Monday, August 9, 2010

World Is Screwed Up - Vol 1: Obama’s America Is Planet Of Apes, More Race Shit, Another White Trash Dickhead Gets Reality TV Show, White Dude Indicted In Shooting, Dragging Death Of Black Man, New York Man Kills Boy Toddler “For Acting Like A Girl” Screw Old White People, Boy Scouts Hate Obama Too

Glenn Beck: “Obama’s America Is Planet Of Apes” [VIDEO]

Glenn Beck compared Obama’s America to “the damn Planet of the Apes,” Thursday during a rant against the president’s praise for the AFL-CIO.

Beck made the comparison while trying to blame union support of strong pensions for the nation’s high unemployment rate. He doesn’t like that former SEIU president Andy Stern sits on the president’s panel on deficit reduction.

The segment’s accompanying online article omits the Fox News host’s Planet of the Apescomparison.



Talking About Race - Ricochet

Earlier this year Attorney General Eric Holder said there was “still a need for dialog” about race. I’m beginning to think he may have gotten it exactly wrong, and that there may be a need for less dialog on the subject. Actually, it was something he said later in those same comments that made more sense: "People feel uncomfortable talking about racial issues out of fear that if they express things they will be characterized in a way that's not fair." He’s right about that, but I think we’ve arrived at this point of uncomfortableness precisely because of our continuing national dialog.

Growing up in Chicago in the early 1960s, I attended a high school in which I was part of the minority; more than ninety-percent of the students were black. I say that not to try to introduce any of my bona fides on the subject of race relations, but to make the point that race was a more comfortable subject in that high school than it is in 2010 America.

On my game show recently, an African-American contestant mentioned that he could teach anyone to be a Hip-Hop singer. I leaned over to him and stage-whispered, “I’m sorry, but I’m hopelessly Caucasian.” It was a joke on me and my lack of “hipness” and my white bread image, but I found myself re-examining the line later. Was I engaging in stereotyping? Could my remarks have been offensive? Would viewers be uncomfortable with what I said? I decided it was a harmless (and somewhat amusing) little comment, but it was the fact I gave it any thought at all that troubled me

SC Man Indicted In Shooting, Dragging Death Of Black Man

NEWBERRY, S.C. A grand jury has indicted a white South Carolina man on charges he killed his black friend and dragged his body behind a truck.

Prosecutor Jerry Peace said 19-year-old Gregory Collins was indicted Friday for murder, desecrating a body and possessing a weapon during a violent crime. Peace said it becomes a case on the active docket.

Collins was arrested in June and accused of killing 30-year-old Anthony Hill. Authorities say Collins shot Hill, then dragged his body 11 miles behind a truck.

The New Black Panther Party has held protests and rallies in Newberry, asking federal authorities to charge Collins with a hate crime.

Last week, a judge decided last week not to issue a gag order in the case.


New York Man Kills Boy Toddler “For Acting Like A Girl” - NewsOne

A Southhampton, New York, man is being held without bail after beating his girlfriend’s 17-month-old son to death on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation outside of the Riverside area in Long Island, NY. He is being charged with first-degree manslaughter.

Pedro Jones pleaded not guilty on Monday afternoon in Southampton Town Justice Court after he was accused of striking the toddler Sunday night while babysitting, according to the website for radio station in Vermont.

The child went into cardiac arrest, police said. According to WABC in New York, Jones punched toddler Roy A. Jones to death, noting that he was “trying to make him act like a boy instead of a little girl.” Police were alerted and called to the scene at Old Point Road East in Southampton around 8:25 p.m.

Jones allegedly admitted to the crime while being handcuffed and led away from the New York State police barracks, noting that he loved the tiny tot and “never struck that kid that hard before. A one-time mistake and I am going to do 20 years,” said Jones.

Prisoners and Losers on TV - My Voice On The Wings Of Change

In his latest dry-hump of the mind, Mark Burnett has decided to produce a PRISON version of American Idol, to be titled, Talent Behind Bars. He and his investors are also considering a second copycat, Dancing Behind Bars.
According to Broadcasting & Cable:

"The essence of the show is to highlight people who have been convicted of non-violent crimes and misdemeanors," Schleiff told B&C after the presentation. "Maybe there's somebody in a part of the country where they've never had a real chance to have a proper education, but they have a talent. Maybe it's singing, for example. So if we can give somebody like that, because of the use of the medium of our series, a break, they [might] get seen. And [if] someone sees that they have an extraordinary ability, it's a chance for maybe a little bit of a redemption."
Who is Mark Burnett? you ask. Among other television shows, he is the producer of Survivor, The Apprentice and Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? I think it’s also important to note, he’s British.

