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Ayers-Obama Link, Who Knew! Socialist Obama, What Stinkin Border, Smartass Biden, KKK Byrd Dead, Broken...

Ayers-Obama link:Is this the payoff?
Point man in funding radical charity
named to White House commission

TEL AVIV – A scholar and charity head appointed to President Obama's White House Fellowships Commission served as a point man in granting $49.2 million in startup capital to an education-reform project founded by Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers and chaired by Obama.

Documentation shows the White House fellow, Vartan Gregorian, was central in Ayers' recruitment of Obama to serve as the first chairman of the project, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge – a job in which Obama worked closely on a regular basis with Ayers.

Obama also later touted his job at the project as qualifying him to run for public office, as WND previously reported.

Gregorian, president of Carnegie Corp. charitable foundation, was appointed by Obama last year as a White House fellow. Born in Tabriz, Iran, Gregorian served for eight years as president of the New York Public Library and was also president of Brown University.

In his role as Brown president, Gregorian served on the selection committee of the Annenberg Foundation, which funded Ayers' Chicago Annenberg Challenge with a $49.2 million, 2-to-1 matching challenge grant over five years. Ayers was one of five founding members of the Challenge who wrote to the Annenberg Foundation for the initial funding.


Socialist Obama Insists “Global Recovery Requires Level Playing Field” - First Things

Our radical president told reporters at the G20 meetings in Canada yesterday that,

“Global recovery requires a level playing field.”

The leftists probably thought this was brilliant. The rest of us understand that it is a meaningless statement except for the fact that it confirms his socialist bent.

Napolitano: ‘You’re Never Going to Totally Seal That Border’ - CNS News

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, whose agency is charged with securing America’s borders, told an audience in Washington, D.C., in reference to the U.S.-Mexico border, “You’re never going to totally seal that border.”

Napolitano spoke and answered questions at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on “Securing the Border: A Smarter Law Enforcement Approach,” on Wednesday.

When asked if she could give a timeline on when the border would be secured, Napolitano said, “The border is as secure now as it has ever been” but that the border will never be totally sealed.


Gov. Jan Brewer sends a message to Obama - Via The Right Scoop


Senate, Robert Byrd of West Virginia died this morning at the age of 92. Byrd was literally wheeled out to vote on Obama’s health-care reform bill...

Which is why I don't give a fuck! Who gives a fuck about a former KKK dude?


Rep. George LeMieux: Why do we have over 1400 domestic skimmers but only 400 are being used in the Gulf? - The Right Scoop

Good question!!


Las Vegas Hotel Owner tells it like it is - American Thinker


Obama is a taxing machine. He's raised taxes on the middle class. He's raising taxes on businesses. In Obama's world if it moves, you tax it .. and if it stands still you get a union worker to paint it and call it a stimulus project.

Now there are some people, of course, who aren't all that happy at having their taxes increased. Is the Obama administration ready to listen to them? Is there any option open to Obama other than increasing taxes? Yeah, right.

Obama has two reasons for raising taxes. One, of course, is to obtain the revenue needed to expand government. America, to Obama, IS government. The other reason for Obama's tax increases is wealth seizure and redistribution. Barack Obama is dedicated to the concept of transferring as much wealth from high-achievers (the evil rich) to the traditional Democrat support base as possible. Remember Joe the Plumber?

So .. .how do the ObamaBots react to people who aren't happy with the taxes they're paying, and have the courage to speak out? Now we know:

Joe Biden is touring the country this summer, trying to sell the stimulus package and convince Americans that it has worked. You know things are bad when you still have to get out there and sell a piece of legislation that was passed over a year ago. Sadly, Joe isn't that great as a salesman. He tells a crowd, "there's no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession." He then blamed "this godawful mess" on George Bush. Well of course. But here's another little fact that Joe Biden failed to tell the crowd. Since the beginning of the recession, some 7.9 million jobs were lost in the private sector while 590,000 jobs were gained in the government sector. And since the passage of the stimulus bill (February 2009), over 2.6 million private jobs were lost, but the government workforce grew by 400,000. Obama's stimulus bill isn't working. Period. It was just a conglomeration of long-time Democrat pork projects stuffed into one horrendous piece of legislation.

But back to Biden's recovery tour: Biden shows up to a custard shop in Greenfield, Wisconsin. This is where he encounters the owner of Kopp's Custard and we get the following exchange:

Biden: What do we owe you?

Manager: Don't worry. It's on us. ... (inaudible) ... Lower our taxes and we'll call it even.

(A few minutes after the Kopp's manager's comment on "Lower our taxes," there's another exchange.)

Biden: Why don't you say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time? Say something nice.

Being a smartass? Just what is it that made this small businessman a smartass? He actually told the high and exalted Vice President to "lower our taxes." That's all it took, and suddenly not only is he a smartass, but he's a smartass "all the time."
This level of arrogance is not only unforgivable, but it's dangerous as well. We've lost jobs in the private sector since Obama was crowned. We've lost jobs in spite of his so-called stimulus bill. The people we will depend on in the private sector to create jobs are people like the owner of this custard shop in Wisconsin. He sends a message to Obama and the Democrats through Joe Biden .. and he's called a smartass. Instead of entering a dialog with this man - perhaps asking him if his tax burden is standing in the way of a business expansion - Biden just pops off with his smartass line.

Well, my friends? I guess that's what Obama and the Democrats think of those of us who think that taxes are too high .. and that perhaps lowering those taxes (or at least not raising them any further) might spur some economic activity.


Folks you know I’ve known that I have been a very broken individual for a very long time and frankly I don’t know if I will ever be able to heal mentally or emotionally.
I don’t know if some of you have ever just thrown in the proverbial towel just saying fuck it and you know I’m on that tipping point.
Let’s examine an apology. Have you ever apologized to someone so much that it becomes pointless?
A proper apology should always include the following:

1) A detailed account of the situation
2) Acknowledgement of the hurt or damage done
3) Taking responsibility for the situation
4) Recognition of your role in the event
5) A statement of regret
6) Asking for forgiveness
7) A promise that it won't happen again
8) A form of restitution whenever possible

Yes to all of it… I have failed time and time again with a number of people.

Maybe it is lack of sleep, simple depression, anger with the man in the mirror… whatever.

If you are someone who has ever looked me in the eye chances are I owe you an apology for something.

No matter how hard you tried I can’t escape the tendency to hurt those who care for me the most.

Seconds seem like hours to me right now and it is excruciating.

I won’t apologize until I am able to comprehend and deliver on all those points needed to apologize appropriately and sincerely.

If you are someone who has ever looked me in the eye all I can do is ask for your forgiveness.

Live Well… Love Well… do it for me because I obviously can’t.


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Anonymous said...

Law. I forgive you. I already did that, for my own sake. The pain, anger and regret are not as easy. But, I love(d) you too much for my own good. I hope you get professional help and can heal. Your employer pays for a lot of counseling and everyone needs it at some point in life. I know this was probably not directed at me. But I still want what is best for you. And I wanted you to know that not a day goes by that I do not miss you, deeply and painfully, despite everything. I hope you do get help and can learn to be happy, with yourself and eventually in a relationship.