Dem Tax Hike, Why Obamacare Sucks, Obama Destroys America, Quote

Why Presidential Elections Matter - Newsbusters

Networks Defend 'Consensus Builder' Kagan; Downplay Military Recruiter Ban - Newsbusters

The Monday morning shows on CBS, ABC, and NBC all worked to portray President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan as a moderate and open-minded legal scholar, downplaying her liberal views. All three network programs also minimized her controversial decision to ban military recruiters on campus while Dean of Harvard Law School.

On CBS's Early Show, legal correspondent Jan Crawford touted Kagan as "an intellectual heavyweight and consensus builder." Crawford noted how Republicans had "several lines of attack" against Kagan and would "try to paint her as a liberal activist." Crawford herself recently described Kagan as having "stood shoulder to shoulder with the liberal left."

On ABC's Good Morning America, correspondent Claire Shipman did a fawning segment on Kagan in the 8AM ET hour, describing the former Dean as "intellectual" and "full of personal charm" during her tenure at Harvard. Shipman claimed that Kagan had "a determination to be open-minded," despite banning military recruiters from the university's campus over the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy. On that issue, Shipman explained that despite Kagan's decision being unpopular "among student military vets....Iraq War veteran Kurt White says they were won over by Kagan's persistent outreach, another example of her political skills."

Elena Kagan: “It’s Fine If the Law Bans Books” (Video)- First Things

Spoken like a true leftist radical…
Elena Kagan in 2009:
“Its Fine if The Law Bans Books Because Government Won’t Really Enforce It.”
Via Naked Emperor News:

Fannie-Freddie Bailout Could Cost Taxpayers $1 Trillion

The High Cost of Other People Living Beyond Their Means - Moonbattery

Under a government that promotes irresponsibility and parasitism, those who pay their bills are effectively slaves to those who don't.
The Unengaged President - National Review
Obama’s lack of interest in the world is evident in his handling of the oil spill and the Afghan War.

What do General McChrystal and British Petroleum have in common? Aside from the fact that they’re both Democratic-party supporters.

Or they were. Stanley McChrystal is a liberal who voted for Obama and banned Fox News from his HQ TV. Which may at least partly explain how he became the first U.S. general to be lost in combat while giving an interview to Rolling Stone: They’ll be studying that one in war colleges around the world for decades. The executives of BP were unable to vote for Obama, being, as we now know, the most sinister duplicitous bunch of shifty Brits to pitch up offshore since the War of 1812. But, in their “Beyond Petroleum” marketing and beyond, they signed on to every modish nostrum of the eco-Left. Their recently retired chairman, Lord Browne, was one of the most prominent promoters of cap-and-trade. BP was the Democrats’ favorite oil company. They were to Obama what Total Fina Elf was to Saddam.

Think the U.S. Has Bad Health Care? (Two misleading reports illustrate why people believe this) - Via New Republic

If you believe that Americans have lousy health care, it is probably not because you have experienced inferior heath care. It is probably because you were told America has inferior health care.

Last week, major news media featured these headlines:

Reuters: “U.S. scores dead last again in healthcare study”

Los Angeles Times: “U.S. is No. 1 in a key area of healthcare. Guess which one . . . ”

NPR: “US Spends The Most On Health Care, Yet Gets Least”

Now let’s delve into the story as reported by Reuters.

Welfare That Works - Townhall

For decades, liberals have promoted welfare as a “hand up, not a hand out.” Now, with the cost of American welfare programs pushing toward $1 trillion per year, it’s time to make that slogan a reality.

First, the depressing background.

In 1964, President Johnson declared “war” on poverty, stating he would make Americans self-sufficient by eliminating the causes of poverty. During the 46 years since, the United States has fought actual wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq again. All those wars have ended, or will end, long before the War on Poverty will. And they’ll have cost far less.

The U.S. has spent almost $16 trillion on means-tested welfare. Yet instead of solving the problem of poverty by curing its causes, all that spending has made things worse. After all these years and several generations of dependency, many families are less capable of supporting themselves today than they were when the War on Poverty began.

U.S. Can’t Continue As Engine That Drives the Global Economy, Obama and Geithner Say - CNS News
Democrats Face New Obstacles in Passing Financial Regulations - CNS News

The death of Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., and new misgivings by Republican senators who previously supported the legislation have put the bank regulation bill's passage in doubt.
Scott Brown on Dem’s Financial Bill: “I Can’t Support the Dem’s $19 Billion Tax Hike” - First Things


Why Obama is Sabotaging U.S. Economic Growth - AIM

Ask yourself: with the administration passing the financial reform bill, will it translate to solving the economic crisis? Will it translate to robust economic growth for America? Will it heal the private sector and create more jobs and reduce the unemployment rate or stop the stock market from crashing again? The answer is “No.”

Then you should ask yourself: Does the Obama administration know this? The answer is “Yes.”

The Obama Administration knows very well that passing the financial reform bill is not going to improve the unemployment picture, or solve the economic crisis, or even prevent the stock market from crashing again. Yet they rushed it through without fixing the root cause of the economic crisis—the influence of the hedge fund short sellers that are organized in the Managed Funds Association (MFA), the most powerful special interest group in America.

Billionaire George Soros is one of its most prominent members.

Five Ways the Obama Administration Has Made the Gulf Oil Crisis Worse - Right Wing News

The oil spill in the Gulf AKA Obamatrina has been a disaster for everyone involved. Millions of ordinary people who did nothing wrong are taking a huge economic hit, it's a genuine environmental disaster, BP may end up going bankrupt over the whole disaster, and Obama's incompetence has been so galling that even Democratic apparatchik's like James Carville and Chris Matthews are criticizing him publicly.

From Bortz...

The Supreme Court has rejected a business-led challenge to a government healthcare program in San Francisco that has enrolled more than 53,000 people who lacked health insurance.

Should city's ban smoking in vehicles when young children are inside?- Weasel Zippers
HOLY KYL In 2004 Obama Advocated "Trading" Border Security for Amnesty Naked Emperor News

Krugman in Crisis: We're Headed for Depression


And the weasel-like Paul Krugman (he actually looks like a ferret), a New York Times columnist, is all upset that at the G-Whiz meetings over the weekend, they told Obama to go pound sand when he asked them to spend more money. Krugman said (summarized), "Well, that's it. We're going to go back to double-dip recession. It's over. If we stop spending and we start getting concerned about deficit reduction and debt, then it's over. We're headed for a double-dip recession".

Why Obamacare Is Unpopular
Americans relate to the Founders, not to progressives

Democrats are reportedly planning to raise $125 million for a campaign to sell Obamacare to the voting public. Apparently, the idea is that what 50-plus presidential speeches and statements and months of congressional debate could not do can be done by spending $125 million on everything from TV ads to community organizers.

