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Does Barack Obama want to be re-elected in 2012? Got Enough Race...? Muslims Threaten Suicide Bombings, Mega-Climate Creationist, Chickens Out On Debate, Muslim Mosqueteers

Does Barack Obama want to be re-elected in 2012? - Telegraph UK

Few Americans consider themselves bigger than the presidency but Obama might be one of them. The man in the Oval Office, argues Toby Harnden, may already be preparing for a role as a post-president in a post-American world.

When David Plouffe, President Barack Obama's 2008 campaign manager, wrote recently that his former boss was "not concerned with his re-election", there was predictable scepticism.

After all, it has long been a truism that every politician wants to cling to power and a reality that presidential campaigns are planned years in advance. Pronouncements about not looking at polls and concentrating on getting things done are, moreover, standard fare from poll-driven, election-obsessed politicians and their apparatchiks.

In this case, however, Plouffe may inadvertently be onto something. Almost everything Obama does these days suggests that he doesn't care much about being re-elected. Strange as it might seem, perhaps he wants to be a one-term president.

America: Still Talking About Race - Joseph C. Phillips - Big Hollywood

According to the website, some of the criticism of first lady Michelle Obama is driven by partisan politics. However, “others say the attacks are rooted in white resentment of the “uppity Negro.” Two things quickly come to mind. The first is that no one other than Harry Reid uses the word “Negro” anymore. Second, that it is the 21st century and yet there are those who continue to talk about race as if it were 1955.
MUSLIMS threaten SUICIDE BOMBINGS against ‘Qur’an burning’ church in Florida - Bare Naked Islam

According to the Wall Street Journal, Terry Jones, pastor at the Dove World Outreach Center will call for Sept. 11 to be an “International Burn a Koran Day.”

However, the Gainesville fire department has denied a permit for the event.

One jihadist website vowed to conduct suicide bombings in Florida to avenge the Quran burning, while others predicted an increase in terrorist recruits as a result of such actions.

“By Allah, the wars are heated and you Americans are the ones who…enflamed it,” says one such posting. “By Allah you will be the first to taste its flames.”

Jones said the radical threats confirmed his views of Muslims. “I can understand that they would be offended. I think their reactions–violence, threats, murders terrorist attacks–that only reveals the true nature of Islam which needs to be revealed,” he said.


James Cameron, Mega-Climate Creationist, Chickens Out On Debate - Stop The ACLU

Some are comparing him to the Goracle, but, really, Gore refuses to debate to start with
Hollywood director James Cameron challenged three high profile global warming skeptics to a public debate at a global warming and energy conference. But Cameron backed out of the debate at the last minute after environmentalists “came out of the woodwork” to warn him not to engage in a debate with skeptics because it was not in his best interest.

Cameron challenged Andrew Breitbart, Climate Depot’s Marc Morano and filmmaker Ann McElhinney of ‘Not Evil Just Wrong.’ The debate was already in the program for the Aspen American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) summit. The website program described the agreed to debate as “AREDAY Climate Change Debate: Reality or Fiction?”


Mark Hemingway: Ground zero mosque was powder keg from the start - Washington Examiner

Revisiting one of the first big stories on the now controversial Islamic center near ground zero, a New York Times piece from last December titled "Muslim Prayers Fuel Spiritual Rebuilding at Ground Zero," I found myself dumbstruck. As you probably guessed from the headline, the story was a laughably sunny gloss on an issue that was obviously a powder keg from the start.

It reminded me a of a joke from last season's "30 Rock," where Alec Baldwin's character was being told that in order to protect the feelings of a co-worker, he needed to "lie to her, coddle her, protect her from the real world."

Baldwin's retort? "I get it. Treat her like the New York Times treats its readers."

In fact, the aforementioned Times article ends with a quote from Sherif El-Gamal, one of the developers behind the Cordoba mosque project. "What happened that day [9/11]," he said, "was not Islam."


Ground Zero mosque modeled after notorious 9/11 mosque? - WND


Muslim Mosqueteers - Human Events

By Ted Nugent

There are no words to express the outrage Americans would have expressed if the Japanese government proposed to build a memorial to their fallen soldiers at Pearl Harbor immediately following World War II. We can only hope that President Truman would have ordered our military to fire-bomb the Japanese again for being so rude and stupid.

Slice it any way you want but the Muslim community is being tremendously rude and stupid for wanting to build a mosque so close to Ground Zero in New York City. Instead of using the $100 million for their proposed mosque, I recommend they donate the cash to the U.S. military so that we can build more smart bombs to kill more voodoo Muslim radicals. That would earn my respect and admiration.

Killing more Muslim terror punks would make the world a more peaceful place to live, and safer for more Muslims, and we all know that Islam is the religion of peace. Yeah, right.


Detailing Obama’s Endless Radicalism - Human Events

Presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama promised a post-partisan, post-racial presidency if elected.

What voters got was a third type of “post,” one for which they clearly didn’t bargain.

The Post-American Presidency by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer argues that Obama’s every move bespeaks a call to internationalism at the expense of his own country.

The book details Obama’s radical roots, his consistent attempts to denigrate and degrade the U.S. as a super power and his uneasy ties to anti-Semitism.

It’s an exhaustive book, one that doesn’t dither like a Commander in Chief pursuing war-time strategies. It hauls out fact after fact to state its case with little or no fat to weigh it down. Dense but easy to read, alarming and yet not alarmist with its use of the political record, the book encapsulates a President who hid his true self during the election campaign.


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