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Yes Obama really is that dumb, Obama’s Oil, Some idiot liberal compares abortionist George Tiller to Christ! The Welfare State, Young Americans drowning in debt, American generally ignorant of stuff

How Washington Just Worsened the Gulf Oil Spill - The American

President Obama made BP’s problem worse, and in so doing has worsened the problems facing not only the administration but also the unfortunate residents of the Gulf of Mexico.

In his daily briefing Tuesday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs explained clearly and forcefully that BP and the Obama administration faced essentially the same incentives to stop the disastrous oil leak from BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling platform and well. Both parties wanted desperately to stop the leak, both were drawing on every plausible source of expertise, and both were eager to try whatever was most likely to work. But then within an hour or two, the president announced that he had disastrously unaligned those incentives. He endorsed Attorney General Eric Holder’s already high-profile criminal investigation into the behavior of BP in the run-up to the drilling platform explosion and the consequent massive leak from 5,000 feet below.
Folks this is amazing…

The Politics of Disaster - Moonbattery

Now, if the Bush White House had done something like this, there would be no end to the screeching to high heaven from the Democrats in Congress. Investigations would be launched. Resignations would be demanded. But under the Obama regime, anything and everything is acceptable:

Bill McCollum, Florida's Republican attorney general, excluded from meeting with Eric Holder on oil spill
When U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder met with Gulf Coast state attorneys general on Tuesday in New Orleans about the oil spill's long-term effects and ongoing cleanup efforts, he left Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, a Republican, off the invitee list.

Let me just say folks I thought long ago that this dude if he were ever to be elected would be a fucking disaster as a president. I never believed that he was particularly bright. He may be an educated prick but he has little or no common sense.
All of the campaign rhetoric, his fiery speeches, the logos, the promises you know it is not like I’m clairvoyant or anything but I knew this dude should have not been anywhere near a fucken white house.

Some of you may remember I said since black folks wanted so bad for this dude to be elected and the fact that so many invested so much of their self-esteem in his success that if he fails (as I knew he would) black folks are going to be crushed because how can anyone who voted for this moron explain his ineptness.

On my visitor log where it tells me how people came to the site you know the number one Google search term people use who them come to my blog? “Obama the worst president in history.” Folks this is shaping up to be the most disastrous presidential administration in history. I’ll make a prediction, I don’t think dude will even run in 2012.
His presidency by the time 2012 rolls around will be so screwed up the Democratic Party may tell him to step aside. Just on what he has fucked up in the first couple of years how the hell could you campaign, how could you raise money? I just don’t see how he could justify running again. However he is an arrogant fuck and there are a lot of really ignorant ass people who still think he is doing a fine job bringing home the time honored quote “there is a sucker born every minute,” and way too many of them are liberal Democrats.

Spill's a make it or break it for Obama - SF Gate

Oil could gush until August and some critics, saying prez is too detached, compare disaster to the Iran hostage crisis under Carter.

A note to the Community Organizer .. you can't note the oil spill as an example of Big Government working well - National Review

That’s how we have railroads and highways; public schools and police forces. That’s how we’ve made possible scientific research that’s led to medical breakthroughs like the vaccine for hepatitis B and technological wonders like GPS. That’s how we have Social Security, a minimum wage, and laws to protect the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. That’s how we have rules to ensure that mines are safe and that oil companies pay for the spills they cause.
Did You Plug The Hole With A Blue Dress Yet, Daddy? - Human Events - Ann Coulter
Washington Post Exposes BP ties to Eco-Groups, Other Media Ignore Controversy - Newsbusters

British Petroleum's (BP) reputation has been marred by the April oil rig explosion and subsequent oil spill which is still gushing more than 40 days later. But according to The Washington Post, the reputation of some left-wing environmental groups has also been polluted by the incident.