Maybe. But there seems to be a more fundamental problem here. The Obama Democrats didn’t set out to produce an unpopular stimulus package, an unpopular health-care bill, and an unpopular cap-and-trade scheme.

They thought these initiatives would be popular. In their view, history is a story of progress from small government to big government, and that, as historians of the New Deal wrote, progress is especially welcome in times of economic distress.

The massive unpopularity of the Obama Democrats’ programs suggests that view of history is defective. Let me propose another, starting with the Founding Fathers.

“Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth -- more than ruin -- more even than death.... Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit. Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid. Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man.”—Bertrand Russell

Good Riddance, Robert Byrd

"Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds."

Former Klansman and current US Senator Robert Byrd, a man who is referred to by many Democrats as the "conscience of the Senate", in a letter written in 1944, after he quit the KKK.

"I am a former kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan in Raleigh County and the adjoining counties of the state .... The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia .... It is necessary that the order be promoted immediately and in every state of the Union. Will you please inform me as to the possibilities of rebuilding the Klan in the Realm of W. Va .... I hope that you will find it convenient to answer my letter in regards to future possibilities."

- Former Klansman and current US Senator Robert Byrd, a man who is referred to by many Democrats as the "conscience of the Senate", in a letter written in 1946, after he quit the KKK.

Folks I got so fucking sick of watching news reports and having people news media types praise this pork barrel pimp jackass like he was some goddamn saint. If he wasn’t from such a hillbilly state where the people were so grateful for all of his pork hustling he could not get elected to dog catcher anywhere else.
So I thought this piece deserved a full post for my archives. I wish I had written it.

by John Howting - On Human Events

When Robert Byrd was a young man, he organized a local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in his hometown of Crab Orchard and at the young age of 24 rose to the high office of “Exalted Cyclops.” He quickly climbed the KKK ranks, ascending all the way to “grand Kleagle,” a powerful recruitment head.

Once he became a prominent Democrat in the Senate, he had to mitigate his mistake of joining the Klan. As a former Exalted Cyclops and kleagle, it was hard for him to portray himself as a “good man in the wrong place at the wrong time” so he tried to mitigate the harsh image of the Klan that was becoming mainstream.

As he writes in his autobiography Child of the Appalachian Coalfields: “In those days, as I was told, many of the upstanding people in the communities belonged to the Klan. Doctors, lawyers, clergymen, judges, business people, and laborers—including women—were members of the organization. Many of the ‘best’ people were members—even senators and other high officials. It was with such background impressions, therefore, that I sought to become a member of the KKK.”

He went on to write, “I had good experiences with nearly all of the blacks I had known as a young man. I had been to their homes to sell produce and had found most of the black families I knew to be kindly, law-abiding, and God fearing … as far as Catholics, Jews, and foreign born people were concerned, I felt no bias against them.”

In Byrd’s autobiography, one is led to accept that he was simply looking for a good social networking device. Despite being such a high ranking member, Robert Byrd claims he simply had no idea that this organization was killing civil rights workers and burning down black churches. The following except is from a 1945 letter that Byrd sent to the segregationist Sen. Theodore Bilbo concerning the Truman administration’s efforts to integrate the US military;

“I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side … Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

Within the Church of Modern Liberalism, does one really think these words will prevent the elevation of Robert Byrd to media sainthood? In a church where abortion is a sacrament, it is unlikely. For goodness sakes, Ted Kennedy actually killed a woman and that did not halt his canonization process.

It is quite possible that a young, immature Byrd joined the KKK for noble reasons as he suggests in his autobiography. He may have seen the Klan as a fine tool for combating a rising tide of communism and for promoting patriotism. However, the mainstream media and other minions of the American left will continue to persecute men who did far less than Byrd while venerating Byrd himself.

With his recent death this hypocrisy will only get worse. Here are some of the things our fellow news outlets ought not to forget:

• Filibustering the 1964 Civil Rights Act for over 14 hours straight. To this day, the American left vilifies Sen. Barry Goldwater for voting against this legislation but where is criticism of Byrd? Goldwater had a strong pro-civil rights record coming out of the 1950s that included voting for civil rights legislation and working with the Arizona NAACP to desegregate Arizona’s public schools. Goldwater voted against the 1964 Act only because he believed that Title II was not within Congress’ power to regulate interstate commerce and was also an abridgement of the 10th Amendment.

Robert Byrd did not have the same civil rights record, far from it he was a Klansman. And, Byrd was never able to make a legitimate argument that he rejected the 1964 Act on constitutional grounds alone because while he filibustered the bill he quoted The Mind of Primitive Man by Frank Boaz. He cited Boaz’s study which concluded that the white man’s brain weighed more than the black man’s brain and therefore the white man is smarter. He also insisted that the writers of the Declaration of Independence did not intend for their words to be taken literally because they must have understood that all men are not created equal … that the darker man is clearly inferior.

• Having the guts to talk down to Martin Luther King Jr. Today Martin Luther King, Jr. is praised as a fine statesman who led a crusade for a colorblind society, and rightfully so. King was gaining strong support from both sides of the isle; Republicans helped push through the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and President Johnson signed it into law. It would have taken a lot of chutzpah to denounce Reverend King on the Senate floor, but Robert Byrd sought to do just that. In early 1968, he contacted the FBI, offering to denounce King on the Senate floor. Byrd said it was time Dr. King “met his Waterloo.” The FBI did not take him up on that offer, but imagine the uproar if evidence came to light that Barry Goldwater or Trent Lott offered to speak ill of King on the Senate floor.

• Using the “N” word on live cable television. While on Tony Snow’s “Fox News Sunday” in March 2001, Sen. Byrd, speaking in reference to race relations in the U.S., said:

“They're much, much better than they've ever been in my lifetime ... I think we talk about race too much. I think those problems are largely behind us ... I just think we talk so much about it that we help to create somewhat of an illusion. I think we try to have good will. My old mom told me, 'Robert, you can't go to heaven if you hate anybody.' We practice that. There are white niggers. I've seen a lot of white niggers in my time. I'm going to use that word. We just need to work together to make our country a better country, and I'd just as soon quit talking about it so much.”

Sen. Byrd did not use this word with malevolence but one should not forget how Trent Lott’s career was tarnished when he complimented Strom Thurmond during his 100th birthday party by simply speculating that “this country may be better off today if Strom had been elected back in 1948.” Lott was not trying to advance a segregationist agenda, he was more upset over the expansions of the federal government that took place under Truman and the role Truman played in flushing out the so called “do-nothing Republican Congress.”