It’s futile to discuss just how aggravating and pathetic this new liberal concept is. But what it truly showcases is how outnumbered we are by idiots, since there is clearly a marketable audience this will sell to. I can talk about this audience of morons all day long without consequence because they don’t read. Instead they voluntarily participate in hypnotization by bad T.V. As for their friends, the advocates of losers who argue like drugged, drooling, mental patients every time I point out the obvious about the liberal agenda, they are like mosquitoes in my moment to moment world. The occasional interference in my life’s picnic.

Well I knew when I heard about the episode of that Flava Flav show where this retarded bitch shit on the damn floor on one episode and I later found out that the show was one of the most watch shows by black folks I thought no wonder Niggas are so fucked up.

But hell we have a narcissistic president so thusly we have a country full of narcissistic fucks and an audience of voyeuristic morons willingly taking in all of this ridiculous nonsense.
I’ll admit I only watch one so-called reality show and that is “Last Comic Standing” because I like a good comedian. I did watch Big Brother back when it was new along with Survivor but after the first few seasons now the show are so devoid of true reality these shows are just idiot fests and ever since the saw the movie “Idiocracy” I keep thinking this is where the world and society is headed.
More proof shit is fucked up!

Levi Johnston -- Lost a Fiancee, Gained a Reality Show

Sources close to Johnston tell TMZ he signed a new reality deal this weekend, one that doesn't include everyone's favorite unwed teen mother from Alaska.

We're told Levi will actually begin shooting in Los Angeles on Monday and then cameras will follow him back to Alaska. No word yet on what the exact format will be, though several networks are said to be interested.

Let me just say anyone who would watch a fucking reality show with this piece of shit idiot fuck white trash moronic dickhead is a bigger piece of shit idiot fuck white trash (because this is one stupid ass show no Negros will watch) moronic, dickhead.

Juan Williams: Missouri's Anti-ObamaCare Ballot Irrelevant - Only Old White People Voted For It - Newsbusters

Juan Williams on Sunday said the passage of Missouri's anti-ObamaCare ballot initiative last week is irrelevant because only older white people voted for it.

Discussing the issue on "Fox News Sunday," the liberal FNC contributor said, "As far as the Missouri vote, you get 70 percent inside an echo chamber of older white people, no not in St. Louis not in Kansas City, saying, 'Oh yeah, we don't like a requirement that everybody has to have healthcare even though the hospitals in Missouri say it's gonna drive up our costs.'"

Host Chris Wallace seemed somewhat stunned by this and asked, "What happened to respect for democracy?"

When Williams elaborated saying that he believes this will eventually be decided by the courts, Liz Cheney rightly scolded her colleague, "I think it is stunning you and the White House are unwilling to heed the votes of the people in Missouri"

Obama using Andy Griffith to deceive seniors - Washington Examiner

At a cost of $700,000 of taxpayers’ money, Andy Griffith is on the air peddling President Obama’s propaganda about how wonderful ObamaCare is going to be for Medicare. He doesn’t have a clue as to what he is talking about.

The Obama administration itself released a report this week confessing that ObamaCare cuts $575 billion from Medicare over the first 10 years alone. The cuts will soar to $126 billion for just one year by 2019.

Obama is also trying to hide how high the Medicare cuts accumulate over the longer term by delaying the annual report of the Medicare Board of Trustees. That report is usually out every year by April or May. But this year the report is still nowhere to be found.


Boy Scouts Respond to the Manchurian Moonbat - Moonbattery

No wonder Comrade Obama chose to be fawned over by the cretinous moonbat hags of The View rather than show up in person for the Boy Scout's 100th Anniversary Jamboree, despite being the honorary chairman of the BSA. It looks like even Boy Scouts resent the Left's habit of spitting on them at every possible opportunity. The Moonbat Messiah's video image didn't get the warmest of receptions:

Obama’s Recorded Message to Boy Scouts Centennial Wasn’t Warmly Received - Michelle Malkin



Just Sayin' said...

Let's see. Beck suggests that, by comparing our future to a movie, we're headed towards a dystopian future where technology is forgotten, people are enslaved, the ruling class rides around on horses and everyone else hobbles in the mud. And let's skip his critique and focus on the fact that those movie leaders were actors dressed up as apes. And since everyone knows that our president is half-black, and everyone knows every black has been stigmatized by being called an ape, and everyone knows knows that only racists call black people apes, and frankly, everyone knows that only nerds and racists like the Planet of the Apes series, therefore let's call Beck a racist for a while. At least until we're all living in a dystopian future where technology is forgotten, we're enslaved, the ruling class ride around on horses and the rest of us hobble around in the mud.

