Friday, August 20, 2010

Obama’s Summer of Misery Continues, More Race Stuff, What Do Strippers Think About The Ground Zero Mosque? Race War A'Comin'? Could A Black Athlete Get Away With Brett Favre’s Behavior?

57% Say Economy Has Caused Family Stress

82% Say Voters Should Be Required to Show Photo ID

28% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction
This 28% are obviously on drugs...

More Disapprove Than Approve of Obama Mosque Remarks
Strippers weigh in on 'ground zero mosque' - SF Gate

We've heard from the president. We've heard from the mayor. We've heard from countless cable news commentators.

But in the national debate over the possibility of an Islamic center near ground zero, the voices of one minority have been lost in the noise.

What about the strippers?

It turns out, they are pretty much okay with it.

Obama's on a Quiet, But Genuine, Win Streak -Eugene Robinson


White Supremacy from Bacon to Obama: Are We Finally at the Moment of Reckoning? - Rise Up Hip Hop Nation

A few months ago, I got into a debate online with a white woman I did not know. She was "scared to death" about the direction of this country and felt Obama and his policies were going to ruin the United States. She was worried about the "new world order" and saw Obama as the face of it. While acknowledging "problems" starting under Bush, she believed things were much worse now under Obama.

Her reasoning epitomized white privilege so I asked her one last question which i had a feeling she would not, or could not answer: When were things "better" in this country? Name one time.

as i suspected, I never heard from her again...

Race War A'Comin'? - American Thinker

By John Dale Dunn, MD
I was stunned a few weeks ago when a black professional colleague told me there were all-black cruises that featured speakers such as Louis Farrakhan. Mr. Farrakhan is a Muslim black nationalist, formerly a security officer, now successor to Elijah Mohammed of the Nation of Islam. He is a racist, an anti-Semite, and an anti American to the core.

Prosperous American blacks pay good money to go on a cruise with a racist like Louis Farrakhan? Mr. Farrakhan is more hateful than other race agitators, hustlers, and shakedown artists like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. He is in concert with the Congressional Black Caucus, who slavishly support communist regimes like Cuba and anti-American projects, who are angry at Whitey, but claim to be the conscience of the Congress. I couldn't help but think, What would be the public outcry if there were all-white cruises with David Duke, or the formation of a Congressional White Caucus? But blacks can't be racist in the new order of things, can they?

Latinos, Blacks Experience Highest Foreclosure Rates In California - SF Gate

The Center for Responsible Lending-a non-profit research and public policy group-released a study, this week, focused on the racial makeup of foreclosures in California. It found that Latinos have experienced notably higher foreclosure rates than non-Hispanic borrowers in the state.

Could A Black Athlete Get Away With Brett Favre’s Behavior? - The Grio

This is the third straight summer that we've been forced to go through the Brett Favre circus. It's become a joke, where every year we roll our eyes and give smug remarks about whether Favre will come back again or not.

A couple of weeks ago Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco asked teammate Terrell Owens via twitter why Favre is allowed to bask in media attention without criticism, but when they do it, they are mocked or worse, vilified. I agree with Ochocinco; if he or Owens ever made a production over a retirement decision like this, they would get blasted by every football writer and football fan in America.

All of this misery will be behind us soon I’m trying to think positive despite all that is going on.
We all just need to stay engaged, keep a boot on the neck of this administration and keep up right thinking folks informed and in the game.

Folks you have a wonderful weekend, not even Obama and his bullshit can fuck up my mood today!
Football season is near and I finally have some hope for my team this year.

Peace, Gaius


PeggyU said...

I am glad football does it for you! Unfortunately, my favorite spectator sport is baseball, and more unfortunately "my" team is the Mariners!

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Well my favorite football team is the 49ers and they have been pretty crappy for more than a decade. I got seriously spoiled in the 80’s and 90’s so I have glossed over football for awhile. So I finally have something to look forward too this season.

And it may be the last season for awhile because they will no doubt be on strike next year and we may not have a football season.

Just a conservative girl said...

People pay money to go on a cruise with Farrakhan? I really can't find the right words for this. Honestly, I can almost see Jesse Jackson, he was with Dr. King when he died, he was very much out there during the movement in the sixties, it would be interesting to hear those stories.(Course, I can never understand half of what he says, but that is besides the point)

It is nice to know that someone has some extra money during the recession that they can throw it away on this. I think I must blog on this later myself.

Constructive Feedback said...

Michael Jordan and Sugar Ray Leonard did the same thing - though not as unhinged as Brett Farve.

It is amazing how some people racialize everything.