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Black Conservatives are political eunuchs, Dickhead Al Franken, Hey Taxpayers Gimmie My Viagra! Gay Marriage Stuff, Rangel Spoke To God, Idiot Liberal: "Wealth is wasted on the wealthy" Lower the voting age to 10

Dave Weigel commenter: "Black Conservatives are political eunuchs" - SISU

"In short, Black Conservatives are political eunuchs" writes a clueless and condescending James Lee in the comments of Dave Weigel's report on yesterday's Tea Party Express National Press Club event featuring a stellar line-up of authentic black Tea Party voices. These "articulate and bright and clean"
fellow Americans had come together to speak out against the specious accusations of racism being hurled at us of late by the NAACP and other members of the racial-grievance community. But James Lee in the comments saw right through their act:

Black Conservatives have  no significant constituency that they represent. They are called upon to provide cover for White Conservatives who enjoy attacking African Americans and other minorities.
McConnell to Franken: This isn't 'SNL' - The Politico

When Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell laid out his opposition to Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination, someone in the chamber appeared to be moving around in his chair, gasping and rolling his eyes.

It was Sen. Al Franken.

Moments before Kagan’s confirmation vote Thursday, the Minnesota Democrat was presiding over the Senate — and the Kentucky Republican thought the freshman senator was mocking his speech. Upon the conclusion of his remarks, a very irritated McConnell removed his microphone, approached the dais and confronted the former comedian.

"This isn't ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Al," McConnell told Franken sternly, according to people who overheard the exchange.

Franken later apologized to McConnell.

“The leader thought I was disrespectful while he was giving his speech on General Kagan,” Franken said in a statement to POLITICO. “He is entitled to give his speech with the presiding officer just listening respectfully. I went directly to his office after I was done presiding to apologize in person. He wasn’t there, so I’ve sent him a handwritten note.

Social Security in red for first time...

Postal Service loses $3.5 Billion...

Still don’t think this world is fucked up beyond recognition and society is circling the drain?

Milwaukee teachers fight for Viagra drug coverage

MADISON, Wis. — With the district in a financial crisis and hundreds of its members facing layoffs, the Milwaukee teachers union is taking a peculiar stand: fighting to get its taxpayer-funded Viagra back.

The union has asked a judge to order the school board to again include Pfizer Inc.'s erectile dysfunction drug and similar pills in its health insurance plans.

The filing is the latest in a two-year legal campaign in which the union has argued, so far unsuccessfully, that the board's policy of excluding erectile dysfunction drugs discriminates against male employees. The union says Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and others are necessary treatment for "an exclusively gender-related condition."

But lawyers for the school board say the drugs were excluded in 2005 to save money, and there is no discrimination because they are used primarily for recreational sex and not out of medical necessity.

The filing last month comes as the union, the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association, is also protesting hundreds of layoff notices issued to teachers for the coming school year. Citing a "financial crisis" caused by exploding benefit costs and revenue shortfalls, the district's outgoing superintendent proposed laying off 682 employees in April.

The district gave layoff notices to 482 teachers in June, but recalled 89 of them last month. Additional teachers may be called back, but these are still the first layoffs of Milwaukee teachers in decades.

At least one lawmaker questioned why the union is fighting for Viagra while teachers are losing their jobs. A consultant for the school board has estimated that reinstating the drug benefit would cost $786,000 per year — the cost to keep perhaps a dozen first-year teachers employed.

State Rep. Jason Fields argues that the money could be better spent any number of ways — including saving jobs.

You Call This Equality? - The American Conservative

by Austin Bramwell

I have long argued that the “right” to government recognized same-sex marriage is illiberal and inegalitarian. It is by definition a right to compel the government to use some magic word in a particular way. In essence, it is a right is to say and think, truthfully: Nah, nah, the government calls same sex relationships “marriages,” so there! Conversely, it is right to make others say and think, truthfully: Grr, the government calls those things ”marriages”?

No such right can be enjoyed equally with others. No matter what class of relationships the government calls “marriage,” there will always be some individuals for whom the class is too broad (because, say, it includes same-sex couples) or too narrow (because, say, it excludes plural marriages). The right to government-recognized marriage is inherently a right to use the soft coercive powers of the government to discriminate against others.

