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White House Disappointed with America, Negro Leaders Not Happy With Obama, Barack Obama Vs. Majority Public Opinion, No ObamaCare! Finally a Comedian Who Has The Balls To Diss Obama, "Stick a Fork in GZ Moaque..."

White House Disappointed with America… Again! - Heritage
The U.S. State Department announced that the U.S. had submitted its “Report of the United States of America” to the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights. This report was submitted as part of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) conducted by the UN Human Rights Council (HRC). In November, the U.S. Administration will formally present the findings of its report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Judging from the content of the U.S. report, that November presentation will consist of much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the inadequacy of America.

African-American leaders and intellectuals express dissatisfaction with President Obama - The Daily Caller

With President Barack Obama’s approval ratings dipping below 50%, members of his strongest voting bloc have also started to voice displeasure with the way he has chosen to govern.

Since Obama has taken office African Americans have faced a number of disproportionate “highs,” few of them good, such as an exceptionally high unemployment rate, a high foreclosure rate, and a high number of African-American political figures deprived of the president’s support or dismissed from his administration (such as former White House social secretary Desiree Rogers, former Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod, South Carolina Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene, former green energy czar Van Jones, Democratic Illinois Sen. Roland Burris, Democratic New York Gov. David Patterson, would-be Democratic New York Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr., and Democratic Reps. Charlie Rangel of New York, Maxine Waters of California and Kendrick Meek of Florida).

Dr. Cornel West, professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, is one African-American leader who has been far from pleased with Obama’s neglect of African-American issues. West told The Daily Caller that he has been extremely frustrated with the president’s relative disinterest in civil rights issues.

“He can take the black base for granted because he assumes we have nowhere else to go,” West said. “But we just won’t put up with it. He has got to respect us.”

Barack Obama Vs. Majority Public Opinion - Investors Business Daily

Americans are being treated to welcome entertainment during the dog days of summer as we watch the Democrats wring their hands over Barack Obama's tone-deafness about political reality. Their despair about Obama is so painful that they are even calling on George W. Bush to come back and rescue Obama from his own mistakes.

The Democrats are reluctant to admit the truth that Obama is not a smart politician (like Bill Clinton, for example). Obama is a radical ideologue determined to "transform" America into the socialist mold, regardless of voter retaliation against Democratic candidates.

Let's tick off the issues where Obama staked out his lonely position at the same time public opinion polls showed the majority of Americans lining up on the other side. Obama's determination to achieve "change" doesn't include obeying the wishes of We the People.


Putting the Brakes on ObamaCare - Wall Street Journal
How a Republican Congress could begin the process of repealing this unpopular law.

If Republicans take control of one or both houses of Congress this fall, many will have been elected with a promise to "repeal and replace" ObamaCare. But what are their options, really? There likely will be an initial showdown, but President Obama will surely veto any challenge to the law, and it would be hard to imagine mustering the votes to overturn it.

Information is the key weapon. Republicans can use congressional hearings to explain what ObamaCare is doing to the economy and the health sector. Their strongest cases would be built around jobs, the cost of health care, and the rising deficit.

If evidence shows that looming mandates on employers are crippling job-creation, they should be repealed. If health costs are rising, as they inevitably will be, Congress needs to hold hearings to investigate the causes and explain why the offending taxes and regulations must be repealed.

Letterman: Obama Will Have Plenty of Time for Vacations When His One Term Is Up - Newsbusters

I have long said that the vast majority of stand up comedians are a bunch of pussies because while G Dub was occupying the White House comedians to get a cheap laugh would lambaste him on a regular basis. Now G Dub in many instances deserved the jabs and of course since all liberals have a serious case of Bush Derangement Syndrome it was easy for them to clown him.

But now here you have one of the most incompetent presidents in my lifetime totally fucking up the country at every turn but comedians are too scared to diss this moron.

I guess raising our taxes through the roof, shoving hair brained schemes like ObamaCare down our throats, bailing out failing car companies, pissing our money away via stimulus bullshit, his costing millions of American’s their job, destroying the housing market and small business I guess is not classic comedy material.


The Real Moderate Islam: Media Ignore Muslim Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque - MRC

Mosque critics Miss USA, Zhudi Jasser and Al-Arabiya director disregarded by networks.

To hear the network news shows report it, much of the opposition to the Ground Zero mosque stems from a fear of Islam. But in reality, there are many prominent Muslims who have spoken out against the location of the Ground Zero mosque – only to be ignored by the evening news shows.

During the past month, the evening news programs on ABC, NBC and CBS have featured quotes from Muslim Ground Zero supporters nine times, many of whom described opposition to the mosque as “bigoted” or “Islamophobic.” In contrast, from July 22 to Aug. 22 only one evening show gave air time to a Muslim who is opposed to the Ground Zero project. Critics of the mosque such as first Muslim Miss USA, Dr. Zhudi Jasser and the director of Al-Arabiya were ignored by the news shows.

“Don`t they realize that this is bigotry? To scapegoat on the Muslim-Americans for the acts of foreign terrorists is equivalent to scapegoating upon all Christians for the acts of Timothy McVeigh,” said Talat Hamdani, a Muslim-American woman who lost her son Mohammad, a hero first responder in the Sept. 11 attack, on CBS Evening News on Aug. 22.

On Aug. 16, ABC World News quoted Council on American-Islamic Relations spokesman Ibrahim Cooper, who said that “Even after 9/11, there was a reservoir of good will. We had people bringing flowers to mosques that were vandalized nationwide, but I've really never seen the level of Islamophobia that we're experiencing today.”

Only one Muslim-American who opposed the mosque was quoted on any of the shows. “To us, it is the grave site of our loved ones …We are saying please not here. Nowhere as a part of your religious freedom does it guarantee you a location,” said Neda Bolourchi on CBS Evening News on Aug. 22. Bolourchi lost her mother in the Sept. 11 attacks, on. Bolourchi had previously written about her opposition to the mosque in The Washington Post, yet only CBS managed to find her for an interview.

Stick a Fork in GZ Moaque: Most Powerful Politician in New York Sheldon Silver is Against It - The Last Tradition

As a lifetime New Yorker, believe me when I tell you that nothing happens in New York State without Sheldon Silver’s blessing!

Silver has served in the state assembly for over 30 years. He’s been Assembly Speaker since 1994 and he knows where all the bodies are buried in New York.

So although this controversy may go on for quite a while longer, it’s all over but the shouting.

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