• Criticizing “presidential wars” only when the President happens to be a Republican. Byrd voted for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which gave President Johnson the authority to commit U.S. troops to Vietnam. Byrd hung tough in his support of the Vietnam War as he himself said, “I was the last one that ran out of Vietnam. I supported President Johnson to the end.” Once the Reagan Administration came into office, Byrd ran from the staunch anti-Communist “Scoop Jackson” wing of the Democratic Party to the non-interventionist “William Fulbright” wing. Byrd opposed almost all of Reagan’s military initiatives. He strongly opposed fighting Central American Marxist insurgents and protested the Strategic Defense Initiative just as ardently. In 1990, Byrd voted against authorizing President George H.W. Bush to commit troops to the Persian Gulf. Then Bill Clinton came to the White House and Byrd morphed back into a war hawk as he voted to give the Democratic administration authorization to intervene in Haiti, Bosnia, and Kosovo. Byrd kept in the war-hawk state of mind during the early George W. Bush years.

In 2002 he said, “We are confident that [Iraqi President] Saddam Hussein retains some stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, and that he has ... embarked on a crash course to build up his chemical and biological warfare capabilities. Intelligence reports indicate that he is seeking nuclear weapons.”

After the November mid-term elections of 2002, Byrd became critical of the resolution authorizing the President to intervene in Iraq. In June 2003 he decided to change his mind on the threat posed by Iraq:

“Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction remain a mystery and a conundrum. What are they, where are they, how dangerous are they? Or were they a manufactured excuse by an administration eager to seize a country?”

Byrd went on to bash the Bush administration and the Iraq War in his book entitled Losing America: Confronting a Reckless and Arrogant Presidency. In 2007, the once staunch hold-the-line senator, who wanted “to finish the job” in Vietnam; voted for two separate acts intended to pull all U.S. troops out of Iraq immediately.

No Republican could ever get away with such utter hypocrisy.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ayers-Obama Link, Who Knew! Socialist Obama, What Stinkin Border, Smartass Biden, KKK Byrd Dead, Broken...

Ayers-Obama link:Is this the payoff?
Point man in funding radical charity
named to White House commission

TEL AVIV – A scholar and charity head appointed to President Obama's White House Fellowships Commission served as a point man in granting $49.2 million in startup capital to an education-reform project founded by Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers and chaired by Obama.

Documentation shows the White House fellow, Vartan Gregorian, was central in Ayers' recruitment of Obama to serve as the first chairman of the project, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge – a job in which Obama worked closely on a regular basis with Ayers.

Obama also later touted his job at the project as qualifying him to run for public office, as WND previously reported.

Gregorian, president of Carnegie Corp. charitable foundation, was appointed by Obama last year as a White House fellow. Born in Tabriz, Iran, Gregorian served for eight years as president of the New York Public Library and was also president of Brown University.

In his role as Brown president, Gregorian served on the selection committee of the Annenberg Foundation, which funded Ayers' Chicago Annenberg Challenge with a $49.2 million, 2-to-1 matching challenge grant over five years. Ayers was one of five founding members of the Challenge who wrote to the Annenberg Foundation for the initial funding.


Socialist Obama Insists “Global Recovery Requires Level Playing Field” - First Things

Our radical president told reporters at the G20 meetings in Canada yesterday that,

“Global recovery requires a level playing field.”

The leftists probably thought this was brilliant. The rest of us understand that it is a meaningless statement except for the fact that it confirms his socialist bent.

Napolitano: ‘You’re Never Going to Totally Seal That Border’ - CNS News

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, whose agency is charged with securing America’s borders, told an audience in Washington, D.C., in reference to the U.S.-Mexico border, “You’re never going to totally seal that border.”

Napolitano spoke and answered questions at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on “Securing the Border: A Smarter Law Enforcement Approach,” on Wednesday.

When asked if she could give a timeline on when the border would be secured, Napolitano said, “The border is as secure now as it has ever been” but that the border will never be totally sealed.


Gov. Jan Brewer sends a message to Obama - Via The Right Scoop


Senate, Robert Byrd of West Virginia died this morning at the age of 92. Byrd was literally wheeled out to vote on Obama’s health-care reform bill...

Which is why I don't give a fuck! Who gives a fuck about a former KKK dude?


Rep. George LeMieux: Why do we have over 1400 domestic skimmers but only 400 are being used in the Gulf? - The Right Scoop

Good question!!


Las Vegas Hotel Owner tells it like it is - American Thinker


Obama is a taxing machine. He's raised taxes on the middle class. He's raising taxes on businesses. In Obama's world if it moves, you tax it .. and if it stands still you get a union worker to paint it and call it a stimulus project.

Now there are some people, of course, who aren't all that happy at having their taxes increased. Is the Obama administration ready to listen to them? Is there any option open to Obama other than increasing taxes? Yeah, right.

Obama has two reasons for raising taxes. One, of course, is to obtain the revenue needed to expand government. America, to Obama, IS government. The other reason for Obama's tax increases is wealth seizure and redistribution. Barack Obama is dedicated to the concept of transferring as much wealth from high-achievers (the evil rich) to the traditional Democrat support base as possible. Remember Joe the Plumber?

So .. .how do the ObamaBots react to people who aren't happy with the taxes they're paying, and have the courage to speak out? Now we know:

Joe Biden is touring the country this summer, trying to sell the stimulus package and convince Americans that it has worked. You know things are bad when you still have to get out there and sell a piece of legislation that was passed over a year ago. Sadly, Joe isn't that great as a salesman. He tells a crowd, "there's no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession." He then blamed "this godawful mess" on George Bush. Well of course. But here's another little fact that Joe Biden failed to tell the crowd. Since the beginning of the recession, some 7.9 million jobs were lost in the private sector while 590,000 jobs were gained in the government sector. And since the passage of the stimulus bill (February 2009), over 2.6 million private jobs were lost, but the government workforce grew by 400,000. Obama's stimulus bill isn't working. Period. It was just a conglomeration of long-time Democrat pork projects stuffed into one horrendous piece of legislation.

But back to Biden's recovery tour: Biden shows up to a custard shop in Greenfield, Wisconsin. This is where he encounters the owner of Kopp's Custard and we get the following exchange:

Biden: What do we owe you?

Manager: Don't worry. It's on us. ... (inaudible) ... Lower our taxes and we'll call it even.

(A few minutes after the Kopp's manager's comment on "Lower our taxes," there's another exchange.)

Biden: Why don't you say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time? Say something nice.

Being a smartass? Just what is it that made this small businessman a smartass? He actually told the high and exalted Vice President to "lower our taxes." That's all it took, and suddenly not only is he a smartass, but he's a smartass "all the time."
This level of arrogance is not only unforgivable, but it's dangerous as well. We've lost jobs in the private sector since Obama was crowned. We've lost jobs in spite of his so-called stimulus bill. The people we will depend on in the private sector to create jobs are people like the owner of this custard shop in Wisconsin. He sends a message to Obama and the Democrats through Joe Biden .. and he's called a smartass. Instead of entering a dialog with this man - perhaps asking him if his tax burden is standing in the way of a business expansion - Biden just pops off with his smartass line.