In a Welfare State, How Much is 'Enough'? - Townhall

The flames from Greece's debt crisis protests have cast new light on the perils of our own overspending and overborrowing. You know the litany. California is imploding. Public sector unions there, and across the country, are swallowing budgets. In California alone, pension costs have gone up 2,000 percent in a decade. At the national level, ObamaCare has done little to fix -- and much to hurt -- America's long-term entitlement mess.

News Flash–Price Controls Don’t Work - Washington Times
Durbin regulations are aimed at your wallet

Late in the Senate's proceedings on the financial regulatory reform bill, the Senate adopted - with no hearings and minimal debate - a controversial provision proposed by Sen. Richard Durbin, Illinois Democrat, that imposes price controls on interchange fees for debit and prepaid cards. The amendment also allows merchants to override several rules of payment card networks that currently protect consumers from abusive practices by merchants. While big-box merchants and convenience stores are declaring this a victory against the financial services industry, if the amendment survives in conference committee, consumers and small banks will be the real losers.


Two Thirds of Americans Cannot Name Even One Supreme Court Justice - The Volokh Conspiracy

A recent poll conducted by Findlaw shows that two thirds of Americans cannot name even one Supreme Court justice. Here are the percentages who can name each of the nine current justices

* Clarence Thomas – 19%
* John Roberts – 16%
* Sonia Sotomayor – 15%
* Ruth Bader Ginsburg – 13%
* Antonin Scalia – 10%
* Samuel Alito – 8%
* John Paul Stevens – 8%
* Anthony Kennedy – 6%
* Stephen Breyer – 3%

Hell this is not a shock, most babies dadies can’t name many of their illegitimate kids…

I’m just sayin’

I will gladly accept a cushy job in the Obama administration in exchange for not running against a Democrat - Daily Caller

Democratic Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff, who is challenging incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet in Colorado, confirmed late Wednesday that deputy White House chief of staff Jim Messina said he could be given one of three high-ranking federal jobs if he gave up his candidacy…

The Next Generation of Home Buyers Has Too Much College Debt - Via Instapundit

The cost of college has exploded over the last decade, outpacing even the housing bubble. The culprits are the same wolves, just dressed up a little differently: easy credit, greed, and lots of kool-aid to to around. The toxic combination of high student debt levels and a terrible job market is crippling the financial future of recent college grads. From a real estate perspective, this could impact the starter-home markets for the a decade or more as the next generation of first-time homebuyers is already burdened with too much debt.

Even worse, government-backed student loan debt cannot be walked-away from or discharged in bankruptcy. Many will be saddled with their debts for decades to come.


Change!… Bush Restored the Iraqi Marshes – Obama Destroyed the US Marshes - First Things

40 plus days ago, a BP rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico killing 11 workers. Since that time the underwater well has been leaking hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil into the waters off the Gulf coast. And, where has Barack Obama been during this time? On vacation, playing golf and basketball, partying with rock stars and threatening BP. Instead of initiating a proactive approach to the disaster, Team Obama has ignored, downplayed, and passed the buck on the worst environmental disaster in American history. If you taught Leadership 101 this would be a great example of Exactly NOT what to do.


Still doubt that liberalism is a mental disease….

Sick Daily Kos: Late-Term Abortionist Tiller Like the Crucified and Resurrected Christ - Newsbusters

It's clear that abortionists think of themselves as saviors of women, but would anyone really dare to suggest that infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller was like.... a crucified Jesus Christ?

Yes. There it was on Daily Kos on Tuesday (albeit republished from the blog RH Reality Check), plainly headlined "Dr. Tiller's Crucifixion and Resurrection," a brazen rant on how Tiller was assassinated by the State because he was too "destabilizing to the oppressive status quo." The author simply uses the pseudonym "Trusting Women." Even as you read it, you can't believe it...


Harry Reid’s Push To Nationalize ALL Cop/Firemen Unions - Stop The ACLU

Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid is quietly trying to nationalize rules governing every police, fire and first responder union in the nation. Through the benignly named Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act (H.R.413) Reid wants all first responders represented by collective bargaining rules emanating from Washington D.C. Naturally he thinks that it is necessary as a matter of national security.

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