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Hey Obama Fans: Where's Your Messiah Now? Democrats Flee Health Care Debate, Why Does Obama Hate Tax Cuts, Matthews loses tingle down the leg, Ohio Democrat Party chair to Tea Party activists: “Fuckers”

Where's Your Messiah Now? From Yes, We Can to Franks and Beans - Rush Limbaugh

VELMA HART: (Obama Press Conf Monday) I'm one of your middle class Americans. And quite frankly, I'm exhausted. Exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for. I've been told that I voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. I'm one of those people. And I'm waiting, sir. I'm waiting. I don't feel it yet.

TED BRASSFIELD: (Obama Press Conf Monday) I was really inspired by you and by your campaign and the message that you brought. And that inspiration is dying away. I really want to know, is the American dream dead for me?

SCHOOLKIDS 2009: He said that all must lend a hand to make this country strong again. Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama. He said we must be fair today, equal work means equal pay. Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama. He said we all must take a stand, to make sure everyone gets a chance. Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama. He said red, yellow, black or white, all are equal in his sight. Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama. Yes! Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama.
RUSH: In terms of Obama voters this was what we were up against. There's no way to reason with people like this. If people are going to invest in nothingness, how do you approach them? If they are going to invest in vapidness, if they are going to embrace nothing -- and thus embrace dreams, defined by themselves as what they think are being articulated by him -- how do you deal with them? So we've reached a threshold. Now these people are, for the first time, confronting reality. Now, this woman (Velma) whom I just quoted, she is a government worker. She's a public sector employee. She's got an income that's twice, on average, what a private sector person does doing what she does is being paid. She's got a pension. She's got health care. And she can't make ends meet. She thought of all these trials and tribulations of life were going to end with the election of Obama.

This was transformational; this was magic. This had never happened. We were going to get circumstances in life like it had never been before -- and, hell, she still can't pay the mortgage! And the gasoline. She's gotta decide on that or whether to run the air conditioner all the time. That wasn't supposed to be. But it is a fascinating thing for us now. Here's a woman. She sounded very smart, did she not? She was very articulate. I would also say probably very courageous. So how do we get her? How do we approach this woman and turn her into a Tea Partier?

Snerdley is saying, "We'll never get her because it was obvious from her question and comment she wants government to do it for her, government to be the answer." But is she realizing that it isn't? Is she realizing it can't be? I mean, if this guy can't do it, if this guy can't make it happen -- if she embraced totally this nothingness. And this guy, of all people, we've never seen anybody like this in politics before, don't forget what she believed, don't forget what she was told. Don't forget what Obama made them believe. He was unique. Messianic. Lowering the sea levels! She believed it. If he can't make it happen, if he can't cause these miracles, who can? To me -- it may be reaching, but you know me, I'm an optimist -- it's an opportunity for people, intelligent people.

Now, cut me some slack on this, because, you know, we have to define "smart" and "intelligent" now and then. I mean, how smart can you be to think government's the answer? I know, I know, I know. But this woman could speak. This woman has, obviously, some education. If this woman, because of Obama, has gotten the point now of, "Hey, is this my new reality?" Remember when she asked, "Is this my new reality?" What is her reality? Her reality is nothing. Her reality is stuck. She's got no hope! Where is her future? She's basically asking, "Is this my new reality? I'm not going to have any more than I got? I don't have the chance to get any more than I got? Government can't do any more for me than it's already doing," whatever. Is she not right, and people like her to tell, "You know what? You sound like you could do a lot better for yourself doing for yourself than waiting for the government."

Is she and people like her a ripe target to pick up and say, "Ma'am, you're capable of far more than you know. You've been waiting on the wrong people. You need to invest more in you." Essentially the Tea Party message is, or the conservative message is, "Invest in yourself. You're the best thing you got going. You, whoever you are, you're the best thing you got going. You care more about you than anybody else will, and there's nothing wrong with that. Self-interest is not selfishness, and taking care of yourself if you have a family has residual positive effects. You're taking care of your family as well. It's not greed; it's not selfishness. It's the choice of sitting around and waiting or are you gonna be one that makes something happen?"


