Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why Obama was Elected and Why He's Now Being Rejected

From Rush show transcript

People are starting to ask, "How did he ever get elected? How did this happen?" Let me make the complex understandable. "Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!" got elected due to his ability to tell Americans to go to hell in such a way where a majority of them actually looked forward to the trip. But reality has now changed a lot of minds. The CBS poll is out. It's not good news for the Bamster. In fact, we have a bunch of polling data here. This is from the Pew/National Journal poll. And the headline: "Obamacare Still Unpopular." Do you remember how Pelosi told us we'd love the health care bill once it was passed? I don't think if that's working. "Almost four months after the passage of major health care legislation, the law remains unpopular with the public.

"Nearly half of Americans disapprove of the health care law, while just 35% approve of the measure, an overwhelming proportion of opponents of health care legislation, 37%, favor repealing it as soon as possible. Just 7% [Just 7%!] of the people polled say they want to let the law stand and see how it works. Just 7%. But Pelosi told us that after it was passed we would all find out what's in it and love it. Seventy-four percent in the CBS/New York Times poll "say that the stimulus had no effect or may have made the economy worse." There is pessimism galore in this poll about the economy and low marks for the leader of the regime. "Americans cite the economy as the nation's number one problem," not the oil spill, by the way.

"The economy is the nation's number one problem," and by a wide margin, the lack of jobs tops the list of specific economic problems." And the regime today has the audacity to say that the stimulus "created or saved three million jobs," that without the stimulus, it would be even worse than it is today, even though it is not possible in a scientific, empirical way to calculate jobs "saved." And we all know there have not been any jobs created. So the regime once again is lying, blatantly, brazenly to the American people who are not falling for it. "A wide margin of Americans say the lack of jobs tops the list of specific economic concerns. Americans' prognosis for the economy is also poor.

"Very few think things are improving either nationally or in their local market, and most think the effects of the recession will continue for two more years or even longer. Fifty-two percent of Americans do not think Obama has spent enough time addressing the economy and many say that his policies has had no impact on them or on the economy generally. The president's approval rating on handling the economy is 40%, down five points from last month. The public is divided on Obama's overall job rating and on whether he shares their priorities for the country. While he is viewed as decisive, more than half think the president's not tough enough when dealing with the country's problems." It's a disaster. And Pelosi is ticked off at Gibbs for saying the Republican could win the House. I don't believe it.

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