Thursday, September 23, 2010

Videos: Gangsta Government, Tea Party Candidate Says No To Palin: "She's An Entertainer", Fiorina slams “Senator Ma’am”, Obama Doesn’t Care About Gay People…

Gangsta Government - Via Lucianne

Tea Party Candidate Says No To Palin: "She's An Entertainer" - RCP

"No I don’t. I don’t want her to come down. She’s represents — she’s an entertainer, she represents the tea party movement nationally, but the tea party movement in the 10th district, whether it be the group in Quincy, the group in Pembroke, or the group on the Cape, they’re just hard working people," Massachusetts State Rep. Jeff Perry (R-MA) said.

Video: Fiorina slams “Senator Ma’am” in first TV spot - Hot Air

Carly Fiorina releases her first TV spot in the general election today, and takes aim at Barbara Boxer’s insistence on being called “Senator” in a rebuke during a military briefing from a general that C-SPAN caught. This might not have been a worthwhile campaign issue if Boxer had taken an opportunity in the first debate with Fiorina to apologize for her haughty tone. Instead, Boxer more or less doubled down on her snotty remark, giving Fiorina the opportunity to question Boxer’s priorities — and her altogether unearned attitude of entitlement:


Raw Video: Obama Heckled on AIDS at NY Event


Constructive Feedback said...

Magic Negro Watch:

Notice how the news media did not bother to check Obama on his LIE.

George Bush SUBSTANTIALLY increased global AIDS funding over Clinton.

When you have the "We Are The World Guy" having to admit this point in favor of Bush - you now that it must be painful to a Lib.

Obama and the press are so bigoted that their own bigotry makes people assume it to be true

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

"George Bush SUBSTANTIALLY increased global AIDS funding over Clinton."

I told a young liberal this and she looked at me like I was crazy. I also told her that Bush sent more money and aid to Africa than any US president and still could not believe. Ignorance is a bitch ain't it.