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Immigrants – good or bad? Will companies dodge financial reform by moving abroad, Unnamed Republican Yes - Obama NO! Illinois Failures Go Nationwide Under Obama, Bell California Residents Idiots, Jews vs Farrakhan Again! Shirley Sherrod Big Payday

Immigrants – good or bad? (John Stossel on immigration in the USA)- World Net Daily
I'm confused about immigration.

We libertarians believe in free trade. That includes trade in labor, too. New people bring us not just labor, but also good new ideas. Open immigration during America's first hundred years helped make America rich.

Open immigration is dangerous today, however, because some immigrants want to murder us. And now that America is a welfare state, some want to come here just to freeload. That great champion of freedom Milton Friedman said Mexican immigration is a good thing – but only so long as it's illegal. "Why? Because as long as it's illegal for people to come, they don't qualify for welfare and Social Security. So they migrate to jobs."

But closing our eyes to illegal immigration cannot be good policy. So what should American do?

I sat down with Heather MacDonald of the conservative Manhattan Institute, author of "The Immigration Solution," and Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal's editorial board, author of "Let Them In." I respect them both. But they radically disagree on immigration policy.

"The case for open borders is a case for letting the law of supply and demand, the free market, determine the level of immigration," Riley said. "Right now, that determination is being made by politicians and public policymakers. ... And like all exercises in Soviet-style central planning, it's been a complete disaster. We have thriving markets in document fraud ... and 12 million-plus illegal aliens. ... (W)e would do better to move to a system that allowed the free market to determine the level of immigration. And that's the case for open borders." Riley proposes a guest-worker program. "That is the way to reduce illegal immigration."
Will companies dodge financial reform by moving abroad? - USA Today

By Paul Wiseman, USA TODAY

U.S. banks, hedge funds and other Wall Street firms are weighing whether to move more of their operations abroad now that Congress has toughened financial regulations at home.
"We've talked about it with a number of clients," says Jeff Visithpanich, principal at Wall Street compensation adviser Johnson Associates. The new bill is creating "a large administrative hassle. ... If you own a big hedge fund, there's very little reason you need to be in New York or Greenwich (Conn.)."

President Obama is expected to sign the most sweeping overhaul of the nation's financial system since the Great Depression on Wednesday. The bill is designed to prevent a repeat of the financial crisis of 2008 by cracking down on Wall Street excesses.

Once bankers have digested the 2,300-page legislation, the research firm CreditSights says, they are likely to conclude that the U.S. consumer market now offers "less attractive returns and that growth abroad is much more favorable."

California Blacks Split Over Marijuana Measure - NY Times

California Blacks Split Over Marijuana Measure. How Black voters in California decide on Proposition 19, which would allow anyone 21 and over to possess up to an ounce of marijuana, could be critical to its success or failure.

SACRAMENTO — Ron Allen says he knows all too well the ravages of drug addiction.

I was a pastor on crack cocaine, sir,” said Mr. Allen, who says he has been sober for 11 years and now identifies himself as the bishop of the International Faith Based Coalition here. “Drugs have no religious preference.”

And while crack cocaine laid him low, Mr. Allen says his first drug of choice was marijuana. So it is that Mr. Allen and a cadre of other black pastors, priests and other religious leaders have bonded together in recent weeks to fight what they see as a potentially devastating blow to their communities: Proposition 19, the California ballot measure that would tax and regulate marijuana.
Obama hits low in Quinnipiac approval rating - Hot Air

A year after President Barack Obama’s political honeymoon ended, his job approval rating has dropped to a negative 44 – 48 percent, his worst net score ever, and American voters say by a narrow 39 – 36 percent margin that they would vote for an unnamed Republican rather than President Obama in 2012, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

This compares to a 48 – 43 percent approval for Obama in a May 26 national poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University and a 57 – 33 percent approval last July, just before the political firestorm created by opposition to his health care plan galvanized political opponents and turned independent voters against him.


Illinois Failures Go Nationwide Under Obama -


'Unsustainable" is a scary word that recently entered political discourse, coming authoritatively from Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf. Unsustainability is the operative moniker for Barack Obama's massive deficit spending, which Elmendorf said "cannot be solved through minor tinkering."

The CBO predicts an increase in our public debt from $7.5 trillion at the end of 2009 to $20.3 trillion at the end of 2020 if Obama's fiscal 2011 budget is implemented. As a percentage of gross domestic product, the debt will rise to 90% from 53%.

Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., sharpened the focus by asking the CBO director: "What's going to be necessary (is) either a 25% increase in taxes or a 20% reduction in spending, or some combination thereof. Is that correct?" Elmendorf replied "yes."

