Friday, July 30, 2010

From The: Shit is Fucked Up Files.... Obama: “The Greatest Lying Liar Of All Time”


and this...

Baby Boy Drowns During Baptism Ceremony in Moldova

A shocking incident occurred in the village of Mihaileny of Rishcansky district of Moldova with a boy named Laurentiu, who was born six weeks ago in the family of 24-year-old Ludmila and Dmitry Gaydeu.

The parents decided to baptize the child on July 22. The priest of the local church, who is also the chief of all priests of the district, was not going to be there, so he asked priest Valentine Tsaralunge from the village of Taul to perform the ceremony.

“We have not figured out yet why he invited this father Valentine and not another priest from Riscani district,” Valery Moskalu, the district police officer, told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Approximately twenty of the closest relatives and friends came to the church at 4:30PM. Father Valentin began the baptism ceremony.

“He dipped the baby in the water without even covering the baby's mouth with his hand to prevent him from drowning,” recalls Dmitry Gaydeu, the father of the six weeks-old Laurentiu. “He put his hand on his stomach and dipped him in the water three times.”

The Godparents saw that the boy was not well and warned father Valentine. He answered it was not the first time that he was conducting the ceremony and knew what he was doing. When they saw that the child showed no signs of life, he was immediately taken to the district hospital.

“We went along with the father,” continues Dmitry Gaydeu. ”The physician-pathologist Sergei Railean said that my son has suffered mechanical asphyxia by drowning, there was bruising and bleeding in the soft tissues of his neck. The doctor said the baby was healthy.”

“After that, father Valentine disappeared for some time,” the police officer said. “Then he came to us. We believe that during his absence he went to Chisinau, to the archdiocese.”

Six-weeks-old Laurentiu was buried on Saturday, July 24.

“This is the case of homicide through reckless imprudence. Father Valentine is facing up to three years of imprisonment. However, he claims he is not guilty.

“We will do everything to find out the truth,” s aid Dmitry Gaydeu” The boy was healthy, so the priest who conducted the rite of baptism is to blame for his death.”


Novelist Anne Rice says she’s no longer a Christian

The 68-year-old author wrote on her Facebook wall, "I quit Christianity and being Christian. Amen."

Mom suspected in murder-suicide involving autistic son posted heart-wrenching blog item before death

Todd Barkau, who turned a 14-year-old girl into a dominatrix, gets 25 years in fed prison
IDIOT! William Brown's wife finds sex tape her husband made with 16-year-old girl; Brown gets 15 years - The Pitch (KC)

If you're cheating on your wife, you probably don't want to videotape it and leave the DVD where she'll find it. Common sense, right? If you're cheating on your wife with a 16-year-old girl, then you really don't want to videotape it because she's going to call the cops on your ass. William Brown found out the hard way that taping yourself sexing a 16 year old is considered producing child pornography -- and he'll have the next 15 years in federal prison without parole to smack himself in the head and repeat, "stupid, stupid, stupid."

Brown's wife found the DVD in question in his backpack in May 2008. She apparently watched it and saw her scummy hubby screwing a 16-year-old girl inside his vehicle. Again, stupid, stupid, stupid. So she confronted him over the phone, and he claimed he was going to commit suicide. Obviously, he didn't.

As for the girl, she told social workers that Brown started hitting on her when she was 12 -- but they waited until she was 13 (and Brown photographed it). The sex continued for years. When she turned 15, she said Brown bought her a camera phone to send him naked pictures with. And she filled them in on the night they made the sex tape in the car.

Brown pleaded guilty in February. Brown, don't stop hitting yourself.

Snooki Knocks Obama's Tanning Tax...

Obama lies about not knowing who Snooki is? - Gawker

Barack Obama has been caught in a contradiction. Asked about Jersey Shore star Snooki on The View today, the President replied, "I don't know who that is." But two months ago he knew who she was! Nitpicky video analysis ahead.

I’ve said this before but I use to think the Bill Clinton was the greatest lying liar fuck politician ever… but Obama has taking the art of being a lying liar fuck to a whole new level.

Worthless piece of shit political hack bastard!


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Where do you find this stuff? I have been laughing so hard, my sides hurt!

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Well lets just say some days I don't have much going on at work so I get to do lots of hunting.

Glad you enjoy :-)

PeggyU said...

That guy who attacked the rapist needs a tv show. I don't know what exactly it is that is so damned funny, but it pushed my buttons.