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The Democratic Party: A History of Corruption, Sexist Palin Attack, Chrysler Workers Filmed Smoking Pot, Pounding Booze at the Very Plant Obama Visited to Boast of Bailout 'Success', Why would Facebook Dude Donate $100 to Newark schools knowing Negros will just find a way to scam it, More Blacks Supporting Tea Party Candidates, Sorry Lib Media: Tea Party Attacks Not Working

How Privileged Democrats Pay for Their Houses(Exposing the hypocrisy of the Rats)- Michelle Malkin (via Free Republic) on Townhall

Like millions of Americans, Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell has had trouble covering her mortgage and other bills over the years. Her opponents consider this a scandal of disqualifying proportions. But there's a bigger disgrace: It's all the sanctimonious Democrats who have exploited their entrenched political incumbency to pay for multiple manses and vacation homes -- while posing as vox populi.

Former senior senator from Delaware and current Vice President Joe Biden has a custom-built house in Delaware's ritziest Chateau Country neighborhood. It is now worth at least $2.5 million and is the Bidens' most valuable asset. Biden tapped campaign funds to pay for his compound's lawn needs. He secured the new estate with the help of a corporate executive who worked for Biden's top campaign donor, credit card giant MBNA.

In case you forgot...

More Scandal For Congressional Black Caucus - Judicial Watch

In the latest of many corruption scandals to rock the Congressional Black Caucus, a veteran Texas lawmaker has illegally awarded thousands of dollars in college scholarships to relatives and the children of a top aide even though anti-nepotism rules expressly forbid it.

Reported over the weekend by a Dallas newspaper, it marks the sixth time in the last few years that a member of the influential House committee is embroiled in wrongdoing. Most recently two prominent members—New York’s Charles Rangel and California’s Maxine Waters—have hogged up the spotlight for their widely reported transgressions, which have resulted in a multitude of ethics charges by House investigators; Rangel for failing to pay taxes and hiding income and assets and Waters for unscrupulously steering federal bailout funds to her husband’s failing bank.


Democrat Corruption Incarnate: Alcee Hastings - Behind Blue Lines
March 23, 2010

Meet Alcee Hastings, Congressman from Florida’s 23d District. Congressman Hastings used to be Judge Hastings, appointed to the federal bench by Jimmy Carter.

Judge Hastings was impeached by the House and removed by the Senate for high crimes and misdemeanors – to wit, for accepting a rather large bribe in return for lenient sentencing of a criminal defendant. The attorney who provided the bribe went to prison and Hastings went free because his accomplice refused to testify against him. His ultimate impeachment and removal from the bench was quite bipartisan.
Corrupt Congressional Black Caucus - Con Undersround

As a separate group, an accomplishment of their own making, the congressional black caucus is probably the most corrupt and unethical national political body in America.

What is truly astonishing is not just the number and scope of investigations and ethical inquiries into its member’s political and business affairs but what is truly incomprehensible is that the same people continue to get voted in office! Oh and by the way, yeah, they are liberals.

Democrats now comprise majority of ‘most corrupt in Congress’ list - Raw Story
Published: September 16, 2009

Networks Mostly Mute on Democratic Scandals - MRC

ABC, CBS and NBC Air 49 Stories on GOP Governor's Sex Life, But Ignore Democratic Corruption
July 02, 2009

Congressional Black Caucus Congress and ACORN - Corruption at the highest level
May 18, 2009

EDITORIAL: Pelosi confronts justice - Washington Times
May 3, 2009

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is working to buffer lawmakers from federal investigators. This is a bad idea. Special legal protections for politicians encourage unethical conduct.

Irvin B. Nathan, general counsel of the House of Representatives, sent a letter to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Monday about establishing a protocol on how to handle "hopefully rare searches and electronic surveillance involving members of Congress." Mr. Nathan previously failed to negotiate such an agreement with the George W. Bush administration when Republicans controlled the House. His return to this effort isn't surprising given the number of congressional Democrats facing accusations of ethical misconduct.

A closer look at the NJ Democrat corruption case - Michelle Malkin
September 8, 2007

"the big political bust in NJ that snagged 11 Democrats two days ago. A sham company set up by the FBI paid bribes to the officials. It’s worth taking a closer look at the case and the criminal complaints, which the USAO’s office in NJ has made available online. In a nutshell, the corruption arrests of nearly a dozen public officials “continues to scratch the surface of the problem we have here in New Jersey,” U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie said at a press conference announcing the sting. “I thought I could no longer be surprised by a combination of brazenness, arrogance and stupidity,” Christie said, “but the people elected in this state continue to defy description.”

