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ex-N.J. DEMOCRATIC campaign official was fired for hiring African-Americans, Obama's Fire Sale, How Many Times Did Goldwater Run for President Again? The Republican Pledge to Nowhere, A Nation of Peasants

Lawsuit claims ex-N.J. Democratic campaign official was fired for hiring African-Americans -

Christopher Nastuk was a foot soldier in the 2008 Lautenberg for Senate campaign.

A canvass director, his job was to help find field workers to go door-to-door and help get out the Democratic vote, including areas within Rep. Rush Holt’s congressional district, as part of a coordinated statewide campaign.

But in a lawsuit now playing out in federal court in Trenton, Nastuk, who is white, claims he was fired for hiring African-Americans.

According to the complaint, Nastuk was told black canvassers were "demographically undesirable" in the predominately white areas of the district being targeted, and he was ordered not to hire people who used words like "yo, yo, yo..."


Obama's Fire Sale - The Daily Beast

Six weeks before the election, President Obama couldn’t fill the ballroom at the Roosevelt Hotel, despite cheap tickets on offer. And then he was met by hecklers.

Who would have thought that six weeks before a cliffhanger election, President Obama would have to reach down to the D list to fill a room to listen to him? Most of us low rollers arrived early to see President Obama up close and personal. Our tickets for the general reception at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York were only $100. Some thought the email invitation was a joke. Some bought tickets for $50 from their desperate Democratic committeeman. Some bought the same day.

It’s Filene’s,” enthused Sharon Douglas, reliving her heady days as a volunteer in Obama’s 2008 campaign. The doorman beckoned conspiratorially and ushered us out one door and in through another to stand at the back of the $500 line. Their crowd came from Wall Street in car services and killer heels. Our crowd came on subways in flats and scuffed teacher’s shoes.

Only after I received four email invitations and two personal calls imploring me to come did I call Speaker Pelosi’s office to check the admission price. “You mean, to be in the room with the President of the United States is now on fire sale for $100?”


Obama: Mexicans Were Here Before America Was Even an Idea - Rush Limbaugh

Now, this is not just a throw-away line. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not simply Obama trying to reach out and touch the Hispanic caucus. People who look at this country that way do not like this country. They look at this country as an oppressor. They look at the creation, the founding of this country as immoral and unjust. Dinesh D'Souza has a book out, a cover story in Forbes magazine, that what really motivates Obama is his father, and his father hated colonialist America, hated colonialist Great Britain and had a profound influence on Obama and Obama's anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist and looks at the United States as colonialist. I think it's very consistent with the way I've analyzed this guy from the get-go. Whatever, he's got a grudge against this country. It's immoral and unjust. I don't care whether he's been taught that at Harvard, taught that in Alinsky classes in Chicago from Reverend Wright or from his dad or from this guy Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii. Whoever had access to Obama has planted in him the notion this country's unjust, unfair, whether it's colonialist or oppressive or what have you.

So here he is making a speech to some Hispanics, and what does he say? "Long before America was even an idea." Translation: Back in the good old days. Back in the good old days before there even was an America, "this land of plenty was home to many peoples." Translation: Who have been wiped out and destroyed by evil oppressors, from Custer to the Founding Fathers. The British and French were here, and it would have been a lot better if they were still here. The Dutch and the Spanish were here, and it would be a lot better if they were still here. The Mexicans were here before America -- "Yay!" And big cheers come up. And unstated here: this place would be a lot better off if the British, the French, the Dutch, the Spanish, and the Mexicans had not been run outta here. And of course he has to give grudging acceptance and knowledge to the Indians tribes who of course were at one with this land of plenty in a nature sense. "We all shared the same land. We didn't always get along." We used to share it, everything was copacetic, everything was fine and dandy and then the white European settlers arrived and hello environmentalist -- this is right out of the multicultural curricula. The white Europeans arrived, we got syphilis; we got horses; we got environmental destruction; we got racism; we got sexism; we got homophobia. Prior to all those people showing up, this was a dreamland. People who look at this continent that way, as Obama did, look at it the way I just analyzed for you. Don't doubt me. Don't even allow yourself a shred of doubt. There is none.