Well, my friends? I guess that's what Obama and the Democrats think of those of us who think that taxes are too high .. and that perhaps lowering those taxes (or at least not raising them any further) might spur some economic activity.


Folks you know I’ve known that I have been a very broken individual for a very long time and frankly I don’t know if I will ever be able to heal mentally or emotionally.
I don’t know if some of you have ever just thrown in the proverbial towel just saying fuck it and you know I’m on that tipping point.
Let’s examine an apology. Have you ever apologized to someone so much that it becomes pointless?
A proper apology should always include the following:

1) A detailed account of the situation
2) Acknowledgement of the hurt or damage done
3) Taking responsibility for the situation
4) Recognition of your role in the event
5) A statement of regret
6) Asking for forgiveness
7) A promise that it won't happen again
8) A form of restitution whenever possible

Yes to all of it… I have failed time and time again with a number of people.

Maybe it is lack of sleep, simple depression, anger with the man in the mirror… whatever.

If you are someone who has ever looked me in the eye chances are I owe you an apology for something.

No matter how hard you tried I can’t escape the tendency to hurt those who care for me the most.

Seconds seem like hours to me right now and it is excruciating.

I won’t apologize until I am able to comprehend and deliver on all those points needed to apologize appropriately and sincerely.

If you are someone who has ever looked me in the eye all I can do is ask for your forgiveness.

Live Well… Love Well… do it for me because I obviously can’t.


A Soldier Speaks: What about Some Respect From Obama?


Now that General McChrystal is gone, liberals and conservatives seem to agree that McChrystal did not show sufficient “respect” for President Obama. But what about respect from Obama and his ruling liberal elite for our system, our country, and its values? What about the chain of command that makes Obama answerable to the American people and the system that he is so brazenly attempting to transform into something completely foreign to what our founders intended?

Whatever differences the liberals and conservatives have on this issue, most commentators agree that General McChrystal—and his aides—should not have said what was in the Rolling Stone interview. The agreement explains why the liberals have won the battle over the long-term fate of the United States of America. They are controlling the debate over what is appropriate and what is not.

As an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran who was stationed in the Middle East, I am not a fan of General McChrystal. But that doesn’t matter in this situation because the key point is that many of those supposedly on the Right who like General McChrystal nevertheless agreed with the liberals that it was wrong for an active duty general to “undermine” or “disparage” the commander-in-chief. They said that it’s something that you just don’t do—that it violates the way things are done and breaks rules. What nonsense.

The liberals in power constantly do things that you are not supposed to do, violate the way things are done, and break rules and laws. The liberals in the White House and Congress have firmly established that the only rule is that there are no rules. And they stand firmly together and applaud themselves for it even as they face no serious consequences for their immorality. So if the Right believed that General McChrystal was the correct guy for the job, they should have rallied around him and defended him, instead of joining with the liberals.

Here are a few examples of things that we once did not do (and which still break the law or rules) but which the liberals have normalized through unilaterally and unapologetically doing:

It is now acceptable to have the police escort a mob of thugs to a banker’s home so the mob can terrorize innocent civilians.
It is now acceptable to have the New Black Panthers wield weapons outside a voting station in order to increase liberal voter turnout.
It is now acceptable to appoint a homosexual advocate as a “safe schools czar” and boast of it. Those who condemn such perverts and their advocates are deemed “hateful” and of “leading a vicious smear campaign.” Telling the truth is now a smear.
It is acceptable for the president to try to force the troops, involved in two wars, to accept open homosexuals in the ranks so that a political special interest group can be appeased.
It is now acceptable to have a U.S. President who is personal friends with a communist terrorist.
It is now acceptable to have a U.S. President who goes around the world “apologizing” for America and debasing it.
It is now acceptable for elected officials such as Senator Harry Reid to disparage our troops and give comfort to the enemy.
It is now acceptable to beat an old woman on live TV and “protest” against laws attempting to preserve the last vestiges of morality (see the homosexual reaction to the Proposition 8 measure in California).
It is now acceptable to attack a beauty pageant contestant with the most vulgar of language because she did not completely embrace the sodomite agenda.
It is now acceptable to destroy the institution of marriage, even though the institution of marriage is sacred, according to the Bible that tens of millions of Americans still embrace.
It is now acceptable to promote sodomy and indoctrinate our children into it.
It is now acceptable to slaughter the unborn in the name of “choice.”
It is now acceptable to deny and legally subvert the Christian heritage of this nation.
It is now acceptable to aid illegal aliens and bring lawsuits against states like Arizona which choose to enforce the law that the federal government refuses to enforce.
It is acceptable to side with foreign invaders and prosecute American citizens who are trying to protect our sovereignty and lives.
It is now acceptable to practice and promote socialism, communism, or statism, or whatever one wants to call it.
It is acceptable to bow down at the altar of Islam and put no preconditions on talking with the most evil of terrorists and regimes.
And it is now acceptable to declare Tea Partiers, proponents of national sovereignty, and other law-abiding citizens of the United States of America “enemies” of the state, even as one allies with communists and Mexican invaders.
The liberals do all these things that you are not supposed to do. They break all these laws and rules and more. Yet the Right does not call them on this—at least not with any backbone or conviction.

And so it is laughable to hear those supposedly on the Right say that while they like General McChrystal and wished that he could have stayed, President Obama had no choice but to ask for his resignation because General McChrystal said things “you just don’t say” and was “disrespectful.”

I’ve known for some time that the Republicans are a spineless joke but now it appears that the conservatives are, too.

There are no rules of “civility” any longer. One must simply fight if one hopes to win this war. But it does not appear that the Right will be able to do this because the Right cannot identify that there is a war, doesn’t realize that there are no rules of engagement, and cannot even identify who the domestic enemy is.

And so the liberals will keep talking about General McChrystal’s forced resignation and what other courses of action will now follow. But the key point will never be discussed and never even be realized.

But it remains the key point nonetheless: unless the Right stops condemning people like General McChrystal, whose contempt for the President he voted for is obviously shared within the ranks, the Right will ensure that it will stay on the defensive. The complete destruction of the nation will inevitably follow.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Greek Island For Sale, Obama No Listen, Stupid Ass Arizona Boycott, Church Sued Over Gay Marriage, Damn She's an Idiot, Liberals Hate Obama Too, Glenn Beck Disses MLK, New York Bad For Negros, There’s No Negros In Baseball, Damn She/He/It is Ugly!