Americans are beginning to wonder if Greece is the picture of the U.S.' future. But we need look no further than the place where Obama and his team were trained in community organizing and bully tactics to redistribute the wealth: Illinois.

Illinois was the stomping ground for years for Obama, his top advisers Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, and his appointees such as Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. After they promoted themselves to Washington to run the country, other Obama associates who didn't make the cut continued to run Illinois into the ground, as the Illinois unemployment rate jumped from less than 5% to nearly 11%.

For years, we thought California was the most fiscally irresponsible of all 50 states, but Illinois has now taken the lead. A lengthy news article in the New York Times was headlined: "Illinois Stops Paying Its Bills, but Can't Stop Digging Hole."

Under years of Democratic leadership, Illinois has refused to honor its obligations, cut spending or trim its shockingly large deficit, which at $12 billion per year approaches nearly half its budget. As a result, Illinois' credit rating has been downgraded and it pays a massive amount in interest on its loans.

That's like a family making $50,000 but spending $75,000 each year. Obviously, it won't take long before such a family would lose everything it has.
Oh by the way....

The Kentucky Hospital Association that Kentucky hospitals will lose $1.2 billion in revenues in the next 10 years because of ObamaCare.

Who is Barack Obama? - Real Clear Politics

On Sunday, The Washington Post and the New York Times assembled more than 20 savants and asked them, as the Times put it, "How Can Obama Rebound?" Good question. Not only do six out of ten voters "lack faith in the president to make the right decisions for the country," according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, but Barack Obama does not even get credit for the right decisions he's already made. The bank bailout averted a financial crackup and the stimulus package pulled the economy back from the abyss. Along with reform of the financial industry and health care, these are considerable achievements. Only the voters disagree.

Why? Some of the answers are apparent. The economy remains sluggish and unemployment remains high. The effects of the health care act have yet to be felt and the ink is hardly dry on financial reform. Until these measures prove popular, they can be mischaracterized by Republicans and other evil-doers. As for the economy, not letting things get worse is not the same as making them better. If you're out of work, it hardly cheers you that the recession stopped at your house and spared the guy next door. It's your job that matters.

Jewish leaders call on Obama to denounce Farrakhan ... Again - Final Call

CHICAGO ( - Recent calls by Jewish organizational leaders for public denunciations of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan are part of a long history of avoiding honest discussion of their historical involvement in the slave trade and misdeeds involving Blacks.

“This is consistent with the Jewish movement under White Supremacy,” said Dr. Conrad Worrill, National Chairman Emeritus of the National Black United Front who battled alongside Minister Farrakhan throughout the entire controversy with Jewish organizations now spanning three decades.

“They do not want to face the truth. The Jewish Zionist forces have consistently not wanted to address the truth of their involvement in the slave trade, controlling Black institutions in the philosophical and educational arenas from a historical standpoint and the Minister has been consistent in calling on them to sit down and face the truth,” Dr. Worrill added.


California Official's $800,000 Salary in City of 38,000 Triggers Protests - Bloomberg

Hundreds of residents of one of the poorest municipalities in Los Angeles County shouted in protest last night as tensions rose over a report that the city’s manager earns an annual salary of almost $800,000.

An overflow crowd packed a City Council meeting in Bell, a mostly Hispanic city of 38,000 about 10 miles (16 kilometers) southeast of Los Angeles, to call for the resignation of Mayor Oscar Hernandez and other city officials. Residents left standing outside the chamber banged on the doors and shouted “fuera,” or “get out” in Spanish.

It was the first council meeting since the Los Angeles Times reported July 15 that Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo earns $787,637 -- with annual 12 percent raises -- and that Bell pays its police chief $457,000, more than Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck makes in a city of 3.8 million people. Bell council members earn almost $100,000 for part-time work.

City Attorney Edward Lee said the council members couldn’t discuss salaries in public without advance notice. The council then adjourned for a private session. About an hour later, the council members returned, and Hernandez read a statement saying the city would prepare a report on the salaries and seek public comment at the next council meeting, scheduled for Aug. 16.

Residents shouted in protest. Lee said he would have the room cleared if people continued to speak out of line. Police Chief Randy Adams said the fire department wanted to end the meeting because the crowd outside was blocking the door.
My Two Cents...
I’ll admit when I first posted this story I was focused on the Shirley Sherrod story and did not focus on it quite as much. However as the day went on the more I have read about this I’m thinking why the fuck are these people bitching and complaining about this NOW! You mean to tell me the residents of this town had no idea that they were being fucked by their government officials already?
(lots of Mexicans, many illegal live there)

Let me clue you folks in on something, if you choose to be ignorant of the world around you can’t complain when shit is finally revealed to you.
If you live in a community and you don’t know how your municipalities work, you are not familiar with what your mayor or city officials make, you don’t understand how shit gets done in your community they you deserve the government you get!

