Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Must Not Be America: Cause Liberals Don’t Believe Niggas Should Have Political/Ideological Options

Kos Comment on Black Conservatives: Harriet Tubman “Would Have Had To Shoot Them” - Bob Parks Black and Right

In a Daily Kos piece entitled “Afroturfed” by kid funkadelic,
They’re calling it Diversetea but it’s the same old shit we have been swallowing here for almost 500 years. The Right has started a campaign to go into the Black community for outreach. They want to show Tea Baggers that America treated blacks and other minorities really good. Now it’s time for minorities to shut up and Conservatives (racist white folks) to take the country back and rule again.
Nothing new here. However, one of the comments is not very tolerant and would be raising all kinds of hell if things were the other way around.
My Two Cents:

Ok I have to rant a bit here; I’m in an unusually good mood for a change so don’t mistake this for my usual cranky moody Negro rant.

Note for you idiot liberal white folks who no doubt will insist on writing this retarded shit in an attempt to castigate fellow Negros who are FINALLY getting to the point where they are escaping their monolithic political thought processes…. well fuck off and die.
As much as I hated and bemoaned the election of Barack Hussein Obama it is now turning out to be sort of a blessing because the folks who were mentally in the dark and voted for this jackass based on white guilt and skin shade now are seeing his liberalism for what it really is a massive monumental failure. Now even the most ardent Magic Negro supporters (like Velma) are seeing that this man was not some messiah and certainly did not have a magic bullet for solving the woes of the Negro community or even the country for that matter.

What I don’t understand about white liberal types is Negros have been used as political pawns by the honkey leftist Democratic establishment forever but now all of a sudden Negros are “unfortunately” being used as tools for the Tea Party movement, now you give a fuck about the mistreatment of Negros. Still taking your orders from the community-organizer-in-chief demonize and misrepresent. How dare these silly Negros allow themselves to be paraded around and used like extras in a minstrel show all for the benefit of racist ass white folks.
Really!? Seriously!? You still have this notion that this type of outdated drivel works? Now you are hoping praying that other Negros won’t take Velma’s hostility to heart and realize that just because a Nigga shares your skin shade does not mean they have your interest at heart.

As Deborah M points out in Mr. Park’s post:

“As I’ve always said that blacks are the only people in America not allowed a diversity of political opinion.”

Someone please explain to me why every other racial or ethnic group in this country is allowed to have a diversity of opinion and thought EXCEPT FOR NEGROS!

Can some historian, or hell some psychologists explain how this came to be?

I spoke with a young white kid yesterday and we were talking about what is happening today in politics and why Obama is failing so spectacularly. He commented on what Velma said and wondered how many other black folks feel as Velma does but are afraid to speak up. He of course wondered if I felt the same way, I of course told him nothing Obama has done has shocked me but I never, EVER considered Obama to be a viable candidate for president.
I did not like what I had read about him and the fact that there was so much being kept from public view my gut always told me that something was up with this dude. It never made any sense that some innocuous unknown black dude from Chicago could come out of nowhere and mysteriously raise the kind of money he did so quickly yet we did not know jack about him. The right Nigga to run for office at the right time in history I don’t think so.

My ambivalence and skepticism towards Obama shocked this kid, why should it shock him? I told him what I have said here and as long as I have been blogging I don’t vote for people based on skin color or even gender, I vote for people based on their stances on issues and who I think best represents me.

I want my politicians to do the will of the people, keep their fucking mouths shut, get out of the way, don’t steal my money, don’t waste my money and don’t take my vote for granted because if you do we will vote your tired ass out.
I don’t need my elected representative to be a celebrity, I don’t want them reciting a bunch of political bullshit, don’t promise anything you can’t deliver on your own and I don’t want to be patronized.

As you can see none of this has anything to do with skin color. If you are a politician and you can accomplish these things I’m likely to vote for you I don’t give a damn what your color is.
Taxes, Employment, National Security, Infrastructure, Business Development, Education are just some of the reasons why the freedom to choose your elected representative is important and yes even us Negros are entitled to fight for and speak out on issues that affect our lives and if we happen to be conservative so be it. If you are some hippie left wing honkey liberal and you have a problem with that then screw you.

I sincerely hope that if you are reading this and you are black and if you have been intimidated into compliance because some dumbass Niggas insist on maintaining the status quo that you wake up and not allow Niggas to dictate who you should vote for and how you should think. If voting for a Nigga serves your interest then do so, but if you are tired of Niggas being voted into office and screwing the very people they are suppose to be representing then consider other options. After all this is America is it not? You were given your freedom some time ago.


Rue St. Michel said...

Great post, great blog. I saw your spot linked over at Shaved. I've added you to my Right Wing Death squad.

Stand by for orders.


Anonymous said...

Great post! I don’t know why I don’t see more blacks speaking up like you do. I have been checking out your blog for some time and I was excited to see someone willing to be totally honest about the situation in America today and how black people are so willing to shoot themselves in the foot just to be tools for the Democrat Party.
Keep up the good work!