I've been there many times, shit I'd buy it if I could!!
Wanna Buy A Greek Island!?

Greece, you may have heard, is putting some of the Greek islands up for sale ... well, parts of the islands anyway. Mykonos, for instance. Greece is doing this to pay off mountains of debts. There are about 6000 Greek islands .. presumably some of them will be sold in their entirety.

Well now! Does that give us an idea? Our debt is getting up there. We're not Greeks yet, but we're close. So let's sell something! We don't have all that many islands, but maybe a state or two? Any nominations? Sorry .. but I would put California on Craig's list first. With California in private hands we would be rid of Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Henry Waxman and the entire city councils of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Soviet Monica.

Seriously though (and I was only kidding a little) ... the largest landowner in the United States is the Imperial Federal Government. Maybe it's time to start selling off some of those holdings. Many years ago some real estate experts suggested that our entire federal debt could be satisfied by selling the Presidio, Fort DeRussy, Camp Pendleton and Fort Ord, all military installations, to private real estate investors. It's too late for the Presidio and Fort Ord .. but there's still plenty of land to sell. The problem, of course, is liberals and environmentalists. Oh how they hate the concept of private ownership.


Will Obama listen to anybody?

There is a disturbing passage in federal Judge Martin Feldman's Tuesday decision overturning President Obama's six-month moratorium on oil and natural gas drilling in all waters more than 500 feet deep. "The [Interior] Secretary's determination that a six-month moratorium on issuance of new permits and on drilling by the 33 rigs is necessary does not seem to be fact-specific and refuses to take into measure the safety records of those others in the Gulf.


Two federal agencies have joined the "boycott Arizona" trend and canceled conferences

Liberal Activist Compares US Border Patrol to the KKK - Verum Serum via Confederate Yankee


World of Hurtt: Illegal Aliens’ Best Friend Gets Key ICE Job - Debbie Schlussel

The U.S. Department of Illegal Alien Labor - Michelle Malkin

President Obama’s Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is supposed to represent American workers. What you need to know is that this longtime open-borders sympathizer has always had a rather radical definition of “American.” At a Latino voter registration project conference in Los Angeles many years ago, Solis asserted to thunderous applause, “We are all Americans, whether you are legalized or not.”

That’s right. The woman in charge of enforcing our employment laws doesn’t give a hoot about our immigration laws — or about the fundamental distinction between those who followed the rules in pursuit of the American dream and those who didn’t.
Jesus what an idiot....

Kyl: Yes, Peggy, Arizona is a border state - Michelle Malkin

County Supervisor Who Supports Boycott Doesn't Know Arizona Borders Mexico


“If this was Texas, which is a state that is directly on the border with Mexico, and they were calling for a measure like this, saying that they have a major issue with, you know, undocumented people flooding their borders, I would say, I would have to look twice at this, but this is a state that’s a ways removed from the border…”


American voters’ opposition to Obamacare is rock-solid - Washington Examiner

The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, referencing a few polls, recently wrote of Obamacare’s popularity: “Public opinion remains mixed, and the trend is toward support, not opposition.” This, however, is wishful thinking on Klein’s part. A more thorough look at the polls shows that American voters are strongly opposed to Obamacare and that this fact is not changing over time.

Paul McCartney Compares Global Warming Skeptics to Holocaust Deniers; Says of Obama, 'I Really Love Him' - Newsbusters

Obama losing Hill liberals on war - Politico

The president and congressional critics, long on a collision course over the war in Afghanistan, are hurtling ever faster toward each other since the ouster of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, and doves on Capitol Hill are feeling a little tougher right now.


Black Leaders to Move Against Conservative Attempt to Distort King Dream - Toledo Journal

NEW YORK (NNPA) - Black Civil Rights leaders are furious that they will not be able to organize a march to commemorate the 47th anniversary of the historic March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King's famed “I Have A Dream” speech at the location where it happened this year because infamous right wing Fox News personality and radio host Glenn Beck already booked the Lincoln Memorial on Aug. 28th to hold his own rally.

“We're going to get together because we are not going to let Glenn Beck own the symbolism of Aug. 28th, 2010,” National Urban League President and CEO Marc Morial said during a National Newspaper Publishers Association breakfast at NNPA’s 70th Anniversary Celebration at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers on Friday. “Someone said to me, ‘Maybe we shouldn't challenge him. Maybe we should just let him have it. “I was like,’ Brother, where have you been? Where is your courage? Where is your sense of outrage?” We need to collaborate and bring together all people of good will, not just Black people, on Aug. 28 to send a message that Glenn Beck's vision of America is not our vision of America.
Woman sues church over gay marriage - CNN

Years before the nation's capital legalized same-sex marriage in March, one church in Washington, D.C., opened its doors to gay couples as part of its mission to establish an "inclusive body of Biblical believers."

Pastors Christine and Dennis Wiley performed a 2007 commitment ceremony at their altar. That action split the historically black church, prompting half of the congregation to leave.

Yvonne Moore not only left Covenant Baptist, where she had worshipped for nearly 40 years: she filed a lawsuit for her weekly tithes because, as she said, "They didn't respect the members enough to listen to us."

Moore said she attended the 2007 commitment ceremony and found it "totally disgusting."

"I don't believe in that, I'm southern Baptist," Moore told CNN's Soledad O'Brien. "The bible speaks against that. You cannot take that in the church."

So she sued the church for a portion of the estimated $250,000 that she estimates she had paid in weekly donations over the past 37 years.


New York City Gets Bad Grades on African-American Progress - NBC NY

A annual "report card" on the state of African-Americans here in New York City has just come out -- but before we reveal them, we asked a few people in Harlem to grade the city overall for blacks.

"B," said one businessman in Harlem.

"I would give it a B-minus," shouted a New York pedestrian.

"Probably a C," said one businesswoman.

The Black Equity Alliance and New York Urban League, however, were not so generous.

After a year of research and evaluation, the groups gave the city a "D" in the area of employment, a "D" in healthcare, a "D" in child well-being, a "C-" criminal justice and a "D" education.

"We want this to got to elected officials, policy makers, commissioner on the city and state levels," said Darwin Davis, president of the alliance.


Stymied by GOP, Democrats at loss on jobs agenda - AP

WASHINGTON — Stymied by Republicans, Democrats are at a loss as they struggle to help pump up the economy in the run-up to congressional elections this fall.

The demise of their jobs-agenda legislation Thursday means that unemployment benefits will phase out for more than 200,000 people a week. Governors who had counted on fresh federal aid will now have to consider a more budget cuts, tax increases and layoffs of state workers.

Senate Democrats cut billions from the bill in an attempt to attract enough Republican votes to overcome a filibuster. But the 57-41 vote fell three votes short of the 60 required to crack a GOP filibuster, leaving the way forward unclear.