Some people tell me that this analysis is no more than sophistry. Well, it now turns out that no less an authority than Judge Vaughn R. Walker of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California agrees with me. In his opinion striking down Prop 8, Walker correctly found that same sex couples enjoyed all of the same legal rights, privileges and duties as opposite sex couples, with one exception — namely, the “right” to have the government officially refer to their relationships as “marriages.” If Prop 8 has no legal effect, why strike it down as unconstitutional?


Why the Word "Marriage" Matters -

The fact is, the word "marriage" carries enormous power in our society, and that's not going to change any time soon.

The California Supreme Court recognized exactly this in their original decision legalizing gay marriage. They said it was “familiar and highly favored," and indicated a level of dignity no other word could match. In other words, a rose by any other name does not smell as sweet, and “marriage” has a meaning all its own in our society.

I experience this personally every single day. When I say Phil is my husband, that gets a very different reaction -- a much more serious, respectful one -- than if I say he’s my partner or even my spouse. “Husband” and “marriage” confer importance, they represent the respect and acceptance of our legal, civil institutions.

And this brings up another kind of acceptance, something I never understood until I planned my own ceremony and took my vows in front of 120 of our friends, family, and supporters.

It's the acceptance of one's community. This, not any piece of paper, is what makes a marriage different from any other kind of relationship.

Bob Maistros The Prop 8 ruling: Is marriage a state issue or not?
8 Reasons Marriage Doesn't Matter - Alter Net

We women are smart enough to know that a wedding ring won’t make us happy any more than a white dress will make us a virgin.

Women are carpet-bombed with the idea that marriage is their happy ending from their first viewing of Cinderella to the last potboiler Rom Com they saw starring Sarah Jessica Jennifer Kate Meg Julia Whatsherhair. Marriage is also ever-present in the news, whether it’s gay marriage, the divorce rate or sex scandals involving politicians and golfers. It’s on TV 24/7 in the form of Bridezillas," “Say Yes to the Dress,” and various reality shows that have turned a sacrament into a raffle.

Now a study titled – I’m not kidding -- "I'm a Loser, I'm Not Married, Let's Just All Look At Me," tells us that social pressure has managed to make women between 25-35 feel both scrutinized and invisible if they’re not married.

“Heightened visibility came from feelings of exposure and invisibility came from assumptions made by others," said Larry Ganong of the University of Missouri, who conducted the study of 32 interviews with women, along with Elizabeth Sharp of Texas Tech University. A single woman’s world, it seems, consists mainly of feeling stigmatized by singlehood, worrying about the draining dating pool and listening to her biological clock thump away like the Tell-Tale Heart.

You know maybe it is the fact that I have failed in two marriages is why I am slowly coming to mindset that I don’t really give a fuck about the gay marriage issue.
I’ve said long ago that most gay folks really don’t give a shit about the issue, the only reason why some gay folks are bitching about the term “marriage” is that they simply want to thumb their nose at the establishment and by utilizing the term “marriage” brings them some sort of mental legitimately and they find the term emotionally comforting.
I find it amazing how many people may say to themselves “I don’t give a shit about what other people think about me or what society thinks of me” but when it comes to gay marriage it is all about how society or what society thinks about a gay couple because the term “marriage” somehow makes our love legitimate and nothing can be further from the truth.

The majority of marriages frankly are a fucking sham. We all know the divorce rate has been hovering around 50 percent for decades. I’ve know and currently know a number of wedded couples who consider themselves married and they are nothing more than glorified roommates who simply have gotten so use to each other that they are scared of the notion of divorce so they choose to remain chained to each other no matter how miserable them make each other.
I knew couples who married that I knew had no business marrying; they were clueless, horny and lonely.
The vast majority of military married couples the only reason why they married was they simply did not want to the lonely. Being “attached” somehow made their existence legitimate and meaningful.
While overseas most married couples I knew really did not like each other and it was painfully obvious in many cases.
Many of the wives who were dragged overseas were nothing more than property simply a legitimate and safe convenient sexual partner when called upon.