Obama Tax Hikes: The Economic and Fiscal Effects

President Barack Obama has proposed several changes to tax law in his fiscal year (FY) 2011 budget that would hold tax levels constant for most married taxpayers with incomes below $250,000 and single taxpayers with incomes below $200,000, and raise taxes on those who earn more. Indeed, it is both the impending expiration of lower tax rates and the President’s and congressional leadership’s tax hike proposals that shape this coming debate.

If Congress enacts the Obama tax hike, it will have changed the course of long-standing tax policy. With the exception of the recently enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), no Congress has voted to raise significant sums of new tax revenues since 1996. Indeed, the fundamental tax policy of this country until now has been to reduce tax burdens.


Why Does Obama Hate Tax Cuts - Townhall

By Michael Reagan

In his recent town-hall appearance, President Obama sought to pin the blame for the nation's economic troubles on the so-called Bush tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003.
That's not all that surprising, since the president appears to believe that the federal government is the sole and rightful owner of what you think is your money.

He says it isn't your money. He is convinced that it's his.

Thus you can expect him to oppose any measures that would allow you to hang onto the lion's share of the money you earn or receive from investments.

The Bush tax cuts will die of inaction at the end of 2010 if they are not extended. Mr. Obama doesn't want them extended. After all, the tax cuts were designed to allow you to keep a lot of the money you earn while limiting how much of your income the government can confiscate.

They cut taxes across the board for earned income, long-term capital gains and dividends. Among other changes, they expanded the child tax credit and put into effect a host of other tax code changes and adjustments, deductions, exemptions, and mitigated the so-called marriage penalty.

They were all a part of the Bush administration's efforts to bolster the economy, and they did the job.

It is more than obvious that refusing to extend them in a time of economic problems can do nothing but cripple the economy further.


Democrats Flee as Obama Speaks - Real Clear Politics

As President Obama delivers yet another speech on his healthcare debacle-this one on the 6 month anniversary of the bill's passage- he may notice some of the people who won't be clapping: members of his own party. Like aristocrats aboard a sinking steamship, Congressional Democrats are madly scrambling for whatever life vests they can find.

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, one of the architects of the healthcare insurance mandates, has voiced second thoughts, saying "I would like to explore the possibility of Oregon moving forward with a federal waiver (on mandates)" Another Democrat, Mississippi Congressman Gene Taylor, has broken ranks and joined with 171 Republicans in signing petition #11 which calls for a vote to repeal Obamacare.


Federal workers should share recession pain - Washington Examiner

Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colo., has a long overdue message from America's taxpayers to Washington politicians and bureaucrats: It's time for you to share our pain. Coffman proposes to furlough all nonessential federal workers for two weeks next year. That's a radical proposal only in the nation's capital. Twenty-four states are presently furloughing public sector workers in response to budget problems. The Coffman bill also cuts the $174,000 salaries of senators and representatives by 10 percent. A mere $5.5 billion in savings would result if Hoffman's measure is approved, but that's not the point. As Heritage Foundation analyst Jason Richwine said during a panel discussion Tuesday on civil service overcompensation, the debate over federal salaries is really "a matter of government legitimacy." Are these people America's civil servants or our masters?

Insurers to Bail on Child-Only Policies as Health Care Law Looms - CBS News

NEW YORK (CBS) Parents of kids with preexisting conditions will have fewer options in several states as major insurers are bailing on the practice of selling child-only policies.
The insurance companies' decision apparently comes in response to the federal health care law passed earlier this year, which would have forced them to insure children under age 19 regardless of their medical histories. Sales of child-only policies for some companies will end the day the federal law is enacted, according to a recent Los Angeles Times article.
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