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ObamaCare Worse Than You Think, Missouri Rejects Obamacare, Jack Cafferty Rips the Bureaucratic 'Obama-nation' Obama Clearly Delusional, Ground Zero Mosque Disgrace, Former Shirley Sherrod employee accuses her of exploiting black farm laborers, When Whitey Comes After You… Call For Black-up!

Obamacare Only Looks Worse Upon Further Review: Kevin Hassett - Bloomberg

One of the more illuminating remarks during the health-care debate in Congress came when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told an audience that Democrats would “pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it, away from the fog of controversy.”
That remark captured the truth that, while many Americans have a vague sense that something bad is happening to their health care, few if any understand exactly what the law does.
To fill this vacuum, Representative Kevin Brady of Texas, the top House Republican on the Joint Economic Committee, asked his staff to prepare a study of the law, including a flow chart that illustrates how the major provisions will work.
The result, made public July 28, provides citizens with a preview of the impact the health-care overhaul will have on their lives. It’s a terrifying road map that shows Democrats have launched America on the most reckless policy experiment in its history, the economic equivalent of the Bay of Pigs invasion.
WOW! “SHOW ME STATE” SHOWS OBAMACARE THE DOOR… Prop C Passes By Over 70% - First Things


Prop C passes in Missouri!
Over 70% of voters reject the democrat’s nationalized health care plan.
Jack Cafferty Rips the Bureaucratic 'Obama-nation' Created by ObamaCare - Newsbusters

The Era of Obama: Clorox Co. Loses Net Income to Taxes? - First Things

Presidential Self-Adulation Hits New High - The American Spectator

The most divisive president in our nation's history thinks he's doing just fine. Somewhere these exists a disconnect.

THIS JUST IN from the Obama White House: Good news on the polling front. Even though the president's job approval ratings have plunged into negative territory in every other poll, his score on the all-important PSA Index continues to rise. The president's rating on this index (nothing to do with the prostate) has now reached an astonishing 97% - up from 87% in late 2009, and is now at its highest level ever, according to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs.

The PSA Index is the official measure of Presidential Self-Approval. It first came into existence in December of 2009, when the president appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and awarded himself a B-Plus for his first year in office. To be strictly accurate, Mr. Obama provisionally awarded himself an A-Minus. He said that the slightly higher grade would be justified if, as he expected, he secured passage of his omnibus health care/income redistribution bill in early 2010. And of course he did.

This is a damn disgrace…
The Terrorists Win: NYC Panel Votes 9-0 for Ground Zero Mosque

FOXNews: New York City Panel Clears Way for Mosque Near Ground Zero

The Hill: ACLU Praises Muslim Center Near Ground Zero

Senator Joe Lieberman says that developers should "put the brakes" on the Ground Zero mosque

Hypocrite of the Day: Muslim Immigration Enabler Dan Senor “Upset” About Ground Zero Mosque - Debbie Schlussel

Can’t Afford Your Kids’ College? You’re Funding Palestinian Kids’ Scholarships - Debbie Schlussel

Having trouble making ends meet and helping your kids’ pay for college? Perhaps you should tell the State Department that you’re a Palestinian. Then, it’s all taken care of up through the Ph.D. level.

It’s bad enough that this program exists. Sadly, though, it’s not new. It’s been going on for years. And you’re payin’ for it. And not just for Palestinian students, but students all over the Muslim world. Hey, who cares if you’re breaking your back to pay Uncle Sam? They’re laughing at you all the way to the (West) Bank. Oh, and by the way, this is yet another program beefed up by President Bush, while Obama continues it.


Former Shirley Sherrod employee accuses her of exploiting black farm laborers - Washington Examiner

Readers who read my original Washington Examiner post about Shirley Sherrod know that she and husband Charles received $150,000 each for "pain and suffering” as part of "a thirteen million dollar settlement in the minority farmers law suit Pigford vs Vilsack."
Based on history presented by Ron Wilkins yesterday at Counterpunch, it's appropriate to ask: "Whose pain and suffering?"
It now seems that Mr. and Mrs. Sherrod inflicted quite a bit of pain and suffering on their own -- and on some of the very people Mr. Sherrod described as "our own" in a speech earlier this year -- at New Communities, Inc. (NCI). The group is described at the Rural Development Leadership Network's web site as "the land trust that Shirley and Charles Sherrod established, with other black farm families in the 1960s."


Waters Defends Herself on Black Radio - WSJ Online

Waters Defends Herself on Black Radio. Appearing on Al Sharpton's Show, Sharpton suggested that the investigations might be designed to undermine Black Americans’ confidence in their elected leaders.

The national Democratic Party is spending $50 million this year to mobilize the so-called Obama surge voters of 2008 – which means, in part, turning out huge numbers of African-American voters in November.

The effort probably wasn’t helped today when U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters took to the airwaves of black radio stations across the country to say that the House ethics charges being brought against her are the unjust result of her advocacy for black Americans.


Ron Walters...Blacks Split With Obama Over Education Reform? - AFRO

The support for charters and public funding of private schools is the modern version of the segregated academies of the period before Brown v. Board of Education. Today, Whites flee public schools demanding “choice” as they become significantly populated by Black and Hispanic students and so the neoliberal paradigm that devalues public education – where most Black children are – has become official. Many Black parents support choice because it has been sold to them as providing the best education.

The Obama administration has put the largest amount of money on the table for education in the history of the country. But he needs to change the paradigm of accountability as punishment if a school doesn’t turn around, to emphasize what Barbara Arnwine, president of the Lawyers Committee, says should be providing the necessary resources to enrich the academic culture to enable these schools to succeed.

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