God I swear Democrats are fucking idiots!!!!

Dodd on Financial Takeover: “No One Will Know Until It’s Actually In Place How It Works” - First Things

Islamist websites: McChrystal fired because Afghan war is lost -CNN Via Rantburg


Petraeus Ready to Loosen Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan - First Things

Garofalo: Bible a 'Work of Fiction' for 'Child-Like Audience' - Newsbusters

Sport that gave us Jackie Robinson now struggling to bring in African-Americans

Sherman Johnson was relishing his trip to the College World Series when someone asked if he had noticed an increasingly common trend.

In the sport that gave us Jackie Robinson, where are all the African-American players?

"You don't really notice until people start talking about it," said Johnson, a third baseman for the Florida State Seminoles and a rarity in Omaha, Neb., because of his skin colour. "Then you're like, 'Wow, that team doesn't have any people of colour, and that team doesn't.'

"It is quite astounding."

Eight teams made it to the College World Series. Three of them — TCU, Oklahoma and Florida — don't have any black players. Three others — UCLA, Arizona State and South Carolina — have only one. Florida State (three) and Clemson (two) were the only squads that had more than one African-American on the roster.

That's a grand total of eight black players — out of 269.

Confirmed: Huffington Post Readers Every Bit As Buggered As You Suspected - Confederate Yankee

We've long known that the community-based reality is fond of creating their own "truth" to justify their ideological beliefs, and the claim that it is raining oil in Louisiana is just the latest example of that constructed world.

The article includes video purporting to show evidence of oily rain, but what it clearly shows is an asphalt parking area where years of oil leaks from cars have left dark splotches of used oil on the ground. Being lighter than water, the oily film floats as the puddles form, just as they have everywhere automobiles have run, for decades.
Transsexual Freakazoid Is Ruled Both Man and Woman - Moonbattery


Clint Webb: A brutally honest candidate (funny)

Videos: Elena Kagan, Obama Flashback: A Supreme Court Nominee..., Liberals Attack Obama’s Response to Oil Spill, Hiring Illegals Cool, Marco Rubio on Scrapping Obamacare

Elena Kagan Jokes She Doesn’t Have the Worldly Experience Required for The Supreme Court


Obama Flashback: A Supreme Court Nominee With No Judicial Experience Requires Extreme Scrutiny


Mass Democrat Defection: Liberals Attack Obama’s Response to Oil Spill Crisis


Uncovered Audio: Obama’s New NLRB Appointee Pushes No Punishment for Hiring Illegals


Marco Rubio on Scrapping Obamacare… or not?

Democrats Change Their Tune on Petraeus

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Looking Back… Chapter 1

As I get back into the swing of my daily reads I thought that I would start to look back at some of my old postings and articles about our favorite Magic Negro.

Somewhere on my old blog when it was apparent that Obama looked like he was going to pull off conning enough gullible white people to vote for him I said something to the tune of electing this particular black individual could turn out to be the worst thing for black folks because far too many have pinned all of their hopes and dreams on him. His failures will be black America’s failure.

This piece when you consider what has already taken place during this miserable presidency and the left wing media treatment of him this piece by Juan Williams was on point.

Posted on MNW - JANUARY 20, 2009,
Judge Obama on Performance Alone
Let's not celebrate more ordinary speeches.
With the noon sun high over the U.S. Capitol, Barack Obama yesterday took the oath of office to become president of the United States. On one level, it was a simple matter of political process -- the symbolic transfer of power. Yet words alone cannot convey its meaning.

The calloused hands of slaves, the voices of abolitionists, the hearts of generations who trusted in the naïve promise that any child can become president, will find some reward in a moment that was hard to imagine last year, much less 50 years ago. Our history, so marred by the sin of slavery, has come to the day when a man that an old segregationist would have described as "tea-colored" -- the child of a white woman and an African immigrant, who identifies as a member of the long oppressed and despised black minority -- was chosen by a mostly white nation as the personification of America's best sense of self as a nation of power and virtue.

At the end of the 1965 march calling for passage of the Voting Rights Act, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said politics held the potential to reflect the brilliance of the American creed of justice for all, and a "society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience." Years of hard work lay ahead to shift racist attitudes born of political power being limited to white Americans, he said, then added that "the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. How long? Not long. Because mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!"

It is neither overweening emotion nor partisanship to see King's moral universe bending toward justice in the act of the first non-white man taking the oath of the presidency. But now that this moment has arrived, there is a question: How shall we judge our new leader?

If his presidency is to represent the full power of the idea that black Americans are just like everyone else -- fully human and fully capable of intellect, courage and patriotism -- then Barack Obama has to be subject to the same rough and tumble of political criticism experienced by his predecessors. To treat the first black president as if he is a fragile flower is certain to hobble him. It is also to waste a tremendous opportunity for improving race relations by doing away with stereotypes and seeing the potential in all Americans.

Yet there is fear, especially among black people, that criticism of him or any of his failures might be twisted into evidence that people of color cannot effectively lead. That amounts to wasting time and energy reacting to hateful stereotypes. It also leads to treating all criticism of Mr. Obama, whether legitimate, wrong-headed or even mean-spirited, as racist.

This is patronizing. Worse, it carries an implicit presumption of inferiority. Every American president must be held to the highest standard. No president of any color should be given a free pass for screw-ups, lies or failure to keep a promise.

During the Democrats' primaries and caucuses, candidate Obama often got affectionate if not fawning treatment from the American media. Editors, news anchors, columnists and commentators, both white and black but especially those on the political left, too often acted as if they were in a hurry to claim their role in history as supporters of the first black president.

For example, Mr. Obama was forced to give a speech on race as a result of revelations that he'd long attended a church led by a demagogue. It was an ordinary speech. At best it was successful at minimizing a political problem. Yet some in the media equated it to the Gettysburg Address.

The importance of a proud, adversarial press speaking truth about a powerful politician and offering impartial accounts of his actions was frequently and embarrassingly lost. When Mr. Obama's opponents, such as the Clintons, challenged his lack of experience, or pointed out that he was not in the U.S. Senate when he expressed early opposition to the war in Iraq, they were depicted as petty.

Bill Clinton got hit hard when he called Mr. Obama's claims to be a long-standing opponent of the Iraq war "the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen." The former president accurately said that there was no difference in actual Senate votes on the war between his wife and Mr. Obama. But his comments were not treated by the press as legitimate, hard-ball political fighting. They were cast as possibly racist.

This led to Saturday Night Live's mocking skit -- where the debate moderator was busy hammering the other Democratic nominees with tough questions while inquiring if Mr. Obama was comfortable and needed more water.

