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“Pay Attention to Us We’ll Burn Quran Too”, AP Won't Cover Burning Qurans, Pure Insanity, From a regretful ObamaZombie .. "Maybe we fell in love too fast." Did You Know Kids Love To Eat Silly Putty?

I’m still amazed that everyone is giving this retarded hillbilly redneck fuck this much attention for burning a bunch of books! I’m sorry but this is just pure insanity!
This dude has been the lead story on the NBC Nightly news the last 3 nights. It is almost as if the media is encouraging this prick to do this so something spectacular can happen and already outraged Muslims can have an excuse to go on a warpath and yes America can be blamed for being such a racist intolerant nation.
Of course the views and actions of 50 white rednecks speaks for the entire country.

Topeka church says it will burn Qur’an - Kansas

Topeka’s Westboro Baptist Church announced tonight that it plans to burn the Qur’an and an American flag on Sept. 11, though the exact time and location haven’t been determined, a church spokeswoman said.

The burning would occur the same day that a Florida pastor had threatened to burn Qur’ans, which drew condemnation from President Obama, religious leaders and others.

Shirley Phelps-Roper, who announced Westboro Baptist’s plan, said they don’t think that pastor, Terry Jones, will carry out the burning.

Westboro Baptist Church has received international condemnation for its protests at the funerals of gay people and U.S. servicemembers. Church members burned a Qur’an two years ago in Washington, D.C.

'The AP will not distribute images or audio that specifically show Qurans being burned'

Memo sent to AP staff

From: Kent, Tom
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2010 11:53 AM
Subject: Standards Center guidance: Planned Sept. 11 Quran burning


As you know, a group known as the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., has announced that it intends to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11.

In the runup to this event, we've seen a rush of stories, photos and video from points around the world. Let's keep our coverage in proportion. Although many are speculating on the effect the Quran burning could conceivably have, at the moment it's a proposal by a tiny group that may or may not happen.

We plan ONE main spot story on this issue a day. The News Center will coordinate where this story will originate from. Routine spot news -- for instance, comments about the plan by political or other public figures -- should be funneled to the point handling the main story. We should avoid a profusion of separates beyond what any newspaper, website or broadcaster would actually use. This includes stories, photos, audio and video that repeatedly make the same point, for or against the burning. Consult the News Center if you have questions on this.

The concept of this planned event is offensive to many Muslims worldwide. National leaders and spokesmen for other religious denominations have also found the plan repugnant.

Should the event happen on Saturday, the AP will not distribute images or audio that specifically show Qurans being burned, and will not provide detailed text descriptions of the burning. With the exception of these specific images and descriptions, we expect to cover the Gainesville event, in all media, placing the actions of this group of about 50 people in a clear and balanced context.

AP policy is not to provide coverage of events that are gratuitously manufactured to provoke and offend. In the past, AP has declined to provide images of cartoons mocking Islam and Jews. AP has often declined to provide images, audio or detailed descriptions of particularly bloody or grisly scenes, such as the sounds and moments of beheadings and shootings, displays of severed heads on pikes and images of hostages who are displayed by hostage-holders in an effort to intimidate their adversaries and advance their cause. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

From time to time, a member or customer will insist that we distribute offensive material to them so they can make the decision about whether or not to publish it. We’ve had to make clear that a decision to distribute, for us, is the same as a decision to publish for them. We must adhere to our own standards.


Flag burning is ok...
Bonfire of the Insanities - Human Events - Ann Coulter

In response to Gen David Petraeus' denunciation of Florida pastor Terry Jones' right to engage in a symbolic protest of the 9/11 attacks by burning copies of the Quran this Sept. 11, President Obama said: "Let me be clear: As a citizen, and as president, I believe that members of the Dove World Outreach Center have the same right to freedom of speech and religion as anyone else in this country."

Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida lauded Obama's remarks, saying America is "a place where you're supposed to be able to practice your religion without the government telling you you can't."

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called Obama's words a "clarion defense of the freedom of religion" -- and also claimed that he had recently run into a filthy jihadist who actually supported the Quran-burning!

Keith Olbermann read the poem "First they came ..." on air in defense of the Quran-burners, nearly bringing himself to tears at his own profundity.

