Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Tea Party is Full of Socialists according to R.K. Byers... Lots More Reading

The Following was written by some idiot fuck R.K. Byers

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If capitalism had a mantra, it would not be, as we’d like to think, “survival of the fittest.” It would more likely be “a day’s work for a day’s pay.”

That considered, I don’t know how we all missed—and we are, after all, hardworking, hard-thinking Black people—the fact that when we notice those massive Tea Party gatherings, they all seem to be happening during the workweek!

I live in Rockland Country, New York and I know I’ve seen a bunch of those white OGs gathered together shouting and mad.

This one particular time, I rolled down the window of my car and screamed at those people (I’ll get into what I screamed in a moment, as it is relevant) but it’s funny how even as I screamed something that should have logically led to this particular blog, I was actually just screaming it to be mean and wasn’t even thinking about the ramifications of what I was saying.

I scoured the internet a little bit earlier looking for Tea Party unemployment numbers. The best I could come up with was some angry white man’s estimate that approximately 60% of Tea Party members are unemployed.


Even extreme unemployment estimates only put the national number at 20%. The number that the government reports is only 9.5%.

This means that a Tea Party member is anywhere between 3 and 6 times more likely to be unemployed than any other American.

Why, how are these people supporting themselves? you may ask.

Well, they’re getting unemployment benefits, Medicare, social security, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if more than a few of them were collecting welfare.

But wait, you may say, aren’t all of those social programs?


But if they’re collecting money from the government’s social programs and they’re unemployed, doesn’t that make them…?

That’s why I love my Black people. I don’t have to tell you anything. You can figure it all out on your own.

But in case you haven’t figured out what I screamed the last time I passed a group of Tea Partiers, it was this:

“Get a job you bums!”


Folks I saw this and I had to share. I read a lot of stuff everyday, hundreds of websites and blogs and various articles and of course I post here what I think is interesting to me on a given day. Sometimes I see shit like this written by some of these crazy ass black folks and all I can do is laugh because some of this shit is just too stupid to explain.

I’m thinking does this mutherfucker even know what a socialist is?

Maybe he doesn’t or more likely he does but he knows that most Negros that come to this website and read his silly shit won’t know the difference or won’t care because that were more interested in who Jay-Z is fucking behind BeyoncĂ©’s back, or which hip hop diva has booty implants (seriously go here: or they are too busy because they are watching Judge Mathis or a rerun of For the Love of Ray J.

Negros have evolved into a bunch of simpletons amazingly clueless about the world around them and while this retarded ass president continues to run America into the proverbial ditch economically black folks fall further and further behind educationally as seen here:

Alarming graduation gap for black males NBC Nightly News August 17

Also; Only 47% Of Black Males Graduate From High School - Politik Ditto/CNN Story Video

But Nooooooo! That is not the problem apparenty "white" Tea Party Socialists are the problem.
Is this world fucked up or what?

Hey R.K below are some videos you may have missed... catch a fucking clue about the meaning of a socialist and please don’t make liberal black folks any dumber than they already are.
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After watching that last video of those nimrods on the beach, I wonder how many of them actually voted. I mean, it might have interfered with a tanning session or a video game or something ...

My daughter is 22, and she didn't vote in the last election. When I asked her why, she said it was because she was too busy with school and work to learn about what the different candidates had to offer. Since she was ignorant, I'm glad she didn't vote. Apparently ignorance doesn't stop enough of them, though.

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