I had a friend back in the day that cheated on his wife at every turn but still put on the air of the blissful couple in public.

I listened on the radio the other day coming to work and the discussion was about the new trend of married couples sleeping in separate bedrooms, I’m thinking what is the fucking point of being married?

You can go just about anywhere are peep married couples and it is clear by the body language and interaction between the two that they really don’t give a shit about each other. They don’t look at each other, conversations are casual, and they don’t touch or even look at each other.

I watched this program “Snapped” about women who killed their husbands. They went into marriages assuming one thing about their husbands and after tying the knot they figure out wow their husbands are nothing like they imagined.
They became controlling, obsessive, cheating, manipulative…So they killed their husbands!
I have a clue for some of you women they did not become that way. We simply refuse to acknowledge the warning signs about our objects of our desire and ourselves.

For me I did enjoy both of my marriages. I was fortunate to have two good wives my problem was timing and jumping into both marriages at the wrong times and for the wrong reasons.
I can honestly say that if I had married either of my two wives when we were both the same ages (both older by several years than I) and no children basically starting at ground zero I certainly would be married to either today. I certainly had issues they did as well but ultimately I was not happy inside and seething discontent grew inside something neither could have seen coming hell I didn’t either.
Marriage is hard work and it takes a strong commitment to make it a good one.
Frankly few of us have the fortitude and resolve (this includes the old me) to make that happen.

I hooked up with and married for purely selfish reasons. I certainly was not ready in either case to marry. In fact my mother begged me not to marry my first wife and I did so anyway, the first and only time I did not take my mothers advice.

Today you watch the bridal shows watching these women take their family and friends through all of these changes spending thousands of dollars and going into debt just to put on a show to con people into thinking that spending all of than money on a bullshit ceremony and a dress is somehow a show of true love.

I would bet that most people who get marriage are NOT truly in love, they do not love in the deepest sense of the word.
Let’s imagine if we would require couple who are engaged to have to wait at least one year before marrying. Or let’s say in order to marry you had to attend a series of classes on marriage or you would have to take a compatibility test or psychological screening. Lets go a step further require that a lie detector test be administered to answer some very poignant questions about a persons character.

For all of my conservative viewpoints on so many issues I think I have really gotten to the point where I view marriage so differently now.
I really don’t care who gets “married.” The important thing is sincerity, honestly and the question is are you truly in love.

I definitely see myself getting married, the only difference will be I will follow my mothers’ advice this time, getting to know and understand myself first, creating reasonable expectations for marriage and what I want that marriage to be. Getting to know who I am marrying so I can understand her needs and expectations but more importantly LOVE truly love deeply and sincerely and not superficially.

Heterosexual couples have frankly turned marriage into a big fucking sham. No amount glitzy bullshit and expensive rings can strengthen the bond of two people when the reason for marriage or even staying in a failed marriage is insincere. The superficiality that marriage has become in today’s society not to mention the numerous couples wasting their lives toiling in torment and regret and mistrust does not make marriage blissful it only turns it into a torturous exercise of futility.

If gay folks really feel the need to have the government sanction what in most cases is this modern exercise in futility fuck it let them have at it. We will need to build more courtrooms, prisons and educated more lawyers because until we human beings are able to distinguish the meaning of TRUE LOVE marriage no matter how you define it or who engages in it is a sham.


Facing ethics mess, fired-up Charles Rangel tells Harlem crowd God doesn't want him to take plea


Wealth is wasted on the wealthy - Market Watch
Commentary: Tax cuts have been a failure at creating jobs


Lower the voting age to 10

What this country needs is a movement to lower the voting age to 10. Hear me out.

Wherever you look, from debt to schools to climate to pensions, the distinctive feature of American public life today is a shocking disregard for the future. Yes, politicians blather on about "our children and grandchildren" all the time -- but when it comes to what they actually do, the future doesn't have a vote. If you want to change people's behavior, you need to change their incentives. It's time to give politicians a reason not simply to praise children, but also to pander to them.


Anonymous said...

You say we need to define and engage in "true love.". So what is your definition?