When fellow Democrats contending for the nomination rightly pointed to Mr. Obama's thin proposals for dealing with terrorism and extricating the U.S. from Iraq, they were drowned out by loud if often vacuous shouts for change. Yet in the general election campaign and during the transition period, Mr. Obama steadily moved to his former opponents' positions. In fact, he approached Bush-Cheney stands on immunity for telecommunications companies that cooperate in warrantless surveillance.

There is a dangerous trap being set here. The same media people invested in boosting a black man to the White House as a matter of history have set very high expectations for him. When he disappoints, as presidents and other human beings inevitably do, the backlash may be extreme.

Several seasons ago, when Philadelphia Eagle's black quarterback Donovan McNabb was struggling, radio commentator Rush Limbaugh said the media wanted a black quarterback to do well and gave Mr. McNabb "a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve." Mr. Limbaugh's sin was saying out loud what others had said privately.

There is a lot more at stake now, and to allow criticism of Mr. Obama only behind closed doors does no honor to the dreams and prayers of generations past: that race be put aside, and all people be judged honestly, openly, and on the basis of their performance.

President Obama deserves no less.

McCrystal & Rolling Stone, Al Gore Sex Poodle, Obama Lied, Obama and Health Insurance Price Controls, Why Does Obama Whine Like a Little Bitch? What if a Republican said it?, Giving Kagan a Second Thought, Tampa Bay Oil Danger! Boycott Fox News? Condoms to Grade-Schoolers!?

McChrystal Rolling Stone...reporter didn't think general would lose his job because of story - NY Daily News

The Rolling Stone reporter who recorded Gen. Stanley McChrystal's candid criticisms of the Obama administration thought the comments would cause the general a headache, not get him the heave-ho. "I thought his position was basically untouchable," Michael Hastings told NBC's "Today" show Thursday. McChrystal resigned under pressure Wednesday. Gen. David Petraeus will take over U.S. command in Afghanistan. In the article, McChrystal disparaged members of President Obama's staff, including U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry and special envoy Richard Holbrooke.

McChrystal firing is diverting us from much more serious problems - Wizbang

Al Gore behaved like 'crazed sex poodle' with masseuse - London Telegraph (U.K.)

A masseuse has accused Al Gore, the former US vice president, of sexually assaulting her at an Oregon hotel during a global warming lecture tour in 2006. The unidentified 54-year-old woman gave police a detailed account of her claims that Mr Gore groped and kissed her in an aggressive attempt to have sex during a night-time appointment in his suite. However, the police concluded that there was insufficient evidence to press charges. The woman, who recalled telling Mr Gore he was behaving like a "crazed sex poodle", claims he pinned her to his bed and forcibly French kissed her.

Obama Lied; Knew About Blagojevich Plot - First Things
Barack Obama’s Surrogate Father - AIM

Davis, described only as “Frank” in Obama’s memoir, Dreams from My Father, was a major influence over Obama for eight years of his life. He operated as a journalist, first in Chicago, where he came into contact with Obama associate Valerie Jarrett’s former father-in-law, and then Hawaii, where he wrote for a Communist Party-sponsored newspaper financed by a communist-controlled labor union.
'Wal-Mart Moms' Turn on the Democrats - Rantburg

The bad news for Democrats keeps pouring in. Now it comes from Wal-Mart moms -- women with children under 18 who shop at Wal-Mart. They tend to be Democrats and more of them than not voted for President Obama in 2008. But they're leaning Republican this year. And despite the happy economic talk from the White House, they believe the economy is hurting their families and their situation will be just as bad a year from now.

Horrible Idea of the Day: Government Credit Cards for Everyone - Verum Serum


Obama administration eyeing price controls in health insurance -      Hot Air

In a shot across the bow to the insurance industry Tuesday, President Obama warned companies facing higher costs in part because of his health care law not to hike their prices, saying “we’ll be watching closely.”
Backing up his rhetoric behind the scenes, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is quietly working on a new regulation to determine when insurance price increases are “unreasonable” and potentially prohibited by law.

Jeb Bush Likens Obama to Immature Child. Suggests Obama is Obsessed with Criticism - Flopping Aces

Eyeblast Video: What if a Republican said it?
Rep Kanjorski (D-PA): We Are Giving Relief to ‘Average, Good American People’ Not ‘Minorities’ or ‘Defective’ People

All I can say is DAMN...

Adrienne T. Washington...Giving Kagan a Second Thought - Afro-American

The nomination of Elena Kagan deserves a much closer look when her Senate confirmation begin June 28. African Americans particularly, cannot allow our judgment of her slim record be clouded by a knee-jerk desire to see Pres. Obama do well.

The NAACP and other leading civil rights organizations originally preferred that the first African-American president nominate an African-American woman from a pool of qualified candidates to add much needed diversity on the current right-leaning Supreme Court bench. But the NAACP and the National Action Network, under the leadership of the Rev. Al Sharpton, were too quick to capitulate and throw their support behind the Kagan nomination, which appears designed for easy confirmation with conservatives.

It Begins… Plans to Evacuate Tampa Bay Are Put Into Place - First Things

As Barack Obama continues to golf, hit the ballpark, BBQ and party, the BP oil slick is now threatening Tampa Bay. Authorities have set up plans for evacuation.

Veterans Today reported:

Gulf Oil Spill 2010: Plans to evacuate Tampa Bay area are in place.

As FEMA and other government agencies prepare for what is now being called the worst oil spill disaster in history, plans to evacuate the Tampa Bay area are in place.

The plans would be announed in the event of a controlled burn of surface oil in the Gulf of Mexico, or if wind or other conditions are expected to take toxic fumes through Tampa Bay.

Boycott Fox News? — Ace of Spades

Chief executives of several major corporations, including Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, Disney and News Corp., are joining Mayor Michael Bloomberg to form a coalition advocating for immigration reform — including a path to legal status for all undocumented immigrants now in the United States.
The group includes several other big-city mayors and calls itself the Partnership for a New American Economy. It seeks to reframe immigration reform as the solution to repairing and stimulating the economy.

Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of News Corp., appeared together Thursday on Fox News to discuss the effort.

California taxpayers relieved to find out that their hard-earned dollars help subsidize gambling by illegal aliens, welfare recipients - Doug Ross

California welfare recipients are able to use state-issued debit cards to withdraw cash on gaming floors in more than half of the casinos in the state, a Los Angeles Times review of records found.

The cards, provided by the Department of Social Services to help recipients feed and clothe their families, work in automated teller machines at 32 of 58 tribal casinos and 47 of 90 state-licensed poker rooms, the review found.

State officials said Wednesday they were working to determine how much money had been withdrawn from casino ATMs by people using the welfare debit cards...

...the system of paying out welfare benefits via bank cards was created under Schwarzenegger's predecessor, Democrat Gray Davis.