Did you ever hear Ronald Reagan make a speech like that? Did you ever hear George Washington make a speech like that? Even Jimma Carter, did you ever hear Jimmy Carter make a speech like this? Did you ever hear the Kennedys make a speech like this? Did you ever hear Mario Cuomo make a speech like this? But you have heard this on television. You've heard it in movies and books; you've heard it from the entertainment left; you've heard it from the multicultural curriculum; you know your kids were taught this, and so was Obama. This is how he views this land of plenty. "There were a lot of people here before we even had the idea of conquering this place, and they were just fine. They didn't always get along, but they shared it. The Mexicans shared it with the Spaniards and the French and the British, and of course the Indians. And then the white Europeans showed up, and it all went to hell. And I'm Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm, and we are here to roll it back to the good old days," and that's what's happening.


How Many Times Did Goldwater Run for President Again? - Townhall

By Ann Coulter

Washington elites' heads exploded when Christine O'Donnell won the Republican Senate primary in Delaware last week. Luckily they were all reading The New York Times' op-ed page at the time, so the mess their exploding heads created was minimal.

The establishment's complaints are confusing. They say O'Donnell has a problem because she's never held a job in the private sector (like our president), didn't pay her taxes (like our treasury secretary), and had her house foreclosed on (like half of the electorate).

They also accuse her of saying crazy things -- but she's running for Joe Biden's old seat, so this may be an advantage.

This week, all we've heard about is how O'Donnell once said she went on a date with a guy in high school who claimed to be a witch. (So what? Bill Clinton married one!) Bill Clinton was credibly accused of at least one forcible rape. Those two seem about equal to you?

I haven't seen hypocrisy like this since -- oh, that's right, since last week when CBS's Bob Schieffer attacked John Boehner for smoking, after two years of the media's ferociously avoiding the topic of Obama's cigarette habit.

The Republican Party is being warned that tea party-endorsed candidates such as O'Donnell might lead to Barry Goldwater-style epic defeats.

Of course, the tea party candidates range from libertarian Rand Paul in Kentucky to Yale Law/Iraq War veteran Joe Miller in Alaska to Christian activist O'Donnell. But any evidence of principle in a Republican is always treated by the elites as if it's an embarrassing eccentricity best kept under wraps.

Referring to "fringe candidates" from the tea party, Morton Kondracke wrote in Roll Call that Republicans are "heading out of the mainstream" and cited Goldwater as a "disastrous" precedent.


Yeah, The MSM Really Is Out To Get Christine O'Donnell - Legal Insurrection

Don't you just love it when someone in the mainstream media admits to the pervasive bias against conservatives?


The Pledge to Nowhere - Red State

I want Republicans to win.

But not just for the sake of it. It is not enough simply to get power. Republicans must demonstrate that they actually understand why they were sent home in 2006 and 2008, and that they are 100% committed to changing the direction of Washington now that America seems poised to give them another chance. Fail to do that and the American people will send them home again.

Yesterday’s much anticipated “Pledge to America” represents a glimpse into how Republicans plan to govern, and simply put, it’s a pledge to nowhere.

At a time when America needs a bold, simple, fresh plan for putting America on the path to fiscal and constitutional sanity - we get instead an almost 8000 word term paper of inside-the-beltway regurgitation that lacks the one thing the American people seem to be dying to have… actual leadership. Harsh? Hardly.


A Nation of Peasants? - Townhall

Victor Davis Hanson

Traditional peasant societies believe in only a limited good. The more your neighbor earns, the less someone else gets. Profits are seen as a sort of theft. They must be either hidden or redistributed. Envy rather than admiration of success reigns.

In contrast, Western civilization began with a very different ancient Greek idea of an autonomous citizen, not an indentured serf or subsistence peasant. The small, independent landowner -- if left to his own talents and if his success was protected by, and from, government -- would create new sources of wealth for everyone. The resulting greater bounty for the poor soon trumped their old jealousy of the better off.

Citizens of ancient Greece and Italy soon proved more prosperous and free than either the tribal folk to the north and west, or the imperial subjects to the south and east. The success of later Western civilization in general, and America in particular, is testament to this legacy of the freedom of the individual in the widest political and economic sense

We seem to be forgetting that lately -- though Mao Zedong's redistributive failures in China, or present-day bankrupt Greece, should warn us about what happens when government tries to enforce an equality of result rather than of opportunity.

Even after the failure of statism at the end of the Cold War, the disasters of socialism in Venezuela and Cuba, and the recent financial meltdowns in the European Union, for some reason America is returning to a peasant mentality of a limited good that redistributes wealth rather than creates it. Candidate Obama's "spread the wealth" slip to Joe the Plumber simply was upgraded to President Obama's "I do think at a certain point you've made enough money."

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