Just like you Obama voters, now you ignorant ass people are complaining about how fucked up he is and if you would have just paid attention to his idiot ass and paid attention to who he hung out with and associated with and admired nothing he has done while president should shock you.

People profit by robbing from the government when the masses choose to be ignorant.
This is why when you hear politicians saying that they want government transparency it tis all bullshit.

Shirley Sherrod's Disappearing Act: Not So Fast - Washington Examiner

My oh my, that happened quickly. Perhaps too quickly.

Until yesterday, Shirley Sherrod was Georgia Director of Rural Development for the USDA. Earlier in the day at Big Government, Andrew Breitbart put up a video that exposed Ms. Sherrod as someone all too willing to discriminate based on race.

Within hours of the video's release, USDA Director Tom Vilsack announced Sherrod's resignation, and in the process issued an exceptionally strong condemnation ("We are appalled by her actions ... Her actions were shameful ... she gave no indication she had attempted to right the wrong she had done to this man").

The NAACP, at whose Freedom Fund Banquet Sherrod spoke of her discriminatory posture, and at which the audience seemed to indicate approval of her outlook, followed a short time later, virtually echoing Vilsack.

So I guess we're supposed to forget about Shirley Sherrod from this point forward.

Not just yet. Luckily, she's not going away quietly, and is complaining about Fox News and the Tea Party causing her dismissal. Keep it up, ma’am, because you and the USDA both deserve further scrutiny.

Ms. Sherrod's previous background, the circumstances surrounding her hiring, and the USDA's agenda may all play a part in explaining her sudden departure from the agency. These matters have not received much scrutiny to this point.

An announcement of Ms. Sherrod's July 2009 appointment to her USDA position at gives off quite a few clues:

RDLN Graduate and Board Vice Chair Shirley Sherrod was appointed Georgia Director for Rural Development by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack on July 25. Only days earlier, she learned that New Communities, a group she founded with her husband and other families has won a thirteen million dollar settlement in the minority farmers law suit Pigford vs Vilsack.

There is more but the bottom line is this....

Here are just a few questions about Ms. Sherrod that deserve answers:

  • Was Ms. Sherrod's USDA appointment an unspoken condition of her organization's settlement?
  • How much "debt forgiveness" is involved in USDA's settlement with New Communities?
  • Why were the Sherrods so deserving of a combined $300,000 in "pain and suffering" payments -- amounts that far exceed the average payout thus far to everyone else? ($1.15 billion divided by 16,000 is about $72,000)?
  • Given that New Communities wound down its operations so long ago (it appears that this occurred sometime during the late 1980s), what is really being done with that $13 million in settlement money?
Here are a few bigger-picture questions:

  • Did Shirley Sherrod resign so quickly because the circumstances of her hiring and the lawsuit settlement with her organization that preceded it might expose some unpleasant truths about her possible and possibly sanctioned conflicts of interest?
  • Is USDA worried about the exposure of possible waste, fraud, and abuse in its handling of Pigford?
  • Did USDA also dispatch Sherrod hastily because her continued presence, even for another day, might have gotten in the way of settling Pigford matters quickly?
Forty Acres & a Mule -- Sherrod Style? - The American Thinker

Rosslyn Smith

Shirley Sherrod's quick dismissal from the Obama administration may have had less to do with her comments on race before the NAACP than her long involvement in the aptly named Pigford case, a class action against the US government on behalf of black farmers alleging that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) had discriminated against black farmers during the period from 1983 through 1997.
..But It’s Tougher If You’re Stupid - Red State

Let’s say I bully an employer into hiring me for a lucrative salary. Let’s say further that I work with a group of people that I have just run through the wringer via class action lawsuits. In the process of doing this, I succeed in helping some of my friends force this organization to pay out three times as many claims as there are legitimate plaintiffs who may or may not have valid status to sue. After that, I go speak at some organization and brag about how I use my position at this organization to racially discriminate against people.

So if I were to do that, what would be my rational expectation for career advancement? FIRED!!! Perhaps…., if SO KFUCING FIRED there’s nothing but a smoking crater left in your office cube is not on the available list of options. Ladies and Germs, I give you the curious case of the lovely and talented Shirley Sherrod.
Call Off the Beer Run… Obama Distances Himself from Radical Sherrod - First Things

Obama officials told reporters today that the president will not likely call Shirley Sherrod, the racist official caught on tape bashing whitey during a recent NAACP speech.
Larwyn's Linx: Liberal Journalists Suggested Feds Shut Down Fox News - Daily Caller

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