Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Idiot Bill Maher wants “real and gansta” black president, Hey Obama, Read Arizona’s Immigration Law! More Sestak, Majority wants Obama records, The Oil Spill...something to think about

Bill Maher Wants Obama to Act Like a Gangsta


Rahm's Subpoena Dodging White House Strategy? - The American Spectator

Pew study exposes internal "no notes" Clinton legal policy: Obama's Sestak defense?


It Wasn't a Job; It Was an Uncompensated High-Level Advisory Capacity

What Are Sestak and the White House Hiding? - Human Events

Do federal statutes contradict a memorandum from the White House counsel released Friday regarding the Sestak job offer?


Arizona: Read Our Immigration Law! - Human Events

President Obama, Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and the list goes on, acknowledge that they have not read SB 1070. The now internationally famous 10-page Arizona law, which essentially says that Arizona law-enforcement officials have a right and a duty to enforce federal immigration laws and arrest illegal aliens when they encounter them in the course of carrying out their duties.

So what’s the confusion? Why are they so “disturbed,” yet can’t find time to read a simple law? Something any first-year law student knows to do before making a legal argument. It’s obvious they can’t or won’t make a legal argument. No wonder the American people are shaking their heads!

The Community Organizer opposes an Arizona law that penalizes employers for hiring illegal immigrants


Poll shocker! Majority wants Obama records - WND
Maintain president should be chased from office if he doesn't come clean

At a time when Barack Obama is getting heat for stonewalling information about an alleged administration bribery scandal, a new poll shows more Americans than ever suspect the president is hiding information about his own background and want him to come clean.

Questions about Obama's eligibility to be president, exacerbated by his refusal to answer questions, release ordinary background documentation and his extraordinary legal maneuvers to keep his background hidden, have been on the radar of a number of top-level investigative reporters and news organizations since before his election.

Essentially, while the Constitution requires a president to be a "natural born citizen," none of the questions about Obama's qualifications – or lack thereof – under that requirement have yet been answered.


Something to remember about the gulf oil spill - Bortz

And this is something the media won't be all that interested in explaining to you. We are now calling this Deepwater Horizon spill the greatest ecological disaster ever to hit the United States. It's a disaster all right, but not quite the disaster with the potential long-term consequences of electing a fool like Barack Obama to be our president. Anyway .. I digress ...

Why do you think they called this vessel the Deepwater Horizon? Well, that would be because it operated in deep water. And why was that? That would be because the radical environmental movement - now a Marxist movement - determined that no further drilling should be allowed in the shallower waters of the Gulf. This forced the oil companies far offshore to the deeper waters. If this accident had happened in 500 feet of water, instead of 5000, it would have been taken care of long before now. In fact, it might well have never happened in the first place.

Just something to ponder.


"He was supposed to be competent." Peggy Noonan doesn't see how the president's position and popularity can survive the oil spill.

The Anti-Facebook - Privacy worries inspire a new wave of startups

Amid the recent public backlash to the way some of the titans of the Internet handle users' personal data, a slate of ambitious online startups are aiming to squeeze into the fields of social networking and search by touting a stronger focus on privacy.

Four New York University students, for instance, set out in April to create Diaspora, an "anti-Facebook" of sorts. Their platform will aim to provide the same functionality as the popular social network, but will run on open-source software and won't depend on centralized servers, effectively giving users control of their information.


A Liberal Confesses: Conservatives Were Right about Crime- Moonbattery

One of the most pleasant feelings is to see an outspoken, unapologetic, snarky liberal columnist eat some crow. Richard Cohen is one of those WaPo columnists I love to despise. But in the face of overwhelming data, you've got to hand it to him. He's trying to come clean on once cherished Democrat beliefs about crime and poverty, upon which so many liberal entitlement policies were founded.

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