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

LOVE is not a feeling. Love is an action. Love is a choice.
True Love is the action to choose unconditionally in the process of offering to another human being the qualities of:
Affection, Care, Concern, Respect, Thoughtfulness, Forgiveness, Compassion, Trust, Joy and many other positive emotional expressions of value and worth toward ANY living being as being Loveable and valuable.
Removing life support for a dying loved one.
In every example, Love is an action through choice.
When you see each other and have a smile on your face, when your loved one makes a mistake and you can't get angry on him or her even when you try hard.
When you think of spending every possible time with your loved one.
This is true love

"True love" can and will differ from person to person based on emotional maturity. To know true love you not only must love in such a way that you would give your own life at the drop of a hat to save him/her, but you must be loved in return. If you get married to someone, and fifteen years later, you can still look them in the eye and feel the same you did on your first date, then it's true love. Like the below quote; a good way to know true love is to base it on how you feel for the last person you love romantically in your life.

"We always believe that our first Love is our last, and our last Love is our first."

I get choked up telling her how much I care about her.
- I feel pain every time she hurts.
- every couple I see reminds me of her.
- everything I want to do I want to do with her.
- I have a craving for something I crave it with her.
- it still excites me when she calls.
- telling each other we love each other means more each time.
- I know that I love her more now than I did yesterday.
- I can be my absolute self with her and he/she can do the same.
- her beauty in my eyes never fades.
- we can disagree and compromise with each other.

But most of all for true love you must have ultimate respect for each other and be able to trust them implicitly. You can’t have true love once that has been broken.

One thing I realized after my divorce is that I was not valued as much as I thought I was. In later years I always had that feeling but as the harsh words came out afterwards what I always thought in the back of my mind came to the forefront.
Divorce is as stressful an event as I can imagine this is the very reason why some folks choose to live together driving each other crazy and tormenting each other because some inexplicable think that living a lie and living in a state of perpetual unhappiness is easier AND CHEEPER than divorcing and moving on with your life.

If we were creatures who lived for hundreds of years that would be fine but life is too damn short to waste it being unhappy.

PeggyU said...

let’s say in order to marry you had to attend a series of classes on marriage or you would have to take a compatibility test or psychological screening

My husband and I did attend pre marriage counseling sessions with our minister (and religion professor). I wish I could locate him to thank him for what he did. He stripped the "fun" parts away, and made us look hard at the risks and responsibilities that go with the perks.

We are still married 29 years later. We've had to deal with some of the scenarios the minister painted for us during the counseling sessions. Many of them we have not had to face, and I sometimes wonder if we could have survived some of those ordeals. I like to think my husband and I have grown closer over the years. My biggest concern is losing him. Someone has to die first, you know! Unless we go down together in a plane crash or the house goes up in flames ... but that's not all that likely.

I know of one other couple that was married by this same minister. I recently saw in the college newsletter where she had written a "thanks" to him, since she and her husband are still married after nearly 30 years as well. I imagine he put them through the same sort of counseling. So, I think your suggestion may have some real merit.

Anonymous said...

You say love is a decision but then say how it feels. Seems contradictory. And if true love means being true, then how is it some spouses can reconcile after one has cheated while others never regain the trust? True love requires TRUTH on all levels and much personal sacrifice. Selfish people who get bored can never stay committed. And counseling before a wedding is no guarantee especially if one of the pair is unable to be faithful for life.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

You say love is a decision but then say how it feels.

There is an innate emotional quality that someone feels when they are truly in love.
When are truly in love you don’t spend you time questioning it, or trying to figure it out and you don’t doubt it.

Many of us including myself fool ourselves into this notion that if I’m hanging around, I’m helping support the family and kids; I’m “contributing” to the relationship and thinking that is love. Paying bills, taking out the trash, doing the grunge work around the house is not what makes a loving marriage or relationship.
Men especially who look at their spouses as property think that by being the “provider” means that they love their spouse and nothing could be further from the truth.

