Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Obama's 50 Lies and Obama File 109 "JournoList" - the Soros, Google, Free Press and Obama Connections

Loudon: ‘JournoList’ — Soros, Google, Free Press and Obama Connections - RBO

Trevor Loudon writes on his New Zeal blog:

JournoList was an email group of up to 400 prominent U.S. journalists, academics and “new media” activists who reportedly colluded in the run up to the 2008 elections to influence public opinion in favor of Barack Obama and Democrats and against their Republican opponents.

Many “JournoListas” were involved with Marxist-based organizations such as Democratic Socialists of America or the far-left Institute for Policy Studies.

Some, like Robert Kuttner of The American Prospect, had close ties to the Obama campaign and administration.

An overlapping group of “JournoListas,” at least eight strong, were centered on another organization which has close ties to three highly influential power centers: financier and “change agent,” George Soros; internet giant Google, and DC-based non profit, Free Press, accused by its opponents of aiding Obama Administration attempts to censor and manipulate information on the internet.

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Just Sayin' said...

cross check: The Integrity Gap, Part II of III: Sen. Barack Obama

Dated October 14, 2008.

From it's introduction:

"During the recent financial crisis we got a taste of Obama's leadership style in crisis: do nothing and hope he can shift the blame to somebody else."

Gee, like a time capsule that pops to describe today.