...The cash portion of California's welfare benefits comes from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program... ...Each year, California gets $3.7 billion from the federal government for the program, while state and local governments kick in an additional $2.9 billion...

Hey, Remember When Harry Reid Called Petraeus A Liar? - Legal Insurrection

Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick indicted by feds on 19 mail fraud, tax counts- Detroit Free Press

School Condom Policy: Mass. Governor Blasts Plan to Give Condoms to Grade-Schoolers - (CBS/AP)

 Free condoms for grade schoolers?

Not so fast, says Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

Patrick urged a Cape Cod school superintendent to reconsider the idea of giving out free condoms to all students who ask for them - including kids as young as first grade.

"Comprehensive reproductive health education needs to be done in an age appropriate manner," Patrick said in a statement reported by WBZ television in Boston. "In those instances where local communities have agreed to make condoms available in school clinical settings, the norm - according to our Department of Public Health - is high school."

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where the hell were you?

It is going to take some time for me to get back into the mood to blog but I though that I would post this real quick so you folks would know that I am not dead or anything.

I’ve been dealing with some personal issues and that has occupied my time for the last couple of weeks. To be honest I have watched little television news or talk radio or any of my routine blog destinations in the last couple of weeks simply no interest.

I have to refocus my mind and get back to my reading because I actually missed it and it is a good mind consuming activity. Some personal challenges have hindered my ability to focus on things.

Hell I am well aware that we all have to go through personal challenges from time to time. There really seems to be no exception to this rule. Whether they are financial or family problems or relationship or careers, everyone will experience their own challenge at some point and you really have to be able to overcome these challenges if you want to make sure that you are living your life at the highest level that you can and that is what I must do despite some trying circumstances.

How you react to the situations in life that are challenging will have a lot to say about you and your character and whether or not you have what it takes to persevere and weather any storm. And remember that if you want to be able to achieve success in any area of your life, you have to be able to look at these challenges as times where you are able to grow and become stronger and not a time to shrink or run away and I found myself starting to do this so I needed to put a halt to it.

We all have been counseled or preached to about the fact that the more we are challenged in our lives, the more we get to learn about ourselves. If you never had to face any kind of situation that tested you, you would never know just where you need to make improvements or where you already are strong enough. This helps to build an all around character and this is what you need if you really want to be able to experience a life that is considered to be a success.

The hard times in our lives also help us to appreciate and show gratitude when things are more easy going, so there is something to be grateful for even if the challenges make us feel the opposite sometimes.

I am so thankful to some very incredible people for putting up with my shit.
Whatever the challenges are that we face each day we can’t tackle them alone.

I’ll get back to it soon. Live well and Love well.



Secretary of Energy Steven Chu in 2007: BP is Going to Help Us Save the World

shankapotomus President Barack Obama Golfer Golfing Golf Swing Hawaii e-trade baby ShankaPOTUS

Magic Negro not so Magic, Taxes and More Taxes, Obama's Federal Appeals Court Nominee Did Legal Work for Serial Killer, Liberals being Liberals

A Short-Running Magic Show- The American Spectator

How quickly the magic and arrogance has turned into mismanagement and excuses.

Cinching his party's nomination on the night of June 3, 2008, a pumped up Barack Obama concluded his triumphal St. Paul, Minn., speech by declaring, "I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick…"

It's as if America didn't provide care for the sick until that moment, the night Barack racked up enough delegates to beat Hillary for the nomination, as if the nation's vast array of hospitals, research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, nurses and physicians were dysfunctionally and decadently operating all these decades, just waiting anxiously to be saved from their individualism, greed, and patient abuse by Obama's ascension to power.

As Obama explained during the campaign: "So if you come in and you've got a bad sore throat, or if your child has a bad sore throat, or has repeated sore throats, the doctor may look at the reimbursement system and say to himself, 'You know what? I make a lot more money if I take this kid's tonsils out.'"

It's the same with our feet, endangered by the capitalist mentality, according to candidate Obama. A doctor faces the choice of getting "reimbursed a pittance" if he works with patients "to help them lose weight," he explained, or getting a non-pittance jackpot of "$30,000, $40,000, $50,000" if that "same diabetic ends up getting their foot amputated."

At the high end, that's $100,000 for both feet, halfway to the price of a new Bentley convertible, so why talk about donuts and exercise?

Future generations, Obama continued in his St. Paul victory speech, self-proclaiming his historic importance and promising deliverance via seemingly messianic powers, will be able to look back and tell their children that "this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal …"

Reacting to a similar display of exaggerated self-importance, Newsweek's Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas, being interviewed by Charlie Rose, saw Obama's Grant Park performance on election night to be somewhat "creepy":

Meacham: "Have you ever seen a victory speech where there was no one else on stage? No adoring wife, no cute kid. He is the messenger."

Thomas: "There is a slightly creepy cult of personality about all this. It just makes me a little uneasy that he's so singular. He's clearly managing his own spectacle. He's a deeply manipulative guy."

Rose: "Watching him last night in that speech … it's almost like he then ascends to look at the circumstance."

Meacham: "He watches us watching him."

Thomas: "He writes about this metaphor being a screen upon which Americans will project. He said, 'They want a Barack Obama. I'm not sure I am Barack Obama.' He has the self-awareness to know that this creature he's designed isn't necessarily a real person."

Less than two years later, the magical creature is disappearing.


Thomas Sowell has a very good question for you to ponder: Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny?

The Obama administration has declared war .. on Arizona.

Mexico asked a federal court in Arizona to declare the state's immigration law unconstitutional, because "the country's own interests and its citizens' rights are at stake."

Promises, Promises: Obama’s Ever Evolving Pledge Not To Raise Taxes On People Making Less Than $250,000 A Year In Quotes - Right Wing News

Obama's Federal Appeals Court Nominee Did Legal Work for Serial Killer, Then Presided as Judge Over Proceeding to Delay Execution - CNS News
President Obama's appeals court nominee, Robert N. Chatigny, did legal work as a private attorney in 1992 for convicted serial killer Michael Ross and then, in 2005, as a federal district judge, led a proceeding that resulted in a delay in Ross' execution.

Blago: Obama Afraid of Nominating Black Person for Senator - NBC Chicago

Liberal Group Threatens Lawsuit Against McDonald's If It Doesn't Stop Giving Toys to Children - CNS News

New Haven high school diplomas drop phrase ‘in the year of our Lord’

NEW HAVEN — All it took was one complaint for the school district to make a small but significant change to diplomas that will be handed out at graduations this week. For the first time in as long as anyone can remember, diplomas for New Haven high school students were printed without the phrase “in the year of our Lord.”

Woman Claims That AL GORE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED Her!!!! (Details And Pic)

White Actors Playing Minority Roles In Movies Causes Furor- News One