When you make the decision to love part of that means acceptance of your spouse the good the bad and the ugly. I described how I was treated at the end of my marriage as if I was a pet not a spouse, not a partner, not an equal partner and after the separation all of my revelations came true, also how the acquaintances treated me not as an equal part of the marriage but a necessary evil, “well I don’t know what she sees in him but hey we will tolerate it.” I was told this by a number of people; I overheard numerous conversations over the years. How your spouse views you and what is said by your spouse to others dictates how you are treated. This is the trust factor so the trust you mention goes both ways and eventually it eats at you, you start to feel inadequate and you don’t feel equal the relationship starts not to feel like a partnership this is when you get into relationships feeling like glorified roommates.

On the selfishness like I said I was not ready in either case to marry, I know I’m a selfish prick, have always said so and acknowledge the same but you know I married as a young man and I sacrificed a lot, yes I entered the relationship for the wrong reasons, but I gave my all, I married someone with two children and I stepped in a did everything I could to make myself worth of the relationship. The barrier was the age difference, did not seem like a big deal at the time but as my career (particularly my political career) blossomed the relationship part started to tank; we each needed different things at various stages in the relationship and we both suffered as a result.
But this is when you get into really knowing and understanding your partner, one of the big conflicts was parenting styles and our conflict in parenting styles had to do with her background and upbringing. Without going into a lot of detail lets just say this is where learning and totally understanding who your partner is and what their needs are and how they relate to you is very important.

In my second marriage I totally discounted the impact of the interracial marriage part but as time went on that played a significant role in the relationship.
Money, I made quite a bit less than my wife and although that did not make a difference on the surface it became an issue.

When you truly love someone all of these sidebar issues are just a distraction and would not ever affect a truly loving relationship and as the foundation of the relationship erodes the smaller issues are like termites they destroy the foundation and once the termites have eroded the foundation nothing matters and because true love never existed in the first place everything is magnified, you choose to find things that demonize your spouse and the cycle continues.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Like I said we fool ourselves by ignoring the obvious, some people choose to gloss over the obvious because of pride, fear of rejection, the fear of the painful process of divorce so they figuratively spray paint over the shit. A man who typically won’t help around the house or cook decides to do so. He or she may suddenly engage in superficial conversations with each other and they will pretend to give a shit about each others day… they never did before but this is their way of spray painting the shit.
Buying the spouse superficial gifts when a more personal touch was all that was needed.
You get to the point in a relationship where you grow further and further apart spending as much time apart as possible, engaging in separate interests.
All we have to do is look at the eyes of our partner; the eyes are the window to the soul. When you have been rejected, when trust has eroded and faith in your partner has disappeared just look into someone’s eyes and that will always tell the story.

We enter into marriages as I said for many of the wrong reasons, choosing Mr. or Mrs. “They will do” instead of Mr. or Mrs. Right and that comes from truly and understanding and accepting each other.

I guarantee you there are spouses out there married decades who are a far apart emotionally today as they were the day they married and what you lose over time is self confidence and self worth. By not being truly in love at the start and believe me you get that feeling soon enough you enter into this abyss and we end up wasting precious time.

I don’t know if marriage classes are the right thing or not, frankly as my mother told me after my divorce take your time, learn and understand yourself first before you enter into another relationship. Reflect of the mistakes of the past and learn from them.
I have a laundry list of thing I need to work on, but as I did say I did have good wives and if the situation and circumstances were different and the timing was better and if I were more mature things would have worked out.

I’ve acknowledged my failures and shortcomings but some folks won’t acknowledge their role. It takes two for a marriage to fail but if you watch courtroom shows and reality drama it seems as it is easier to sling the arrows and find excuses rather than looking in the mirror.

The point to all of this, gay marriage… if heterosexual couples are not ready to put in the necessary work and commitment to have successful marriages what make folks thing gay couples will do any better.
If everything I have heard about gay couples is true I doubt they will fair any better.
What is the old lesbian joke: What does a lesbian bring to a second date….

A U-Haul. Does that sound like folks who are getting into relationships for the right reasons. Two women together overly emotional, hormonal as hell and two nasty dudes, sexually promiscuous and oversexed anyway as all men are and you actually thing that relationship will last? plez.

This has less to do with civil-rights than it does satisfying some deep seeded need for “society” to accept a relationship. But hey go for it, I’ve changed my tune everyone has the right to fail in a relationship and to engage in government sanctioned torment.
Don’t blame me look at the stats.

yiddishlion said...

love doesn't change...people change.