Gee, I remember this. It's just like quoting WCFields card player/carny shark character from My Little Chickadee, "Go away, son, you bother me", and if you're a white guy quoting that movie, you're a RASCIST. Don't matter how germane your use of Fields' carny motif, or that you're dealing with a kibitzer, or that WCFields is funny. It's that blacks have a thing about "boy" (see, not far from "son"), just like they have a thing about "apes", just like they have a thing about "Beck".

So here's your RaceCard back, you'll need it again. (Should I be really mean and add "son" now? Or is that good enough?)

Meanwhile back in the real world, a real estate tycoon just said on CNBC that the US needs a serious infrastructure program where states get together to propose, plan and build stuff that will be all toll-based. And I'm thinking, you dispicable shithead, you're a real estate tycoon and there's never been a toll in the world that ever made one bit of difference to you. But he would welcome a two-tier world where we can keep the riff-raff down just with country-wide network of tolls. Reminded me of Bloomberg's $15 toll to drive into NYC.

This guy was named Zuckerman. And I'm left wondering how much money he's given to Obama and friends. And whether he's on some shortlist for a big bail out...

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

J.S. I love it!

You sound angry today as am I… well kinda. It’s not that I’m in a bad mood or think the world is any more fucked up today than it ever was shit around me just seems more raw than ever.

FYI I found the Beck piece on a black news site and other black websites are having a fit over his comments.

Just Sayin' said...

It is true that I was ranting at Zuckerman just a couple seconds before posting. But I'm in good spirits, ready to rumble, and I did see a big fat one coming in over the plate. The 'you' there is the proverbial 'you', not the 'you, Snoop, you dirty dog' you nor was it the 'you folks' you. Just plain 'you' that we have all come to know and love. Save for French Canadians whose nose is always out of joint because they can't have a 'you' personal and a 'you' formal when they speak the English. Must wreck havoc with their love lives or something.

Happy Monday. Glad to see we're both alive and kicking. (Going to the Dr to see about my high blood pressure today. 2nd visit. I feel good so far. I swear going to Dr's is the worst gaddam hobby ever.)

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Speaking of blood pressure when I was in the middle of my depression blues and not sleeping I passed out one night and later that morning very early I went to the ER and my blood pressure was 175/110 the ER doc looked at me and wondered how I did not have a stroke.
I’ve since lost a lot of weight, but no meds whatsoever, eating different, and now into lots of vitamins, blood pressure not great but much better even without the meds.
Doing a lot more walking. One Saturday I walked 15 miles (no joke) I walk 3-5 miles several days a week and that has been the best thing for me health wise.

Mentally I am so much better these day, I feel like a huge weight has been lifter from my nerves. No more anxiety. Although the crap I read for the blog and post pisses me off I just think about the good parts and the special folks in my life these days and I am enjoying seeing the grandkids these days and I leave the angst here on the blog.
No internet at home on purpose. I simply found it is completely unnecessary and a complete waste of money.

Despite the occasional negativity life does have possibilities…

Just Jawin' said...

hmmm. Ignores race, crosses state boundaries. We must have VJ disease.

VJ is named for the famed (and still very much alive, thank you very much) entertainer, Victoria Jackson, who wrote the song that probably flows in both our veins: There's a Socialist in the White House.

I'm hoping for a minor recovery in Nov and a full recovery two years later. But I'm popping pills until that happens, one can never depend upon the addled and moonstruck to stay home on election day.

Exercise, I remember that from my youth. Isn't that what poor folk and young men did before there were cars, and the internet and cable tv (and a BetterHalf)? [BH, optional equipment which is typically not present in post divorce households. Sorry to bring that up. Can be replaced with a younger but frankly probably dumber version. NB, discussion of these details seldom worthwhile for anyone, often worse than Dem/Rep dustups and on a par with talking to your parents about sex, especially theirs, current or historical. In extreme cases friendship, such as it was, is burnt to a crisp. Recommendation: mind your P' & Q's and keep a stiff upper lip.]

BP down to 150/99 (down from 180's over 120's) which is "Still HIGH" says my new Doctor. Gonna chase it with little green pills. I can live with that.

Did I mention that she's cute as a button? Maybe I'll get over my white coat syndrome.