Monday, September 13, 2010

Inez Sainz, Hey Obama, Can You STFU!? The Democrat Plantation, "the God hypothesis unnecessary"

Inez Sainz claims she was dressed appropriately during Jets visit

Ines Sainz, the self-proclaimed "hottest sports reporter in Mexico," claims she was dressed appropriately during her appearance in the New York Jets locker room in which she was allegedly harassed with catcalls and other suggestive comments by players.

Judge for yourself. It's definitely more appropriate than what we're used to seeing her in.

Sainz was at Jets camp to score an interview with Mark Sanchez over the weekend. But things didn't go so smoothly for the pin-up girl. Rex Ryan and quarterbacks coach Dennis Thurman reportedly intentionally overthrew passes during a drill so they would land next to the comely reporter.

Team officials and the NFL have subsequently said they're looking into the incident.

Today, Sainez tweeted, "Thanks everyone for your support. I already spoke to the NFL, which will decide if there will or will not be consequences. I can say that at the time I didn't want to pay attention to what was happening but the rest of the media heard clearly and in solidarity have denounced what happened, hoping that there is always a respectful climate."

Barack Obama to Authorise record $60bn Saudi arms sale-Largest Arms Deal In U.S. History

Barack Obama is to go ahead with plans to sell Saudi Arabia advanced aircraft and other weapons worth up to $60bn (£39bn), the biggest arms deal in US history, in a strategy of shoring up Gulf Arab allies to face any military threat from Iran. According to the Wall Street Journal, the administration is also in talks with the Saudis about possible naval and missile-defence upgrades that could be worth tens of billions of dollars more over five to 10 years.

Talker-in-Chief Barack Obama - Human Events

At Friday’s East Room Q&A, President Obama weighed in on the Manhattan imam’s plan to build a mosque at Ground Zero (an “inalienable right”) and the Florida preacher who had threatened to burn the Koran (“that’s a problem”). It was his first press conference since May, which proves not that he doesn’t like to talk but that he doesn’t like to talk to people who talk back.

Barack Obama is America’s first lecturer-in-chief.

His detractors once admired his skills as a rhetorician. Now even his supporters wish he would shut up once in a while.


The Democrat Plantation - Human Events

When black Americans' ancestors were enslaved in pre-Civil War America, they were compelled to live lives shaped by their masters. Uniformity was required, and disobedience was punished. As a result of this ongoing powerlessness, slaves developed what has been described as a "plantation mentality."

So what's changed? For an overwhelming majority of black Americans, nothing much. They still embrace a plantation mentality, but they've changed "masters:" from slave-owners to the Democratic Party.

Perhaps blind loyalty to a political party they perceive as their "protectors" is an inevitable consequence of black Americans' unique history. That such loyalty is to a Democrat party whoseown history is a tattered tale of segregation and racism is mind-boggling.


Stephen Hawking's less than reasonable faith - Wizbang

Western culture has an undeniable fascination with scientists, and with good reason. Patiently using the scientific method, they have brought us many good things, from the telephone to the airplane to antibiotics. And I don't think it's a coincidence that many of the world's first scientists were Christians who were seeking to discover not whether God created, but how he created the universe. Because science is based on the premise that God created an orderly universe. And the scientific method was a Christian contribution to our civilization. But later some scientists, in their pursuit to find the Holy Grail, began to question the God hypothesis. Many today (at least the most outspoken among them) have become determined atheists, insisting that science makes the God hypothesis unnecessary.


1389 said...

Selling arms to KSA?

We should have bombed them immediately after 9-11, simply for having exported terrorist operatives and for having funded mosques all over the world where terrorists can gather and recruit new operatives.

I know they got away with it by pretending to be our allies. They got away with it because Saudi petrodollars and/or Saudi lobbyists control too many people in both political parties, along with the news media, various NGOs, you name it.

Any politician who accepts or is swayed by Saudi oil money, whether directly or indirectly, is being bribed by our enemies.

Just Sayin said...

The flip side of black Democratic support is the prima facia racism of every other political movement. For instance, tea parties are racist because only 1 black of 200 tea party people can be black.

just bad writing said...

I hate it when I do this, better: ...only 1 of 200 tea party people can be black.

PeggyU said...

Only 1 of 200 people can be black? I suppose it is possible that only 1 in 200 Tea Party members is black, but there's nothing to keep more black people from joining ... except maybe ignorance of what the Tea Party is.