Just Sayin' said...

Meanwhile back at the ranch where we cut to the chase at every chance, regarding the first item in this post: David Weigel is the same guy put out to pasture at from the WaPo because he was holding himself out as conservative writer yet carping away as Journolist member. Yes, that David Weigel. It's important to tag him for the rest of days. Or to mix metaphors yet again, it's his albatross -- make him wear it.

Anonymous said...

Which is a worse spouse - one who is not perfect but who still sticks with it no matter what or one who bails when it gets too hard? True love is not being obsessed or blinded by desire or even happy. True love stands the test of time and is still holding hands in the nursing home. What looks like a sham on the outside may be a safe SURE place where history together outweighs emotional attachment to someone who is simply new and different. The mature love stays. The real love decides to be faithful.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Which is a worse spouse - one who is not perfect but who still sticks with it no matter what or one who bails when it gets too hard? True love is not being obsessed or blinded by desire or even happy. True love stands the test of time and is still holding hands in the nursing home. What looks like a sham on the outside may be a safe SURE place where history together outweighs emotional attachment to someone who is simply new and different. The mature love stays. The real love decides to be faithful.

“emotional attachment to someone who is simply new and different.” You are 100% correct BINGO! Exactly what I did in both instances, the difference now is I can’t nor will I “jump” into another relationship based simply on convenience, something simply “new and different” or because I was “looking.”
I was enamored by the exterior and the situation and circumstances and never totally looked at what I wanted out of a relationship and what my goals were.
Truth be told I wanted more kids but did not face this realization until I was well into the relationship but I hid this for the betterment of the relationship, there was so much I hid and ignored this is what not being true to yourself does to the long term stability of a relationship.

Let’s face it most marriages are shams because usually one partner or the other is looking for something based on purely selfish reasons:

Good sex, sexually compatible, eye candy, good sperm donor for future kids, good provider, social status, get away from family, laziness cause one or the other wants to stay at home, to combat loneliness, pure economics, social acceptance.

Dudes will settle for women that they know damn well deep down that the individual they tie themselves down to has no long term value in terms of what they mean to a relationship and women bitch all the time about “men hanging” we don’t change most men are who they are for better or for worse women simply refuse to acknowledge the more fucked up qualities in a given man and when things go south want to complain about them later. I’ve acknowledged the more fucked up tendencies of my personality but I know at the core I’m not a horrible person. I’ve never struck a woman, never call one out of her name, never physically cheated (yes I’ve done the website cheating thing) I was responsible, predictable, contributed around the house always I never have been nor was a I ever a chauvinist pig.

I feel I had a lot of good qualities, I was not perfect by any stretch but my worst fault was I was not honest with myself and thusly could never be totally happy in either of my prior marriages. This is why my time single is important, hell if I could go back I wish I had stayed single for far longer. I was not emotionally ready or should I say mature enough to marry the first time and not “emotionally” ready to enter the relationship the second time.

I never exhibited some of the other more fucked up tendencies exhibited by other husbands I was around but according to some and what was said about me I was the worst son-of-a-bitch that ever walked the planet. So ask yourself, if I were such a fucked up bastard then you mean these things are only revealed by the burning bush after the separation takes place? Also considering that again I never revealed nor will I ever reveal the numbers of reasons why I was not happy? But no, nobody gave a fuck about that because only I could be the evil bastard, only the man can be the evil bastard I suppose and so I accept that because like I keep saying life is too short to give a fuck about what people who ultimately don’t matter any way thinks about you. We choose to participate in each others life or not. I figure if I don’t mean shit to you now then I really did not mater to much to you then either. Life is nothing but one big bullshit performance and we all are just bit players anyway.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

I vent here and now because as we grown and learn about ourselves we come to certain realizations about ourselves and I have learned more about myself in the past 8 months than I have almost in my entire life.

Maybe we should all have a mandatory single period before entering into the next relationship. There is no doubt I will marry again because I have learned so much about myself and have a better understanding of myself.
I just wish I would not have waited until I was in my mid 40’s before I got smart. However I have renewed hope and patience that I never new I had.
True Love is still the goal and one certainly worth pursuing.