The Corrupt Democrats - Flopping Aces
October 11, 2006

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn’t personally owned the property for three years, property deeds show.

In the process, Reid did not disclose to Congress an earlier sale in which he transferred his land to a company created by a friend and took a financial stake in that company, according to records and interviews.

Government Efficiency: Chrysler Workers Filmed Smoking Pot, Pounding Booze at the Very Plant Obama Visited to Boast of Bailout 'Success' - Doug Ross

Fox 2's Rob Wolchek got a tip about what some guys are doing at Chrysler's Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit. This is the same plant that President Barack Obama visited back in July and talked about the significance of manufacturing in America.

The same place where the President remarked on the tax-payer generated government loan saying "I believed that if each of us were willing to work and sacrifice in the short term -- workers, management, creditors, shareholders, retirees, communities -- it could mark a new beginning for a great American industry. And if we could summon that sense of teamwork and common purpose, we could once again see the best cars in the world designed, engineered, forged, and built right here in Detroit, right here in the Midwest, right here in the United States of America."


Sports show asks NFL receivers: Would you rather see Palin in the White House — or in Playboy? - Hot Air

Facebook's Zuckerberg to give 100 million to Newark, NJ schools on Oprah

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is going to give 100 million dollars to the Newark, NJ school system on tomorrow's Oprah Show.

What's not to love about that? Newark's school system is broken, 45% of its students don't graduate from high school, and the crime rate in the city is high. Strangely, though, the teachers there are paid more than anywhere else in New Jersey. I wonder if Oprah and Zuckerberg know that.

In any case, how and why did Zuckerberg pick Newark of all places?

I bet that he didn't, I bet Oprah did. She's been buddied-up with Newark Mayor Cory Booker since 2006.

My Two Cents:
Ok I’m gonna say something you white folks can’t say because you of course would be called racist.
Ask yourself something why donate so much money to ONE school system dominated by a bunch of inept Negros.

Newark is plagued by massive corruption by those in charge of education. There are numerous problems in Newark in addition to education. Millions of dollars each year is pumped into depressed schools in New Jersey. In Newark is it reported that $22,000 is spent on each student a year. That is around the same cost to send a child to a good private school. Yet, the actual schools, community, and teachers are lacking materials to even teach while graduation rates are at an all time.
Nearly 46 percent of the district’s 40,000 students fail to graduate high school and only about 40 percent read and write at grade level by third grade.

Why would any sane individual donate such a large sum of money to a school district and a city that clearly has no oversight?
This is beyond retarded and nothing but some sham PR move.

I don’t care if this dude gave a billion until you decide to get rid of a bunch of worthless overpaid teachers AND force worthless ass parents to give a shit about their children Newark schools will be performing at the same level 10 years from now as they are today. Niggas are gonna find a way to scam that money and line their pockets with it.

Bottom line- this money is going to the wrong people. With $100 million, you could set up a charity or organization to go into depressed areas providing care and support while directly noting impact and change. This money I guarantee you will be lost in the sea of corrupt Newark Negros and other assorted figure heads intent on scamming this school system and further screwing more black children out of a quality education.

Pajamas TV survey finds one-third of Black likely voters support Tea Party

Velma Hart, an African-American woman, movingly told President Obama earlier this week that she was "weary of defending" him and his programs. Now comes word from the latest Pajamas TV Tea Party Tracking Poll that one-in-three Black Americans say they support the Tea Party movement.

Considering that the liberal mainstream media has been peddling the view for more than a year that the Tea Partiers are just a bunch of angry white folks, the Pajamas TV survey finding of significant support for the movement in the Black community might be the most significant 2010 mid-term congressional election campaign story you haven't heard before today.

Ingraham: ‘Crazy’ Attack on Tea Parties ‘Doesn’t Work’ - Newsbusters


I was sent an e-mail asking me if I really hate and despise Obama as much as I say I do…

Yes… Yes I do and I despised him long before it became popular.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for saying the truth about Newark schools. The problem is first, with the families, or lack thereof. They tolerate this sh&t.
Second is the corruption.
You can say this about every major urban center in this country. And most minor urban areas as well.

Perplexed said...

I bet that the blacks who live in Newark won’t thank Mr. Facebook for the contribution that will only say “well whitey owes us anyway” and will proceed to take advantage of this.
I remember when the Kansas City school district spent millions calling themselves improving the school system to get more whites to come back to the schools and now the system is a complete failure and ended up closing half the school system.
Why can’t people understand you don’t throw money at a problem and expect the problem to go away. Until people are willing to address the human aspect of why Newark schools and every other school system where blacks are failing no amount of money can rid society of worthless people who don’t give a shit.