No wait, my mistake. This is what liberals said about the ground zero mosque only five minutes ago when they were posing as First Amendment absolutists. Suddenly, they've developed amnesia when it comes to the free-speech right to burn a Quran.

Let's see .. where are we now? Yesterday the crackpot "pastor" from Gainesville, Florida was telling the media that the Quran burning was off; part of a deal with the NYC Imam to move the victory mosque. This morning we learn that the really is no such deal and the Quran book burning may be on again. So the media is once again rushing to Gainesville to cover this oh-so-important story, and the kook gets another 15 minutes of fame. Why do we keep calling this look a "pastor?" He is about as much of a Christian as I am a fashion style-setter.

Pakistani plea: Make Obama supreme leader of Muslims - WND

Prez urged to offer Eid prayers at WTC site on 9/11 anniversary

A Pakistani newspaper is quoting one of the country's ministers as stating he wants President Obama to offer Muslim prayers at Ground Zero and become the "Caliph," or ruler, of the Islamic nation.

"The coming Eid would expectedly be observed on 9/11; this a golden opportunity for President Obama to offer Eid prayers at Ground Zero and become Amir-ul-Momineen or Caliph of Muslims. In this way, all the problems of Muslim World would be solved," stated Minister of State for Industries and Productions Ayatullah Durrani, according to Pakistan's The Nation newspaper.
Which part of this story do you find more shocking: the fact that Capitol Hill employees owed $9.3 million in overdue taxes at the end of last year or the fact that there are 18,000 Capitol Hill employees?


From a regretful ObamaZombie .. "Maybe we fell in love too fast."  - Newsweek

“Maybe we fell in love too fast,” my friend said. “You know, we might have zipped right past the road signs.”

Several of us were sitting around over the holiday weekend, enjoying a lovely bottle of wine at sunset ... and discussing the condition of our country. Which led us to the president. Which led us to our mutually shared disappointment in him.

We are all liberals, we all supported Obama, and we all remember how emotionally uplifted and hopeful we felt when he was elected.

“But he was a brilliant orator,” another friend offered. “He went right for the heart, and he did it so well.”

Yes, but now ...

We all agreed that we felt betrayed. We’d expected so much; we’d believed greatness was ahead of us, leading us, guiding us into the future. Maybe we did fall in love too fast, and the person we thought was a godsend didn’t stay for breakfast and never called again.

Obama says economic progress 'painfully slow'

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama insisted Friday that the U.S. economy is showing improvement from the deepest recession in decades but conceded the "progress has been painfully slow." He said he understands that many voters in November's elections may blame the weak recovery on him.

"For all the progress we've made, we're not there yet. And that means people are frustrated and why people are angry," he said at the White House in his first formal news conference since May. "Because I am president, and the Democrats have control the House and Senate, it's understandable that people are saying, 'What have you done?'"

Obama repeated his insistence that Republicans drop stalling tactics on a bill to help small businesses when Congress returns next week from its summer recess.

Facing the possibility of a GOP blowout in November, Obama insisted again that Bush-era tax cuts be extended for indivuduals earning over $200,000 a year and joint filers earning over $250,000. All the tax cuts are due to expire at the end of this year unless Congress acts.

Obama said Congress shouldn't delay extending the middle-class tax cuts any longer.


Now that their jobs are on the line, Democrats are coming out against Obama's $50 billion non-stimulus stimulus plan
******** Claim: you are not a candidate for Alzheimers if you can answer these 3 questions

Took me a long time to find the "N"

Being sleep deprived, moody, slightly angry and… well never mind I destined for the crazy house anyway.
McDonald’s McNuggets Made With ‘Silly Putty’ Chemical

What kid doesn’t love McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets? The white meat chunks are tasty and perfect for little mouths and hands. And while most parents are aware that McNuggets aren’t perfectly healthy, they probably don’t know exactly what goes into making them.

CNN has revealed that the fast-food chain makes this popular menu item with the chemical preservative tBHQ, tertiary butylhydroquinone, a petroleum-based product. Mcnuggets also contain dimethylpolysiloxane, “an anti-foaming agent” also used in Silly Putty.

Georgia Mayor To Sign Law Making Sagging Pants Illegal

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